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Dirigible Daredevil

Completed all Hi-Jinks in the Zeppelin of Consequence.   
  • Terrible Melvin: Use Cromwell the Terrible's abilities on 10 male dolls, he won't do it on kids or female dolls.
  • Scribbled On: After completing this level's story you will be able to stack into the Ambassadors, stack into the one with the pen and use his ability on 5 dolls.
  • Flower Power: Find Felicity and use her ability on 10 dolls, can be done on groups to make this faster.
  • Zippity Do-Da: Use the zip line 3 times, with any doll, it is at the start part of the level and the Stop the Car Challenge, it can only be used once you have reached the challenge area.
  • Shattered: Use the Viking lady (she is hard to miss, she's the biggest doll in the first room) to break 5 glasses by singing, to do this, go near to tables and use her ability.
  • Steward Stack: Stack any 4 stewards (guys with navy suits), find the smallest mechanic and then 3 stewards.
  • Say Cheese: Find the doll with the camera that will take pictures, use his ability on 10 dolls.
  • Girls on Film: Use Camera Man Joe's ability on 10 adult women.
  • Floating High: Fly Balloon Stewards to both waiter stations, they are in the first room, first one takes you to one, then the 2 after that one takes you to another one, he wont go up if someone is already up there.
  • Mime Abuse: Find all mimes (5 of them) and hit them using the doll which has Northern Kiss (he is dressed like a Highlander), or the female doll with a handbag which has Purse Smash, they aren't hard to find, one is in the Stop the Car challenge area, while the rest are near the start of the level.
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User Comments
Comment #1 by amandaronan
Wednesday, March 02, 2011 @ 08:30:02 AM

what are these hi jinks pls i looked in my menu and dont see anything about hi jinks is it something that appears when the game is completed? Pls help!

Comment #2 by CloakedCrowd405
Monday, June 03, 2013 @ 06:52:53 PM

Hi-jinks are like little side quests. Press Start, then LB once and you should come to the Hi-Jinks screen. You're given descriptions of what actions to perform to complete them.

In this level, one of the hi-jinks is "Say Cheese." How do you get people to say "cheese" in real life? Take a picture of them. So switch into a camera person and take a picture of another doll. A message will appear at the top of the screen and will tell you how many times you have to do the hi-jink again. For the "Say Cheese" one, you have to take pictures of 10 dolls.

Note that for the ones that require an action onto another doll, you have to use a different doll for it to count. So you can't take 10 pictures of the same doll; you have to take one picture of 10 different dolls.

Hope this helps!

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