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Defeated 20 consecutive enemies, without being hit

This is obviously easier on lower difficulties and also the further you are upgraded. I would at least recommend using the explosive or cold plasma to speed enemy deaths up/or lock them in place. The best way to do this whilst playing casually, is to take your time and try to reflect/jump over any incoming gunfire. Fighting one enemy at a time certainly makes this easier. I personally got this on one of the games many long corridors that house 5-6 enemies at a time. I went through carefully, freezing enemies and reflecting bullets whilst killing them one by one until all twenty were dead.

For an easy method, you can earn this right at the start of the game. After getting the slide ability, you can exit the room, kill four enemies then return to the upgrade point. When you exit, the enemies will have repsawned and you can repeat until you have unlocked your achievement.

I've included a video I made showing you how and where to use this method.

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Comment #1 by DarkShare
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 @ 01:44:26 PM

It consists in killing 20 enemies without getting hurt. You can get it easily just at the beginning of the game. The easiest and fastest way to get it is starting a new game (no matter the difficulty) and right in the beginning area take advantage of the respawn of the enemies.

At the beggining of the video I speak in Spanish but it's just and introduction and I don't say anything relevant. If anyone make a negative vote please tell me why, so I can improve my future videos.


Comment #2 by ginuwine_import
Thursday, February 20, 2014 @ 07:33:27 AM

for those looking to get the "untouchable" achievement. In the beginning after you get the slide, you slide through the first vent and there's an enemy right there. you kill the enemy then slide back through the vent from where you came from and then slide through again and the enemy will respawn. rinse and repeat and you'll get the achievement.

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