SSX Achievements

The Gold Standard

Earn your 1st Gold in a Race Event (in Explore)

The better your gear, the better your chances. Speed adds to your rider's top speed and acceleration, Boost increases your speed when boosting and decreases the amount of boost drained per second (though this is irrelevant while you're in Tricky/Super Tricky as you have unlimited boost), and Tricks increases your speed of rotation and makes it easier to earn Super Tricky.

If you get dropped out of a helicopter, do a basic trick possibly with a tweak or rotation in order to build up some early boost, and build up to Super Tricky as quick as you can. Flares are also a godsend because they build meter and you don't even need to jump. After that, stay on the ground as much as possible, only doing tricks once Tricky starts blinking, indicating that if you do not continue performing tricks it will fade.

Note: Tricky CANNOT fade while you are in the air. If the timer runs out while you are in the air, Tricky will fade upon landing.

Jumping slows you down and you cannot boost while in the air. Grinding is something you want to do as often as you can due to the fact that you move just as fast as you do on the ground, you gain boost if you are not in Tricky, and you are able to boost while you grind. The only problem is you have no control of steering or where the rail will take you. Press to dismount from a grind before it becomes a detriment.

Using a wingsuit is also an option, especially when it can be used to jump over large portions of the course, or over obstacles. However it builds no boost and you cannot boost while using it.

If you still need an edge you can buy Speed or Boost mods. Characters with Speed+ or Boost+ Perks are Alex (Speed+15), Psymon (Boost+15), Elise (Speed+10, Boost+5), Tane (Speed+10, Boost+5), Moby (Speed+5, Boost+10), Zoe (Speed+5, Boost+5), Griff (Speed+5, Boost+5), Kaori (Boost+5), and Ty (Speed+5).

Note: Has to be in Explore Mode.

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EA Canada
Electronic Arts


US February 28, 2012
Europe March 02, 2012

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