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Took the sting out of him

Defeat Scorpion on any difficulty level   

1st Encounter: When Scorpion is charging you, rotate around him pressing to dodge his attacks. His tail will get stuck in the ground, which is your chance to use strong attacks on him. When he latches on to parts of the environment above you, throw the acid eggs at him that he creates then run up to him and press near him. These are really the only moves you have to worry about this easy fight.

Final Encounter: You will want to stay in the pit until there's acid down there. Dodge Scorpion when he attacks and then use strong attacks while he sits there. After a little bit there will be acid on the ground. Zip Web to the area above the pit. Use the acid eggs he creates against him. You will continue to do this, the fight will move between high and low and he will change his attack pattern a little bit, but you should still be using the same dodge/strong attack tactics. Once you've successfully thrown the eggs 3 times at him, it will end the battle.

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Comment #1 by T3MP3R
Thursday, February 09, 2012 @ 07:09:33 AM

There are a total of 2 times you must fight Scorpion.

The first time, he'll charge you, so keep dodging him. Keep holding and wait for him to swing a few times. Once you get the Spidey-sense above your head, be sure to dodge quickly. Then his tail will get stuck, so you can pound on him. Sooner or later he'll jump up to the roof. Throw the eggs that he spawns at him so he'll fall off, then run to him and press B. He'll run to a different spot on the map, so you must follow him. Remember to do what I've written to defeat him this first time.

Comment #2 by T3MP3R
Thursday, February 09, 2012 @ 07:10:41 AM

The second fight will be in his "home". You'll be fighting a bunch of his minions as well as him, so keep an eye on him if you can. He'll charge at you and get stuck in the ground, which is when it's time to beat him. He'll gas the lower area so continue to fight on the top ledge. Once he gets beaten enough, he'll jump and hold onto the thing in the middle. Throw one of the eggs that he'll spawn at him. Be on the lookout for a large green circle under you, as that means he's going to charge. Dodge out of the way so you can continue to attack him while he's stuck. Rinse and repeat!

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