SpongeBob SquarePants: Underpants Slam

SpongeBob SquarePants: Underpants Slam Achievement Guide

Guide By: xLCDx, razzleson
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 12 (200 )
- Online: 0 (All multiplayer achievements can be done offline with two controllers)
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 2-4 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 6
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Welcome to the SpongeBob SquarePants: Underpants Slam. This game is on XBLA marketplace for 800 Microsoft points (10$) and has 12 achievements worth 200 . 9 achievements are for playing quest mode and time trials while 3 are for playing multiplayer.

Quest mode playthought 1:
The goal of quest mode is to collect 99 underpants. So the first achievement you should get is the Wide Awake. To get the achievement you have to brake out of a stun. To get stunned go by a jellyfish. When you're stunned move the stick left to right as fast as possible. When you break out of the stun, you will get the achievement. Now play through quest mode. Make sure you kill all of the jellyfish you see, so you can get the Jellyfisher achievement. To kill a jellyfish go by one and press , or you can body slam one, press to do a body slam. Make sure you use the special move when possible, so you can get the Superhero achievement. Press to use the special move. Get all the bronze medals you see. Once you get to the level Dutchmen's Ship 1, go to the bottom of the level and fall in a hole 50 times to get the Clumsy achievement.

Quest mode playthrough 2-5:
Make sure you playthrough quest mode with a different character every time. On the second playthrough look for silver medals, but this time they are being carried by jellyfish. Kill the jellyfish to get the silver medal. On the third playthrough, the gold medals are in clams, lockers, and silver tubes. They can only be broken by a super attack (). On the last two playthroughs, play as your last two remaining characters.

Time trial playthrough:
The goal to time trial is to get all 99 underpants before the time runs out. All you have to do is playthrough time trial. Make sure you never get stunned and not fall into a hole, because it wastes time. And think of the best route to finish a level. When you finish time trial mode you will get the Fast Track achievement

You can get these achievement offline, but you need two controllers, or you can get it online. If you need a partner, go HERE. When you start up a multiplayer match, do nothing so you can get the No Pants achievement. Now start up a tag match and hit the other player and let both controllers sit there. When the match is finish you should get the Party Animal achievement.

That’s it. You should now have all the achievement on SpongeBob SquarePants: Underpants Slam. Congratulations!

x360a would like to thank ktilla23 for this Road Map

Quest Complete5
Complete a Quest Mode game 
So to start off let me tell you how to play. There are a total of 9 levels, Krusty Krab 1/2/3, Dutchmen's Ship 1/2/3, and Atlantis 1/2/3. To beat a level you have to collect 99 underpants before the time runs out. To add more time to the clock collect underpants, collect medals, and kill jellyfish. There are numerous ways to kill jellyfish; push for a fast attack with weak damage, for a slow attack with heavy damage, and a "double jump" ( then again while in the air) to do a body slam. The body slam can be used to both kill jellyfish, kill electrified jellyfish, and break open items to reveal underpants. To collect all 99 underpants in a level you'll have to break open all items, collect random underpants, and kill the jellyfish holding underpants to grab those.

For the achievement Quest Complete, you'll have to beat any level in the quest. Seeing as how when you start only Krusty Krab 1 is open, there's only one way to get this achievement, beat the level! Collect all 99 underpants and smile as the achievement unlocks.
Fast Track30
Complete all Time Trial levels 
You will have find all 99 underpants in the time given to beat the time trial. In time trials you will no longer get extra time for each underpants you get. You need to beat all 9 levels. The first and second levels in each stage give you 3:00 to collect the pants, but the third levels only give you 2:40.

Levels 1/2 shouldn't be too hard, but the 3s are a killer. Remember pant locations and strategies for the best route. Hardest part is not getting shocked (as it blows 3-5 seconds) and getting underpants from jellyfish.
Party Animal15
Win a multiplayer game 
Because this achievement is not a "online" multiplayer game you're more than welcome to do this over local play with a second controller.

During a multiplayer game you need to collect the most pants and also have the least amount of tags. Just remember to jump and body slam people.
Defeat 100 Jellyfish! 
This one is really easy and you should get this one without even going for it. Just remember: for a fast attack with weak damage, for a slow attack with heavy damage, and a "double jump" ( then again while in the air) to do a body slam.
SpongeBob ThousandPants20
Collect 1000 underpants! 
This achievement is impossible not to obtain if you go for either the Masterful or Prospector achievement. Playing through the quest once will net you 891 underpants, just play an additional 2 levels and you'll get the achievement.
Wide Awake!5
Break out of a Stun! 
When you get stunned by an electrified jellyfish move the left thumb stick left and right as fast as you can to break out and if you do it fast enough this one will unlock.
No Pants!10
No pants in a multiplayer game! 
Because this achievement is not a "online" multiplayer game you're more than welcome to do this over local play with a second controller.

Start any kind of multiplayer match (because they all involve pants) and just sit still and wait for the game to end. Watch out though some pants fall randomly and might land on you, if this happens have one of the other players hit you until you drop them.

End the level without pants and the achievement's yours.
Be ‘it’ for 50 seconds! (1) 
Because this achievement is not a "online" multiplayer game you're more than welcome to do this over local play with a second controller.

Choose a game of tag and get ready! Have the person who's not going for the achievement go to the person who is and tag them . Once you're tagged sit and relax for 50 seconds. Once it hits the 50 second mark the achievement's yours! If you're in a boosting party simply tag the other person and let them get the achievement also.

The shortest amount of time to play is 3:00 so you can easy get three people the achievement in a single boosting match.
Use Super Moves 25 times! 
Your special move bar (the blue bar above your health bubbles) fills by doing the following: killing jellyfish, collecting underpants, collecting orbs, and breaking items. Once it's full it'll start flashing and you'll be ready to activate it. Simply press and watch the magic. Anything within range will be destroyed. Just do this 25 times and you will get the achievement.
Beat Quest mode with all 5 characters 
It's really easy but just takes some time. In order to beat with every character you will need to have beaten the game once already to have unlocked Plankton.

Best way to keep track is to do something like this:
Character 1 - quest & bronze
Character 2 - quest & silver
Character 3 - quest & gold
Character 4 - quest
Character 5 - quest
Fall out of the level 50 times 
Can be done only on Atlantis or the Dutchmen's Ship. At the bottom of these stages there are gaps which you can fall through. Just do this 50 times and you will get the achievement.

Personally I found it easiest to start Dutchmen's Ship 1, immediately head right, up the stair and onto the platform. Break the platform and walk off. Once you fall you'll respawn right next to the platform. Without collecting health orbs you can fall up to 5 times. Just rise and repeat until the achievement's yours.
Collect all the Gold Medals 
For this achievement you'll have to beat each level will collecting 5 bronze medals. Then you'll have to beat the same levels again, but this time going for silver medals (instead of just floating like the bronze, the silver medals will be carried by jellyfish, kill the jellyfish like they had underpants and collect). Once you get all the silvers, play all the levels again for some gold! The gold medals are hidden within breakable objects that can only be broken by super attacks . No worries though, they're not that hidden; on the Krusty Krab levels they're all inside big clams, On Dutchmen's Ship they're inside lockers, and on the Atlantis levels they're in silver tubes. Once you collect the last gold medal the achievement will unlock.

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