Super Contra

Super Contra Achievement Guide

Guide By: Butters & RavenBlackThorn
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Good Start10
Complete level 1 in less than 3 minutes.   

This one should be no problem at all just pick up an upgrade like the spread or rocket launcher and go through the level as fast as you can. Even easier in co-op.

Helicopter - One of the easiest bosses to beat but also screw up on, all you have to do is get the spread or rocket launcher (co-op always helps) to here without dying, and you can upgrade the rocket again right before the helicopter shows up. Then destroy the turrets as fast as you can before the guys start jumping out, once they are, go on the left, lead your shots with the copter as it moves and then once it's all the way to the right jump up and down and shoot right to cover the guys coming out. If you and your friend are good enough you can actually blow off the armor and destroy the blue orb part before the guys even come out. There is a small boss area soon after that just requires you to keep moving forward to avoid the angled shots and just blast away the barriers until you can shoot the target at the top.

Two Levels10
Complete level 2 while playing an Xbox Live CO-OP game.   (1) 

Quite simple, find a friend who can do the same and fight your way through levels 1 and 2. It always helps to have upgraded weapons.

Tank - Very easy, especially if you have upgrades as always, just take out the turrets and stay at the bottom and keep shooting the guy in the middle. The laser prod things don't hurt when you're all the way down.

Three Levels15
Complete level 3 in Single Player or Multi-Player mode.    

For your first time through the game and each level, it helps having a friend in co-op to play with because the enemy count doesn't change so more bullets=more ownage. Memorization is key. Just watch for those sneaky ones jumping out of the trees.

Red Ball Shootin Blob Bloppin Boss - Have upgrades blah blah blah, make it to the direct center of the screen and shoot up as fast as possible, either jump or duck to avoid the red flying balls.

Four Levels20
Complete level 4 in Single Player mode.    

This one is different from all the other level unlocks because it must be done on your own and you will most likely unlock trying for the Master achievement which also has to be done in single player.

Alien - Pretty simple actually, you can take it out in a matter of seconds, just duck shoot the egg at the base and then run directly under him and jump up and shoot as fast as possible and he'll die real fast. Maybe without even doing anything to you.

Five Levels30
Complete level 5 in Single Player or Multi-Player mode.    

Very tough, even in co-op by the time you reach this level you will most likely have very little lives left and if you do have a lot of lives left you'll probably lose them on the random mouths and hoards of enemies. You'll basically just have to run through dodging more than actually killing.

Big Butt Skull Monster - This is the hardest part of the game hands down. First off if you can make it past the bullet shooting part with a weapon, that's awesome, it will help you a lot, once done shooting it directly it blows up stand in the center all the way at the bottom to avoid the explosion. Then shoot fast up, right from that spot and you will kill the guys coming out of the mouth and also shoot the skull on the right as it bites out in front of you. Once the skull is dead you can move to the right and shoot the brains and the red dot in the center to kill it but you will also have to shoot the guys coming out of the mouth on and off. (much easier in co-op) After shooting at an angle towards the main red dot and removing the circling red things it will die. Boom done son!

Collect 5 different weapon types.    

There are only 5 weapons to begin with so all you have to do is stay alive long enough to pick them all up which is just to level 2. You can get the rocket and spread in the start of level 1, a grenade launcher soon after, a laser after defeating the helicopter, and finally a bomb/nuke type weapon right in the start of level 2.

Good Score10
Reach level 2 with a score of 100,000 or more.   

Very easy, just make sure you don't die, and destroy all in your path.

Team Players20
Score 300,000 points in an Xbox Live CO-OP game, while still alive.   (4) 

This comes pretty easy once you've gotten the game down well, you should be able to get 300k by level 3 without dying you can get more of the points if you have a weapon like the spread or rocket launcher.

Shot Down15
Destroy the helicopter without dying once.   

This comes before getting Endurance and is required for it so just make sure you have some upgraded weapons and blast away. See 'Good Start' for strategy...

Elite Soldiers10
Both players possess a Spread Gun at the same time at some point in the game.   (2) 

This will require you and your buddy to stay alive long enough to get both of you a spread, there is the one at the start of the game, one before the first set of turrets in level two, another just before the end of level three after the two logs part, and one is in a pack of 3 weapon flyby's in the middle of level 4.

Both players must complete level 1 without losing lives in an Xbox Live CO-OP game.   (2) 

Somewhat difficult, as long as you and your partner pick up the spread and rocket in the start you should be able to blast your way to the end of the level.

Complete the game using only 1 credit.   (1) 

Truly for the masters, this takes absolute precision and requires memorization of the entire game. There is little to say but practice makes perfect. One thing I can tell you is that you start with 2 lives but can gain more from the more points you gain, which helps you stay on that 1 credit/continue. MUST be done in single play.

Helpful hints - Credited to RavenBlackThorn
From what I have noticed, every weapon appears to be upgradeable at least once.

  • The rocket launcher (first weapon pod) doubles its firing rate and increases its range if you grab the second pod by the helo.
  • The spreader (second weapon pod) increases it's rate of fire from 3 shots to 5 shots if you grab the second spreader by the stairs in level 2.
  • The grenade gun (third weapon pod) increases its splash radius from two fireballs that spread out to the sides to 4 fireballs that spread out in sort of a star pattern.
  • The laser (right before the end of the first level) seems to double its range if you grab the second pod by the first tank in level 2.
  • This added range is an absolute lifesaver in level 2. It allows you to out range all of the enemies and turrets. You can actually shoot all of them if you (and your partner *cough*) are patient enough. With the added range you can take out all of the enemies fairly easily as opposed to trying to run past them (which can be pretty risky).
  • In level 4, it makes taking down some of the tougher/stronger enemies a little easier as well (if you can make it through the sickness in level 3 without getting hit).

Game Info
Digital Eclipse


Resolution: 1080i
Players: 1-2
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Everyone 10+
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