John Woo Presents Stranglehold

John Woo Presents Stranglehold Achievements

Barrage Specialist

Use the Barrage special move with every weapon  

Check Volucer's post #15 below for the full list of weapons, use barrage at least once with each


Also for the "Barrage with every weapon" The weapons you need are
Pistols - Which you can find pretty much anywhere
Golden Pistols - Shouldn't be too hard to find, there's some in the Penthouse level after you fight the helicoptor a second time
Shotgun - Another one that's easy to find
Assault rifle - Ditto
Sub-machinegun - Ditto
Heavy Machine gun - I think you can get these from the penthouse level onwards, but I'm not too sure
Rocket Launcher - There's one at the end of Kowloon, and one in Wong's Estate garden, in the left hut at the top of the stairs. But there's a hidden one earlier in the Mueseum level. When you get to the area which looks different, sorta like a maintenence tunnel, in the second room after the one you enter it, on the left hand corner closest to where you enter the room there's one.

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