Supreme Commander (EU)

Supreme Commander (EU) Achievements

Supreme Commander

Finish all campaigns on all difficulties.   

This will unlock when you have beaten all three campaigns (six missions each) on Hard. A walkthrough of the campaigns is available here.

General Tips:

Freezing - If you want the full 1000 in this game, you have to be very patient. Supreme Commander locks up a LOT if you have a large profile. If you are a gamer who has only played a limited number of games, this won't be nearly the issue. This typically only happens when it is writing to your profile, so typically at the end of a skirmish or campaign mission. The game writes the save file first, and then the profile update, so you won't lose any data, but it can be annoying. If the screen goes black, or starts flickering madly, bail to the dashboard fast and you and avoid the 360 locking up. Then rather than rebooting, all you have to do is reload the game. However, in multiplayer it does not save the game, so if you lock up while writing to your profile, chances are pretty good that it did not successfully record that you got a win on that map.

Adjacency - This is a very important concept for SC that cannot be stressed enough. If you plan to play competitively, you have to live and breath adjacency. Building power plants immediately next to certain structures provides benefits. If it takes power to run, the amount of power needed is reduced. If it is a weapon, it will fire faster. If it is a production facility, the amount of power required to build is reduced. The same applies to mass producing structures if you build them next to structures, although that can be trickier. Note also that if you build a power storage device adjacent to a power plant, it will increase the output of the power plant. Building mass storage adjacent to mass producing structures increases their production as well. If all sides are receiving a full adjacency bonus, that equates to a 50% boost in production.

Commander upgrades - When your ACU is selected, pressing right on the D-pad and then holding the LS down will bring up your upgrade selection menu. You have three areas of the ACU that you can upgrade (left arm, right arm, torso). There are multiple choices for each area, but some of the most important are the engineering suites (right arm) and Resource Allocation System (torso). Your ACU with a Tech 3 engineering suite is faster than 4 or 5 Tech 3 engineers, so use this whenever you can. Also, it can be a formidable offensive weapon, especially early in multi-player (although this can be risky). There are upgrades which enhance the range, damage, and firing frequency of the ACU's weapon as well, along with one that increases the amount of power and mass your ACU generates.

Repeat production - You can queue up a mixed group of units and set the whole group to repeat, which makes it easier to produce a user-defined mix of units. For instance, if you want 10 heavy tanks, 5 mobile missile launchers, and 2 mobile anti-air units as your ratio, set that up in your land factory and then press left on the D-pad. This pulls you into the active queue on the left side of your screen. You can then use the LS and press A to either set the queue to repeat or pause production without cancelling your queue. Very handy, and not discussed in training or the manual.

Importance of assisting - This cannot be stressed enough. If you sit around and wait for factories to produce units, buildings to be built, etc... you are going to lose. All sorts of units can assist in various tasks, but ACUs, SCUs and engineers are the most valuable. They will speed production and building speed as well as heal damaged buildings. This requires additional power and mass, but you can shave off LOTS of time especially on bigger units. A naval factory may take 8 minutes to build a battleship, but throw five Tech 3 engineers at it and you can pump them out every three minutes or so. Assisting is good for combat units as well. If you task a scout plane to assist a mobile artillery unit, it essentially expands the effective area of the artillery. You can task interceptors to assist bombers, and they will escort them to the strike area, engaging any enemy air units on the way.

Transporting - Transports are built by air factories, and are used to move land units rapidly around the map. You can set up ferry routes off the command wheel, or you can set them to assist factories and they will automatically pick up produced units and move them to the destination defined in the factory's move command. Very handy and sort of addressed in the tutorial, but not very well. Practice in a sandbox if you want to get comfortable in a non-combat situation.

Patrols - Land, air and sea units can all be set to patrols. The most common is definitely a patrol of interceptors flying CAP above your base. However, engineers are awesome on patrol and often overlooked. They will automatically reclaim any debris, heal any nearby damaged units or structures, and even help out on production facilities for one unit per pass. This is a great way to keep turrets healthy and automatically collect mass from enemies destroyed as they try to breach your front lines.

Fuel for airplanes - All flying units except Experimental units will eventually run out of fuel if you keep them flying all the time. This is most common with the interceptor CAP. There are two solutions. If you have the ability to build an air staging facility (you won't early in the campaigns, but it is a Tech 2 structure) then placing one of them near the patrol route will let any patroling planes automatically land on it to fuel and heal, then go back to their patrol. Very clever of the programmers, because it is all automatic. If you want to heal bombers after a bombing run, just set them to patrol near the facility and then tell them to land once all are healed. The second solution is to land the planes and let them sit idle. They slowly regain fuel. Slowly. Very slowly.

Urgency of objectives - The various "helpers" that you have in the campaign love to tell you how urgent things are all the time. With the exception of the last Cybran mission where you have to shoot down the Czar flying fortress, the game generally does not progress until you perform the action required. This means that you can take your time to tech up your base, build units for your next step, etc., and then go capture the building or whatever to move on. Don't let them egg you on before you are ready, especially if you are playing on Hard.


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