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There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 30 [875 ]
- Online: 6 [125 ]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000g: 25-30 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: No
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

This game is actually fairly routine. A lot of people are put off by the fact the difficulty achievements do not stack, so you will need to play through the game at least three times. However, the difficulty is not actually that much of an issue unless you are on the Admiral setting, so the other run-throughs are a breeze. The online aspect is also remarkably easy to boost.

Star Trek Legacy is basically a cross between a very basic RTS game with elements of flight simulation. Do not be put off if that sounds confusing as the game is actually amazingly simple to pick up and play. The toughest aspect of this game is the Admiral difficulty, but once that is out of the way you should not have any further trouble. No one plays the online mode anymore so you WILL need at least one other person to boost with. The 1000 should be a matter of time rather than skill though.

BE AWARE: Certain missions have multiple achievements depending on your approach. If you want them all in one play-through then complete the mission, wait for the achievement you went for to pop and then select Replay mission to go for the other one. If you continue instead of replaying the mission then you will have to go for the mission specific achievements on another play-through as there is no mission select.

Step #1: Play-through Ensign difficulty
Go to the settings and change the difficulty. Use this playthrough to get all of the mission specific achievements. If any of your ships get in trouble, then just warp them across the map to repair them ASAP. Tailor your approach to the achievement requirements on each level and you should have very few problems. Remember to replay missions with multiple achievements or you will need a fresh play-through to get them. Be sure to keep hold of an Enterprise era ship too, so that you can deploy it later on during the Next Generation missions. Try and save your command points, as you will need enough to buy four Legacy ships for the USS Legacy achievement, but this should not be too much of a problem.

Step #2: Play-through Captain and Admiral difficulties
The same as Ensign but your ships can take a lot less punishment and will dish less out. Just focus on completing the missions as fast as you can and try not to get embroiled in any firefights in which you are outnumbered. On Admiral you will probably struggle to get enough command points for a large amount of good ships, so try to pick one or two good ones and back them up with a couple of decent support craft. Hit and run tactics are the way to go here – destroy one or two ships, then warp your fleet away to repair and repeat the process.

Step #3: Online
A boosting partner is a must here, as without one it will be almost impossible to find a match. You can find a boosting partner in the forums. You actually need four players to start a match, but the other two can be A.I. controlled, so you do not need to worry about finding more people. Set up a match so that the second player and the A.I. players are all of the fleet type you need for the achievement, then make sure they choose all of the weakest ships they can. Then, just destroy as many as you need, quit the match and restart with different ships. Simple as that. For the red shirt award - just let your ships be killed off first. It should take you less than an hour to get them all done.

The single player can be fairly tough on Admiral mode, but the other difficulties are fairly straightforward and can be rushed through in a few hours each. Online is also an extremely easy matter and can be knocked over in a couple of hours, assuming both players need the points. Overall this game is a bog standard 1000 points that can be done in a few days if you have the perseverance and an online buddy.
[XBA would like to thank jackanape for this Roadmap]

Starfleet Academy Graduate25
Complete the Tutorial Mission.    (1) 

This achievement is gained after the first level, "Those in Need". It shouldn't give any real problems as it's just a tutorial. Just follow the instructions the game gives you and you should be fine.

Captain Archer Award50
Complete all missions in the Enterprise era.    (4) 

This achievement isn't too hard to get, you'll unlock it upon completion of the fifth mission, "Stirring the Hive".

Admiral Kirk Award50
Complete all missions in the TOS era.    

Same as above, except it unlocks after the final mission of TOS, which is the tenth mission, called "Omega".

Starfleet Ensign50
Complete the single player campaign on "Ensign" difficulty.     

See "Starfleet Admiral".

Starfleet Captain75
Complete the single player campaign on "Captain" difficulty.     

See "Starfleet Admiral".

Starfleet Admiral100
Complete the single player campaign on "Admiral" difficulty.     (3) 

Complete the final mission of the TNG era, and of the game, called "Logical Conclussions" on the respective setting to unlock this. I'm not sure if they fixed it but I remember hearing about a bug where if you changed the difficulty half way through the game (even lowering it) you wouldn't get any of the achievements. So BEWARE, just play the game on the same difficulty throughout just to be on the safe side. Difficulty can be ajusted through the options menu.

T'Pol Award30
Complete the Enterprise era without losing a single ship.    (1) 

See "Riker award".

Spock Award35
Complete the Original Series era without losing a single ship.    

See "Riker award".

Riker Award40
Complete the Next Generation era without losing a single ship.    (1) 

Complete the respective eras missions without getting a ship destroyed in any of them. If any get destroyed then restart the mission, unfortuantly there is no checkpoint system, so if you lose a ship at the very end then you have to do the whole mission over again.
If any of your ships take a beating, then warp them away to the edge of the map (which is usually free from hostiles, but check to make sure first), open up the LB menu, and repair everything, then press X and put all power to shields to get them recharged faster. If you do this for each ship when it gets into trouble you should be fine.

Guardian of Epsilon Theta20
Protect all the medical ships in "Be My Shepherd".    (1) 

This is the third mission of the game, in the Enterprise Era. You need to save all of the medical ships. You should have the Enterprise, and the Coto. Buy a Yorktown battleship to make things easier. Open up the map using the BACK button, and see where each medical ship is going to. Send each ship along with each of the medical ones. Keep checking the map to make sure you're in the same area as the medical ship and not on the other side of the planet. Keep checking on the map to see where the Romulans are coming from, and take them out. The computer should let the other two ships deal with the other two enemies. When the medical ship has dropped off all the supplies follow it to the next planet and repeat. The mission isn't too hard, and if you do need to repeat the mission then at least you will know the order of where to travel to.

Protector of Encaria20
Keep the poisonous spore count low during "Poisoned Well".    (1) 

This achievement is on the fourth mission, you need to keep the spore count below 1000. Each of the planets has a spore facility nearby, so you need to get rid of these as quickly as you can. I sent two ships around them clockwise and one counter-clockwise to speed things up. You should assign the ships to go to different planets while the Enterprise is following the first spore ship. When you're finally able to attack the stations then you should send the Enterprise to another planet, so a good idea might be to place all the ships a couple of planets apart, so that they each have a couple to do. Indivdually select the other two ships and attack the facilities. Ignore the Romulan ships, this needs to be done quickly. When it's destroyed then warp to the next planet along and repeat. Follow whatever route you like, but remember the Warp drive doesn't work when you're too close to the planet. Again, this shouldn't provide too much of a problem.

Tyburn Shockwave20
During "Stirring the Hive", knockout as many of the enemy fleet as you can in one blow...    (4) 

The magic number here is 12 ships in one blast. Send the Enterprise to the top left one (not the top one) and wait. Put all power to shield (platted hulling) and open up the map, count how many ships are around you, and when you cound 12, hail the sensor relay. The achievement should pop up, you can then warp to the top most station, then the others downwards and back to the start.

Lone Wolf of Makus20
Complete mission objectives in "The Squeeze" without the aid of starbases. You maverick renegade.    

See "Pacifist of Makus".

Liberator of Makus20
Secure all enemy strongholds in "The Squeeze".    

The opposite of the Lone wolf of Makus and Pacifist of Makus, so you will need to complete the mission twice to get all the achievements. Go to each of the Klingon Starbases first, attack them until their shields go down, and warp a team across to capture it. When you've got them all you will get the achievement and can abort the mission to restart for the others.

Pacifist of Makus20
Complete "The Squeeze" without spilling any blood…    (3) 

Ok, for this achievement you'll need to complete the squeeze without blowing up any Klingon ships. Send your other ships away to one of the corners closest to you at the start. Head down to the objective around the nebula. Put all power to weapons for now. Target the objective and open fire with phasers, when prompted put a tractor beam on it and put all power to engines. Now fly through the nebula, the Klingons shouldn't follow you through, and with full power to the engines you'll easily outrun any that do. Fly back to the spacestation and collect your two achievements.

Again, out of time for now, but I'll post some more tomorrow. I need to check some things for Behind Enemy Lines too about those achievements.

Agile Predator20
Complete "Behind Enemy lines" unscathed...    (2) 

Complete the mission "Behind Enemy Lines" without taking any damage. Probably best to use Ensign again to get it quickly.

Brazen Warrior20
Never hide from your enemy in "Behind Enemy Lines".    (1) 

Don't use your cloak in the mission "Behind Enemy Lines".

Hero of Kathra20
Don't allow your allies to perish in "FireStorm".    

For this you need to rescue the ship at the mining station in "FireStorm".

Scourge of Kathra20
Roll like a wave of destruction through the Kathra system…    (1) 

You need to have completed all of the objectives in "FireStorm" (destroy the mining station, Destroy the shipyards, and destroy the weapon).

Champion of the Fleet20
All allies must survive in "At the Gates".    

Keep all of your allied ships alive in "At the Gates", its ok if you lose a ship, just not a NPC ship

Spirit of Kahless20
Strike only at the heart of the enemy in "Omega".    (1) 

you have to destroy the borg sphere without detroying any of its support spheres.

Custodian of Phidian20
Save the sensor relays in "Revelations".    (6) 

as per Tekumel:

You're forced to use the Stargazer, obviously. Make sure you have/have enough cash to buy 2 of the largest battleships possible (Proxima Refits at that point I believe?), and a small scout ship (I think I used an Apollo).

Take the Stargazer, and the 2 battleships to the center of the asteroid field, and control them from the tactical map. Blast as many as you can, trying to keep them contained.

This can be a little weird, unless you're good with numbers. If you look at the distance from the ship you've got selected to an asteroid, versus the distance to a fixed point (in this case, one of the satellites or a planet), you can roughly judge if it's on a collision course with that point. So compare numbers, and only worry about the ones that are headed to the satellites. Many asteroids will breeze right by them, because they're 1000mm+ above or below.

Notice I didn't say to do anything with the Apollo. Leave it at the starbase. Once the satellites unlock, make sure the 3 warships stay busy, and take command of the Apollo. Grab a weapons platform, and take it to the front side of a satellite.

That's right, a satellite. Screw the planets for now (just make sure your 3 warships are taking out the marked asteroids that are headed for planets). The weapons platforms will blast anything that comes in range no matter where they're placed, so putting one in front of the satellite lets them do the work for you. Once there's a platform at each satellite, then worry about the planets.

It might take a little work. And I'd definitely do it on Ensign. But I truly believe the weapon platform placement is the key to it. You just don't have enough ships to do it otherwise.

EDIT: The reason I say go all out on the battleships & get the best is: Those things have an AMAZINGLY HUGE firing range. I think it was something in the 22-2500 range? It saves a LOT of movement time if you don't have to get as close to fire.

Guerilla In The Mist20
Spill no blood in "Ambush".    (1) 

Dont kill any Romulins in "Ambush".

Sword of Aurelia20
Take a swing at the bully in "Anger and Mercy"…    (1) 

Kill a Borg Cube in "Anger and Mercy".

Savior of Aurelia20
Protect your ward in "Anger and Mercy".    

You have to protect ALL of the civilian transports. This one was a bit difficult until I figured out the trick to it. Timing is of the essence on this one. These first few steps you must do very quickly.

First, send one of your two strongest ships to attack the spheres in the northwest. Then, send your other strongest ship to attack the ships in the northeast. Finally, send your other two ships to target the three Borg rectangles near the station. Fire a short phaser blast at the first rectangle, then target the second and fire again, then the third. This will cause them to target you instead of the transports. Do the same for the spheres in the northwest, and finally the ships in the northeast.

Take control of the northwest battle and finish it as quickly as possible. Then send this ship to support your other lone vessel in the northeast. Go to your other two ships and finish taking out the rectangles, then have them join the other two ships in the northeast. All the remaining Borg attacks will come from this general direction. Keep checking your map regularly, though, as I've had a couple appear south of this area.

Keep blowing up Borg spheres and rectangles. Ignore the Cubes...if they assimilate a planet, that's just less transports you need to worry about. Keep fighting until Picard says you're a good little Starfleet Officer!

Allied Commander20
Be a team player in "Generals".    (1) 

You have to save your allies from the four Borg conflicts. After dispatching the first wave of Borg as quickly as possible, have your weakest vessel hail the Klingons to assign their fleet to it. Send this ship to the battle in the northwest. Send the Enterprise to the battle in the north. Take control of your last two ships and send them to the battle in the east.

The Romulan Warbirds here will be easily destroyed if you don't act quickly. Target the obelisks first, as they are the easiest to dispatch, THEN take out the diamond. After destroying these ships, have your weaker of the two ships here hail the Romulan warbirds. Send these ships to support the Enterprise, and have your other ship support the fight in the west.

After winning these two battles, make sure you repair your ships completely before hailing your allies. No other Borg will appear during this time. During the final battle, ignore T'urell and focus on the other Borg ships in the following order: obelisks, spheres, cubes.

Autonomous Operator20
Complete the final mission without the use of support craft.    (1) 

For this dont use the repair ship in the last mission.

Antique Collector20
Start a mission in the Next Generation era with a fleet containing a Enterprise era ship.    (1) 

As it says, keep an Enterprise-era ship all the way through to the start of the Next Generation missions, which is a lot easier than it sounds. If you read my breakdown of the Mission-Specific Achievements, you'll note all the Original Series missions are accomplished with three vessels. That's because the fourth slot is an Enterprise-era ship that should be kept out of the fighting at all costs.

The easiest way to do this is to warp the ship to an unoccupied area of the map (the corners do nicely). The only missions you need to watch out for are "At the Gates" and "Omega". In "At the Gates", there's deadly plasma all over the place, so keep your Enterprise-era ship right where it is instead of warping it somewhere. In Omega, once you've disabled the dampeners, ALL of your ships will join up to attack the Omega Sphere. Before you do anything else, you
need to quickly warp your Enterprise-era ship out of the fight.

Once you've reached "Revelations", you'll get this achievement after watching the cut-scenes. You don't need to beat Revelations, so once you get the achievement, you can restart and sell your Enterprise-era ship (as it won't be
too effective in "Revelations"). Just make sure you actually got the achievement before you sell.

Chain Reaction20
Deliver the killing blow to more than one ship with a single torpedo.    

I hate this achievement. It's basically dumb luck. I've earned it twice, but I can't tell why. The second time I earned it was after destroying the tactical cube with a Defiant class on the last mission. 'd say any of the last three missions are your best bet since there's a crapload of weak Borg ships that don't have shields. The last mission in particular is good because you can keep beating it and reloading until you have a fleet of top-of-the-line ships with quantum torpedoes.

I'd recommend controlling a Defiant-class ship because of its firepower and maneuverability. Sovereigns don't do you much good if it takes you forever to get a torpedo lock. If somebody actually has a "strategy" for this one, please let me know.

Legacy Captain20
Unlock the USS Legacy.   

The biggest letdown in a game of big letdowns. Keep replaying the last mission until you have enough points to buy three Sovereign-class ships (four including the Enterprise). The last one will be called the USS Legacy.

Glorious Victor20
Test your mettle in battle against opponents.   (2) 

You can easily do this by starting a single player skirmish. The game doesn't care if you're playing against human or AI
opponents for this one.

Keeper of Gre'thor25
Send 10 Klingon vessels to Sto'Vo'Kor in one online match.   (6) 

Pick a fight with someone playing as Klingon with multiple respawns.
Keep targeting their weakest ships. This is generally a good strategy anyway, as it quickly burns down their respawn count.

Avenger of Surak25
Destroy 10 Romulan ships in one online battle… if you can find them.   (6) 

Pick a fight with someone playing as Romulan with multiple respawns (no, I don't know why Surak needs to be avenged). Keep targeting their weakest ships. This is generally a good strategy anyway, as it quickly burns down
their respawn count.

Resistance Was Useful25
Eradicate 10 Borg ships in a single online match.   (10) 

I love the title of this achievement. Pick a fight with someone playing as Borg with multiple respawns. Keep targeting their weakest ships. This is generally a good strategy anyway, as it quickly burns down their respawn count.

The Wrath Of Khan25
Destroy 10 Federation ships in a single online battle.   (10) 

Pick a fight with someone playing as Federation with multiple respawns. Keep targeting their weakest ships. This is generally a good strategy anyway, as it quickly burns down their respawn count.

Anonymous Red-Shirt Award5
Be the first to go down in a 4 fleet multiplayer game.   (13) 

Play a multiplayer game with three other people, and be the first to lose all your ships (including respawns). I'm not ashamed to admit I got this on my first multiplayer battle.

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