Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD Remix

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD Remix Achievement Guide

Guide By: ac2565
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Power Made Flesh6
Play as Akuma in any mode    
At the character select screen press down while your cursor is highlighting Hsien-Ko.
This will unlock at the loading screen after you selected him.
Meeting People is Easy7
You joined or hosted a 4 person Player Match   (61) 
If you have trouble getting this setup a match in the achievement trading thread.
You will get this once 4 people are in the lobby. NOT when the game starts.
Get Your Feet Wet7
Win three Ranked Matches of X or X’ Mode   
Again Self-Explanatory
If you want to get "Playing to Win" quicker then play X'
Playing to Win15
Win 20 Ranked Matches in X’ mode   (20) 
In ranked matches you cannot invite people to a match. Thus this is very hard if not impossible to boost.
No tips I can give you other than play with the characters you are best at and know what mode you are playing.
If you want to join a game choose to find a custom match. You will see what mode it is in. If you join a match through
"quick match" you will not see what mode you join. This is pretty easy to get though since most people play X' mode.
Modern Battle Master10
Complete X’ Arcade Mode on Hard or Expert Difficulty    
X' Mode is basically the same as "X Mode" except the damage counter is increased.
Ken or Chun-Li is your best bet for this mode since Chun-Li deals 120% damage instead of the averege 100%.
Or if you want to kill two birds with one stone choose Dan and never change to a different character.
Classic Battle Master10
Complete X Arcade Mode on Hard or Expert Difficulty    
If you owned any of the previous Puzzle Fighter's this should be a piece of cake.
I find using any character works. Just remember that pressing up on the left stick
automatically drops the piece you are moving and if you want to have no troubles
practice with it.
Alternative Lifestyles10
Complete Y or Z Modes on Hard or Expert Difficulty    (1) 
Y Mode is a column-like mode. To elimanate pieces you make the same color gems in a row of 3.It can be horizontal or diagonal but as long as it it in
a row of three it is fine.
Z Mode is Hexic-like mode. To elimnate a gem you must make it touch a crash gem of the same color. The gems come from the bottom and you
can change the places of them.
I personally think that Y mode is easier and faster.
Quarter Miser10
Complete the game in any mode without continuing    (3) 
Play normal in X' Mode with Ken. You shouldn't have any trouble until you reach Akuma.
When trying to get the Quarter Miser achievement, against Akuma, don't worry about the placement of your non-breaker gems. Just pile them up quickly along the sides, leaving the middle open so that you don't lose right away.
When you get a breaker gem, take a quick look to see where it will do the most damage and drop it there. Otherwise, just keep piling up along the sides.
This works around 85% of the time and against all the characters.

Thanks for Timpysan73 for the tip
Mother Lode25
Break a Power Gem size 25 or larger    (2) 
A power gem is a gem that is many same color gems stacked on top or beside eachother. A power gem can be any color.
A reasonable size would be 5 by 5 . You need the Power gem to have 25 gems inside it for it to count as size 25.
The Longest Journey30
Complete X’ Mode on Hard or Expert Mode using only Dan    
Dan is a hidden unlockable character who is beneath Donovan.
Dan is THE worst character in this game since he drops
red gems on the opponents side.
Don't expect to play every match with someone other than Dan and then play as Dan against Akuma and hope
to get this achievement though. You must complete every sngle match with Dan.
Chain, Chain, Chain,30
Perform a 5 chain combo in X or X’ mode   
See "Chain of Jewels..."
Chain of Jewels…40
Perform a 7 chain combo in X or X’ mode   (5) 

In X mode for 5 to 7 chains you need those circle gems.

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