Split/Second Achievement Guide
Guide By: Capn Doug
There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 6/10
Offline: 40 (870)
Online: 6 (130)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15+ hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Missable Achievements: None
Do cheats disable achievements: No Cheats
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
Glitchy Achievements: None
Unobtainable Achievements: None
Extra Equipment Needed: None

Welcome to Split/Second, an arcade racer that pits you against a very destructible course and asks you to excel as well as survive. Some people will find this game to be a very difficult 1000, while veterans of the racing genre will have only a little bit of trouble. The difficulty of the game comes mainly from the fact that there is only one difficulty setting, and the fact that you need different driving skills for the different types of events. Fortunately, nothing is missable, and the game is not as long as some other racing games out there. Most people will have to repeat the majority of the events at least once, which will add a large amount of time, but even then, it is quicker than either of the Forza games. Frustrating at times, but the 1000 will definitely give you a sense of accomplishment.

Step 1: Season Play

This is going to be the majority of your frustration and heartache in the game, but by going through this first, you will make everything else easier. There are 12 episodes to get through, each with 6 events, but you have to unlock each in turn. They don’t come in a set order either, since you have you have a choice of which episode to advance to after finishing an Elite race. The only exceptions are Episodes 1, 6 and 12, which are set. So if you are using tips or guides from elsewhere, be aware that their Episode 10 may be different from your Episode 10. Of the 6 events in an episode, four are available automatically, the Elite race unlocks with enough season credits, and the bonus event unlocks after your wreck a certain number of rivals in the episode. You can replay any race that you want, so nothing is missable.

The only achievement that you really need to worry about is Perfection, since you will get almost everything else before you come first in every race. There are a few achievements that you might not get, depending on your style of play, but they are easy to hunt for on specific races. The only achievements that you might miss while going for Perfection are the “Wreck 3 Rivals by...” achievements and maybe the cumulative ones (Wreck 1000 rivals, etc). Some of the events will be very tricky, and in many cases, you are better off mopping up later in the game after you have unlocked better cars and are comfortable with them, as opposed to trying to use the basic cars to pass the event. Be aware, though, that when you are racing against an opponent the AI adjusts the difficulty based on the type of car you chose. That means that if you chose a car that is flat out fast, but has no strength, you will get rammed far more often, face far more power plays and go up against cars that are that much faster than you. You are better off choosing a car that suits your style and you are comfortable with. If you are having trouble with a specific event type, refer to the guide for Perfection for tips.

Step 2: Quick Play

There are only 3 achievements that you must do in quickplay. The first is Convoy, requiring you to get an overtake streak of 12 on Survival. This can’t be done in season, since the highest number of points you will need is 160,000 (after which the event ends), and getting a streak of 12 will net you about 250,000. It is better to do this after getting perfection and unlocking one of the most stable cars in the game, the Hanzo FX350.

The other two quick play achievements are the Beat the Team time challenges, mostly since the cars that you will be using in Season are not sufficient to beat the required times. These were the two most frustrating achievements and ones that give a lot of people grief, but once you know the routes and are using the correct cars, you should be able to clear the times with a touch to spire. Again, these are far easier after unlocking the best cars. Refer to the guide below for tips if you are struggling.

Step 3: Online play

This can take as little as an hour and a half, but will take many people far, far longer. Hopefully you have gained some skill with a car that you are comfortable with by the time you reach this point, since you will need it. Some of the players on LIVE are very good. Your real goal is to reach an online form of 1, since everything should come by the time you get that. See the description for World Beater for tips on reaching a Form of 1. The problem with this mode is that you rank up by winning, but you can lose ranks by losing. There will be a few frustrating 8th place finishes that will knock you back down to a Form of 99 quite quickly if you go up against a very good opponent. If you are finding it tough, you can always find a boosting partner in the Achivement Trading Thread. Beware though, if you start out boosting, you will not necessarily be able to get the viral achievement. However, since you don’t need to win the race to get the viral, just finish ahead of someone who has it, you should get it after performing reasonably well in a few races.

Step 4: Mop Up

You might still have a few achievements left after completing the previous steps, particularly Heavyweight or one of the achievements for wrecking 3 rivals with a certain power play or route changer. None of these are particularly difficult or will take a long time. I still had Heavyweight left, but after a few laps on Canyon, I was able to wreck between 20 and 25 rivals every race, so it won’t take long to grind out anything you missed. Refer to the guide below for help on any specific achievement you may have left.

It takes a lot of skill compared to some racing games, but once you get the hang of it, the 1000 will seem easy. There is nothing preventing you from gaining the 1000 aside from persistence, and once you are done you will definitely feel that you have achieved something, even if you passed every event first try

Win a round of the Season Championship. 

Place first in one of the Elite Races (the ones that unlock with Season credits) to unlock this achievement.

Qualify for the first round of the Season Championship. 

You can’t miss this achievement as you will get this when you gain enough credits to unlock the first Elite Race.

Complete round six of the Season Championship. 

You can’t miss this achievement as you will get this after placing 3rd or higher in the Elite Race of Episode 6

Made The Podium40
Complete the Season Championship. (1) 

To advance to the next episode, you need to finish 3rd, so you cannot complete the season below 3rd place. Finish the Elite Race in Episode 12 to unlock this.

Season Champion80
Complete the Season Championship in first place. (2) 

You need to finish enough of the Elite races in 1st to come in 1st overall. You do not need to come in first in every event, just enough of the Elite races (last race of the episode). This will usually take between 87 and 89 points. This can unlock mid race if you are currently tied.

Complete every event and Season Championship race in first place. (7) 

There are 12 episodes and 6 races per episode that you will need to place first in. Some of them are difficult, so it may take a lot of practice to get this achievement. Some general tips for each race type:

Races/Elite Races/Eliminator: The AI will adjust the difficulty to the type of car that you select, so it is usually better to take a slower car that you are comfortable and familiar with, as opposed to taking the newest and fastest car. Shortcuts and Route Changers usually work better than normal power plays, so save some energy for them if you know they are coming.

Detonator: These will take practice to find the best route through the course. Try to minimize drifting, as it slows you down, though accelerating to cause a drift in some hard corners is beneficial. Braking is not recommended either, just ease off the gas instead. Rubbing the wall doesn’t seem to take away that much speed, so don’t be afraid to glance off the wall if it will keep you at full speed. You can find videos for the best routes HERE. If you are still struggling, you can get a “sling shot” start by throwing the car into reverse and steering hard into the wall, so long as you don’t cross the start line (so the clock won’t have started). Throw the car into reverse and the game will tell you that you are going the wrong way, but keep going until “Split/Second” comes up and then hit the gas. You should be going at full speed a little beyond the start line when the clock starts ticking. This should shave a second or two off your time.

Air Strike: Maintaining your multiplier is key to placing first, as is choosing a nimble car. I would recommend something you are comfortable with but has a high strength and acceleration. I used the Cobretti GT500 fairly successfully. Slowing down between waves and speeding up as targets appear seems to spread the targets out a touch more.

Air Revenge: Wait until the power play bar is full and press  as it deals far more damage. Choosing a car that drifts well will give you a fair amount of bonus energy to use, so I would recommend something like the Cobretti Slipstream. If you are still struggling, do not accelerate when the race starts, just stay still behind the start line. The clock doesn’t start until you cross the line, so you can let the helicopter get ahead and start targeting you before you cross the start line. This will shave about 5 seconds off your normal time.

Survival: Like Air Strike, the multiplier is key, try and keep your streak going as long as possible. A nimble car will do far better than even a car you are used to, so I would recommend the Hanzo FX350 (unlocked after getting 3300 season credits) for any mop up. Use caution around the other cars in the race, since they can often hide a barrel from your view.

Right On Track10
Win your first Bonus Round. 

To unlock an episode’s bonus event, you will need to wreck a certain number of rivals in that episode. Beat any bonus event in 1st place and this will unlock.

Moving Ahead25
Win 6 Bonus Rounds. 

Same as Right on Track, though you will need to finish 6 bonus events in 1st place

Leading The Way50
Win every Bonus Round. (2) 

You will need to finish all twelve bonus events in 1st place to unlock this. The type of event varies from episode to episode, though there are several Detonator bonus events. See “Perfection” for tips on each event type

Race Winner10
Win your first Race event. 

Fairly straightforward, just finish any Race event (orange logo) in 1st place to unlock this achievement. See “Perfection” for tips.

Win your first Elimination event. 

Fairly straightforward, just finish any Elimination event (light green logo) in 1st place to unlock this achievement. See “Perfection” for tips.

Power Up5
Trigger your first Level 1 Power Play. 

Simple to do. Just drift, draft or jump until the power bar turns solid blue and wait for a blue car logo to appear over the head of one of your rivals. Press  and the achievement will unlock, you don’t even need to hit your rival.

I Have The Power5
Trigger your first Level 2 Power Play. 

Like “Power Up,” but wait until your power bar is full and press  when a red car logo appears over the head of your rival. Again, it does not need to hit

Wreck 1000 rivals with Power Plays. (4) 

You will make progress towards this and probably unlock it naturally over the course of season and online play. If you do not, play quick play races staying toward the back of the pack and drafting behind your rivals. Wait for a good opportunity to wreck multiple rivals, like destroying the dam on Canyon or collapsing the building in Construction site. You can wreck far more rivals in a race if you are not concerned with winning the race.

High Five25
Spend a total of five minutes airborne. (4) 

This is cumulative across every race you finished, so don’t worry about grinding it out, it should come naturally. If you are concerned about your progress, play Downtown Central and save up for the Route Changer at the end of the first lap. The new route has a lot of jumps, so you can get about 10 seconds of airtime in a 3 lap race.

Great Explorer30
Trigger a total of 50 route changer Power Plays. (1) 

You will probably unlock this naturally over the course of season and online play, but if you don’t you can easily grind this out on any level since most have two, though the Dry Docks course has three route changers available if you can accumulate the power.

Going The Distance30
Drive a total of 1,081 miles. (1) 

This is cumulative over every race you have finished, so there is no need to grind. You will probably get this while going for “Perfection.

The Time Is Right10
Win your first Season Detonator event. 

See “Perfection” for tips. You will need to finish 1st in any Detonator event (dark green logo). They get progressively harder as the season goes on, but some are relatively easy. I would recommend trying this on one of the early events. The season detonator times do not factor in the shortcuts, so if you are struggling, try the Construction Site course, since it has a major short cut. You can check out video guides HERE.

Beat The Team25
Beat 1 minute 7 seconds on Construction Site in Detonator. (6) 

You will need to do this in quick play, since you can select any course and any car. Choose either the fastest car available (the GT12 Elite, unlocked after coming 1st in every Elite Race), or a very fast car you are comfortable with. This will take a lot of practice, and requires using the shortcut through the collapsed building. Some recommend other cars, but some cars work better for some drivers. I would recommend the Elite, as its speed and acceleration perform well on the straightaways. Strangely enough, one thing that seemed to improve my performance was switching to bumper cam.

Beat The Team II: The Revenge25
Beat 1 minute 18 seconds on Power Plant in Detonator. (5) 

Like “Beat the Team,” only on Power Plant. There is no shortcut on this level, so you are going to need to practice and use a fast or comfortable car. I would recommend the Cobretti 530 GTS, since it corners better than the Elite, once you learn how to bounce off the walls to keep your speed.

Keep On Truckin'10
Win your first Season Survival event. 

Just play any Survival event (purple logo) and finish in 1st place to unlock this achievement. See “Perfection” for tips.

On The Run10
Win your first Season Air Strike event. 

Fairly straightforward, just play any Air Strike event (red logo) and finish in 1st place to unlock this achievement. See “Perfection” for tips.

Clear Skies10
Win your first Season Air Revenge event. 

Just play any Air Revenge event (dark blue logo) and finish in 1st place to unlock this achievement. See “Perfection” for tips

Start Me Up10
Win an online event. (1) 

This can be done in public or private matches, but it must be done in a Race. Come in 1st in any online race and this will be yours. I would recommend waiting to be put back into the lobby as opposed to leaving the results screen before the achievement unlocks. If you are struggling you can always try to look for a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread HERE.

In Good Form10
Get an online form of 75 or better. (1) 

See “World Beater”.

Out Of Reach25
Get an online form of 25 or better. (2) 

See “World Beater”.


World Beater50
Get an online form of 1. (33) 

Your online form is determined by the number of people you beat minus the number of people who beat you. For example, if you come in third in an 8 person race, your form will go up by 3, since you beat 5 people and were beaten by 2 (5-2=3). Your online form can go down, but it will not drop below 99. This can be boosted in Private Matches, you do not need to do it in Public matches. The fastest way to do this is to come first in an 8 person Eliminator match, since you will have beaten 7 players. If you are boosting with a friend, there is an interesting trick you can exploit. If you keep AI turned on, the person who finishes 1st among human players will SOMETIMES gain ranks for beating the AI players. If you have several people, it is faster to just play Eliminator, though. If 8 people are boosting, it will take at most 10 hours to get to Form 1 for everyone, since the common boosting method (seen HERE) assumes every player is starting from 99, while 4 people will actually be ranking up. If the people who have already gotten Form 1 come in 5th or lower, it will take far less time. If you need, you can always check the Achievement Trading Thread for someone to trade wins with, though it will take about 4 hours per person with only one opponent.

Giant Killer25
Beat an opponent with an online form of 10 or better. (1) 

If you play online enough, you will probably get this naturally. You can see your opponent’s online form in the lobby screen, so simply finish ahead of any person with a form of 10 or higher to unlock this. If you are boosting, you can get this by beating your partner after they reach Form 1.

Secret Achievements
Win a Race event without crashing. (1) 

You can be damaged, crashed into and hit by as many power plays as you want, but so long as you do not wreck your car, you will unlock this if you finish first. My recommendation is using a car you are comfortable with on a very early season race if you do not get this naturally over the course of playing.

Win a Race event by less than a second. 

You will probably get this naturally over the course of playing the season or online, but you can arrange it if needed. Just slow down and coast over the finish line to allow an opponent to catch up

Eliminator Efficiency10
Win a Season Elimination event by being in 1st place at each elimination. (4) 

This may take a few tries, but is very doable in any early Eliminator race (light green logo). Choose a car that you are comfortable with and go full out, dropping power plays as needed to maintain your first place position. A car with high acceleration usually fares best at this.

Rope A Dope10
With 5 seconds or less on the clock, escape from last place and certain elimination. 

Just draft behind a slow opponent and turn it on when the clock reaches 5 seconds. Alternatively, you could wreck a rival in front of you to drop them into last place and eliminate them

Follow Me15
In an event, change the track twice with a Route Changer Power Play. 

You will need to save your power for this. It can easily be done on the Dry Docks course, as there are several route changers available in that level. Only use power when the route changer icon (the red shifting arrow) comes up and you should have no problems

In an event, wreck every rival with a Power Play. 

You don’t need to wreck every rival in the same power play, but it will help. One of the easiest places to do this is on the level Canyon. Stay in 8th place, drafting to gain power, and activate the route changer about 20 second into the second lap. Destroying the dam will likely wipe out every rival, but if not, you can catch your other rivals and use the other power plays in the level on them. Wrecking all 7 rivals at once will give you the “Ultimate Wreck” and this achievement, if you do not have it.

Use a shortcut that a rival has triggered. 

This is situational, but the situation comes up a lot. Most courses have a short cut, so you will learn to see them opening. Just go through it when it is open, and you should get this (assuming you were not the one who opened it). Should come naturally over the course of the season

Better Luck Next Time0
Get wrecked by a shortcut that a rival has triggered. 

Also situational, but again, it will come up a lot. If the short cut is closed, but you have enough power to open it and are not getting a prompt, that means it is resetting. Crash into it and it will unlock. Otherwise, you will probably get this naturally by heading for a shortcut that your rival has opened and being a half second too late on entry

Zero To Hero20
Use a route changer to go from 8th to 1st place. (6) 

Can be done on any level, though I would recommend Canyon or Downtown Central. Stay in 8th place until the route changer comes up and activate it. You should wreck the people ahead of you, and catch up to everyone else. The reason for doing this on Canyon is that the dam is so long that it will almost certainly wipe out every rival, making it very easy to go from 8th to 1st. You don’t need to win the race, just be in first by the end of the new route.

Frequent Flyer20
In an event, wreck 3 rivals by crash landing a plane. (1) 

This will take two steps. On Airport Terminal, you need to activate the Route Changer to bring down the control tower. You then need to build your power back up to full and activate the level 2 power play on the new route. If you timed it right, you should be able to take out 3 rivals with this. You cannot be in first, but the power play can hit people behind you as well, so fire away when the opportunity arises

Swept Away20
In an event, wreck 3 rivals by destroying a dam. (1) 

Destroying the dam is the Route Changer on the Canyon level. When you destroy the dam, pretty much every car ahead of you will be wrecked, so as long as you are toward the back of the pack when you activate the route changer, you will get this achievement

The Pain Train20
In an event, wreck 3 rivals by derailing a train. 

Derailing the train is a Level 2 Power play on the Expressway level. It happens toward the end of the lap, so save your power. While not as extensive as the dam on Canyon, the derailment is fairly long and should wreck several people ahead of you if you are toward the back of the pack

In an event, wreck 3 rivals by launching a ship sideways across the track. (1) 

Several levels contain this Level 2 Power Play, though most encounter it using Route Changers. Only Port Bridge contains it along the main route, about 30 seconds into the lap. This may take a few tries to get the timing right, but you can attempt to muscle a rival into the ship if you are one short.

High Pipe20
In an event, wreck 3 rivals by demolishing a cooling tower. 

This is a Level 2 Power Play on the Power Plant course that occurs about 45 seconds into the lap. If you are toward the back of the pack, you should get this easily when the prompt comes up. There are short cuts under the two towers, so anyone under them is instantly wrecked, and most circling them will be forced into a wall by the power play.

Overtake 12 trucks in row without crashing in a Survival event. (9) 

This cannot be done in season, the multiplier that you get will put you in first at around 10 consecutive trucks. The Hanzo FX350 works best for this since it almost never drifts without being forced, as does the Storm Drain track, since it is fairly wide in the corners and the narrow parts have frequent barriers. Doing this in Quickplay, you can take your time and wait for the right opportunity to pass

Overtake 5 trucks in a row during Sudden Death in a Survival event. (6) 

This can be done at the same time as Convoy, but can also be done in Season, though I would recommend Quickplay. If you were not able to continue your run at “Convoy” long enough into get this as well, you can simply follow behind or beside the first truck of the course, and wait for Sudden Death to start before you overtake. Like with Convoy, using the Hanzo FX350 on Storm Drain is your safest bet, as is waiting for the opportunity to pass. If you follow too closely or are too aggressive near the truck, you might find a red barrel dropped on the hood of your car

Once, twice, three times evasive10
Get three Perfect Waves in a row in either an Air Strike or Air Revenge event. 

You will almost certainly get this on your first or second attempt at Air Strike. In most levels, the first few waves of missiles rarely consist of more than 4 missiles, and multiple perfect waves is almost required for Perfection, or even Clear Skies and On the Run, so you should get this fairly easily in Season. If you are struggling, choose a nimble car that you are comfortable with like the Cobretti GT500 and slow down when you are not being targeted, accelerating when you are. This usually spreads out the target markers.

Team BlackRock10
Beat a member of the development team or someone who has beaten them. (7) 

This is a viral achievement, but it can be earned in either a private or a public match. You don’t actually need to win the race, just finish higher than someone who has this achievement. You will probably get this naturally while going for “World Beater,” but you can always check the Achievement Trading Thread HERE for a partner that has the achievement

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US May 18, 2010
Europe May 21, 2010

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