Supreme Commander 2

Supreme Commander 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Cra
There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 42(900)
-Online: 5(100)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 40-70 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 for each campaign and some missions 2 times for all objectives
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? No

Welcome to Supreme Commander 2. This game is a lot more accessible than its predecessor and faster. Most of the missions are a piece of cake on Hard if you have some experience with RTS games on console, but some can be challenging if you don't know what to do.

Step #1: Skirmish Part 1/Campaigns on Hard
I personally recommend playing the tutorial and some of skirmish maps first to get a feeling how to build a base/army and to learn the Tech tree. Beat the 5 2-player Maps and you should be quite comfortable with controlling and building your army. Note that you have to pay for Units and Building in advance like in C&C and can't queue 20 Point Defense guns while having 0 Mass like in SC 1.

Once you have a grasp on the controls of the game start playing the Campaign on Hard. Most hidden objectives are easily obtainable to complete even on Hard, but some are a lot easier with a retry on Easy. Please check the guide for more information on this part.

Step #2: Skirmish Part 2
After you've beaten the campaigns to something relaxing, time to tackle the grinding achievements in skirmish battles as well as beat all skirmish maps. To learn how to efficiently grind these check the guide. Note that the achievements Sharp Shooter, Masster, Master Builder and Time Cruncher can't be obtained during the campaign. These are solely skirmish/online achievements.

Step #3: Online
Now you only need to play 10 co-op skirmish battles and 25 ranked online wins and you are safe. Either rely on your skill or try to boost it with a friend. If you have no friends playing this game look here to find someone. If you can boost it, it will take ~2h for both to get Supreme Online Commander. Good Friends takes ~50min.

This game is a good one to complete and if you have trouble though, feel free to message me, the author of the map and guide, or post in the game's sub-forum

[x360a would like to thank cra for this road map]

Start Here10
Complete both parts of the tutorial   
Select Campaign and go to Tutorial from the main menu. Learn the ins and outs of the game and complete both parts to unlock.
Easy Going25
Complete all three campaigns on 'Easy' difficulty      
Even if you are new to console RTS this will be no problem. You can change the difficulty before a mission by pressing .
A Winner is You75
Complete all three campaigns 'Normal' difficulty     
Leave the difficulty at "Normal" and beat the campaign.
Supremest Commander100
Complete all three campaigns on 'Hard' difficulty    (5) 
Most likely an achievement which will cause some bald heads if you don't know the strategy for some missions. Regarding a rough mission guide please check the corresponding mission achievements. You will face bigger waves of enemies in shorter intervals on Hard, so be prepared to build quick and efficient.
Here are some general points you should consider:
- Save regularly if you managed to get a hold in the mission. Especially after the intro cutscene for the mission is over as they are not skippable and get on the nerves.
- Turtle, which means playing defense by building a lot of turrets, Shield Generators, and supporting them with Engineers to repair them. Some missions can't be beaten if you build turrets as the first step before anything else.
- Sometimes one shield is simply not enough so place 2 or more Generators near your turrets so that the second shield takes the damage after the first fails.
- Research upgraded Mass Income, Shield Generators and anything that helps your turrets first. Also reclaim wreckage for some extra Mass. Some missions will be impossible on Hard if you don't do this. So put an Engineer near the turret emplacements or order them on a patrol route.
- Complete the secondary objectives as they make your life easier and the boost of Research Points help.
- Find and destroy Tech Caches as they provide you with 3 RP if you destroy them.
- Support your factories each with 3 Engineers (you can't assign more) to ensure fastest Production at all times.
- Don't bother with small assaults like the AI does all the time. Instead aim for overrunning them with Experimentals or a large force of bombers (50-100) to kill the enemy ACUs
- If you don't build Experimentals you only need 4 Energy Generators.
Knows it All25
Complete all primary and secondary campaign objectives   
If you press can see the objectives you have to complete. However in some missions you have a "time limit" or the missions are scripted. Save on a regular basis and you should be fine. For a list check the mission achievements.
Complete all hidden campaign objectives   (5) 
Each mission has 1 or 2 hidden objectives. They are not listed by pressing but you receive "Objective completed" once you fulfilled the requirements. For a detailed list please check the corresponding Missions, too. Thanks to the GPNet forums for revealing this list.

Mission 1:
Survivor - Survive the First Wave of attackers without losing a single unit.

Select all units and park them near your factories. With your ACU build 3-4 Turrets at the north end of the factories and with the 2 Engineers build 3 Turrets in the south of your base, but keep in mind that you have to repair the turrets. Once they are finished you will receive the message upon completing this objective.

Mission 2:
Economic Opportunist - Build at least two Mass Extractors on enemies territory.

Build either a rather large group of Bombers or Gunships and destroy the marked Mass Extractors (secondary objective) and once they are gone and you secured the position send your ACU or Engineers to build two Extractors.

Mission 3:
Master of the Seas - Build an Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft Carrier.

You have to research the naval tree to unlock this unit and build it with either ACU or Engineer in the water. Once it is finished to fine.

Mission 4:
Brutal Conqueror - Defeat Coleman without the aid of the Fatboys.

Best done on Easy. You have to destroy the enemy ACU without conquering Bravo and Charlie Position. So build an army of 50-60 Bombers with upgrades and send them to the northeast and bomb the ACU to oblivion.

Mission 5:
Experimenter - Build at least four Experimental units

Since you are under a lot of pressure and the Fatboy is your best bet to hold your line, this will come automatically.

Mission 6:
Nuke King - Launch your first nuke.

You have to research the Nuke in the structure tree and after you've build it, order a nuke by holding and press and wait 2-3 mins. To launch the nuke select the nuke silo and confirm the target with .

None Shall Pass! - Prevent any enemy King Kriptors from crossing the main fortress bridge.

Since the KKs only advance after you destroyed the first of the three generators you can destroy them with 90+ upgraded bombers quite easily. Avoid fighting them the hard way or you will find yourself in some major trouble.

Mission 1:
Blockhead - Prevent the blockade from taking more than 25% damage.

Capture all turrets you find across the map and for the far remote ones, leave 1-2 Engineers to repair them while the Cybrans advance.

Mission 2:
Master Tactician - Complete the operation by constructing fewer than 30 mobile units.

Use your ACU and Engineers to build Point Defense Turrets. Surround your entire base with lots of turrets. Once you are safe build 8 Wilfindja and send them north. Save before you do this, as you have to destroy the 6 factories and a Colossus Bot afterwards.

Mission 3:
Agent Provocateur - Capture all of the Security Stations.

There are two islands one northwest and one southeast with a small base and the security stations. Once you destroy the shield and everything else some Terror Gunships will close in, which you need to destroy before capturing the stations.

Mission 4:
Experimental Fanatic - Have at least eight experimental units at the same time.

You need 8 experimental units in the field. So either you build 8 Colossus bots and overrun the bases or build something else which can be built faster.

Mission 5:
Supremest Commander - Reach the highest level of veterancy with your ACU.

Not as tough as you might think. Cover your base with Shields and upgrade the damage of your ACU. Park the ACU north east and wait until it reaches Rank 5.

Mission 6:
Note that you can only do one objective during the mission, so replay it afterwards.

Bot Lord - Complete the operation with an army made up entirely of Assault Bots.

You can't build any factory add-ons, Shields, Turrets nor any other attack unit other than the standard Assault Bots you unlock via Tech Tree. So build a lot of Land Factories (4-6) each supported by 3 Engineers and pump them out. Best done on Easy.

A Czar is Born - Build your first Darkenoid.

First you need to research the Darkenoid and then just build it.

Mission 1:
Survival Expert - Survive Gauge's onslaught after the download completes.

Mission 2:
Master Thief - Capture a Rogue Engineer.

After you start the mission, send a Engineer to capture the rogue one which is building anti air turrets in the north of your starting point.

Great Escapist - Complete the operation without a unit being captured by the enemy.

You have to finish the mission without either a unit, building or turret captured.

Mission 3:
Cache and Carry - Collect all of the Technology Caches.

There are 5 Tech Caches placed on the different isles. One is on the isle south of the lab and a bit east of the structures there. The next is northwest of your starting point. The third is on the isle north of the lab and northeast of the structures. The fourth is hidden on the most northeastern isle and the last is south of the enemy base on the small isle.

Mission 4:
Sultan of Soul - Build at least four Soul Ripper Experimentals.

Research the Soul Ripper and the build four of them.

Mission 5:
Master of the Deep - Build a Kraken Experimental Submarine.

Research the Kraken and build it in the water.

Mission 6:
Research Savant - Complete all available research.

Just complete the mission with everything researched. To speed up the process build a large number of Research Facilities.

Master of Pawns - Win the operation without the aid of any Experimentals.

Instead of building Experimentals, build a massive air force of Geminis and aim for the enemy ACU. Note that even building any experimental building will void this objective. The message regarding completion of this objective comes after the Outro sequence.
Score Hoarder50
Get a complete campaign score over 150,000   
You get this after Mission 5 on Hard. All you have to do is completing all objectives in each mission and researching most/all of the Tech Tree and you get a score of ~32000 for each mission.
Improve your score on any operation   
Start a mission, sacrifice your ACU by sending it to the enemy base and replay the mission.
Win a skirmish or online match against any AI opponent   
As easy as it sounds. Set up a skirmish on a 2 Player map and win.
Good Game20
Win a skirmish or online match against all AI opponents   
You can either do it the hard way and fight against several AIs or just win on a 2player map against an AI.
Win a skirmish or online match without building any Experimentals    (1) 
Play against an easy AI with a Rush Timer of 10/20min depending how fast you can build and Assassination as Gametype. Build a nice force of bombers of gunships and kill the ACU.
To the Victor…25
Win 25 skirmish or online matches    
After you've won 25 Battles in either skirmish or online you unlock this achievement.
Rushin' Front10
Win a skirmish or online match in less than five minutes    (4) 
Choose a 4-player map like Treallach Island and add to your team 2 cheating AIs and 1 easy AI on the other team with Assassination as gametype and no Rush Timer. In most cases they end it within 5 Minutes. If you want to do it the more legitimate way try the map "Shiva Prime" and and do it with a good co-op partner.
Win a skirmish or online match with each faction    
Simple as it is, win a skirmish with of the thee factions.
Play 10 skirmish or online matches with one faction    
See "Committed Relationship"
Committed Relationship25
Play 25 skirmish or online matches with one faction    
Once you fought 10, then 25 battles with any faction you receive these achievements.
Win a skirmish or online match on every multiplayer map    
You have to beat all 20 maps in either skirmish or online. I suggest skirmish since you can add 2 cheating AIs to support you and finish the matches quite quickly without much effort.

2 Player Maps(5):
1. Clarke Training Center
2. Coalition Shipyard
3. Finn’s Revenge
4. Markon Bridge
5. Spring Duel

3 Player Maps(1):
6. Shiva Prime

4 Player Maps(14):
7. Artic Refuge
8. Boolon Complex (2vs2)
9. Boras Naval Test Range(2vs2)
10. Coalition Command Center(3vs1)
11. Corvana Chasm(2vs2)
12. Fields of Isis(2vs2)
13. Geothermal Borehole
14. Mirror Island(2vs2)
15. Open Palms(2vs2)
16. Seton’s Clutch(2vs2)
17. Sinorok Rift Armory(2vs2)
18. Treallach Island
19. Van Horne Core(2vs2)
20. Powderhorn Mesa
Sharp Shooter25
Destroy 10,000 units    
See "Time Cruncher" for a decent strategy to farm this.
Extract 1,000,000 mass    
See "Time Cruncher" for a decent strategy to farm this.
Master Builder25
Build 10,000 units   
See "Time Cruncher" for a decent strategy to farm this.
Time Cruncher50
Play the game for over 24 hours in total    (3) 
Map - Coalition command center 3v1
Type - Supremacy
Rush timer - 5
Add 1 easy AI

This is the best map as there is so many mass deposits, just destroy the AI base but make sure you leave 1 building so the game doesn't finish. Build on all the mass deposits then upgrade your mass income. You will be getting about 100 mass every second which works out at 6000 a min, it will take around 3 hours, not long at all. you can also just leave the game running which all goes towards your 24 hours played.

Make sure you finish the game and don't quit or nothing will count.

Now for the "Sharp Shooter" and "Master Builder" achievements:

There is 2 ways to do this. If you have a boosting partner this is the quickest way to get these achievements.

Start a ranked match or multiplayer match and build 10 or more air pads,then have your boosting partner build 2 anti-air at each of your air pads. Then your boosting partner shoud build 10 or more air pads and you build 2 anti-air at each of his air pads. Now all you have to do is keep building wasps from all of the air pads, they will be destroyed as soon as they are built.

If you don't have anyone to boost with this is what I did.
Start a skirmish match with these settings.

Map - Coalition command center 3v1
Type - Supremacy
Rush timer - 20min to set up enough defenses
Add 3 easy AI and make sure they are all on team 2 and you are at location A.
UEF recommended

Before you start Don't build land units or artillery, the land units are too slow and the artillery will destroy the AI.

As soon as you start you should upgrade your structures in this order: Build cost, Build timer, to start with. Then build 4 research stations around the outside of the 4 mass deposits, then build the 4 extractors. Keep building research stations all around the outside in a square, 20 -30 will do.

You should be getting plenty of tech points and you need to makes sure you have these researched before the rush timer is up; Radar, than Fortified artillery, Gauss cannon, Linked railgun anti-air, Health, Shield generator, then try to upgrade the Structures training ASAP.

Build 2 shield generators and 2 anti air in each corner of your base and 2 shield generators in the middle, now your base is nearly untouchable. make sure you build anti nuke defenses and don't forget to keep them well stocked, if you forget they will nuke you after a hour or so. They are also handy as nuke defense silos and nukes are also auto short range artillery. Build your power stations near your important structures cause as soon as you research Engineering Tower all your power stations auto repair or finish building structures for you.

Your base will be untouchable to anything they send at you and you will be getting loads of kills without building any units at all. Now all you have to do is build as many air pads as you like and keep building wasps. you can either set a way point to each or the AI bases or you can nuke your own units, the choice is yours.

After 45 mins. or so they will start sending 20 or so land units at a time but don't worry your base will take care of them. But if you are worried build a few fortified artillery at the front of your base.

Using this method I was able to build 4000+ units and get 1800+ kills every 2 hours. Just don't forget to finish the game or nothing will count.

Once you are done with everything except "Time Cruncher", destroy everything but 1 Mass Extractor or Power Station and leave the game running over night.
Internet Commander10
Win an online match   
You get this in either Ranked or against friends.
Win a co-op match vs AI   
See "Good Friends"
Win a Ranked Match   
See "Supreme Online Commander"
Supreme Online Commander50
Win 25 Ranked Matches   (9) 
Either rely on your skill or boost it with a friend. If you have no one look HERE
Good Friends20
Win 10 co-op matches vs AI   (2) 
After finally winning 10 matches in co-op you get this.
Secret Achievements
Communication Breakdown10
Complete the 'Prime Target' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Sneak Attack
- Defensive Position
- Experimental Invasion

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology (Demolisher)

Hidden Objectives:
- Survivor

In order to get the hidden objective 'Survivor' select all units and gather them in your base. With your ACU construct 3-4 Point Defense turrets (PD) in the northern perimeter of your base and with your 2 Engineers 3 PD in the southern Perimeter. Make sure that they stay near them, as they will need repairing and losing a turret might void the objective too. After all Cybrans are destroyed build a land factory and produce some units, but far more important build 5-6 turrets on each side of the western entrance, as they will destroy the incoming Megaliths.
Second Target10
Complete the 'Off Base' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- On the Defensive
- Look to the Sky
- Base of Operations

Secondary Objectives:
- Economic Meltdown
- Research Technology (Broadsword)

Hidden Objectives:
- Economic Opportunist

Start with building Anti-Air turrets (AA) in the northeastern part of your base, set 1-2 Engineers on patrol as they reclaim any wreckage for mass and start building up your base. Add shields to your turrets if you want, but it is more effective to construct Wasps to aid your turrets in this mission. Once you've built 20 Wasps and 20 Broadswords pursue your primary objectives, but continue to build more Broadswords and Wasps.

After you gain control of the 2nd base order your new army to the Mass Extractors north of you and destroy everything, then build Extractors yourself for the hidden objective 'Economic Opportunist', then finish off your enemy as you see fit.
Deep Freeze10
Complete the 'Strike While Cold' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Mass Attack
- End Gauge
- Left Behind

Secondary Objectives:

- Get Kraken
- Research Technology(Poseidon)

Hidden Objectives:

- Master of the Seas

Construct your base and focus on some AA in the beginning. However this mission will be quite relaxed. Build a small fleet of ships and submarines to destroy Kraken, aided with Wasps and lots of Broadswords (50+) to destroy the Megaliths after they beam in.

Don't forget to research and build the Atlantis Air Carrier to get the 'Master of the Seas' hidden objective.
Fatboy Parade15
Complete the 'Titans of Industry' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Big and Deadly
- Cool Off Coleman

Secondary Objectives:
- Take Control
- More Control
- Research Technology (Heavy Shield)

Hidden Objectives:
- Brutal Conqueror

First you can't do 'Brutal Conqueror' and 'Take Control'/'More Control' in the same go. You have to replay the mission to get them all done. On Hard I recommend going for the two bases to have it easier while building a massive force of Bombers (90+) to kill Coleman's ACU in one go. To get started reclaim what you find, build 3-4 Air Factories, 4-5 Research Labs in the southwest and some AA Turrets with several shields on the northeastern part of the plateau. You need 30 Wasps to fend off incoming Broadswords and Bombers along with 40+ Broadswords to kill the incoming Fatboys quickly. After you secured your position and survive the waves of enemy Units, build a task force of Bombers/Gunships and secure the southeastern base to end the Fatboys rolling to you. Then go for the northeastern base and finally bomb Coleman to hell.

If you intend on completing the hidden objective 'Brutal Conqueror' secure your position as described and concentrate on building your army of Bombers to go straight for Coleman.
Nuclear Strike15
Complete the 'Factions or Family Plan' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Evacuation
- Following Orders

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology(King Kriptor)
- Nuke Nuker

Hidden Objectives:
- Experimenter

The first tough mission in which you have to act fast. Research the upgraded income for mass and everything useful in the Structures tab. Build some more Energy Generators as you need them to order more Fatboys, then some Research Labs which should all be placed in the small base to the south without blocking the way for the Fatboys. Concentrate your army a bit north of your base and start building PD + AA supported with shields and several Wasps. Your goal is to have several Fatboys to defend all 180° of your base and a impenetrable defense line. After the first nukes are launched shift your production to Bombers to destroy these Nuke Silos ASAP. 50 bombers are enough as they are not well defended. Once you've overcome this, build more bombers and assassinate the enemy ACU.

The hidden objective 'Experimenter' will come naturally as you need 4+ Fatboys to defend your base.
Rodgers is Relieved25
Complete the 'End of an Alliance' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Panic Attack
- Chain Reaction
- Core Damage

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology(Noah Cannon)

Hidden Objectives:
- None Shall Pass!
- Nuke King

Finally the end of the UEF campaign. You have to get your ACU to your friend's base. So send your other units ahead of your ACU and try to destroy as many tanks as possible. The missile launcher aren't a great threat to your ACU. Once you arrive you only have a short amount of time to get a defense of PD and AA up and running. You will be attacked by land from the north and northeast and by gunships incoming primarily from the east. Have some Fatboys assist your defense and you are safe.

Before you try to take out the shield generators marked as your objective, build 100 bombers and destroy the 3 King Kriptors lingering around the main power core. You may have to launch several attacks to destroy them all, but they won't move and can't attack air units.

Afterwards you will have completed the hidden 'None Shall Pass!'. Once they are destroyed, use any means to take out the remaining objectives. Don't forget to build and fire a nuke to finish 'Nuke King'.
Barge Ahead10
Complete the 'Delta Force' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Sink or Swim
- Ripped to Shreds

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology (Wilfindja)

Hidden Objectives:
- Blockhead

Time is essential in the next missions, so if you have major problems after 3-5 minutes restart the mission. First get 2 Engineers into your carrier and bring them to the turrets in the northeast. You ultimately want to capture all turrets in the map and mass extractors you can find to survive until you can build more units.

While you are capturing the buildings, build your base and concentrate your army in the small passage a bit north east of the barricade. This will be the central point you want to defend at all cost to maintain the barricade's health to complete 'Blockhead', the hidden objective. Build Wilfindjas ASAP and a lot of them as they are great in destroying ships. Support them with Fighters or AA units and you'll be fine.v
Complete the 'Lethal Weapons' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Unsafe Landing
- Alarming Production
- Big Surprise

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology (Bodaboom)

Hidden Objectives:
- Master Tactician

This mission will be a pain if you are aiming to get the hidden objective 'Master Tactician' on Hard in one go. Once the mission starts build 5-6 turrets in front of your ACU to make sure most of your army survives. After the next cutscene use them to take out the turrets next to the two Extractors at the northern perimeter. Now endure the next wave coming from the north and then start by building a factory and some Engineers supporting you in building turrets. Most enemies will come and teleport from the western and eastern flank. However a Urchinow will be coming from the north soon, so build two lines of turrets supported by 2 shields to destroy it. Once you are satisfied with your defenses build 5-6 Wilfindjas and use them to destroy the northern base. Once the factories are reduced to rubble a Colossus bot will appear, but with your "army" of Experimentals it shouldn't survive long.
Prison Break15
Complete the 'Back on the Chain Gang' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- The Big House

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology (Teleport)
- Insecure
- Out of Control
- Pro Anti-Air
- Not the Bees!

Hidden Objectives:
- Agent Provocateur

Another challenging mission in the beginning. Before you build anything else, research the shield generator and increased mass income. Build 4-5 PD, 4-5 AA and 1-2 Shields around you and endure the 3 waves of land units. Once they are defeated build your base while extending it with shields generators and AA turrets. Then build either gunships or bombers and clear the 2 islands north and south east of you.

Each island has a security node you need to capture for the hidden objective, 'Agent Provocateur'. However, after each base is destroyed 5-6 AC-1000 Terror gunships will arrive and try to guard it. After you captured the devices destroy any PD inside the prison and teleport your ACU in and capture the target.
Hole in the Ground15
Complete the 'Steamed' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- UEF No More

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology(Universal Colossus, Urchinow, Sliptack)

Hidden Objectives:
- Experimental Fanatic

Finally a relaxing mission. To keep yourself from harm all you need are a line of PD and AA turrets at the northern exit, supported by 2 shields.

Once you are done, build 8 Colossus bots to accomplish the hidden 'Experimental Fanatic' objective or more if you want. Divide them and have them march to the UEF bases and target the ACUs.
Complete the 'Cliff Diving' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Center of Attention

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology(Airnomo)
- Space Temple Pilots
- Mesa Mass

Hidden Objectives:
- Supremest Commander

The only "tough" objective is getting your ACU to max. veterancy for the hidden objective, 'Supremest Commander'. To do that research anything related with health, AA and damage. Then build several shields on the plateau and park the ACU northeast of it and wait. In the meantime build a nice base, research what you need and build a massive force in any way you see fit. Several Airnomos and Colossus bots supported with standard bots and Bombers/Gunships will suffice.

Once you are ready, capture the space temple and deploy the exit with the and on the plateau west of you and capture the mass deposits. Then set the exit on one of the extensions of the enemy "city" and send everything you have through the Temple. March to your destination and destroy it.
Complete the 'Prime Time' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Stand Off
- Classmates

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology (Darkenoid, Loyalty Gun)

Hidden Objectives:
- Bot Lord
- A Czar is born

Don't bother with 'Bot Lord' on Hard. It is possible but frustrating and you have to play the mission twice anyway to get both of the hidden objective 'Bot Lord' and 'A Czar is born' done. You can't build any factory add-ons, turrets, shields nor any other land unit beside the standard Bots and Engineers. I tried and this is based on the Bot Lord run. Start with building 2 Land Factories and everything else needed for a base and research anything beneficial for the bots. High Priority is on AA guns for land units.

Pump out the first 20 bots and try to defend your base with the units provided until you have enough resources to have a constant force of 60 bots in the base. Now try to reach the limit cap asap with 6+ factories and march with 100 bots all the way to the north and destroy the ACU there. Because, if you destroy the other 2 first, Maddox will be really endangered by Urchinows and Colossus bots which he can't destroy and you need 50-60 bots to defeat them. After the sacrifice of your bots tackle the Cybran and destroy the outpost near Maddox and any Megalith inbound to your base. Killing off the silent UEF commander is nothing difficult at this point.

If you can't manage to defend your base without turrets and shields don't be disappointed and retry it on Easy, but build a Darkanoid to complete 'A Czar is born' while you are at it. On Easy it won't be any challenge to complete 'Bot Lord'.
Complete the 'Fact Finder' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Brain Drain
- The Gate Escape

Secondary Objectives:
- The Shield
- Research Technology(Megalith II)

Hidden Objectives:
-Survival Expert

The hidden 'Survival Expert' on Hard is possible but may prove difficult. However, what you need to do in the first place is to survive the first 5min without losing turrets. Researching the Structure training also reduces cost and building by 10%, but research shields and the higher fire rate first. Ok now you have only 1 minute to construct your basic defenses. You want to have 2-3 PD at the north exit, 2-3PD northeast, 4-5 AA north east and east and 2-3 PD southeast. Disperse your units along the eastern front and hope you kill the incoming Geminis fast enough. Now upgrade the factories with AA and shields and build some more engineers as they should repair the turrets and reclaim wreckage.

Once you researched everything useful for buildings, research the megalith while always adding more turrets and shields. Focus on AA as your megaliths will help destroying land units and after the download is complete you have to fight off many Soul Ripper gunships.

Aim to build 4-6 Megaliths from the 10minute mark onwards. The hidden 'Survival Expert' should be completed at 25min, 30sec. Then retreat with your ACU to the Gate southwest of your base. If you can't keep up against the Soul Rippers, replay it on Easy.
Bugs in the System20
Complete the 'The Trouble With Technology' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Serve the Server

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology (Executioner Class, Jumpjets (Land tree))

Hidden Objectives:
- Master Thief
- Great Escapist

Immediately capture the rogue Engineer north of the starting point with one of yours for 'Master Thief.' Then capture the AA turrets. You can see a Mass deposit east of the AA turrets; this is the utmost eastern border so build a bit west of it 5-6 PD for the beginning while your units support but aim to build around 15-20 once the waves increase in number. Depending how you set them up and they target the incoming hordes of Engineers.

In the meanwhile build some Energy Generators, Mass Extractors and Research Labs. Once done with these, build 6 PD on the south eastern shore off your part of the map as there will be coming Engineers after 10-15min. Once you are well defended research the Megalith and build 10 of them, then advance slowly. After you reach the Server, use your ACU's Jumpjets or simply walk and capture it.

If you want to accomplish the hidden objective 'Great Escapist' you have to make sure, that no turret, building or unit is captured.
Animal Magnetism10
Complete the 'The Great Leap Forward' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Station Agent
- Ex-Files
- Station Defender
- Lizard King

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology(Giant Transport)

Hidden Objectives:
- Cache and Carry

Another fairly simple mission. Ship all units and Engineers to the Lab and destroy anything that attacks it. Then build several PD, some AA turrets and shields at the south eastern part as it is the only way the enemy can approach. Don't forget to fortify your base with shields and AA to defend against incoming gunships and bombers.

Once you are secure, find and destroy the Tech Caches to complete the hidden 'Cache and Carry' objective. There are 5 Tech Caches placed on the different isles. One is on the isle south of the lab and a bit east of the structures there. The next is northwest of your starting point. The third is on the isle north of the lab and north east of the structures there. The fourth is hidden on the most northeastern isle and the last is south of the enemy base on the small isle. After you are ready, once again build trusty 10 Megaliths and destroy the base and the appearing Cybranasaurus.
Class Reunion20
Complete the 'Gatekeeper' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Band of Commanders
- Brothers and Sisters in Arms

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology(Soul Ripper)

Hidden Objectives:
- Sultan of Soul

Well, you know this place already. However this time it is easier. Set up PDs east with shields and AA and PDs + Shields only to the south. From the east will come regular waves of air and land units along with one Urchinow. From the south, most of the time 2 Urchinows, however you have some time before they appear. Turtle yourself in and once you have enough resources build Soul Rippers.

You need approx. 4 for each base to take down the enemy ACU without much trouble. However you can use Megaliths for the first base as it has weak defenses.
Well Stocked15
Complete the 'Surface Tension' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- Well Stocked

Secondary Objectives:
- Research Technology (Land Emergence Galleon System)
- Carrier Away

Hidden Objectives:
- Master of the Deep

Once you survived the first waves this mission becomes really easy and relaxed. You should notice the 2 Mass Deposits to the east. Build 5-6 PDs and move your remaining units there as well. You have to destroy marching ships and after them incoming bombers and gunships. So guard your growing base with shields and AA turrets. Also build several PDs on the southern shore as regularly some enemy ships will come.

Now you are faced with a choice. Either build Megaliths, Soul Rippers, or use a nice army of 20 ships mixed with long range and short range and bomb the enemy base back to the Stoneage! However, don't forget to take out the cruisers patrolling the seas. One is south of your base, one south of the enemy base and one north of the enemy base.

Also build a Kraken submarine to complete the hidden 'Master of the Deep'.
Terra Firma25
Complete the 'The Final Countdown' operation    
Primary Objectives:
- End Gauge

Secondary Objetives:
- Research Technology (Cybranasaurus Rex)
- Those Mortal Coils

Hidden Objectives:
- Research Savant
- Master of Pawns

This is the final mission and its a real test of your skill and nerves. Decide first if you go for the hidden objective 'Master of Pawns' by using only non-experimental units/buildings or not.

First set 2 Engineers on patrol to the southwest to reclaim all the wreckage. Next, build your defenses at the middle Mass Deposit to the north. You will face growing larger waves of Cybran and Illuminate units as well as Experimentals. So build PDs, AAs ,and shields; lots of them. However, you will be attacked from the northwest by tactical missile launchers, so build Adaptors to counter them. Additionally, you will face enemies coming from east or dropped in the southeast of your base. So build PDs and Shields there too. After a while Megaliths and Airnomos will attack you from northeast along with the regular army of Gunships, Bombers and land units. Then be prepared to face Colossus bots, Soul Rippers and Darkanoids.

After your defenses are enough for the moment construct at least 3 air factories and start to crank out bombers (60 are enough) to take out the 4 Power coils. But prepare for incoming drones which are produced from the Drone Spawners located near each coil. Either destroy them in advance or build additional AA. You will hear warnings of nukes being launched but you are not the target, so be at ease. Now all enemy structures are revealed. Locate the factories in the east and north west. Destroy them with 100 Bombers and be sure to kill off all engineers or they will rebuild. Gauge will say something which concludes that everything is destroyed there and won't be rebuild for each position. By this time you will have to endure a long range artillery. It is located a bit north east of your base next to the factories there. Destroy it ASAP.

Once the situation becomes quite relaxed you should try to complete all research for the hidden 'Research Savant'. Then send your bombers after Gauge and finish the game. The objective 'Master of Pawns' will be completed after the final outro sequence, so don't panic.
Don't lose any units during the first attack in 'Prime Target'   
Select all units and park them near your factories. With your ACU build 3-4 Turrets at the north end of the factories and with the 2 Engineers build 3 Turrets in the south of your base, but keep in mind that you have to repair the turrets. Once they are finished you will receive the message upon completing this objective. The achievement pops after the mission.
Bot Lord15
Complete 'Prime Time' with an army made up entirely of Assault Bots   
You can't build any factory add-ons, Turrets, Shields nor any other attack Unit other than the standard Assault Bots you unlock via Tech Tree. So build a lot of Land Factories (4-6) each supported by 3 Engineers and pump them out. Best done on Easy.
Survive multiple waves after the download completes in 'Fact Finder'   (3) 
Build 4-6 Megaliths after 10min to fend off land attacks and focus on building Anti-Air turrets. After the download is complete, you have to hold out 3-4 waves of several Soul Rippers. Often they crash in your turrets and destroy them. Be on the lookout and replace them ASAP. Possible to do on Hard but much more manageable on Easy. Objective will be completed around 25min, 30sec.

Game Info
Square Enix


US March 09, 2010
Europe March 19, 2010

Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: $14.99USD
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