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Scattered throughout Kazakh there are fifteen different energy upgrades to collect. Ten of these will upgrade your maximum capacity for energy and the remaining five will increase the recharge rate of your energy meter. They are marked on your map by a yellow bar with an arrow on them. If you are unsure of the icons, bring up the map and press  to bring up the legend with a list of all icons there. These will only show on your map when you are relatively close and have uncovered the fog of war. Unfortunately, the health and energy upgrades share the same icon on your map, so there is no way of knowing which is which until you collect them. Try to collect these before progressing into Meio's Tower. If you miss any, you can choose not to save your game so you may return to Kazakh to collect the ones you have missed. To see which energy upgrades you have collected, bring up your map and use / to scroll through to the status page. Scroll down to upgrades and it will show you the total collected against the total available.

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Comment #1 by DarkShare
Tuesday, February 25, 2014 @ 01:54:06 PM

Video-guide with all Strider's collectibles. Not only the collectibles of the achievements, but also those which haven't achievement and they unlock some extras like artworks or minigames. This guide includes 97 extras, 11 strider's costumes, 60 large cannisters, 10 improvements for energy and life, for recharge the energy, all the upgrades of the kunais and also all the habilities in order of appearence. All to complete 100% of every map of the game and the 100% of the extras. The game of the video is in Spanish, but I mark it in English too so you'll not have any problem to get everything. In addition, as always in the description of the video there's a timeline with a shortcut to each collectible.

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