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Guide By: oo noxious oo
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 47 (940 )
- Online: 3 (60 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 10-15 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

This is a fairly simple game. It may take you a while to get used to the stiff handling, but rather easy overall. Once you learn the layouts of the ten courses, you'll be short cutting your way to victory in no time. Be sure to turn off penalties whilst in the main menu to save a lot of hassle.

Please note most of the achievements won't unlock until your back at the setup screen, usually when you see "prize unlocked" is where they will unlock.

Step 1: Quick Races
Do the various achievements for single races on tracks and using certain teams or drivers, as well as the one for going through a full weekend to pick up a fair few small achievements.

Step 2: Challenges
It would be a good idea to get these out of the way. They aren't too challenging and you will probably spend more time on the loading screen than actually doing the races. Beware that penalties do count on these.

Step 3: Championships
Start off on easy, one-lap races, using Morbidelli or Ascani, make sure you SKIP PRE-SESSIONS USING ONLY! Don't skip through the schedule, as it will void certain other achievements. Make sure you get pole position for at least eight races and try to win every race. Once this play through is done, do it again using the other driver mentioned If you do the second one on HARD, it will save time later.

Move onto the Medium difficulty Championship, using the CAAL Racing team and win this for another achievement.

After this you will want to play through on Legendary using Ghedina, to nab two achievements. You will still need to complete a Championship in Hard mode to get all the prizes.

Play through on Hard mode, using whichever driver you have decided to get your distance achievements with.

Step 4: Training Mode
Now to go to the training area and grind these three achievements. The one for 15 laps is dodgy, and INVALID LAPS DON'T COUNT, so stay within the road. Use your distance racer for more miles on his clock.

Step 5: Online and mop up
Get a boosting partner using this thread. Set up a custom race, one lap, two participants with one private slot, and it shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes.

Any other achievements should be gotten now, the 50 races should be there or close, as should the 400km, use your chosen racer to grind out some more distance.

Also check your prizes in the extras menu, this will let you know other things you may have missed.

x360a would like to thank oo noxious oo for this Road Map

The first stage of the podium5
Win your first race.    
Play on easy difficulty, one lap, any circuit. Ascari would be a good driver, as its required to use him in Championship and thus will go towards your 400 km achievement.
The roar of the Jaguar5
Win a race using one of the Jaguars of the Ferlito Motors Team.   
Play on easy difficulty, one lap, but this time use the Ferlito Jaguar.
Girl Power5
Win a race using Maria De Villota.   
Play on easy difficulty, one lap. I recommend Varano because it's a very quick track and easily beatable with the shortcuts.
Race of Good Hope5
Win a race on Kyalami with Francesco Ascani.   
Play on easy difficulty, one lap.
It's raining cats and...Jaguars?5
Win a race on Magione with wet weather using one of the Ferlito Motors Jaguars.   
Change weather to Wet in the settings. You'll need to brake a little earlier than normal to compensate for the slick conditions, but make sure that you don't overcompensate with the steering!
The sunny side of the street5
Win a race on Valencia on sunny weather using the SSantucci Motorsport Mustard.   
This car has slower acceleration, so I suggest moving ahead of the second starter and keeping an eye on the first straight. It should be a breeze.
The rainy side of the street5
Win a race with wet weather in any game mode.    
See Its raining cats and... Jaguars
The driver more than the car25
Win at least a race with every team in the game.   
You can keep track of this in the rewards section. You can find the rewards section under "Extras" in the main menu. To make this fairly simple, use Varano and make sure its set to easy and pole position.
I like simulation10
Win a race in simulation mode at Legend difficulty level.    (1) 
I recommend Monza, as you WILL lose time on corners, but can skip sections of this track. Be aware that in Simulation Mode you spin a lot quicker.
Komodo Dragon10
Win a race in Varano at Hard or Legend difficulty level.    
This can be fairly simple. Near the end there's a great place to skip a large chunk of track, so make sure penalties are turned off in the menu screen.
Speed Temple10
Win a race on Monza at Legend difficulty level.    
Shortcuts will help, but it isn't all that difficult if you start in first. Just keep an eye on your rear with and you should be okay.
All roads lead to Rome5
Win a race on Vallelunga Track.    
Same drill, the Audi is probably your best car to use.
Win a race with a 15 seconds gap or more from the second place.   
This might come in a one-lap race, but if not then use three or more and simply skip the sections of track mentioned before on Monza.
Smells like burnt rubber10
Win a race performing at least 10 seconds of powerskids.   
On any track, use around 7-10 laps, turn on Wet weather and easy difficulty. On every turn, hold and , turn hard, and you will start to skid. Keep doing this, but make sure you have enough time to catch up the other racers and win.
Superstars® Veteran20
Win at least 10 races.    
This will come as you play. Note that the championships have 10 races.
The Mascot10
Unlock Secret Trophie.   
Win 50 single player races to unlock this achievement. This should happen naturally during your Championship runs.
Weekend Dominator5
Win a race in Weekend Mode.   
This is easy enough. Use to skip the practices, qualify in first and win. Set the race to one lap, easy difficulty, sunny weather, and the Varano track.
Superstars® Record Man30
Win at least 20 races.    
This should come on your way to completing your second Championship.
The first of a long series5
Complete one of the challenges of the Superstars® Licenses Mode.   
Just finish any one challenge. I recommend going for Platinum scores from the start as they are not too difficult and will save you time later.
Slalom Champion5
Pass the "Chicane" challenge in the Superstars® Licenses Mode.   
This easy enough. Just practice, practice, practice.
A new danger on the track25
Complete all the Special Trials challenges.   
The last challenge is the only that's slightly difficult. Try to get as big of a gap between you and second place as possible because that's the primary distinguishing factor between Gold and Platinum scores.
The Final Countdown25
Complete all the Countdown challenges.   
Try to finish with at least three seconds remaining on the clock as this will result in a Platinum score.
Complete all the Duels challenges.   
This is the same as the other challenges. Practice.
Not a comedy25
Complete all the Race Scenarios challenges.   
These are a little harder, but two or three tries should get you Platinum in them all. Be aware that penalties are active in this mode.
Thanks from the Designer50
Complete all the challenges at Platinum level.   
If you've managed this on your first time through, congratulations. Otherwise, go through and keep practicing until you start pulling in the Platinum scores. If you get a Penalty, then it's usually better to just restart immediately.
Mr. Pole Position25
Achieve at least 8 pole positions in the same championship.   
Make sure you skip the presessions by using the button to waste the timer. Do not skip any other way.
Mister Tester5
Complete 15 laps in Training Mode with the same driver.   
This is a very annoying achievement. Be sure to get VALID laps. If you cut any corners, it will invalidate the lap and it won't count towards your total. You can check progress in the PIT menu, and the achievement will unlock when you quit out of training mode. Note that this must be done in a single session.
The prince of chronometer10
Beat at least 4 different track records in Training Mode with the same driver.   
Just beat the track records of the tracks. This is fairly easy - just don't cut corners.
The king of hourglass15
Beat at least 8 different track records in Training Mode with the same driver.   
See The Prince of Chronometer
International Series15
Win the race of Vallelunga, Mugello, Monza and Valencia during the same championship.   
Its best to go for this during your EASY playthrough. USE BUTTON ON PRE-SESSIONS!
Brand New Champion50
Win your first Superstars® Championship.   
See Audi famam illius
Audi famam illius50
Win a Championship with Gianni Morbidelli and his Audi car.   
Go through Championship on easy mode. See the Road Map, Step 3, for more details
The first will be the latest50
Win a Championship with Francesco Ascani, the first Superstars® Champion.   
See Audi famam illius. Consult the Road Map, Step 3, for more details on how to finish these achievements most efficiently.
Win a Championship with CAAL Racing team at least at Medium difficulty.    
See Road Map, Step 3, for more details.
Super G60
Win a Championship with Kristian Ghedina at least at Hard difficulty level.    
This is one of the more difficult achievements. Be sure to use the restart button from the start menu if things aren't going your way. Qualifying first is key.
The best around70
Win a Championship at Legend difficulty level.    
There's not much difference between Hard and Legendary, just be sure to qualify as high as possible.
On-Line chequered flag10
Win an on-line race.   
Boost this using private match with you and another racer. Use a short course with one lap to make it go quickly.
On-Line Champion20
Win 5 on-line races.   
See On-Line Chequered Flag
On-Line Legend30
Win 10 on-line races.   (1) 
See On-Line Chequered Flag
Car addicted15
Drive for at least 100 Km in Single Player mode with the same team.   
Use the same guy for your HARD and EASY Championship runs, along with your training runs.
I'm in love with my car25
Drive for at least 200 Km in Single Player mode with the same team.   
See Car Addicted
Pull me out if you can35
Drive for at least 400 Km in Single Player mode with the same team.   
See Car Addicted
A present for you!5
Unlock a prize.    
This will unlock near the beginning because you simply need to win a race to earn this achievement.
Ave Cesari25
Win 5 races on Vallelunga with Mauro Cesari.   
This is simple enough. Once you're finished, go back to menu before restarting.
Flying Carpet5
Unlock the car carpet in the pit.   
I'm unsure what exact thing unlocks this, but it should unlock within your first few Championship races.
No more space on the shelf25
Unlock all the Championship and Track Cups.    
You need to win on every track and complete a Championship on all difficulties for this achievement.
Superstars® for Physics5
Enter at least once in the Car Settings page.   
This is the easiest achievement in the game. Just click CAR SETTINGS whilst in the pit.
Gear Power10
Win a race using manual transmission.    
Change the setting to manual and do a race on easy, one lap, and Varano. Just learn the timing of changing the gears and win the race.
Secret Achievements
Interior Decorator50
Unlock all the objects in the Pit.    
This will come once you unlock all the prizes. The list of prizes can be found in the Extras menu.
Complete a race having your car completely destroyed.   
Turn damage on in settings and go nuts, roll over the finish line for this achievement.

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Europe June 19, 2009

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