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Summer Athletics Achievement Guide

Guide By: AntneyB
There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5
- Offline: 37 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 10-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: No (Some descriptions aren't clear)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes

I gave this a difficulty of 4 which is aimed towards any player wanting to get the full 1000 from the game. The majority of achievements are easy and can be done in a good amount of time which would give them a rating of 2. I decided to up the difficulty number to 5 as there are a few events which are tricky as well as the AI getting hard to beat on the 3rd career.

This is a Road Map on how to get all the achievements for Summer Athletics. First glance at the achievements might make you think that this will be quick as you see that a lot of achievements are done for doing certain things in an event and the rest for getting gold medals. They can be obtained quickly, however its the career mode and competitions that will eat up the time as you have to progress through career a minimum of 3 times and do all 5 + 1 competitions. This Road Map is going to help you order the way you go for the achievements in the quickest way possible for the full 1000. Note I will recommend getting achievements such as 30 gold medals as late as possible into your progress through the game as these can be unlocked at the same time via career mode. Therefore, you need to use a bit of your own initiative and change my order to suit your needs if you want to get as much gamerscore in as little time as possible without bothering to go for the 1000.

The HIGHEST, FASTEST, FARTHEST achievement is glitched, meaning you need to do all the competitions in one go, so no booting to the dashboard or turning off your console because otherwise you will have to do the competitions already completed again. People have also claimed this is the case for the medals achievements too.

Step 1 – Straight Into Career
Even if you have never played a game such as this before, I still recommend you going in to career mode first. Don’t worry if you do really badly on your first playthrough. Where you may believe it to be a good idea to go and practise the events outside of career, it will be time consuming. This is because you will eventually have fully completed career and most likely still not have max stats. As you get 100 points to train on your stats after every event in career it would be wise to use career mode to practice the events and not care about what position you place as there are no negative or drawbacks for not winning.

You need to understand that career mode doesn’t finish after you place first like I expected it to do. What happens is you move up to medium difficulty and now have to compete in a longer and harder competition, the same happens when you win this and get onto the last and hardest competition. I was able to win the easiest tournament on my third try, the middle one in 2 tries and the hardest first go which meant I ended up completing career 6 times. I still didn’t have max stats after this so I then I went back and did another career in order for my Stamina potential to increase from 98 to 100.

My tip for you when playing through career is to choose which stats you want to improve wisely. The amount of medals or podium places you get isn’t what determines the winner, it’s the amount of points won in the events added up. This means that when it comes to an event you're good at, you can get loads of points and help boost your position lots. Take advantage of this and maximize the skill in your good event, so that when it comes to the event you can thrash the opposition. I was bad at cycling and running first and I knew that even with good Stamina I wouldn’t be able to do much better, so I let myself do badly in those events and trained my Power skill so that I could throw a Javelin much further than the rest and get lots of extra points.

Step 2 – Competitions
After you have finished career mode, getting the achievements for maxing out your skills and winning the hardest one, your next step is to do all of the competitions. You MUST remember that your progress will reset if you boot to dashboard or turn your console off therefore all six must be done in one sitting. It takes a couple of hours, but can be done easily as settings can be put on to Easy and game type to Arcade so you get boosts which help improve your skills in an event when activated. The last competition is a custom made one, so just add one to it and win for that one to be counted to the total.

You can help make Step 4 easier if you focus on making sure you get a gold medal on all events here as you will eventually need to make sure you have gold on every event on the game.

Finally, it’s worth noting that you can purposely get disqualified at the start of an event in order to skip it and make the competition end quicker. So if you're thousands of points ahead of 2nd place and a 4-minute long swimming event comes up, don’t bother doing it, just get a false start and move on to the next event to save time. This can also be done in career mode, but I advise against it as the difficulty of the opponents is much harder.

Step 3 – Individual Event Achievements
Although you’d have unlocked most of these by now, there will be a few I’m sure which you have not managed to do. Archery is arguably the hardest one, but done easily with nine boosts, as are the majority of them. There are threads in the forum that have answers to how to win cycling and running events if you’re finding them difficult.

Step 4 – Getting Medals
By now you’d have hopefully already obtained the three achievements for getting gold, silver and bronze medals and that means this step isn’t necessary for you. If, however, you haven’t gotten them then head to the 100M Sprint in Single Event Mode on Easy to boost your way to getting the medals. This event is very easy and you should be able to place in whichever position you want in order to get the required achievement. After the 10 second race you can hit yes when it asks if you want to retry to repeat the process again, these achievements can be gotten very quickly this way.

People on the forums have complained that the achievements are glitched and won’t unlock despite getting the desired medal 70 or so times. I personally had no problem as I had Notepad up and kept a score of how many times I had gotten the medal. It may well be possible that you need to get 30 gold medals, 35 silver and 40 bronzes all in one sitting without exiting out of the game. Nobody has confirmed this so don’t take my word on it, just be aware and aim to do this in one go without turning the game off.

Summer Athletics is an enjoyable 1000 that shouldn’t be too hard for anybody to get. Remember the glitched achievements where you need to play in one sitting and keep practicing in career mode if you’re finding hard as it will help boost your stats. If career mode is too hard for you (on the hardest difficulty the AI are good), then you can skip to step three and then four, coming back to career when you’re better and ready for it. There’s nothing wrong doing that, it will just take you longer to get the overall 1000.
x360a would like to thank JJBDude for this Road Map

Create a male character.   

See "EVE" achievement.

Hit the scoreboard in archery (single player).   

Select a single player event and select any archery event and when aming at board hit scoreboard underneath the archery board.

Create a Custom Competition.   

Go to competitions from the main menu and select free cup and add one event and complete for achievement.

Make a false start in single player.   

In 100m race start early.(before the gun goes off)

Create a female character.   

Go to any single event and when you choose your character select SP1 NEW and creat a female (after you got your achievement go back and create a male for ADAM achievement.

Get a timeout in single player.   

Select any jumping event start the event but do not touch any controls. The counter will count down and you'll get the achievement.

Knock over five hurdles in a 110m Hurdles race in single player.   

Select 110m metres and run through every hurdle.

In a cycling team pursuit race in single player, switch the leading rider four times.   

Set up a cycling team pursuit event and switch the leading rider four times during race.

Perform a perfect flight at diving in single player.   

Select any diving event. Choose the easiest stunt to perform and the section where you have to copy the arrows on your analogue sticks every arrow needs to be hit perfect.

Run in someone's slipstream for a minute in a middle distance race in single player.   

Choose 800m race and as soon as possible get into the inside lane and sit behind the runner for one minute.

Perform a perfect grab in swimming in single player.   

Select a 50m swimming event and when you come to the end of the pool a bar will come up at the bottom of the screen and you need to press as far right as possible on the gauge to obtain a perfect grab.

Perform a perfect entry at diving in single player.   

On the third section of any dive, there will be the and on screen which you have to guide into the centre. The best way to do this is slowly push the left and right analogue sick together. The slower the easier it is to control.

Perform a perfect turn in swimming in single player.   

Same as "GOLDEN"GRIP" but on a 100m swimming event but its when you turn around.

Perform a perfect run-up in Pole Vault in single player.   (2) 

Wiggle the left and right as quick as possible. The run bar needs to be full up to get a perfect run up.

Perform a perfect take-off at Pole Vault in single player.   

Select pole vault event and when your run bar is getting full a white bar will appear slightly to the left of the run bar, hit as soon as you see this white bar and hold. Hold until the bar from the bottom of the screen goes up and let go as it lands at the top of your power gauge.

Perform a perfect start off the diving platform in single player.   (1) 

Select any diving event and Press when the swinging meter reaches the very bottom of the gauge. It will turn green when hit perfect. Hit all of these perfect to get the achievement.

Jump over all hurdles in a 110m Hurdles race in single player.   (1) 

Select the 110m hurdles. After you start, wiggle the left to right as quick as possible while repeatedly pressing as quick as possible. Keep pressing until you're over the last hurdle. Watch this event carefully as you can clip a hurdle but it not fall over and it will stop you from getting the achievement.

Perform three perfect jumps in a triple jump in single player.   

Select triple jump. When approaching the hop a guage will come up along the bottom with three markers on named hop, step and jump. You must land on all three markers to get a perfect jump.

In High Jump, run up with only perfect steps in single player.   (2) 

Select high jump. When running towards the jump there will be two white circles on the screen. You will see the and button dropping into these circles and you will need to press accordingly and the very last button to press is which you hold until the guage from the bottom of the screen comes up and lands between the guage of the height and the gauge of you power. After this keep rotating the right analogue stick clockwise until the posture guage has reached the top. Also, all of these buttons you press on the run up need to be hit perfectly.

Throw with great timing in all throwing events in single player.   

Singly select these events. Once you have built up your power on these events, an angle gauge will come up where you must push the towards the mark on the gauge. There is a blue gauge close to this which is a timer gauge which gets smaller. Try and hit this as it is at its smallest to obtain this achievement.

Get 30 points in one round of archery in single player.   (1) 

In the archery event, in one round, hit 3 10s. The wind is not too hard to judge on this event. Slower movements will stop the aim from going crazy.

Win a gold medal in both archery events in single player.   

Singly select these events. In the options to the event turn difficulty to easy and turn game mode to arcade. With these settings both of these events can be easily done. For the short range archery (the one on the right in the menu) the arrows are released after holding when the gauge hits the top. You can let go of to bring the gauge slightly down to the level yourself untl you have the right shot.

Win a gold medal in all throwing events in single player.   

Singly select these events. In the options to the event turn difficulty to easy and turn game mode to arcade. With these settings all of these events can be easily done.

Win a gold medal in all cycling events in single player.   

Singly select these events. In the options to the event turn difficulty to easy and turn game mode to arcade. With these settings all of these events can be easily done.

Win a gold medal in all swimming events in single player.   

Singly select these events. In the options to the event turn difficulty to easy and turn game mode to arcade. With these settings all of these events can be easily done. In these events, you must copy the on screen right and left analogue sticks exactly to maintain a good speed. Watch closely as to which way these are moving as you can get lost at times. Each of these events has a different pattern to follow. Learn these patterns.

Win a gold medal in all running events in single player.   

Singly select these events. In the options to the event turn difficulty to easy and turn game mode to arcade. With these settings all of these events can be easily done. For the 800m and 1500m races, you use the left and right analogue sticks by pushing them up alternatively with a steady rhythm. Try and maintain a steady speed with a good rhythm. Keep your power gauge at the same point as your speed marker to run without losing stamina. Try to stay behind opponents and keep a steady speed in their slipstream. Make sure at the end of these races ou have plenty of power in the white guage that curves along the bottom of the screen. This will decrease if you run too fast. Once it has gone your speed bar with start shortening with a red bar coming down, so try to keep a reasonable speed.

Collect 40 bronze medals in single player.   

Select 100m race. In the options to the event turn difficulty to easy and turn game mode to arcade. With these settings, the race can easily be won so maintain speed inbetween 4th and 2nd place. Once the race finishes a message appears saying try again, select yes and repeat process.

NOTE: You will recieve 100 points per event no matter what place you come during career mode so if you want to kill two birds with one stone try getting these places during career mode as at the beginning of career mode it's very hard to place high until you up your stats. You may have to go through a section more than once to pass it.

Collect 35 silver medals in single player.   

See "bronze age" achievement.

Train three skills to 50 percent.   

This has to be done in career mode. During the career mode's three sections, you'll recieve points to add to your stats. Over all three sections, you will be able to max all of these stats out. You will recieve 100 points per event no matter what place you come.

Train two skills to 75 percent.   

See "halfway there" achievement.

Max out a skill.   

See "halfway there" achievement.

Collect 30 gold medals in single player.   

See "bronze age" achievement.

Win the career.    (1) 

As it says just place the highest at the end of each section of the career.

Win a gold medal in all events in single player.   

You can get this achievement by going through all the competition events which you also need to do for the achievement called highest, fastest, farthest.

Get 90 points in three rounds of archery in single player.   

This one can be tricky you must really practice achery and judge the wind the best you can. you need to hit all 10s for this acievement.

Maximize all of your skills.   (2) 

See "halfway there" achievement.

Win all Competitions.   

See "zeus" achievement.

Also, please note that this must be done in ONE sitting. You cannot shut off your 360 or go to the Dashboard while doing this, or the achievement will reset and you must start from the beginning.

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