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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Offline Single Player: 45 [925]
Offline Coop: 5 [75]
Online: 0 [0]
Approximate time: 15 + hours
Minimum number of play-throughs needed: N/A
Missable achievements: No
Does difficulty affect Achievements?: Only for Podracing Destiny
Unobtainable/glitched achievements?: None at this time

Kinect Star Wars is a fun, yet challenging Kinect game. There are 5 main game types that you can choose to play alone in single-player, or co-op with a friend, sibling or child. This title does an exceptional job of staying true to the Star Wars theme and story, with the added bonus of experiencing some of the elements that make the movies and saga what it is best known for.

Game Modes:
This game offers 5 game modes to choose from at the main menu.

  • Jedi Destiny
  • Podracing
  • Rancor Rampage
  • Galactic Dance-Off
  • Duels of Fate

Jedi Destiny
This game mode is a story-based game mode that can be played in single-player or co-op with a friend. It progresses through four main levels with small chapter breaks in between. A fun mode to play to get used to the control style of the lightsabers and character movements.

Pod Racing
By far the most fun and fast-paced mode in the game. You can choose to race a quick race, or Destiny, which is a six race story mode for pod racing. In quick play there are a number of different options to choose from, including different pods to race in and different levels to explore. Note that you need to race Destiny mode to unlock some of the pods and levels for use in quick play.

Rancor Rampage
In this mode you play as an escaped Rancor, with the sole mission of destroying the city/area that you are in, all the while being attacked by various enemies. While smashing through the city, there are area specific achievements that can be obtained. Challenges also pop up for you to complete to get the required score to complete the area. The farther you progress in the game, the harder the enemies get.

Galactic Dance-Off
Similar to any Dance Central game, this mode allows you to play solo or co-op while dancing to Star Wars-inspired music. It's a typical dance game scenario where you act out the moves being shown and score points for doing so. Although a lot of people baulked at this game mode, this is a fun mode, and even more fun to listen to the songs. Remakes of songs like 'Genie in a Bottle' by Christina Aguilera have been changed to 'Princess in a Battle'. It's a fun and entertaining mode set in some cool locations, like the Mos Eisley Cantina and the Death Star.

Duels of Fate
In Duels of Fate, you choose to battle against various enemies using the dueling techniques you learned in the story mode. Cut through various enemies gaining the best times possible to work your way to the final boss battle of Darth Vader. It's a neat way to feel like a Jedi and conveys that up-close battle feel from the Star Wars saga.

Other Side Notes
There is also an option in the menu system called Scan M-Tag. This allows you to scan a mobile tag from a bottle of Lipton Brisk Iced Tea and get in game rewards. Using the thread HERE you can get a link to a picture of the tag to scan in and get Anakin's Pod Racer for use in the Pod Racing Mini Games. It is unknown at this point if more M-Tags will be released.

[X360A would like to thank capthorp for this Road Map.]

Wookiee Life Debt40
Completed all Kashyyyk missions in a single session, alone or with a friend.    (5) 

Choose any difficulty level and progress through the main story in a single sitting until this pops. There are 5 main missions that you need to progress through, all of which are not long missions and simply require some movement forward and some battle sequences. Fairly straightforward and easy to complete.

Who's Keeping Score?25
Completed all Providence missions in a single session, alone or with a friend.    (1) 

Similar to "Wookie Life Debt", simply complete all the required missions in one sitting to gain this achievement.

Felucia In a Flash25
Completed all Felucia missions in a single session, alone or with a friend.    (2) 

Similar to "Wookie Life Debt", simply complete all the required missions in one sitting to gain this achievement.

Savior of Coruscant50
Completed the Jedi Adventures: Dark Side Rising campaign, alone or with a friend.     (1) 

Similar to "Wookie Life Debt", simply complete all the required missions in one sitting to gain this achievement.

Two-For-One Discount10
Defeated at least two droids with a single use of Force powers, alone or with a friend.    

Load up Providence 3 - As soon as the level starts use your force powers to pick up droids and throw them to your left. They should hit the window and suck out other droids.

Teras Kasi10
Defeated an enemy by kicking them off a ledge, alone or with a friend.     (3) 

Load up Felucia 4 - You start the level without your lightsaber and have to jump down to a ship. Simply keep kicking the enemies on the ship and they should fly over the side.

The Force That Binds20
Completed a co-op Jedi Adventures ground combat mission with neither player being knocked out.   

Pretty self-explanatory this one. Just be careful and make sure that neither player gets knocked out during a co-op Jedi Adventures mission.

You May Fire When Ready20
Destroyed all shield arrays in a single pass on Felucia Mission 5, alone or with a friend.    

This is a story-related achievement. It may be missable, but it's a very easy one to get as the main focus of the mission is to destroy these. Simply make sure to listen and destroy the shield arrays when prompted to do so. There are a lot of ships flying around to destroy but if you concentrate on the shields, you will get this no problem.

Don't Get Cocky40
Completed all four Space Combat missions without restarting, alone or with a friend.    (8) 

Complete levels Kashyyyk 6 - Providence 1 - Felucia 5 & 6 without dying. Load up Kashyyyk 6 and play until you finish Providence 1. Quit to menu and load up Felucia 5.

It's a Trap!20
Completed Providence Mission 1 without your ship being destroyed, alone or with a friend.    

A very easy achievement to get. Simply don't get destroyed. Be sure to shoot all turrets first, then shoot the ships. Again very simple if you concentrate on the turrets and then the ships.

Well, Wookiee There!10
Destroyed 10 Trandoshan slave ships while escaping from Kashyyyk, alone or with a friend.    (2) 

These fly across the screen while you are escaping. Simply shoot everything that you can see on the screen and you will get this. This is missable if you dont shoot 10 on one pass.

Destroyed the Subjugator-class Capital ship, alone or with a friend.     

This is story-related and cannot be missed. The main purpose of the mission associated with this is to destroy this ship. Simply concentrate fire on the turrets and the shields. Taking it down will be very easy.

Sorry About the Mess15
Defeated 13 enemy speeders in the Kashyyyk forest speederbike level, alone or with a friend.    

During this sequence you are riding a speederbike. It's easier in co-op, but  can be done single-player. Speeders will follow you and cut you off. Simply destroy 13 in one run to net this achievement.

To the Rescue15
Reached the Jedi training camp on Kashyyyk, alone or with a friend.     

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The Shield Is Down!15
Disabled the Commerce Guild fortress shield, alone or with a friend.     

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Wookiee Wingman15
Teamed up with a friend to complete a speeder bike chase in 2-player co-op mode.   

Simply grab a friend and replay the Kashyyyk speederbike level. This will also net you the "Sorry About the Mess" achievement if you can destroy 13 speeders as well.

Duels Mode Unlocked10
Completed the Jedi Adventures Duels tutorial, alone or with a friend.     

This is story-related and cannot be missed. Also will be the first achievement you receive in the story mode.

Now Face the Chosen One15
Defeated Ror with a Jedi Knight rating, alone or with a friend.    (2) 

Simply defeat Ror in story mode and garner a Jedi Knight rating in the process.

Only a Master of Evil25
Completed the Vader Duel with a Jedi Master rating, alone or with a friend.    (7) 

This is all about the multiplers and getting perfect blocks/parries. You may notice that your attack times are white, yellow or green. Yellow is for 'great' and green for 'perfect'. You bank more time the quicker you react. So for blocking, get your hand in postion ASAP for parrying, then swing your arm in the opposite direction that Vader is swinging and to evade, jump or side-step quickly.

As far as multipliers are concerned, you get extra time when you get three blocks or parries in a row, so if you've done two blocks, don't then jump. Block again instead to get the extra points. As well as three of a kind, there is also a full house (which is metioned in the loading screen tips) which is when you block, parry and then evade (in any order).

To skip a clash, get a really high attack time that will enable you to bypass it. You can get this easily by performing parry combos.

Clash Mode Tips: Basically it's not very well explained but you must react by swinging, force pushing, kicking or head-butting when the moving orb meets where the sabers cross. Bear in mind Kinect's slight lag, and time it a little before it hits. Leaning forward will slow the orb down, but it will also waste too much time.

Attack Mode Tips: It's all about picking up objects and throwing them, side-step and jump during defence and make sure you always have crates and so forth in front of you. Vary your attack swings to apply more damage and always have your 'force' hand out searching for crates. As soon as you pick up at least two, pull them in. You get a mulitplier for hitting Vader with more than one crate and also if you hit him with your saber at the same time.

The achievement is pretty much yours if you foloow this method

Completed any Duel without taking a single hit, alone or with a friend.    

A very simple achievement which is best obtained via the Lightsaber Battles game mode.

Start a new duel against the first character as he's the easiest. The aim of Lightsaber Duels is to block your opponents attacks to build your 'Time Bar' and then unleash a flurry of attacks on him. The first battle has three stages and all are exactly the same with simply a different landscape in the background. Lastly, you may find that playing solo is easier, as playing with two people potentially doubles your chances of messing up.

Blocking attacks is very simple. Your opponent will ready himself for an attack and based on the angle of his saber you can judge whether to block up, down, left or right. These are the only times in which you can get hit and losing a saber clash or being hit when your opponent slams his saber into the ground to create a small force pulse does not void this achievement.

Mastering the Juyo Form20
Completed any Duel in less than 3 minutes, alone or with a friend.    (1) 

Complete the first duel, using blocks or parries. You can use blocks all the way through and it's possible to beat it in just over 2 minutes. Using parries, you can most likely complete this in under 1:30. If skilled enough, you could also complete the "Untouchable" achievement along with this one as well.

Destroyed 3 enemy Podracers in a single race, alone or with a friend.   

This is probably easiest to achieve by selecting Quick Race and changing the race settings to 3 laps. Ensure that you choose a pod with either the flamethrower or the turrret droid as one or both of your powerups. Using Sebulba's podracer will also net you the arch-rivals achievement.

To use a powerup simply throw your right or left arm straight up in the air and it will activate the powerup. You can also slide left and right on the track when an enemy racer is near to ram them from the side. Often times this coupled with the powerup is enough to wreck them quickly.

This can also be done in Quick Play with a co-op partner. Ram each other until the pods explode. This may be quicker and easier than catching the AI and destroying them.

Raced with Sebulba's Podracer, alone or with a friend.   

Once beating the Pod Racer Destiny once on any difficulty and beating Sebulba in the final race, you will unlock him for use in Quick Play. You can select him and start the race. You don't need to race the actual race if you dont want to, as the achievement unlocks before the countdown. It's a good idea to do this and the "Sleemo!" achievement above together.

Bantha Poodoo10
Crossed the finish line last in a race, alone or with a friend.    

Simply place last in a race. Not too hard!

Unlimited Power!10
Used a fully upgraded powerup in Podracing at least once, alone or with a friend.    

You will get this through normal podracing story progression if you choose to use a fully upgraded powerup. Providing you place 1st in all races, you will unlock enough powerup upgrades to upgrade either repair or shield to level 3. When the race starts simply throw your left or right arm straight up in the air and it will trigger the powerup.

Hot Potato10
Made a creature or droid jump to an enemy vehicle in Podracing, alone or with a friend.    

While in a race you can have the option to flick creatures/animals/droids off your podracer. Simply ride close to another racer and either hope they trigger their droid storm powerup, or pickup a creature off the track and then make a throwing motion with either your right or left arm, depending on where the creature is. Providing there is another pod close by, they will generally fly from one of your boosters to one of the enemies.

You Must Have Jedi Reflexes15
Won all Destiny races in one sitting, with racing line & drive assist off, alone or with a friend.    (3) 

To snag this achievement may take several attempts, but here's the best way to go about it:

  • Start a new save slot
  • Choose a different character than the one you normally use
  • Choose to disable assists when setting up initial settings
  • Choose Rookie difficulty level
  • Go through the tutorial, even though it has racing line enabled. Once the first race is about to start disable racing line
  • Barely move a muscle between scenes and races, in the event that there may be recognition issues causing it to think you've left the play space
  • Finish 1st in every race in that difficulty level

While on the podium for the last race, the achievement should pop.

Ben-Hur, Done That10
Completed the Podracing Destiny as a Rookie, alone or with a friend.     

Simply select Rookie Level and progress through the six races to the end. Each race is only 1 lap in Rookie and therefore not too hard on the arms and shoulders. You should be able to place 1st in each race without any difficulty here.

Sky Walker20
Completed the Podracing Destiny as a Professional, alone or with a friend.      

Simply select Professional and progress through the races. Each race in Professional is 2 laps. Be prepared for a little burn in the shoulders when you've completed a race. Finish all six races and net the achievement.

Boonta Clause30
Completed the Podracing Destiny as a Veteran, alone or with a friend.     (4) 

Simply select the Veteran difficulty and finish all 6 races. These are 3 lap races, and therefore probably requires a rest between races so your arms dont fall off half way through a race.

You'll also find that enabling the driving line and full assists greatly helps out since it basically steers for you. All you need to do is consciously boost and use powerups, with some very minimal steering.

Note (credit to SolidSnarf86): The difficulty achievements for "Boonta Clause" and "Sky Walker" are stackable. After beating the Rookie difficulty, start a playthrough on Veteran. Set all assists to 'on', and change the laps to 1 lap. The achievements will still unlock.

Now this is Podracing!10
Won a race for the first time in the Podracing Destiny, alone or with a friend.    

Simply win your first race in Destiny.

The Only Human Who Can Do It15
Placed first in 3 Podraces in a row in a single session, alone or with a friend.    

Finish three races in a row in 1st. Try to remain in the Kinect sensor's view at all times during cut-scenes to ensure that it registers you being there and present.

Completed 2 two-player races.   (1) 

Fire up quick play and knock out two 2-player races back to back for safety. This ought to be an easy achievement to net as it simply requires a buddy to complete.

Crowd Control20
Knocked down 15 people or droids in one attack, alone or with a friend.    

While in the first city of Mos Eisley, simply use your charge attack and plow through a crowd of people. You can also jump in the air and slam your fists down on the ground to knock people down as well.

Very Very Angry10
Played Rancor Rampage Fury in co-op mode.   

You will progress through the leveling system and unlock various perks and game modes. Fury Mode for each location is an unlockable and can first be obtained at level 3. Grab a buddy and play Fury Mode to destroy as much stuff as possible in the allotted time.

Angry World Traveller10
Played any map at level 5 or higher in Rancor Rampage, alone or with a friend.    

Progress through the game and rank up to level 5. This will net the achievement once you play any level. Completing challenges will help in leveling up faster. The faster you complete a challenge, the more points you will get for it. Meet the required amount of points for that level and you will get this.

Witness the Power10
Used all special attacks in 1 mode in Rancor Rampage, alone or with a friend.    (3) 

Using your special attacks once in a level will net you this achievement. The first level guides you through most of these, however you won't get it until you use the Rage attack as well. Once your Rage meter fills, hold both arms above your head and you will get a power boost.

Here's the special attacks you'll need to perform and the corresponding actions:

  • Clap - make a clapping motion towards your enemies
  • Charge - squat and move your arms like a gorilla to propel your Rancor at high speeds.
  • Smash - Lifting your arms and smash them down on the ground
  • Smoosh - Jump in the air and land on someone
  • Munch - Pick someone up and eat them. This also restores your health
  • Throw - Pick someone up and make a throwing motion. Away they go....
  • Rage - when the meter is full, throw both arms above your head and RAGE!
Fighter Ace20
Destroyed 5 TIE fighters in 1 mode in Rancor Rampage, alone or with a friend.    

Once you progress far enough in the game you will unlock new enemies to try and stop you. Alert Level 4 enemies are the Tie Fighters. This is easiest on the first level (Mos Eisley), standing next to the Shield Base. There is a little alleyway that the Tie Fighters must come through to avoid hitting the building. Stand there with your arms up and they will simply run into you.

One Up, Two Down10
In Rancor Rampage, leveled a Felucian Heavy Missile Platform in 1 throw, alone or with a friend.    (3) 

On the Felucia level the Heavy Missile Platform is the flying disc-like vehicle that arrives at alert level 4. Simply pick up a droid or person and throw them at it. They are much easier to hit from a distance, before they are actually attacking you. This may take a few attempts.

Rebel Commando10
Knocked out the shield of the Imperial garrison in Mos Eisley, alone or with a friend.    (2) 

On the Mos Eisley level, choose the Coloi Rancor and head inside the large grey structure north west of where you start. There will be a large tower with purple beams emanating from it. Simply jump over the purple beams in front of it and destroy the tower.

Tusken Raider Revenge20
Destroyed all Podracers in Mos Espa in Rancor Rampage, alone or with a friend.    

On this level there is a pod race taking place while you are smashing things. Stand in the middle of the track and take them out. It may take a bit of time, but it can be done.

Down with the Royals10
Destroyed every statue in Theed in Rancor Rampage in 1 session, alone or with a friend.    

There are statues all over the city to destroy. The ideal strategy is to start on the left and clear that area, then go to the right and clear that area. Next, head up the stairs and clear the left and the right. Don't focus on challenges, as you will fill your points bar and complete the level before you knock all the statues down.

One Buffed Dude30
Played any map at level 10 in Rancor Rampage, alone or with a friend.    

Simply level up to level 10 and play a map. Similar to "Angry World Traveller".

The Real Force in the Galaxy20
Played the Coloi Rancor, alone or with a friend.    

This is an unlockable Rancor at level 8. Progress to level 8 and then select this Rancor before starting a map. You can couple this one with the "Rebel Commando" achievement to take out the shield on Mos Eisley.

I'm Invincible!30
Completed Mos Espa wihout losing a life in Rancor Rampage, alone or with a friend.    

Just be sure to play carefully and avoid losing a life during Rancor Rampage mode. Playing with a friend will make this easier, as they can help thin out the onslaught of enemies.

I Just Wanna Dance10
Completed your first song in co-op mode.    

Simply grab a buddy and dance away. You might look ridiculous, but you'll get the achievement.

Going Somewhere, Solo?50
Completed "I'm Han Solo" without losing a multiplier, alone or with a friend.    (10) 

Be sure to keep dancing and busting the moves to keep your multiplier going to snag the achievement.

This Party's Over40
Earned 5 stars playing “Celebration” on extended difficulty, alone or with a friend.     (9) 

See "We Got Company".  You have to play on extended difficulty and grab five stars. Timing and matching the prompts is key.

We Got Company!20
Earned 5 stars each on a song while playing with another person in co-op mode.    (3) 

You'll need to dance impeccably to earn 5 stars on a song, but if you throw yourself into it and match the gestural prompts and master the timing, you should be able to bag 5 stars. Just boogie away with a friend in co-op and you'll net the achievement.

The Chosen One30
Scored at least 500,000 points on any song on the Death Star, alone or with a friend.    (10) 

Progress far enough in the game and you will unlock the Death Star as a playable level. Complete a song getting at least 500K and you will be golden. By this time you will have enough of an understanding of the game and the motions to easily score 500K.

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