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Clipped wings

Defeat Hobgoblin on any difficulty level   

1st Encounter: When Hobglobin throws bombs at you, just press to catch them with your web, and :again to throw it back. Locking on helps. When he takes out two bombs, he should be above the solid ground. Press to shoot webs and make him drop them. This will damage him heavily. When he is on the ground, use strong attacks against him.

2nd Encounter: For this fight you just need to throw the bombs back at him while avoiding/fighting off the various enemies attacking you.

3rd Encounter: Again, you will just be throwing his bombs back at him. There are a decent amount of enemies that fight you at once, so just jump in the air and try to throw the bombs back as best you can. Defeating enemies here is not a requirement to continue on.

Final Encounter: When the red creatures appear, defeat them quickly. Hobgoblin regenerates health during this time. Shooting web at him to make him drop the bombs will no longer help you. You will have to either jump or slow down time and just throw one of the bombs back instead. Sometimes during this fight he will land and a surge of energy will radiate from him. Jump and press to web kick him at this point. Now you will be able to continue attacking.

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Comment #1 by T3MP3R
Thursday, February 09, 2012 @ 07:05:47 AM

Each time you fight Hobgoblin, a total of 3 times, you'll want to wait until he starts throwing pumpkin bombs at you and grab them with and throw them back at him. When he falls to the ground, be sure to beat him up as much as possible.

The only time that really changes is the last fight where he takes the tablet. You want to fight off his gargoyles and staying in the air until they're all done. Once they're done, watch for pumpkin bomb throws (and throw them back), his strafing runs which are for shooting massive amounts of missiles, or him to charge up and fly to the ground. When he charges and flies to the ground, just jump the shockwaves that are made and beat him up.

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