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Arms Dealer

Buy all the Weapon Upgrades and Android Co-Pilots in the game.    

This achievement is missable. You can't replay missions at the end so it's important that you raise all the funds you can from each level. Nearly every level has little gold asteroid things (worth 50 credits each) and also enemies that aren't main objectives. Shoot any Frigates, Fighters and Cruisers that you can. Save the main objectives until the end.

Level 7A is great because it has blue fuel cell things (a main objective) that are worth 300 credits each. There are loads of them on this level. Get them all for loads of cash.

If you're having problems buying anything, it's because the game was developed poorly. At the end of a mission, go to the galaxy map screen and press  to return to your main base. This is where you can buy weapons. Buy everything but note that some of the heavy weapons are hidden at the top of their respective lists and not always the bottom, so make sure you scroll through each complete list.

The final upgrade is the android "Brain". You rescue him on level 9A from the Base Star. The achievement pops as soon as you do (if you've bought everything else). I had all the money I needed by the end of mission 7C.


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Comment #1 by Pajo0802
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 @ 04:05:46 PM

I found level 5A worked great too for grinding at the end of the mission once you grab all 4 parts of rapture you can sit back close to the warp point of the enemies with turret mode and as soon as you blast the 3 a few seconds later 3 more warp in giving you 350g each i sat there for 15min and never saw an end to them and got 50k gold easy

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