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Something CAN stop Juggernaut!

Defeat Juggernaut on any difficulty level   

1st Encounter: Dodge Juggernaught when he charges at you and stay on the ground the entire fight. Whenever he takes a quick rest, attack him with . He also will start throwing big objects at you, when he does this he takes an even longer rest, giving you a good amount of time to get in some strong attacks. Never attack him unless he is taking a rest, as it will put you in danger and give you little time to react.

Final Encounter: After a few punch sequences, you will actually have to face him again similiar to the first encounter. When he jumps high and falls, web swing around to avoid the concrete waves. Circle around him attacking with when he misses with the concrete pound move. Now do the sequence and he should be at half of his life. Now he will do a clap move and vary things up a bit. You should avoid it and get close. You will be able to interupt him in most of his attacks now and you should work on him until his life is gone. You cannot do anything against him when he jumps up and falls down creating the big wave of concrete, so just avoid it.

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Comment #1 by T3MP3R
Thursday, February 09, 2012 @ 06:48:07 AM

The first fight will start right away, just dodge and hit him as much as possible. When he jumps for you, dodge and then fight him as he's sitting on the ground. You will be prompted by , so use it and he'll lose a good bit of his health. He'll start throwing huge objects at you, but be sure to dodge and keep up with the beating.

During the second fight, be sure to hit him whenever he tries to attack. Since he's really slow, he'll usually try and punch you or stomp you. Dodge around him and start beating him senseless for a few seconds. Don't do it for too long or you'll be hit. He'll also start jumping really high and landing, sending out rubble all around. What I did was just jump and hold until you're past that point. He'll also start pounding the ground, I'd suggest not getting clos

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