Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes Achievement Guide

Guide By: MCSS Aerocoupe
There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline:(49) 1000
-Online: (0) 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 5-10 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements: 1 'Time to Kill' (Not Completely Missable)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes. When specified
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? A friend to play split-screen

Helpful Information
  • Cheats can be purchased with in-game points
  • Co-op is only available in split-screen
  • You can see detailed breakdowns for each mission at the mission select screen
Useful Cheats
Cheat codes must be enabled at the beginning of each level, via the pause menu. They are as follows.
  • Combo Bar Cost: 20,000 points
    Gives a constant 3X point multiplier. Used to get Gold/Platinum on every mission and challenge, and to get more points to buy other cheats and upgrades.
  • Extra Damage Cost: 20,000 points
    Increases the amount of damage you do with your lightsaber and force push. Only needed for boss battles, as most other enemies are fairly easy to kill normally.
  • Force Blast Cost: 200,000 points
    Able to constant strong force pushes.
  • Ultimate Lightsaber Cost: 100,000 points
    Kills normal enemies with just one hit. Only needed for additional damage in boss battles.
  • Invincibility Cost 100,000 points
    Renders you completely invulnerable to all enemy attacks. The only way to die is by falling from a high location.
  • Thermal Detonators Cost: 15,000 points
    Once you pick up thermal detonators, you have an unlimited supply.
  • Rocket Launcher Cost: 15,000 points
    Once you pick up rockets, you have an unlimited supply.
  • Mini-Gun Cost: 15,000 points
    Once you pick up a mini-gun, you have an unlimited ammo supply.
Many thanks to MCSS Aerocoupe for a list of all the cheats.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes is a Star Wars game mainly aimed at a younger audience, making it a very easy 1000 gamerscore. The game runs pretty smoothly and there are a few bugs that can cause you to get stuck in the games architect, but it's nothing to worry over. It has been given a 3/10 because it is really easy and straightforward, but manages to be enjoyable at the same time.

Step 1 – Master Difficulty + Collectibles
Master difficulty is available right from the beginning so I suggest playing on that straight away as it will cut down on the amount of time you'll need to play for. Throughout this playthrough you'll also want to collect all of artifacts, these are small blue items that are usually in plain view and there are 50 in total. Once you collect an artifact the game will save so you won't have to worry about it if you die. As you go through the game you'll come across in-game challenges but you can worry about these a little later.

Please note that the cheats in this game will help you a considerable amount. Buy and activate the necessary cheats as soon as possible.

Step 2 – Spending Points + Gaining Multiple Medals
The first thing you're going to want to do is spend your points in the shop. So just load up any mission and visit the shop. You'll need to buy a range of things which include: Masks, Combat Upgrades and even ways to make your enemies dance. See the 'Dressed for Success' achievement for information.

Now you will need to go through the whole game again replaying each mission one at a time. For the Jedi missions you will need to play as Ashoka, with your partner as Anakin. With this set up, you will earn both the 'Dynamic Duo' and 'Girl Power'. When it comes to missions where you play as the Clones, make sure that you play as Cad Bane. This will get you the 'Nobody Messes with...' achievement.

As you replay the levels, you will once again come across the challenges where you earn medals. The 'Master Award' achievement is awarded when you gain a gold medal for each challenge in the game, there are 47 in total. You can replay the challenge an infinite number of times until you get the gold medal. Whilst doing the challenges, you will also need to earn one platinum medal on both a Jedi mission, and a Clone mission. In doing so you will unlock both the 'Jedi Master' and 'Clone Commander' achievement.

You are also awarded different medals for the entire level as a whole, these range from Bronze to Platinum and you will need a gold medal for each mission to net the 'Campaign Veteran' achievement. With the right cheats enabled, this really is a piece of cake.

Step 3 – Mop Up
There is a fair amount of gamerscore coming from miscellaneous achievements. You will probably net a few without even trying for them, but there are a few which you will actually need to try for. The achievement guide explains all the achievements in detail, and you shouldn't have too much trouble obtaining them. The miscellaneous achievements make you use the different fighting styles available in the game, and encourage you to experiment with using the Force in different ways, and exploiting droid-jak moves.

There is also the matter of the 'Time To Kill' achievement, which requires you to complete the game in 200 minutes. This is fairly simple, and it can be achieved by replaying the chapters. Don't worry if you still don't have it, it is only partly missable.

At this point, you should have gained all of the achievements in the game without too much of a struggle. While you may have to go out of your way for several of the random achievements, most of them will be unlocked without too much trouble. Between the game's difficulty, and the right cheats, you should be able to easily get the full 1k in this short, yet enjoyable game.
[x360a would like to thank Agent Aero for this Road Map]

Refresher Course10
Finish the Prologue Mission: Master & Padawan    

See "Act 3 Master".


Girl Power15
Finish all Jedi Missions as Ahsoka    

See "Dynamic Duo".


Double Trouble10
Perform a Droid-Jak at the same time as your partner   

To do a droid-jak, double-jump on a droid by pressing twice and then . This should come naturally as your AI companion will eventually do a droid-jak the same time you do. If not, you can use a second player to get this.

Note: You have to use a 360 controller for these buttons to work.




Act 1 Padawan10
Finish all Act 1 Missions on Padawan Difficulty      

See "Act 3 Master".


Act 1 Master15
Finish all Act 1 Missions on Master Difficulty      

See "Act 3 Master".


Nobody messes with...30
Finish all Clone Missions as Cad Bane    

Replay every Clone mission while making sure that Cad Bane is player #1 (you). Any clone can be player #2.


Droid Hopper15
Destroy 25 Droids by Jumping from Droid to Droid   

Double-jump on a droid by pressing twice. Once on the droid, do another double jump to go to another droid. This is easiest on regular battle droids because they are very weak. You have to destroy 25 total.

Note: You have to use a 360 controller for these buttons to work.


Act 2 Padawan10
Finish all Act 2 Missions on Padawan Difficulty      

See "Act 3 Master".


Act 2 Master15
Finish all Act 2 Missions on Master Difficulty      

See "Act 3 Master".


Two's company 10
Finish a mission with another Player   

See "Republic Heroes".


Dance of Death 15
Destroy 25 droids while they are dancing   

Double-jump on a droid by pressing twice and then (must purchase upgrade first). All droids will start dancing. You have to destroy 25 total.

Note: Once a droid starts dancing, you cannot do a droid-jak on it to destroy barriers or other droids.

Note: You have to use a 360 controller for these buttons to work.


Act 3 Padawan 30
Finish all Act 3 Missions on Padawan Difficulty      

See "Act 3 Master".


Act 3 Master90
Finish all Act 3 Missions on Master Difficulty      

Play the campaign from start to finish on Master Difficulty. It is really easy as there is always a companion with you and the checkpoints are no more than 30 seconds apart.


Heroic Alliance15
Finish a mission in co-op with a combined score of over 10000 points    

See "Republic Heroes".


Youngling Award15
Get at least a Bronze Medal for every challenge   

See "Master Award".


Republic Heroes30
Finish all missions with another Player   

Have a second person join before the end of every mission (just press Backspace on keyboard for PC). When you get the score at the end, (medal, time, points, artifacts, etc) Player #1 should be your gamertag and Player #2 should either be another gamertag (360 version) or "Player 2" (PC version). If you have the Combo Bar turned on for the medal achievements, you will easily get over 15,000 points on some missions. Descriptions of the end of each level can be found here.


Master Award30
Get a Gold Medal for every challenge   

Combo Bar only multiplies points for the missions, but other purchased cheats (infinite thermal detonators, rockets, mini-gun, force push, invincibility, and extra damage) will work in challenges. You can replay a challenge over and over to get a better medal if need be, and you get the points from every attempt you make. To make it even easier, have a second player join but not do anything, thus giving yourself even more points. Location of all 47 challenges can be found here.


Jawa Scavenger10
Collect an Artifact    

See "Jawa Lord".


Jawa Hunter10
Collect 25 Artifacts    

See "Jawa Lord".


Jawa Lord30
Collect 50 Artifacts    

Find all 50 artifacts from the game. Location of all 50 artifacts can be found here.


Come back soon10
Buy a Hat or Mask    
See "Dressed for Success".
Combat Master15
Buy all Combat upgrades    
See "Dressed for Success".
Droid Master15
Buy all Droid-Jak upgrades   
See "Dressed for Success".
Dance Master15
Buy all Droid Dancing upgrades    
See "Dressed for Success".
Can't Touch Me15
Defeat Kul Teska on Behpour without either player dying   (1) 

For 360 version - Use a second account (that can save progress to hard drive) to get enough points so that both players have the invincibility cheat. Replay the mission until you beat it with neither player dying from missing a jump to the sabotage droids.

For PC version - Same as 360 version, except there is no way to save player #2's progress, so you must get 100,000 points, buy the cheat, and beat Kul Teska all in one sitting, and without player #2 dropping out. If you exit the game, the game crashes, your computer turns off, or player #2 drops out (exit mission via menu instead of completing it OR push the Backspace key), player #2's points disappear and you have to start collecting points again.

I did it by playing Alzoc III Mission #4 because it is a short mission and there is a Droid Demolition challenge at the end. Play as player #2, get to and start the Droid Demolition challenge because you can just force push all the battle droids to their doom. As soon as you have 20,000 points, purchase the Combo Bar cheat because this gives about a 3X multiplier. Now you just need 33,334 more points to get the 100,000 points needed for invincibility. Once you have the points, finish the mission and immediately go to Behpour #9. As soon as the mission starts, go in and turn on the Invincibility for each player. Now just take your time and finish the mission making sure neither player jumps off the edge and dies. It took me 25 minutes to get the points needed for Invincibility and another 5 minutes to beat Kul Teska.


Dressed for Success30
Buy every Hat & Mask    
Purchase everything from the in-game store. The points you collect in the missions and challenges are your "money" to purchase items from the store. The Combo Bar cheat will give you a point multiplier when turned on. 
Jedi Knight15
Get a Gold Medal on a Jedi Mission   

See "Campaign Veteran".


Clone Captain15
Get a Gold Medal on a Clone Mission   

See "Campaign Veteran".


Jedi Master30
Get a Platinum Medal on a Jedi Mission   

See "Campaign Veteran".


Clone Commander30
Get a Platinum Medal on a Clone Mission   

See "Campaign Veteran".


Droid Disruptor10
Get over 250 points while controlling a single droid   

Double-jump on a droid by pressing twice and then . Press repeatedly to attack other droids. Easiest done by doing a droid-jak on a super battle droid because they deal high damage, have a high rate of fire, and take a lot of damage before being destroyed.

Note: You have to use a 360 controller for these buttons to work.


Demolition Derby15
Destroy over 100 droids with Droid-Jaks   

See "Droid Disruptor".


Droid Dynamo15
Get over 100 points while controlling each type of Droid   

Droid-Jak each type of droid and accumulate at least 100 points (destroying other droids).
See "No Favorites" for a list of all droids.


Dynamic Duo15
Finish all Jedi missions as Anakin & Ahsoka    

To get two achievements at once, make sure that player #1 (you) are Ahsoka and player #2 is Anakin. Then just replay every single Jedi mission.


High Achiever30
Get a total score of over 200,000 points   

This will come naturally as you play through campaign at least two times. The Combo Bar helps collect points faster.


Time to kill30
Get a combined best time for all missions under 200 minutes   

You have to get the best time for each mission to beat all missions under 200 minutes. Replay missions with Invincibility cheat on to run past most enemies until you get it if you didn't already get it during your second playthrough. 


Scrap Lord30
Destroy 5000 droids   

As description implies, destroy a total of 5,000 droids of any type, in any way.


Campaign Veteran90
Get a Gold Medal for every mission   

All missions, except boss battles, give medals based on points collected. If you buy and turn on the Combo Bar cheat, then you will easily get Gold on every mission. For most missions, you'll even get Platinum with almost no effort. For boss battles, use Extra Damage and Ultimate Lightsaber to do more damage to kill the boss faster. You should aim for 3 minutes or less for a boss battle.


Bowling Master15
Destroy 10 Droids with a rolling Destroyer   

Droid-jak a Destroyer (Droideka) before it raises its shield, press , point it at some droids and send it rolling. Repeat until you get a total of 10 kills this way.

Note: You have to use a 360 controller for these buttons to work.


My Hero15
Destroy 10 Droids attacking your partner   

This should come naturally as the droids will randomly shoot at you and your partner. Kill 10 that are shooting at your partner.


Force Crusher15
Destroy 50 Droids with a mounted Force Kill   

Double-jump on a droid by pressing twice and then . Repeat 49 times.

Note: Do NOT press when you get on the droid!

Note: You have to use a 360 controller for these buttons to work.


Watch your step15
Push 50 enemies off an edge to their doom   

Press to push an enemy off an edge. This should come naturally because there are several challenges that where you have push enemies off an edge to get the gold medals.

Note: You have to use a 360 controller for these buttons to work.


Grand Slam15
Destroy 25 Droids by doing a jump attack off another character   

Jump on a droid, jump off and press to attack another droid around you before you land on the ground. Repeat 24 times.

Note: You have to use a 360 controller for these buttons to work.


Up close and personal15
Destroy 50 droids with a clone melee attack   

As a clone, press when near a droid to melee.

Note: You have to use a 360 controller for these buttons to work.


Tag Team15
Destroy 100 droids your partner has stunned   

Let your partner stun droids (they stop moving, look like they are being electrocuted) and then destroy them. This is easiest done with two players. Player #2 force pushes and player #1 gets credit for the kill. Replay any mission or challenge with a lot of regular battle droids because they are easy to stun and kill.


Handle with care15
Destroy 20 droids with explosive props   

As a clone, use rockets and thermal detonators to destroy 20 droids. EMP grenades and mini-guns do not count. Force pushing an explosive barrel into a droid also counts. This should come naturally but if not, buy the Unlimited Thermal Detonator or Unlimited Rockets cheat and use it.


I got one!10
Destroy a Gold Droid   

See "Gold Leader".


Gold Leader15
Force Kill one of each type of Gold Droid   

Find a gold version of every type of droid and use the force to kill it. This is easiest for some people if you do a mounted force kill.
See "No Favorites" for a list of all droids.


No Favorites15
Destroy at least one droid with each Droid-Jak   

Each droid has a different jak type. Just jak all types of droids and get at least one kill with each type. The droid types are:

  • Battle Droids
  • Super Battle Droids
  • Droidekas (Destroyers)
  • Sabotage Droids
  • Spider Droids
  • Chameleon Droids
  • Crab Droids
  • Magnaguards 


Game Info
Krome Studios


US October 06, 2009

ESRB: Everyone 10+
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