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Guide By: silva, Creech
There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 440
- Online: 80
- Either online or offline: 480
- Approximate time: 150-200 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Glitched achievements: None
- Cheats: None


Arguably the best strategy game available for the PC, the Xbox version suffers from the relatively underpowered CPU/GPU. It is a long single player experience (3 related campaigns and 34 skirmish missions) and almost as long on the multiplayer if you have a partner, much longer without a partner (120 or so games you need to win).

Installing the game to the hard drive resolves most problems with the game and assists with keeping the frame rate up to a decent level (although rarely at 60fps in the later missions). If you don't have room to do this, seriously think about passing on the game entirely.

Achievements pop at the end of the missions, skirmish games, and multiplayer games, so bear that in mind. When doing a skirmish, you can save, win, and if the achievement doesn't pop you can reload your saved skirmish and keep going.

Single Player:

Complete the tutorial, then move into the campaign. You can play them in any order, and even jump around doing one mission from each campaign at a time if you wish.

The difference between Hard and Easy is minimal, so if you are decent at strategy games just start on Hard. If you are new the genre, this probably is not the game to start on (try Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath instead). However, you can play the first five missions of each campaign on Easy and change to Hard for the last mission, which will still net you all of the completion achievements. There is a mission walkthrough in the forum and the guide has some solid tips at the very bottom on the front page of the site. You will earn the majority of the online/offline achievements in the campaigns, if you do them first.

Next, play skirmish mode on Assassination following the guidelines in the guide under "To The Grave" to earn the skirmish achievements.


The multiplayer can be frustrating due to the game locking up, so make sure your partner also has the game installed to their hard drive. Games where one person freezes do not tend to count for either players' stats.

Technically, you only need to win once on each map (34 of them) to get Battle Commander and Theatre of War, but it is much faster to boost the other game types instead of playing skirmish matches for all of them. Also, on Roanoke Abyss make sure that both of you get Typhoon and Supreme Shipwright, if you didn't get them in the campaign.

Note that all of the game type achievements can be done in private matches except for "King of the Hill" which must be done in ranked multiplayer or skirmish. There are notes in the guide to indicate which game types can be quit out for the win as opposed to having to play the complete game to victory.

Clean Up:

At this point, you should have three to four achievements left (Economy of Grand Scale: Mass, Project X, Firestorm and maybe Nuclear Wind) all of which can be done in one skirmish game on Roanoke Abyss. Knock the AI down until they have one power plant or such left, and then build on every mass point, upgrade everything to level three, and power up to excess. Then start shooting nukes, building experimental units, and walking away for half an hour at a time. It may take 2-3 hours to get all the experimental units and nukes done, then you can just let it run while you sleep to finish up the mass needed. Alternately, play more campaign or skirmish missions to get mass, but you won't get anything like the mass from Roanoke Abysss when you have all the mass points at level three with four storage devices attached to each one.
x360a would like to thank Creech for this Road Map

UEF Campaign Complete: Easy20
UEF Campaign Complete: Easy     

 See UEF Campaign Complete: Hard


UEF Campaign Complete: Normal30
UEF Campaign Complete: Normal       

 See UEF Campaign Complete: Hard


UEF Campaign Complete: Hard 40
UEF Campaign Complete: Hard      

 The UEF campaign has six missions. You can play the first five on easy or normal if you wish, although the hard AI is not particularly more difficult. To change the difficulty when you tackle the last mission, enter the single player menu, select Campaign (not load), Hard, make sure UEF is selected, press X to choose mission, and select mission 6.

There is a mission walk through available here.


Aeon Campaign Complete: Easy20
Aeon Campaign Complete: Easy      

 See Aeon Campaign Complete: Hard


Aeon Campaign Complete: Normal30
Aeon Campaign Complete: Normal       

 See Aeon Campaign Complete: Hard


Aeon Campaign Complete: Hard40
Aeon Campaign Complete: Hard       

The Aeon campaign has six missions. You can play the first five on easy or normal if you wish, although the hard AI is not particularly more difficult. To change the difficulty when you tackle the last mission, enter the single player menu, select Campaign (not load), Hard, make sure Aeon is selected, press X to choose mission, and select mission 6.

There is a mission walk through available here.


Cybran Campaign Complete: Easy 20
Cybran Campaign Complete: Easy     

See Cybran Campaign Complete: Hard

Cybran Campaign Complete: Normal30
Cybran Campaign Complete: Normal      

See Cybran Campaign Complete: Hard

Cybran Campaign Complete: Hard40
Cybran Campaign Complete: Hard      

The Cybran campaign has six missions. You can play the first five on easy or normal if you wish, although the hard AI is not particularly more difficult. To change the difficulty when you tackle the last mission, enter the single player menu, select Campaign (not load), Hard, make sure Cybran is selected, press X to choose mission, and select mission 6.

There is a mission walk through available here.

Complete the tutorial.   

The tutorial is located from the Main Menu > Single Player > Tutorial. Simply load this up and follow the instructions and objectives and this can be completed in about 20 minutes.

Supreme Armorer10
Build 1000 ground units.    

Playing the campaigns you should pass 4000 easy, so this is the most efficient way of gaining this achievement. However, if you want to get this before playing the campaign, go to skirmish (under the Single Player menu) and load up a big map such as Seton's' Clutch vs. the normal AI. Set the unit cap to 500, Pre-built base and 20 minute no rush option. Start out by building up your economy then make 10 - 20 land factories and start pumping out ALL SCOUT UNITS. With this method you will reach the 500 unit cap before time runs out many times over. When you reach the 500 unit cap select all of the scouts by zooming out and double tapping on any one of the scouts. Then press then navigate to the Self Destruct button in the lower right corner. Keep building until you reach unit cap 2 more times then save and then the achievement will unlock after saving.

Supreme Aeronautics10
Build 1000 air units.    

You will far exceed this when playing the campaign, but the same approach for getting it quicker as is detailed in Supreme Armorer works for Supreme Aeronautics as well. Build Air factories instead.

Supreme Shipwright10
Build 1000 sea units.    

This one you quite possibly will NOT get during the campaigns, although you certainly will make a good head start (especially in the Aeon campaign). You can use the same approach as Supreme Armorer. Build Sea factories instead but select a different map which has a lot of water such as Roanoke Abyss or White Fire. You also can replay the last Aeon campaign and instead of capturing the control tower, just build sea units to defend your initial island.

Hail Storm10
Kill 1000 air units.    

This should come when playing the campaigns. If you want it faster, the best approach is multiplayer with a partner. Create a SAM field slightly away from your base and have them send a constant stream of scouts at the field. You can do the same for your partner (the scouts will largely ignore each other, especially if you set paths for them). Doing it this way will also earn you the Supreme Aeronautics achievement.

Kill 1000 ground units.    

Play the campaign and you will get this very quickly. By the time I was done with the second campaign I had over 10,000 ground unit kills.

Kill 1000 sea units.    

This is the only one of the "Kill 1000" achievements that you probably will not get during the campaign. Three easy ways to get this done: 1) Replay the last Aeon mission and don't capture the control tower. Naval units will continue to attack you, just save every hour or so to see if you have enough kills yet; or 2) Keep playing sea intensive skirmish maps that have much more water than land to heighten the probability of getting a sea kill. Skirmish vs 3 - 4 normal AI's depending on your skill on Roanoke Abyss because it has a lot of water; or 3) Play with a partner in multiplayer and set up a row of torpedo turrets and have your partner send in a lot of Tech 1 units (not submarines, however). With a partner, you can do this along with Supreme Shipwright, but for efficiency you should do all of the campaigns first (especially the Aeon campaign).

Destroy 500 buildings.    

Finish the Tutorial and the first couple missions of any Campaign and this achievement will unlock. Alternatively, play a Skirmish vs multiple opponents and this will unlock in one shot. You will destroy in excess of 8,000 buildings if you play all campaigns on Hard.

Economy of Scale: Power 20
Produce 1,000,000 power.    

You cannot avoid this one if you play the game at all. Unlocked by playing any two missions in campaign mode if nothing else.

Economy of Scale: Mass20
Produce 1,000,000 mass.    

Unlocked after the first 3 missions or by using the Economy of Grand Scale: Mass method.

Economy of Grand Scale: Power30
Produce 100,000,000 power.    

You will get this when you play the campaigns and the skirmish missions. By the time I beat the campaigns and did all the multiplayer and skirmish achievements, I had almost 2 trillion power made. See Economy of Grand Scale: Mass if you want to get it early.

Economy of Grand Scale: Mass30
Produce 100,000,000 mass.    

You will get 30 million or so from all the other achievements combined. For the rest of it start a Skirmish on Burial Mounds against a Normal AI. Set the No Rush option to 20, Fog of War to None, Units to 500, and game mode to Supremacy. Tech up an Air Base and build three Tech 3 strategic bombers. When the No Rush timer expires (you can see how long you have left by pressing the back button) send your bombers to take out the enemy ACU and start making gun ships (if you are UEF, you can create Tech 3 heavy gunships, otherwise use the Tech 2 ones). Send the gunships to kill all remaining units (start with engineers, then any anti-air units) and turrets, then blow up all factories and mass extractors. Make sure you leave power plants alone (the Supremacy game type ends when you destroy all of their buildings, so you have to leave them some buildings and power plants are a good choice).

When the enemy is pacified, self-destruct all of your units except your ACU and Tech 3 engineers. The next step is to make a template that has a Tech 3 mass extractor adjacent to four Tech 1 mass storage devices (select one of your existing setups by dragging a box around it, and then press right on the D-pad, use the LS to pick a spot from 1-8, and then hold down the A button for about three seconds until the animation is done). Get two groups of 3-5 Tech 3 engineers and have one group place the template on all the mass points on each side of the water, and don't forget the middle island. While that is going on (it can take an hour or two to get them all planted) you can build four Tech 3 power plants and then reclaim all the other buildings in your base except for the mass extractors and their mass storage. Then upgrade your ACU with the improved Resource Allocation Upgrade, and go to bed. In 8 hours you should get around 70-75 million mass, so you may need to leave it on two nights if you haven't done the campaign yet. You can check along the way by saving the skirmish mission and when it says "Saving profile" it is checking for any achievements you may have earned.

You may want to get Firestorm when doing this one as well.

Cherry Picking30
Beat Normal AI on all Skirmish maps.     

See To The Grave

Holding Your Own30
Beat Challenge AI on all Skirmish maps.     

See To The Grave

To The Grave30
Beat Supreme AI on all Skirmish maps.    

These achievements are somewhat stacked and the Supreme AI is not overly difficult. There are 34 skirmish maps, but they are not all available in every mode. Note that you cannot only play Supreme AIs to get these achievements: you must beat at least one Normal AI to get any of the three AI/Skirmish achievements, and at least one Challenge AI to get Holding Your Own and To the Grave. In theory you can play one game with one of each AI and then play all the rest against a single Supreme and get all three achievements, but that is not the most efficient approach. Instead, aim to get the three Skirmish AI achievements plus the Hunter Killer and Supreme Assassin achievements for a total GS of 140.

Set the victory condition to Assassination, Fog of War to None, No Rush time to 20. On on maps that allow 4 players put in a Supreme AI, a Challenge AI and a Normal AI. On maps with 3 players choose a Supreme AI and a Challenge AI and with 2 Players only Supreme AI. Killing all 3 count as 3 ACU or Commander Unit kills towards the Hunter Killer achievement and you get credit for beating the Supreme AI on each map. To kill each commander tech up an air factory to level 3 then make 2 - 3 tech 3 bombers for each commander. Attack the commander units with the bombers and if they kill him all the AI's units die.

Hunter Killer20
Kill 100 ACUs.    

See "To The Grave", or you can just play a lot of skirmish or campaign missions.

Supreme Engineer10
Build 1000 buildings.    

Unlocked during normal play. You could completely waste your time and start a skirmish and build a lot of buildings, but will far exceed this going for all the other achievements.

Build 1 experimental unit for each faction.    

You can get this in the campaign since you are prompted to build experimental units in the last mission of each campaign, or you can do a series of multi-player or skirmish games and build the cheapest experimental for each faction. For UEF build the Atlantis on a water map such as Roanoke Abyss. For Aeon build the Tempest on a water map such as Roanoke Abyss. For Cybran build the Monkeylord on any land map. *Experimentals can only be built by a Tech 3 level Commander, Tech 3 engineers, or Support Commanders and can be built by navigating the click wheel to the "X" on the Tier selection menu.*

Project X40
Build 100 experimental units.    

This is one of the few achievements you should not expect to get during the campaign or normal multiplayer progress. Time consuming but can be done on Skirmish on a large map vs. the AI. An easy method is to get your economy going and many Tech 3 mass extractors then take 10 or so Tech 3 engineers and queue up 100 experimental units of your choice on any map of your choice. The fastest to build is the Cybran's Monkeylord. Come back in two hours or so, save and quit if you get the achievement. If you don't, keep building. *Experimentals can only be built by a Tech 3 level Commander, Tech 3 engineers, or Support Commanders and can be built by navigating the click wheel to the "X" on the Tier selection menu.*

Note that you should do this after (or in conjunction with) the King of the Hill achievement since Experimental units are used to win those games.


Nuclear Wind10
Fire 10 nukes.    

See Firestorm.

Fire 100 nukes.     

This is easily done when going for the Economy of Grand Scale: Mass achievement. While you are idling and letting your mass accumulate simply build 5 or so nuke silos and when they are complete shoot them into a unoccupied area, my suggestion is way out at sea. Click out into the water about 100 times so that all the nukes will fire on their own instead of you having to manually target each one now they will fire immediately after a new nuke is built. After all 5 are built you should unlock this achievement before you've unlocked the Economy of Grand Scale: Mass achievement.

Mouse Trap10
Kill 100 units with Point Defense Turrets.    

This will be one of your first achievements. Play the campaign or any small map (Ambush Pass, Theta Passage, WInters Duel) in Skirmish mode. Just build several tech 2 point defenses around your base, the AI will just keep trying to walk into them resulting in a kill.

Fly Swatter10
Kill 100 units with Anti-Air Turrets.    

One of the first achievements you will get. Play the campaign or a large skirmish map. Tech 2 Flak or Tech 2 mobile Flak are the best for swatting down enemy air units, or Tech 3 SAMs (although they take longer to build).

Supreme Assassin30
Win on all Assassination maps on any difficulty.    

To win an Assassination game, you must kill the enemy ACUs. Nothing else matters. Kill the enemy on all maps with victory condition set to Assasination. I suggest doing this one with the method stated in "To the Grave" to avoid unnecessary replays. However, you can do this in multiplayer with a partner and have the non-hosting player quit out.

Supreme Annihilator 30
Win on all Annihilation maps on any difficulty.    

This can be done in Skirmish mode or Ranked Multiplayer (it cannot be achieved consistently in private or unranked multiplayer). To win an Annihilation game type, you must destroy all the enemy units: combat units, ACU, and engineers. You do not need to destroy their buildings. Annihilation is available on all 34 multiplayer/skirmish maps. This cannot be done by the opponent quiting out in a multiplayer game. The fastest method is to have a partner in multiplayer and set Fog of War to None, Game Speed to Fastest. Have one person build an air base and start pumping out Tech 1 bombers with the move set to right next to the enemy ACU. They will automatically start targeting the ACU when they get close, and the starting ACU can't target air units so it will just sit there and be chiseled down. This takes about 3-4 minutes per game.

King of the Hill30
Win on all King of the Hill maps on any difficulty.     

This can be achieved in Ranked Multiplayer or Skirmish. It cannot be achieved in private matches or if a player quits; the game must be played to the end. There are 26 KOTH maps. To win in King of the Hill, you must accumulate points by having combat units (not your ACU) remain in the marked area (generally in the middle of the map, except on one or two small two-player maps). Points are awarded based on the number of units and their tech level. A single Tech 1 unit gives you 1 point every four seconds, and the minimum point value to win is 100,000 points. Obviously, that is not an approach that makes for a quick victory. The quickest way to win is to build an Experimental Unit which is a Tech 4, and earns about 3800 points every 4 seconds.

Controlling Presence30
Win on all Command Point maps on any difficulty.    

This can be achieved in Skirmish or Multiplayer. There are 27 Command Point maps. Command Point games are won by using engineers or your ACU to capture marked structures around the map. The fastest method is in Private Multiplayer with a partner. Set Capture Points to 50%, Pre-base on, Fog of War to None. One player can sit there while the other builds 5 engineers and sends them out to capture the Command Points. On larger maps you might want to also build an air base and use transports.

Note that in this mode if you increase the game speed it becomes incredibly glitchy (yes, even more than the game already is) and tends to crash. I strongly recommend against increasing the game speed when playing Command Point!

Battle Commander30
Win on 10 different multiplayer maps.   

See Theater of War

Capture 50 enemy units.    

See War of Attrition

War of Attrition30
Capture 100 enemy units.    

You will get this when you go for Controlling Presence. If you want to do this first however, capturing mass extractors and other small buildings is the easiest way to go. Let the AI build all over the place on a large map then send engineers out to capture those points. Alternately just play through all the campaigns and this will unlock. Note also that the neutral (tan colored) buildings and all wall structures count for this as well.

Theater of War50
Win on all multiplayer maps.   

Just like To The Grave but with human enemies in Multiplayer Xbox Live mode. There are 34 maps to win on, and can be paired up with Supreme Annhilator for best efficiency. Start out by hosting games from Ambush Pass down to Winter's Duel. After playing 10 different maps you will unlock Battle Commander.

Supreme Commander60
Finish all campaigns on all difficulties.    (1) 

This will unlock when you have beaten all three campaigns (six missions each) on Hard. A walkthrough of the campaigns is available here.

General Tips:

Freezing - If you want the full 1000 in this game, you have to be very patient. Supreme Commander locks up a LOT if you have a large profile. If you are a gamer who has only played a limited number of games, this won't be nearly the issue. This typically only happens when it is writing to your profile, so typically at the end of a skirmish or campaign mission. The game writes the save file first, and then the profile update, so you won't lose any data, but it can be annoying. If the screen goes black, or starts flickering madly, bail to the dashboard fast and you and avoid the 360 locking up. Then rather than rebooting, all you have to do is reload the game. However, in multiplayer it does not save the game, so if you lock up while writing to your profile, chances are pretty good that it did not successfully record that you got a win on that map.

Adjacency - This is a very important concept for SC that cannot be stressed enough. If you plan to play competitively, you have to live and breath adjacency. Building power plants immediately next to certain structures provides benefits. If it takes power to run, the amount of power needed is reduced. If it is a weapon, it will fire faster. If it is a production facility, the amount of power required to build is reduced. The same applies to mass producing structures if you build them next to structures, although that can be trickier. Note also that if you build a power storage device adjacent to a power plant, it will increase the output of the power plant. Building mass storage adjacent to mass producing structures increases their production as well. If all sides are receiving a full adjacency bonus, that equates to a 50% boost in production.

Commander upgrades - When your ACU is selected, pressing right on the D-pad and then holding the LS down will bring up your upgrade selection menu. You have three areas of the ACU that you can upgrade (left arm, right arm, torso). There are multiple choices for each area, but some of the most important are the engineering suites (right arm) and Resource Allocation System (torso). Your ACU with a Tech 3 engineering suite is faster than 4 or 5 Tech 3 engineers, so use this whenever you can. Also, it can be a formidable offensive weapon, especially early in multi-player (although this can be risky). There are upgrades which enhance the range, damage, and firing frequency of the ACU's weapon as well, along with one that increases the amount of power and mass your ACU generates.

Repeat production - You can queue up a mixed group of units and set the whole group to repeat, which makes it easier to produce a user-defined mix of units. For instance, if you want 10 heavy tanks, 5 mobile missile launchers, and 2 mobile anti-air units as your ratio, set that up in your land factory and then press left on the D-pad. This pulls you into the active queue on the left side of your screen. You can then use the LS and press A to either set the queue to repeat or pause production without cancelling your queue. Very handy, and not discussed in training or the manual.

Importance of assisting - This cannot be stressed enough. If you sit around and wait for factories to produce units, buildings to be built, etc... you are going to lose. All sorts of units can assist in various tasks, but ACUs, SCUs and engineers are the most valuable. They will speed production and building speed as well as heal damaged buildings. This requires additional power and mass, but you can shave off LOTS of time especially on bigger units. A naval factory may take 8 minutes to build a battleship, but throw five Tech 3 engineers at it and you can pump them out every three minutes or so. Assisting is good for combat units as well. If you task a scout plane to assist a mobile artillery unit, it essentially expands the effective area of the artillery. You can task interceptors to assist bombers, and they will escort them to the strike area, engaging any enemy air units on the way.

Transporting - Transports are built by air factories, and are used to move land units rapidly around the map. You can set up ferry routes off the command wheel, or you can set them to assist factories and they will automatically pick up produced units and move them to the destination defined in the factory's move command. Very handy and sort of addressed in the tutorial, but not very well. Practice in a sandbox if you want to get comfortable in a non-combat situation.

Patrols - Land, air and sea units can all be set to patrols. The most common is definitely a patrol of interceptors flying CAP above your base. However, engineers are awesome on patrol and often overlooked. They will automatically reclaim any debris, heal any nearby damaged units or structures, and even help out on production facilities for one unit per pass. This is a great way to keep turrets healthy and automatically collect mass from enemies destroyed as they try to breach your front lines.

Fuel for airplanes - All flying units except Experimental units will eventually run out of fuel if you keep them flying all the time. This is most common with the interceptor CAP. There are two solutions. If you have the ability to build an air staging facility (you won't early in the campaigns, but it is a Tech 2 structure) then placing one of them near the patrol route will let any patroling planes automatically land on it to fuel and heal, then go back to their patrol. Very clever of the programmers, because it is all automatic. If you want to heal bombers after a bombing run, just set them to patrol near the facility and then tell them to land once all are healed. The second solution is to land the planes and let them sit idle. They slowly regain fuel. Slowly. Very slowly.

Urgency of objectives - The various "helpers" that you have in the campaign love to tell you how urgent things are all the time. With the exception of the last Cybran mission where you have to shoot down the Czar flying fortress, the game generally does not progress until you perform the action required. This means that you can take your time to tech up your base, build units for your next step, etc., and then go capture the building or whatever to move on. Don't let them egg you on before you are ready, especially if you are playing on Hard.

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US June 23, 2008
Europe September 05, 2008

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