Street Trace: NYC

Street Trace: NYC Achievement Guide

Guide By: drno
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Pickup Tournament Pro15
Complete 10 Pickup Tournaments on Xbox Live    (2) 

Go into the online mode and select the option "Pickup Tournament."

Play through the entire game and once you've finished you will be one closer to done. Do this ten times and you unlock the achievement.

I reccommend playing deathmatches with as many people as possible as these tend to take much less time than any other gametype.

Tournaments have more games than other types of games and thus will take longer for each one.

Ranked Tracer20
Complete 25 Ranked Matches on Xbox Live    

Similar to the achievement "Pickup Tournament Pro" except with ranked matches.

Bronze Medal5
Earn a Bronze Medal in a Time Trial    

Time trial is selected under the single player options. Pick any level you want and then choose from collecting flags, destroying targets, or collecting flags and destroying targets.

Finish them under the specified time for bronze and the achievement is yours.

Tracer Veteran20
Earn 100 Points in Single Player Tournaments and Time Trial Medals    

Every time you get a bronze or better medal in a Tournament or Time Trial mode in single player you will earn more points. The better the grade you get the more points you earn for each level.

You can check how many points you have by looking under the leaderboard.

You get more points from tournaments then you do from the time trials so I reccommend doing those first.

Tracer Champion30
Earn a Gold Medal in the Battle Royale Tournament    

The battle royale tournament is the final tournament you unlock and is comprised of every single type of game type.

Getting gold on the tournament means that you earned more points in the games throughout the tournament than anyone else. Only gold, silver, and bronze finishers earn any points so try to finish in the top three if not at number one.

If you earn platinum (finish first on each event) you still unlock the achievement.

Platinum Medal25
Earn a Platinum Medal in a Tournament by winning every match    

I reccomend the first tourament as it is the easiest and the shortest.

Simply keep replaying the levels until you get first in each event. If you get second there is no coming back from it so simply reset the tournament.

Flip Award5
Perform a Back Flip     

You back flip off basically every jump in the game by simply holding back on the while going up the jump and then continuing to hold it while you are in mid-air.

I personally like to do the target time trial on the street mode of the zone Red Hook. At the start of the game you will come up to a large ramp. Use your boost to quickly go up the ramp and get some extra air. Hold back on the while you're going up and when you land you should have the achievement.

Here is a video of the aformentioned description.

Upgrade Award25
Fully upgrade your board and your weapons     

While playing through tournaments you may notice that you recieve money and then in turn between events you can purchase upgrades for your board and weapons. You have to take all that money and max out each of your boards stats.

The minimum amount of money you will need to max out your weapons/boards is 288,000. Since you start off with 14,000 dollars you only need 274,000. You can get one or two grand each time you touch a green $ symbol floating around in the levels.

You must upgrade you board/weapons to their max in just one tournament. Otherwise the stats will reset and you will have to start over. I reccommend using the following settings against one AI on alocal play Cash Tournament.

  • Cash Tournament
  • Arena
  • Long
  • Takedown

Focus solely on grabbing all the money before you kill your enemy. Since long gives you twenty rounds and you need 274,000 dollars you will need 13,700 dollars per round.

Also I reccommend you upgrade your board first since the weapons won't be useful for collecting money.

Grind Award10
Take down an opponent while on a grind     

When it says "take down an opponent while on a grind" it means that you must be grinding.

This can be done in on or offline mode. I reccomend doing a tournament and focusing on upgrading your favorite weapon (I reccomend the rocket launcher) so that you can quickly kill someone who is likely to be far away.

Once you get to an arena with a grind rail (I reccomend the level "Governor's Island") jump onto the grind rail with and then fire off as many rounds at an enemy as you can. Hopefully you will get a kill and if not just jump back onto the rail and try again.

Rampage Award20
Earn 4 Takedowns in a row before another Tracer can get one    

This can be done on any level but I reccomend doing it on the level "Governor's Island" in a local play game with some AI (or if you have them, additional controllers work well.)

Set it to one AI with the settings as follows.

  • Exhibition
  • Arena
  • Governors Island
  • Takedown

Once you're inside the game simply start cruising around the outside of the map (the area that is inside accessible by the openings on the north and south side of the main portion of the map) grabbing all the upgrades you can. Occasionally the ?s will give you invincibility. If they do go ahead and turn around and kill the enemy chasing you (which they normally do) while you are invincible.

Once you've got a fully upgraded weapon go ahead and slaughter the AI with it, if you need to grab some health or simply keep looking for the invincibility.

Cash Tournament Pro15
Complete 10 Cash Tournaments on Xbox Live    

Similar to the achievement "Pickup Tournament Pro" except with Cash Tournaments.

8 Player Award10
Complete an 8 player match over Xbox Live   

Finish any game type with eight people in it. It doesn't matter what game, level, or ranked/unranked.

The main problem is that now people don't play the game too often so try to organize something with a friend (or 7 strangers.) To get this achievement.

Game Info
Gaia Industries


US February 00, 2007
Europe February 00, 2007
Japan February 00, 2007

Sound: Dolby 5.1 Surround
Players: 1-4
Online Players : 8
ESRB: Everyone 10
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