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Now there's a shock

Defeat Electro on any difficulty level   

1st Encounter: Attack him with attacks dodging when needed (mostly jumping up from his shock waves in the middle). When he perches, use the to knock him down on whatever he is on. Attack him in the middle when you see oppurtunity, and don't forget about rage () to make this go by a lot faster.

2nd Encounter: You'll have to wait until Electro drops his shield to attack. When he starts gaining life from the generators, jump and press to stop him. Repeat these two steps until you take all of his life out.

Final Encounter: Electro will be a giant now. Wait until one of his hands rests near you and go use the prompt. After a few times you will have to use flying debris to get to the other side where Electro is facing. From here it's more survival, as you avoid his fist attacks as well as the enemies he conjures. After his health is low enough you can use the prompt to finish him.

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Comment #1 by Clidebytor
Monday, December 05, 2011 @ 01:13:40 AM

Hello McFly!!!

Comment #2 by T3MP3R
Thursday, February 09, 2012 @ 06:52:44 AM

You will fight Electro 3 different times.

The first time will be in a large room with generators. He'll be in the middle at first, but don't attack when he has a shield. Once his shield is down, attack as much as possible and then get off of the middle platform and zipline to one of the generators. He'll start making the middle platform electrified, but just zipline to him to knock him off. Once that is done, he'll go back to the middle and do a beam of electricity for you to jump over until his shield is gone. Then continue to repeat what you've just done.

The second time you fight him will be outdoors in an area full of generators. You'll want to dodge his ground electrification, which when he's done his shield will shut off and you can attack. Every once in a while he'll try to h

Comment #3 by T3MP3R
Thursday, February 09, 2012 @ 06:56:29 AM

Oops. Long comment.

Every once in a while he'll try to heal himself and pop out some minions. Be sure to web sling to him with so you can stop him, and then proceed to kill the minions if you wish. Continue this until he's done.

The third time he will be huge. He'll start with sweeping electric beams but just jump over them and then go to his hand that's on the ground and press B. He'll do this another time with his other hand. Then he'll turn around looking for more energy. Be sure to zipline to one of the pieces of debris flying away so you can get back in front of him. When you're there, just dodge his fists hitting the ground. Back and forth. He'll then spawn enemies which you need to kill. He'll continue to do this until the majority of the dam is spilling water. He'll then get

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