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Super Finisher

Get one Super Finish in Arcade Mode.  
A super finish is when you use your character's specific "super move" to win a round. When you get the super finish, the whole background flashes madly in multiple colors.

In order to use a super move, you must first fill your super meter. Do this by performing special attacks or by hitting your opponent. The super meter's capacity can be tracked at the bottom corners of the screen. It is the only gauge visible on the bottom of the screen.

Once your super meter is full, it flashes colors and you can read the word "Super" on it. Now you can perform your super move. To see how to perform your character's super move, pause the game and go to "Character Move List." At the very bottom of the list, in the right hand column, you should see the motion required to perform your character's super. Defeat your opponent with this move.

Even if your foe dies while blocking you will get this one.
Super Move List
,+,,,+, Any punch - Ken, Ryu, Sagat, Fei Long

Hold for 2 seconds then , , Any punch - E Honda, Blanka, Balrog

Hold for 2 seconds then , , Any kick - Chun Li, Cammy, Dee Jay, M Bison

Hold + for 2 seconds then +,+ , + Any kick - Guile, Vega

,+,,+,,,+,,+, Any punch - Dhalsim

Rotate the D pad/Stick 2 full circles, Any punch - Zangief, T Hawk
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US November 26, 2008

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