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SpongeBob's Truth or Square Achievement Guide

Guide By: migueloetb
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 43 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 2 (Home Sweet Pineapple and Patchy's Roll Call)
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Cannot alter difficulty

Spongebob's Truth Or Square is a soul-sucking, mind numbing 1000 points, and is chock full of moments that will make you question whether or not there really are underlying messages and references in children's programming. But, either way, if you're patient enough, a child that enjoys these kinds of games, or just a fan of the show, this is an insanely easy 1000 points.

In Truth or Square, Spongebob has forgotten where he hid the Krabby Patty secret formula, and it is up to you to help him remember where he put it! Of course, Plankton is up to his dastardly deeds of theft once again, so all the memories and plenty of homages to previous episodes of the animated series are distorted and chock full of Plankton's robots to stop you and get that secret ingredient.

The game is composed of 10 stages total, with three stages that act as "big" boss battles. The other 7 stages have collectibles, artwork, as well as a sleeping Patrick to find, and an extremely limited array of attacks to help you through.

Spatula attack (normal)
Spin attack
Water balloon cannon (unlocked in later stages)

Step One: Playthrough #1
Simply play through all 10 stages. You gain one happiness object upon completion of each stage, as well as Patrick a few times, and a good majority of the art boxes if you pay enough attention. As you go through the game, you WILL obtain Livin' Like Larry, Born to be Wild, MuscleBob BuffPants, Money Talks and Robotic Rage as you progress. You should also get A Life in a Day if you destroy everything in sight, are observant enough to find some of the bonus 1x-5x life multipliers floating around, as well as go to all the life chests in Spongebob's house after each stage (note you get six in the bathroom when you jump in the tub and squirt the Mrs. Puff tikis). Upon completing the last stage you will obtain Happy Squared and still be able to go back and play previous levels.

DO NOT SKIP THE CREDITS!!! Once you beat the final boss, let the credits roll normally from start to finish, otherwise you will not obtain the secret achievement Patchy's Roll Call.

Also note that, on this playthrough, you do not upgrade Gary's water bowl at this time. If you do, you MUST upgrade his bed at the same time, or you cannot unlock the achievement Home Sweet Pineapple. I suggest waiting until you're second playthrough when you'll have the needed 16,000 happiness nuggets to upgrade the home.

Step Two: Playthrough #2 and Co-Op
Once you beat a stage, the transportation boxes and Larry tiki's unlock, and you have the ability to go back and play it again at any time by pressing on the photo album in the middle of the living room. Utilize the achievement guide provided on this site by Migueloetb (click here), as well as the links in said guide to find the artwork, happiness objects, and the remainder of the sleeping Patricks (some require you to have the water balloon cannon you get later in the game). Simply go from start to finish again and find the missing objects and pick up all the remaining achievements.

Also use this time to work co-op, which can be done on any stage by having a second player press start on their controller to take control of Plankton. Perform the tutorial to quickly learn how he handles, as the controls handle horribly. Try to find a stage that has machines that just crank out Plankton's robots and use this time to obtain I Will Destroy All of You!, Curse You!!!, and Walking Small since there is absolutely no need for co-op through every stage.

Be advised that when you reach 16,000 happiness nuggets (coins), you can obtain two more quick achievements. First, go to the closet and buy every costume in it to unlock Costume Party. Then, simply exit out of the game by turning it off or returning to the dashboard (so the game doesn't save), then play the game again to have all your happiness nuggets still there, but everything you bought did not save. Then, run around his house and upgrade everything you can find! You need to unlock the locked areas of the house (the kitchen and bathroom) in order to upgrade the rest, and you'll unlock Home Sweet Pineapple! Also, while you're in the kitchen, don't forget to feed Patrick the hotdog on the counter to unlock Weenie Hut!

And there you have it! You need to do two separate run throughs of the game, the second being the more time consuming of course. The only real issue you'll have will be the co-op since you need a second person, or need skill to operate both controllers. Have fun, and happy achievement hunting!

x360a would like to thank ApochWeiss for this Road Map

Find SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Net.    (1) 

Story related. You will get this after finishing level 1.

Tea at the Treedome10
Find Sandy's Iced Tea Glass.    

Story related. You will get this after finishing level 2

No Weenies Allowed10
Find the Hot Dog.    

Story related. You will get this after finishing level 3

Neptune's Spatula10
Find the Golden Spatula.    

Story related. You will get this after finishing level 4

Christmas Who?10
Find the Toy Clarinet.    

Story related. You will get this after finishing level 5

Naughty Nautical Neighbors10
Find the Bubble Wand.    

You can get this in the first level in the big cave where you get your first “Buffpants” power up, after you free the first set of jellyfish. Follow the trail of bouncy jellyfish to a high platform. There will be a tiki challenge on the platform. Complete the challenge to find the Bubble Wand.

Just One Bite10
Find the Krabby Patty.    

Story related. You will get this after finishing level 7

Karate Choppers10
Find the Karate Gloves.    

Story related. You will get this after finishing level 9

Squid Wood10
Find Squidward's Paints.    (1) 

You can get this in level 5. After you exit the cave where you have to use the balloon cannon to break through the ice (not the cave with the trampoline), there will be a bomb bot and a tiki statue. Complete the tikit challenge here.

Mermaidman & Barnacleboy IV10
Find Mermaidman's Utility Belt.    (1) 

You can get this in level 6. You will come to an area where the doors will automatically close behind you as you enter. There will also be a ton of robots in glass containers. The tiki statue is to your left as you enter the area. Compete the tiki challenge.

Jellyfish Jam10
Find the Baby Jellyfish.    

You can get this in the first level. After freeing the second set of jellyfish, you will come to a platform with a green button and there will be a second platform with a green button just ahead. To the right of this platform, there will be a cave that is gated. Complete the tiki challenge there.

Rise and Shine10
Find Patrick's Alarm Clock.    

You can get this in level 8. At the start of the level go straight towards the switch you can spin. To the left of the switch is the tiki statue. Complete the challenge.

Graveyard Shift10
Find the Open 24 Hours sign.    

Story related. You will get this after finishing level 8

Valentine's Day10
Find the Heart-Shaped Acorn.    

You can get this in level 2 where you use the sandy power up to get rid of the kelp traps (the big pink flowers on the ground), clear the area of pink flowers (earns you 5 lives). When you are done, go towards where the 5 lives pickup is, get the pick up and on the next platform there will be a tiki statue, complete the tiki challenge.

The Great Snail Race10
Find Snellie's Pet Carrier.    

You can get this in level 4 in the area where you get the Squidward power up (this area is right after you have to use the water to squirt the water wheel to raise the bridge up so you can shoot the last house). Spin the switch to go to the next area. On your way there, you will come to a small piece of land with another switch that you can spin and a tiki statue. Complete the tiki challenge here.

One Krab's Trash10
Find the #1 Soda Drinkin' Hat.    

You can get this in level 4. After riding the second submarine, there will be a small dock in front of you. There will be a tiki statue on this same dock to your right. Complete the challenge.

Wet Painters10
Find Mr. Krabs' 1st Dollar.    (1) 

You can get this in level 8 after you break the monsters teeth and enter his mouth. You will come to an area with kelp traps (the pink flowers on the ground) continue forward and you will see a tiki statue (if you see a gate, you’ve gone too far. Turn around and walk a bit and you should see it on your left). Complete the challenge

Club SpongeBob10
Find the Magic Conch Shell.   

You can get this in the second level in the cave where you need to use the “Buffpants” power up to spin the 3 switches at the same time. Spin them and move a couple platforms up and you will see the tiki statue, complete the challenge.

Mermaidman & Barnacleboy II10
Find the Aquaphone.    

Story related. You will get this after finishing level 6

Mermaidman & Barnacleboy10
Find Mermaidman & Barnacleboy's Ring Box.    (1) 

You can get this in level 6. At the very last section of the bungee gum area (where you have to use your “Buffpants” power up to break the stone tikis to advance. There will be the 3 switches you must spin and a row of Mr. Krabs tikis. Make the Mr. Krabs tikis explode and use your buffpants power to break the stone tikis, the tiki statue is behind the stone tikis. Complete the tiki challenge.

Nasty Patty10
Find the Volcano Hot Sauce.    (1) 

You can get this in level 9. You will come to a section where you have to jump on a lot of jelly fish to get across. Once you get across, there will be a tiki statue next to a “Buffpants” power up. Complete the tiki challenge.

Nature Pants10
Find the Picnic Basket.    

You can get this in level 9. You will exit a cave and there will be a spin switch in the middle on the platform. There will also be spouts of water on the opposite side of the caves exit. There will be a tiki statue to the left of the switch.

Survival of the Idiots10
Find the Bellybutton Lint Earmuffs.    (2) 

You can get this in level 5. As you exit the cave to use the bungee gum for the first time, drop off the edge to the right and you should see a tiki statue, a box, and a trampoline. Complete the tiki challenge

SpongeBob HappyPants!100
Find all of SpongeBob's Happiness Objects.    

When you complete a level, you get 1 happiness object. you must go back and replay the levels (except boss levels) and complete the tiki challenges for the other 2 happiness objects left in each level. The guide above tells you where every tiki challenge is for the happiness objects.

Sleepy Time50
Find Patrick sleeping in all levels.    (3) 

Break open a crate in each non-boss level to find Patrick, look here for the specific locations.

Livin' Like Larry25
Break 150 Squidward Stone Tikis.   (1) 

You can only break the grey, stone tikis when you are using the “Buffpants” power up. Do your best not to get hit. There is no time limit for this power up. The longer you are in “Buffpants” mode, the better. Smash 150 of these tikis. You should get this before the games ends but if not, go back and replay some levels

Born to Be Wild20
Break 1000 Plankton Tikis.   

You will find plenty of these green tikis throughout your adventure. Smash 1000 of them. You will get this before the end of the game but if not, go back and replay some levels

MuscleBob BuffPants50
Defeat 30 enemies in a row while buff.   

This can be done easiest in level 1. Get the “Buffpants” power up and do your best not to get hit, there is no time limit for this power up. Do your best and destroy 30 robots.

Robotic Rage25
Defeat 250 enemies with SpongeBob.   

Kill 250 robots. You will get this before the end of the game but if not, go back and replay some levels.

I Will Destroy All of You!50
Have a Co-op buddy, as Plankton, defeat 100 enemies.   

You'll need a second controller. Hit on it and plankton will be your floating partner. Hit and it will grab the enemies then use your and shake from left to right. this will give you ammo for your ray gun. You can also turn coins into ammo by pressing . You then hit and shoot 100 enemies. You can do this yourself, you do not need a second player.

I did this on the second level where you use Sandy to destroy the kelp plants. If you stay under the arch, the enemy generator will keep generating enemies. If you shake them first it will give you the ammo, then shoot them. (Thanks to batman5273)

Curse You!!!50
Have a Co-op buddy, as Plankton, shake 50 enemies.   (2) 

You'll need a second controller. Hit on it and plankton will be your floating partner. Hit and it will grab the enemies. Then use your and shake from left to right. You can do this yourself, you do not need a second player. (Thanks to batman5273)

Walking Small30
Have a Co-op buddy, as Plankton, make 100 Happiness Nuggets sad.   

You'll need a second controller. Hit on it and plankton will be your floating partner. Hit and it will turn coins into ammo for Plankton's ray gun. You can do this yourself, you do not need a second player.(Thanks to batman5273)

A Life in a Day50
Collect 99 Lives.   (2) 

You should get this after you beat the game but if not, go to one of the life chest's inside your house and it should unlock. You can also replay levels and collect coins and 1-up collectibles to gain more lives.

Money Talks30
Collect 10,000 Happiness Nuggets.   

This achievement is not cumulative. Your happiness nuggets must be at or go over 10,000. You should get this by the end of the game but if not, go back and replay some levels.

Costume Party!25
Unlock all of the available costumes.   

You need to buy 3 costumes for each the following characters:

  • Spongebob
  • Patrick
  • Sandy
  • Squidward
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Gary

It will cost you 1500 for each character (500 per costume) which gives you a total of 9000. You can actually buy all the costumes, have the achievement unlock, quit the game and reload your game with all your money still intact. (Thanks to batman5273)

Home Sweet Pineapple30
Upgrade all of SpongeBob's furniture.   

NOTE: This achievement is glitched but you can avoid the glitch.
You will need roughly around 16,000 Coins(happiness nuggets) to upgrade all of the furniture. When you are not playing levels, you will be inside Spongebob's house. There are many things to upgrade in here. Everything from the fridge to the couch to the bathtub. Spend your hard earned coins upgrading his furniture.

-DO NOT upgrade Gary's bowl/food upstairs unless you have 1000 coins. It costs 500 to upgrade the bowl and 500 to upgrade the newspaper/house.

You have to upgrade both the bowl and Gary's home (newspaper) at the same time. If you do not, you will not get the prompt again to upgrade it.

If you start a new game and upgrade the bowl and home, it won't unlock. If you've missed this achievement, you'll have to playthrough it one more time. (Thanks to hellboundsoul.)

Artist Unknown25
Unlock all concept art.    

For the locations of all of the concept art, look here.

Weenie Hut5
Feed Patrick a kelp hot dog.   

You must first beat level 3 and you need to unlock the kitchen. To do this, make sure you have 4 bronze happiness objects. Go up to the chains blocking the kitchen and press once inside, go to the counter on the left and find the hotdog and press . It should unlock after the cutscene.

Last Sponge Standing30
Survive all 7 Task Tiki Combat Challenges against the robot cretins.    

For these locations, look here. Look for the "#3" in each level. These are the locations of the combat challenges.

Too Good to be True50
Complete any level without dying, without invincibility.   (1) 

You cannot go back and replay levels to unlock this achievement. When playing any level for the first time, try to pick up the “Buffpants” power up to make things easier for you. NOTE: Collecting the “Invincibility” (Red life ring with a rainbow around it) power up will prevent you from getting this achievement.

Complete the game.    (1) 

This will unlock after you complete the game.

Secret Achievements
SpongeBob OldPants 10
You made SpongeBob grow old.   (5) 

Just leave your controller on the floor and after a minute or two Spongebob will start to grow a beard and become old. That is all you have to do.

Patchy's Roll Call15
You watched all of the credits.   (4) 

Sit back and watch all of the credits. The credits will start once you beat the game.

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