Stormrise Achievement Guide

Guide By: Eternal and Creech
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Epic Saga50
Complete Story Mode on Hard     

This game is extremely hard on Hard difficulty. Take the game slowly, learn the game's more advanced mechanics, and analyse missions so you can develop strategies that will work on that mission. Complete the game on Easy first, then move on to Hard. The difficulty achievements do not stack.

Thanks to Jackanape for the following tips:

- When you take over a control node, be sure to consolidate it before you move on - so jump to it and build up the defenses, etc. to the maximum level. Also, leave a few units to help guard it too.

- Always group your units together. You can only put three in a team but it helps a lot. To do this highlight a unit and press LB, then it will show all the units you can join with so move to them (while still holding LB) and press A. Your guys will them be grouped which gives you better control over them and concentrated firepower.

- Be aware that you won't be able to see your guys shoot while they're moving (as they are dumb) so always move them in front of enemies rather than clicking on the enemies themselves. This way they will start attacking much sooner.

- Best guys early on are the infiltrators (aka snipers) as they have super long range and can often kill foes without them even shooting back if you get the positioning right.

Refer to THIS THREAD for video walkthroughs of every mission.

Scrap Metal20
Destroy 27 Stalkers   

The Echelon Stalkers are mainly anti-air units. Use Matriarchs or other heavy tanks and take out 27 of them with a friend. As a general rule of thumb, if you see any unit that has an achievement related to them, save, kill, and keep reloading the save until you get the achievement in the campaign.

Decked Out35
Win 10 ranked matches fully equipped    

You unlock equipment for your commanders through beating the story mode, so this is a MP achievement that you cannot earn until you have beaten the story mode at least once on any difficulty level. Once you have done that, then win 10 ranked matches and you are good to go. You can get this without beating the very last mission if you don't play as the Sai, since you unlock the last piece of equipment for the Echelon commander in the 2nd to last mission.

Totaled Eclipse25
Destroy 9 Eclipses    

In Mission 7: Unfair Suprise, there is an Eclipse that you can destroy. Simply save before the fight, kill the Eclipse, rinse and repeat 8 more times. You will need about five Sift Dragons to destroy it. On easy, two Matriarchs will take an Eclipse down very quickly.

Veteran's Affair40
Win 99 ranked matches   (1) 

Boost with a partner. Refer to Playing Both Sides for boosting method. This shouldn't take too long, as each match should only take 30 or so seconds if you do it according to the boosting method.

Beat the AI on all Skirmish maps   

The AI on the easiest difficulty is very easy to beat. Just play a skirmish on every map against an easy AI and this will pop in no time. Save up for heavy units, such as the Matriarch. Advanced strategies and tactics aren't really required against easy AI, just use brute force and you will overcome them in no time. Another method is to use an air rush, targeting nodes so that the AI cannot gain resources. Set the game resources to high and constantly spam dragons/choppers whilst upgrading your own nodes.

Epic Campaign30
Complete Story Mode on Easy or Normal     

As the description says, complete all missions on either Easy or Normal. I suggest playing the game first on Easy, then moving on the Hard, skipping Normal. Refer to Epic Saga for more details. The difficulty achievements DO NOT STACK.

The Other Side25
Complete Act 1 of Story Mode    

Complete all missions from Domestic Disturbances (1) to Multiple Counts (4).

The Other Path25
Complete Act 2 of Story Mode    

Complete all missions from Self Defense (5) to Reasonable Doubt (8).

Qualify for Duty15
Complete the Tutorial    

The tutorial is the first mission in single player and takes about 5-10 minutes, most of which is waiting for the AI to stop talking.

Clean Sweep10
Destroy all hiding Sai insurgents in the Tutorial   (1) 

Three groups will be highlighted for you, but there are four that you will be told simply to keep looking for. There are located as follows:

1. On the roof all the way to the right of the spawn point
2. Behind the boxes that are directly next to the stairs you have to climb to get to the first group
3. To the left of the spawn point, between a pile of boxes and the wall
4. All the way to the left from the spawn point down a dirt road.

Ulterior Motives10
Use the playbook to switch weapons    

In mission 1 right at the beginning you are told to do this, simply select the red weapon (flamethrower) and the achievement will unlock.

First Assault20
Complete Mission 1: Domestic Disturbance    

This is a simple mission, really expanded training with two command units and only Enforcers available to be summoned when you need units. Capture one node at a time and activate turrets, shield and resources in that order. Leave a few enforcers at each turret until you capture the fourth one across the bridge. At that point you can bring all your units up to that one, build a warp portal there, and do a two-pronged attack at the last node to end the mission.

In Transit20
Secure the Control Node powering the turrets in Mission 2: Assault Charge   

Story related, continue playing to unlock.

Establish a portal in Mission 3: Double Jeopardy   

Story related, continue playing to unlock.

Defeat the Hydra in Mission 4: Multiple Counts   

Story related, continue playing to unlock.

Hammer Time20
Take out the Arc-Hammers in Mission 5: Self Defense   

Story related, continue playing to unlock.

Rescue Vantage in Mission 6: Innocent Victim   

Story related, continue playing to unlock.

A Bridge Not Too Far20
Secure all 3 bridges in Mission 7: Unfair Surprise   

Story related, continue playing to unlock.

Power Up20
Secure all 3 power junctions in Mission 8: Reasonable Doubt   

Story related, continue playing to unlock.

Fur Coat20
Defeat Sable in Mission 9: Shock Verdict   

Story related, continue playing to unlock.

Rite of Passage25
Rescue Eona in Mission 10: Prison Break   

Story related, continue playing to unlock.

In Pursuit25
Secure the AA Turrets in Mission 11: Hot Pursuit   

Story related, continue playing to unlock.

Reverse Polarity25
Recalibrate the airfield station in Mission 12: Natural Justice   

Story related, continue playing to unlock.

Spray and Pray15
Use the Matriarch’s Acid Rain ability    

The Matriarch is a Sai heavy vehicle. You will get this while going for the Full Repertoire achievement that requires you to use every unit's special ability.

Destroy 55 Control Nodes with the Demo Bomb ability    

In the second mission, you can use the demo bomb ability on control nodes. Save your game before doing it, and rinse and repeat 54 more times.

Puppet Master20
Destroy an enemy unit with one you have Mind-Controlled    

Mind controlling is a special ability of Sai Spectres. On the refinery level, use stealth to get close and then mind control an Infiltrator right at the starting point, and just keep at it. Easiest on Easy, of course. If you can mind control a node with a turret, that would rock, but I don't recall that being an option.

Use the Rage Smash ability    

The Rage Smash ability is one of the special abilities that the Sai unit 'The Rage' can use. Like the other achievements that require you to use the ability, simply find a hostile unit and use the ability to devastating effect.

Playing Both Sides15
Win 8 ranked matches with each faction   (1) 

There are two factions, so you have to win 16 ranked matches total, split between them. Boosting method is to have the person who isn't host quit out after a few seconds, and the host will gain a victory.

Destroy 11 enemy units in the first 5 minutes of a ranked match   

This works well with the Maximum Firepower achievement. As soon as you spawn capture the node closest to you and upgrade it to level 2 (or 3 if going for Maximum Firepower) turret, and then spawn in a few supporting units as well. In the meantime, have your partner spawn 11 of his weakest and cheapest unit, and then send them at your turret individually. To make the 5 minute cutoff your partner can't wait for a unit to die before sending the next, but he can wait 5 seconds or so between each attack order and that will give your forces plenty of time to destroy the incoming units.

First Down and Ten20
Win a ranked match in under 10 minutes   

You will easily get this one along the way. Most of your ranked matches will last under 60 seconds.

Winning Streak25
Win 6 consecutive ranked matches   

Work with a partner and simply win 6, then trade off.

Feeding the Habit15
Play 16 ranked matches   

You will earn this on the way to earning Playing Both Sides.

Calling all Units15
Recruit one of every unit type in any game mode    

Should be achieved while going for the Full Repertoire achievement. Recruit ('build') one of every unit to get this. The achievement Full Repertoire requires that you use the special abilities of every unit. In that match, you should have built every unit of your faction.

Gone Shopping20
Lose a multiplayer match while the deployment queue is open  

You can earn this by starting a match and not deploying any units. Move your leader toward the center and then re-open the deployment queue and wait for your opponent to kill you.

Maximum Firepower20
Upgrade a Control Node to have level 3 turrets (multiplayer or skirmish)    

You can earn this quickly while working on the other MP achievements. Start with high resources and capture the node closest to your spawn point, and upgrade it with the turret option. Each node can only have 3 upgrades total, so you have to use all three as turret upgrades to earn this achievement.

Slice and Dice15
Use the Spectre's Rapid Slice ability to kill an enemy commander (multiplayer or skirmish)    

Easily boosted with a friend. Get your friend to remove all equipment from their commander. Once this is done, attack with a group of Spectres and when the commander's health is in the red zone, use your special ability.

False Sense of Security25
Attack 24 cloaked Spectres while using the Infiltrator's Thermal Vision    

Mission 3 is the best place for this (although again, it can be done in MP, just faster in campaign). Right at the beginning, capture the primary node as instructed, then if you look toward the main battlefield capture the node in front of you and to the right. Kill the units that attack you and then send infiltrators through the rubble along the right and under the building. There is a node that you need to capture anyway, and right next to that node is a cloaked spectre. Save before you turn the corner, have your thermal vision on, headshot, load, repeat. Very fast.

Appetite for Destruction25
Destroy 77 units using the Stalker's SAMs    

Again, easiest with a friend. Have one player create 77 Locusts while the other creates several Stalkers. Use the Stalkers' SAM ability to take out the Locusts. Make sure that the Locusts are just out of range of the Stalkers' normal weapons. The SAMs have longer range that their default weapons. Can also be done in campaign, mission 9. After you destroy 3-4 towers, 3 dragons will show up. If you build 6 Stalkers first and put them under their flight path, this again can be saved and then reloaded for a reasonably fast achievement. You aren't going to want those guys flying around anyway as you progress in the mission.

Pest Control20
Kill 80 Broodlings    

The Matriarch's second ability is to spawn broodlings which defend the Matriarch. Easily done with a boosting partner, have your friend pump out several Matriarchs, and get them all to use the Spawn Broodling ability. Infantry should do the job of taking them out well enough. This can also be done in the first mission of the campaign; the first enemies you face will be broodlings.

Secret Achievements
Full Repertoire50
You have used all unit abilities at least once    

Each unit has its own ability. These vary from SAMs (Stalker), Thermal Vision (Infiltrator), Acid Rain (Matriarch), etc. To get this achievement, you need to use the special ability of every single unit. Play against a friend, and pump out every unit. Once both players have every unit in the game, attack each other with one unit at a time, using the special abilities. Some units' abilities are unit-specific (can only attack air, etc.), so make sure your friend sends the appropriate unit.

Echolon Units:

- Grenades
- Riot Shield
- Thermal Vision
- Demo Bomb
- Search the Skies AA Mode
Arc Hammers
- Transform to Artillery
- Rocket Barrage
- Low Hover
- Dig In
- Targeting Feed
The Eclipse
- The Polaris Rift
- Anti Ground Mode
- SAM Missiles
- Laser

Sai Units

- Sai Anti Air Rockets
- Commando Rush
- Mind Control
- Cloak
- Rapid Slice
- Sting
The Rage
- Unstoppable Charge
- Rage Smash
- Fly High
- Electric Tentacle
- Acid Rain
- Spawn Broodlings
Rift Worms
- Stormbringer
- Vortex
- Mobile Shield
- Blink

You destroyed 500 units    

This will eventually come as you play through the campaign. There will be hundreds of units to kill. A tactic that can be used to get as many kills as possible is to just use basic infantry rush or a brute force attack.

Whip it Good20
You whipped 250 times during a map or match.    (1) 

This can be done in the tutorial when you are taught how to whip, and pops in-game so you don't need to keep track. Note that the 250 need to be done in one match or one single-player mission, it is not cumulative across the entire game.

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