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State of Decay Achievement Guide
Guide By: Shiftie
There are 38 achievements with a total of 500 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 
- Offline: 30/30 (400/400)
- Online: 0/30 (0/400)
- Approximate amount of time to 40025-30 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
- Number of missable achievements: "Arrested Development," "Gun Thugs," "Survivor," "Badass." (Note: There is no post-game free roam, however hitting "continue" from the menu will load your save before finishing the last mission).
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: "Badass" (Unlocks only on Marcus).
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

State of Decay is an open world zombie apocalypse survival game where you are tasked with leading a small community of survivors to safety from a disease ridden valley full of gun running hill-billies, marshal law officers, and a suspiciously useless military. In order to accomplish your task, you must gather supplies and weapons to keep your community geared up and your base fortified in order to take on any number of zombies. As you progress through the story, you'll be able to build new facilities that add to your base, and also move your community to progressively larger strongholds. Whether people choose to follow you is up to them, but whether or not they survive the apocalypse is up to you.

The achievements are pretty straightforward, consisting of a handful of story related achievements, and a bunch of combat related achievements, including reaching certain skill levels ("Max Cardio"), using certain skills ("Double Kill"), and getting killed (two achievements for this). You will also get achievements for building and maintaining a strong base for your community, requiring you to relocate a few times until you can build 8 outposts and you have 15+ community members. You will also need to get 500 Fame, which will come from playing through the main missions, as well as receiving 1 fame per skill point on each character you play, so it's based to change characters once you've maxed each character out.

Overall the achievements are mainly easy, however you should definitely be aware of the fact that the game world continues to progress even if you're not playing. Be aware of how many resources your community uses in a day (real world day) so you have enough stocked up before you stop playing for the day(s). This will limit the number of losses you sustain, as well as the damage your base and characters take. Getting outposts and building up your base, as well as constantly keeping an eye open for materials, medications, ammo, and food will help your community thrive while you're gone.

Notes: Make sure you do not decline any missions, do not die in the last mission (survivor), complete all quests (no matter what objections your allies may have) and immediately go to the Courthouse when the Hordes are attacking it, otherwise you may miss out on story-related achievements.

[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this Roadmap]

Cannibal Family Picnic5
Got to the Mt. Tanner Ranger Station. (3) 

Story related, unmissable. You'll get this as soon as you get to the Ranger Station at the beginning of the game.

Holy Rolling10
Escaped Mt. Tanner and found the survivors at the church. (1) 

Story related, unmissable. Shortly after clearing out some of the areas surrounding the Ranger Station, you'll reach a point where you must get off the mountain (I recommend clearing all of the cabins and stuff before leaving). As you head down the road, you'll start talking to some people over your new found radio who are at the nearby church. Follow the markers on the map to reach the church and get the achievement. 

Escaped Trumbull County. (6) 

Story related. Escape the outbreak. This should be your last achievement, unless you're doing the death achievements in another playthrough. At the end of the game you'll be work one on one with Sgt. Tan as you establish what's happening in the Northern part of the valley and decide you need to get outta of Trumbull. You'll do a few tasks for him, but once you go get some C4 explosives from the armory near the Army base you're almost done. Make sure you tie up any loose ends before you go blow up the wall in the next mission, as there is no free roam if you die during this mission, however you CAN hit continue from the main menu after finishing the mission and completing the game to reload the checkpoint before starting the mission.

Note: If you die during this mission you will not be able to receive the achievement. Stock up on meds and ammo to fight off several waves of standard zombies and several Fat Bastards and a Feral Zombie with two of your allies. 

It Was Just a Police Action10
Found out what the Army was up to. (3) 

Story related. After all of the other quest chains have wrapped up, you'll eventually hear from Sgt. Tan who is trying to cross the bridge to the Northernmost town. Head up there to help him out. Once you reach the now empty fairgrounds, you'll get the achievement. This doesn't really tell you what the hell the Army was doing besides the fact they left behind the only sane people with them.

Home on the Grange10
Played matchmaker for Quentin and Becca. (6) 

Story related. First off, when you get down near the Courthouse you'll see a savior icon on your map to help some strangers find their friend. This will introduce you to Quentin, who needs help finding his friend Jack. Find him, then take them back to Becca. Continue along their quest chain and eventually you get to the mission: A Discreet Request, which will task you with getting some background info on Becca for Quentin. After finding out about Becca's history as a working girl from Carl, you have the decision of telling Quentin, or keeping the information to yourself and telling him to let the past go. Opt to not tell him about Becca's past in order to end the quests chain now and get the achievement (pressing yes will take a bit longer to get the achievement).

Arrested Developments10
Saw things through at the courthouse. (8) 

Story related. Rather far into the game, the crazy lady from the Army will radio the Marshall Courthouse warning them that a bunch of zombies are coming their way. The Courthouse won't respond, and it's your job to go check on them and see what's up (Trouble at the Courthouse mission). This will be the last quest for the people at the Courthouse and make sure you do it as soon as it appears.

Gun Thugs10
Helped the Wilkersons resolve their differences. (10) 

Story related. As you progress through the Wilkerson's part of the quest/story you'll eventually be tasked with acting as the neutral party for an arms dealer between the Wilkersons and another community. Head to the rendezvous to pick up the other people, then bring them to the Jurassic Park place East of there to finish the deal. Oddly enough you end up leaving them there, so who knows what happens to them, but at least you get an achievement.

Note: You can miss this achievement if you listen to Lily when she asks you to stop working with the Wilkersons. Ignore and complete their quest chain.

Pest Control20
Destroyed 5 infestations in one day. (8) 

Infested houses are red house icons that pop up on the map. You need to head to that area and completely kill all of the zombies in and outside the house. Repeat this process 5 times over the course of a real world day.

Watch the Birdie!10
Distracted zombies to complete an objective. (5) 

As you progress through the story at the Church, Lily will ask you to go to a barn West of town to rescue her injured brother. Once you get there, he'll give you some firecrackers to throw at a nearby objective to distract the zombies. Toss all three firecrackers ( or  to equip them then  to throw) he gave you for the achievement to pop.

Note: If your inventory is full and you can't get the firecrackers, using your car horn will work as well (thanks Purefuzz for confirming).

I Can See My House From Here10
Completed a survey activity. (1) 

After reaching the Mt. Tannis Ranger Station you'll want to head outside and climb to the top of the nearby water tower . Once you're at the top, hold  and look around at the question marks (?) and looking at them until you find out what they are. Do this for every question mark you can see from the tower to get the achievement.

Land Usage20
Built one of every type of facility. (9) 

As you find new bases and advance through the game you'll have access to new facilities that can be added to your base to give you and your allies various benefits. A couple are very important to have in each base, such as a watch tower and bunks, while others can add advantages that fit your playstyle or the needs of your allies (if you don't have room for all of them yet).

The following facilities are needed:

  • Workshop
  • Sleeping Area
  • Medical Area
  • Training Area
  • Cooking Area
  • Storage Area
  • Garden
  • Library
  • Dining Area

The achievement is cumulative, so you do not need them all in one base, nor do you need to have them all built at the same time. Thus, you CAN build and deconstruct each one in order, if you wish, though you do not need to.

Home Improvement10
Built a facility. (2) 

Once you get to the Church you'll be asked to put some more beds in the Church. Gather up some building materials from one of the nearby construction areas and head back to base. Press  and tab over to the home section, then press on one of the outside areas and build a sleeping area, which will take 10min to construct. Once it's constructed, the achievement will unlock.

I'll Be There For You10
Earned 500 Fame. (16) 

Fame is gained primarily through completing the primary quest objectives and leveling up your characters. You will want to spend quite a bit of time leveling up multiple characters, because even with a few maxed characters and all of the story fame, I still got this achievement shortly before finishing the game.

Mercy Shot10
Killed a member of your community to prevent them from turning. (19) 

At some point in the game (shortly after the Courthouse incident for me) one of your community members will be bitten and you'll get the Mercy Shot mission. Pick the top choice when you talk to them, and they will then direct you to the location on the map where they would like you to end them. 

Come and Knock On Our Door10
Convinced another enclave to join your community. (6) 

Shortly after reaching the Church in the story, you'll be asked to head to the radio tower near the center of tower to scout for supplies. Once you climb the tower you'll hear of a nearby group of survivors that you can now go help. Scan the entire town prior to leaving the tower, especially the hordes of zombies to make your trip back to the Church safer. Head across the street from the tower to meet the group of survivors in the Enclave and ask their leader to join you. Escort them back to the Church for the achievement to pop.

If this doesn't work for you for whatever reason, there is another enclave near the church that will constantly be under siege, and you can go defend them for easy points. Helping out lost scavengers works as well, and you can see your progress toward getting them to join you by looking at their base on the map and seeing how full the "friend" bar is.

Manifest Destiny15
Built 8 outposts. (8) 

Around the time you get to the Church you'll be able to start clearing out buildings and calling in your allies to turn it into an outpost. Once you've looted everything in the building (and I'd recommend clearing out zombies and boarding up windows while you're here), you can press  to call for reinforcements to take over the outpost. You won't be able to have 8 outpost until at least the Snyder Depot Home Base in the Western part of Marshall.

You can put outposts in whatever buildings you want, however you should note that if you leave any big item packs (the kind that you wear as a sack on your back and return to your camp for points and stuff) the house/building icon will change to that icon. For example, you leave materials in a house, the icon will turn into the materials icon. Turning such a place into an outpost will grant you +3 of that item per day, to offset the costs behind having a community.

Everywhere You Look20
Got 15 people in your community. (7) 

As you progress through the game, you'll get the opportunity to save strangers who are under attack from zombies. Occasionally these people will join you after you save them. You can also get Lily the radio lady to call for saviors every 20min real time, which costs 100 influence. You'll need a strong community to move to, and hold, the higher level bases. Be aware that you will also lose people to stress, disease, zombies, etc. and you can offset this a bit by making sure everyone in your camp is as happy as possible, and rescue missing survivors whenever you can. The likelihood of losing a missing survivor (they don't return if you don't go to save them) is decreased by 15% per outpost you have, which is something else to consider.

Be aware that to get this to pop, you must have at least 15 community members that are not missing or dead at a single time. So if you have 2 people missing, you'll need 17 people total until you find the 2 missing people. People will come more frequently as you gain fame.

Movin' On Up!15
Relocated your home base. (5) 

Eventually you'll reach a point (still around the Church area) where you can radio home and move your base to the building you're in if it's a "potential home site." You'll come across one just SW of the first town - McReady Farm.

Rule #110
Maxed out a community member's Cardio skill. (13) 

Reach Cardio Skill level 7 with at least one survivor. This requires a whole lot of sprinting (), but can be hastened by building a workout area and upgrading it to a dojo, though it's not required if you plan on playing the game for quite a while, especially if you prefer running around and exploring. Some characters also have advanced running abilities, making running easier for them.

Trust Me, I'm an Expert15
Earned a skill specialization for one of your community members. (1) 

Each character has the ability to purchase specializations after reaching certain points in their skills. At the very least you will need to get the Double Kill ability for the Double Dead achievement, but you'll want to get abilities for each character you use, by selecting the one you want and pressing  then holding  to confirm.

Horde Hoard20
Destroyed 10 hordes in one day. (2) 

Hordes start to appear after reaching the Church, and they can be seen by looking at your map, minimap after spotting them as little zombie icons moving around with a red line of sight cone in front of them. It is easiest to just drive around in a car and run them over, which will most likely take a couple of cars due to the damage they cause when you ram them with your car. Kill 10 hordes over the course of one real world day.

Ya Always Were An A-Hole Gorman10
Sacrificed your life in a blaze of glory. (16) 

Equip a grenade (either explosive type) to your  hot key and find a horde of zombies to fight you. Let yourself get downed, and inevitably die, at which point your character will pull a Gorman and blow himself/herself up. You may also want to tap  while the  prompt is up on the screen when you're on the ground to make sure your grenade goes off, as it can be finicky for people. This does not stack with "Torn Apart," since I guess technically you killed yourself.

Torn Apart10
Got killed by zombies. (10) 

Get killed by zombies. Easy. You will want to do this after getting to the Church as it seems to just end your game (usually) if you die beforehand, as opposed to giving you the achievement and forcing you to play the other characters.

By the way, if you die your character remains dead for the duration of that playthrough, so pick someone you hate or do it on a separate play through if you are grinding this out.

Get Yo' Freak On10
Killed one of each freak zombie type. (4) 

There are a number of special zombie types that will appear from time to time that you need to take out. Some of them are very hard, while others are only a bit harder than standard enemies. You'll encounter all of them through the story (just make sure you kill them and not an ally), as well as roaming around the area, and as the objective for the Zed Hunt missions.

  • Feral Zombie
  • Screamer
  • Big Bastard (Juggernaut )
  • SWAT Zombie (Armored Zombie)
  • Rotter
The Bruce15
Killed 3 zombies with an exploding propane tank. (7) 

There are many propane tanks, big and small, throughout the map that you can use for this. Basically, wait for a group of enemies to go near a propane tank (hordes are obviously great for this), then toss a distraction item such as a flare or oven timer at it to draw the zombies toward it. Shoot the tank a couple of times to blow it up. Note that this may not work if you use a grenade to blow up the tank, since most/all of the kills will count as grenade kills and not propane tank kills.

Double Dead15
Performed a hand to hand double kill special attack. (13) 

Marcus can get the double kill special attack after leveling up his Powerhouse skills to the max. You can purchase it by heading to the bottom of the skills menu, under Defensive Skills, and tapping  then holding  to confirm (you can only choose one defensive skill). While in combat (and standing still), use  +  to counter and instantly kill two nearby enemies.

Marcus, Callie Erica, Jacob Ritter, Esmerelda Joselyn and Daniel Marshall all get this ability once you level them up (thanks to Spartanic Ghost for confirming).

Gotta Enjoy the Little Things10
Used a car door to kill a zombie. (4) 

While in a car you can press  to door check a zombie. You can do this sort of like jousting, or parked and wait for a zombie to run up to your door, hit them a few times, and repeat.

Get Outta My Dreams10
Killed one of each freak zombie type with your car. (19) 

The zombies you need to take out are:

  • Feral Zombie
  • Screamer
  • Big Bastard (Juggernaut )
  • SWAT Zombie (Armored Zombie)
  • Rotter

For the most part, they are very easy to kill in any vehicle, with a couple of notes. The Rotter, when killed, will spew his nasty health/stamina reducing acid crap all over your car, so you will need to get out of it until it disappears (which takes a while) so you don't die. The Big Bastard is ridiculously powerful and will require multiple vehicles to kill, or you can soften him up with guns/melee, OR you can find a mint condition four-door pickup and ram him with that as it seems to be the only vehicle that will kill him before he kills it. Don't expect to have all of your tires at the end of the fight though. As the freak zombies become more common, this achievement will become easier.

Vehicular Zombicide20
Ran over 250 zombies. (6) 

This should more or less come naturally as your cruise around the map and run over zombies (especially zombie hordes). If you're looking to grind this out, I would recommend picking a heavy vehicle like a pickup truck, as they are far more durable than most of the other cars, especially the exotic cars. Make sure you get out of the car when the hood looks like a bonfire.

Completed 50 missions or activities with the same character. (50) 

You need to stick with Marcus for this and do at least 50 total quests, side quests, missions, rescues, etc. They do not need to be consecutive (you can change characters whenever you want, as long as you change back to finish the remaining quests). You will most likely get this around the time you reach the town with the Courthouse, but if not there are plenty of missions that pop up during the game, just make sure you do them.

DLC: Breakdown
Cost: $6.99 USD Achievements: 8 Points: 100
The Sacrifice10
Go Out in a Blaze of Glory (Breakdown Level 1 or Higher). (3) 
The Dead Man10
Kill 5 Bloaters (Breakdown Level 2 or Higher). 
The Judge10
Perform 50 Zombie Executions (Breakdown Level 3 or Higher). 
The Survivor10
Collect 150 Resources (Breakdown Level 4 or Higher). 
The Mercenary10
Destroy 5 Juggernauts (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher). 
The Ninja10
Execute 50 Stealth Kills (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher). (1) 
The Scientist15
Reach Breakdown Level 6. (2) 
The Rescuer25
Unlock All Heroes. (12) 

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Undead Labs


US June 05, 2013

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