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Sega Vintage Collection: Golden Axe Achievement Guide

Guide By: Corrupt.
There are 12 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline 12/12 [400/400]
-Online None
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 < 5 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed One of each game
-Number of missable achievements A few, but can be got again quickly
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No
-Glitchy achievements None
-Unobtainable achievements None
-Extra equipment needed? No


Welcome to the guide and road map for SEGA Vintage Collection: Golden Axe. This contains Golden Axe (1989), Golden Axe II (1992), and of course Golden Axe III (1993). Those of us who are old enough will remember these games fondly, those who don't can expect a typical hack-n-slash game, which plays beautifully. Take your chosen hero through the levels fighting lizard men, skeletons and big ass knights to rescue a princess, a king, recover an axe...I'm not sure what really, these games are from before when narratives existed.

All achievements are pretty straightforward, and you can take advantage of the game-state save feature to make things really easy. You can save the game at any point, by pressing , so saving before and after every battle to make sure you don't lose health, even saving after every successful hit or dodge if you feel like it. I will refer to this as "using the game-state" hereon.

Golden Axe
Change the difficulty in the settings (hit ) and change the difficulty to easy. Pick Tyris as your character, that is the chick in the red underwear. You will need her for a later achievement, and she is pretty fun to play with too. You will start out with one magic potion, so when you get to your first enemy, hit him until he dies (you will hear him scream), then cast magic (defaulted to ). This will pop your first achievement, "Utter Obliteration". Carry on playing through, don't worry about dying or anything, but don't use any more magic. Every time you see a creature, make sure to ride it. If you finish any level while still riding one, you will unlock "Temporary Partners". If you are having difficulty, use the save-state feature. On the second level, near the beginning, you will see a drop. Jump over the enemy and knock him into the abyss. You will need to do this on each game. By the third level, you should have maximum magic. If it is, cast it to unlock "I Summon thee, Dragonhead!". Once you get to level 5, you will find your final creature. If you have missed the other two, they are all in this level. Ride them all once for "Tamer of the Wilds".

Golden Axe II
Again, change the difficulty to easy and select Tyris as your character. There are plenty of areas to throw an enemy off the edge, so make sure you get one as soon as you can so you can forget about it, although you will probably do it naturally as you play through. Collect but don't use magic, and once you have a full meter (around level 3 again), cast it for "Come forth, King of Fire". Be sure to ride the creatures when you find them, and upon riding your third, you will unlock "Master of Beasts". Play through until the end, and it will say game complete. Only this isn't the true ending, as you can only get that by playing on medium or higher. But there is a way around this. Use the following steps:

Reset the game.
At the main menu, highlight options then press and HOLD ++ (A+B+C). Once in the options menu, RELEASE + (B+C while keeping (A) held.
Use only (B) to select medium difficulty, and when confirm your selections until the player select. I'd suggest picking Gillius now, he has the strongest physical attack.
The screen will turn black with a 1 in the middle, you can release (A) now.
Press (A) until the 1 is a 7, then press to go straight to the final boss battle and win.

To finish off Golden Axe II, you need to play THE DUEL mode. Select Gillius again, as you have no magic, and abuse the save-state system to beat all 15 rounds, unlocking "Coliseum Champion".

Golden Axe III
You cannot change the difficulty settings on this, so just play through on medium. Select Chronos Lait (the panther guy, far left of the character selection screen). This guy has an unblockable attack, + (Toward, Away, Toward, B+C) where he is also invulnerable. Abuse this move, and use the save-state system, as you need to get nearly to the end without using a continue. You will get choices through the game, always take the higher route as you will encounter all the creatures you need to ride. Upon mounting your fourth, you will unlock "Pacifier of Creatures". At some point you will undoubtedly thrown someone over the edge of a cliff or abyss, unlocking "Law of Gravitation". Once you have defeated Griffin, in the one on one battle, you may use continues, so don't need to worry about the save-state anymore. Upon defeating the second boss, you will unlock "Wielder of the Axe" and "Golden Axe Forever." Finally, go into VS MODE. Use Chronos Lait, again spamming his unblockable, invulnerable attack. Defeat all five enemies for "This One Stands Alone".

Mop Up
You should have everything by now, but if you still need to ride an animal or chuck someone to their death, just load up the relevant game and get what you need done. Each game only takes about 20 minutes max to go through so it is not a massive chore if you have missed anything.

SVC: Golden Axe is one of the easiest arcade 400 titles out there. The save state system makes every achievement a synch, even if for some reason you really suck at the game(s). Most people will get this done in under 5 hours with no problems. All achievements unlock when they are supposed to, and there are no annoying online or local co-op achievements. One for the oldies maybe, but fun for everyone, especially if you like easy achievements!


[x360a would like to thank Corrupt x360a for this road map]

This One Stands Alone20
Cleared VS MODE in Golden Axe III.   (2) 

Select VS MODE from the start screen. You will have to fight against the other playable characters, Griffin, and an evil version of yourself. Pick Chronos Lait (Panther guy), and just spam + (Toward, Away, Toward, B+C), his unblockable attack to win all these fights with ease.

Pacifier of Creatures30
Rode every type of creature in Golden Axe III.    (3) 

Golden Axe III has four creatures to ride. The first is a snail like creature found on the first level. At the end of this level, take the UP path. The third level has a long tongued snail creature, so ride this. At the end, take the UPPER path to reach the fourth level and find a red fire breathing lizard. A green lizard can be found on the fifth level, so ride this to get your achievement.

Golden Axe Forever45
Got the true ending in Golden Axe III.    (7) 

To get the true ending, you need to reach the second fight against Griffin (the 1v1) without using a continue. This is not too bad if you take advantage of the save-state system, saving before and after big fights to make sure your three lives last you. Make sure you use Chronos Lait, and use his special attack as much as possible, except areas with drops, such as the cart ride in stage one.

Coliseum Champion45
Cleared THE DUEL in Golden Axe II.   (9) 

THE DUEL is basically a survival mode. You will fight 15 rounds of increasingly difficult opponents. You do not have any magic in this mode so Gillius (the dwarf) is the best choice as he is the strongest. Fortunately you can use the save-state feature, saving after every round that you don't take damage, even after every successful hit if you like. Your skill level will determine how often you have to re-load, but this feature makes this achievement a walk in the park. The following video gives tips on each round:

Master of Beasts30
Rode every type of creature in Golden Axe II.    

There is a chicken leg, a green lizard and a red dragon. The green lizard does a nice back-kick and is on the first level. The chicken leg is found on the second level and the red dragon is first found on the fourth level (underground and red). Ride all of these to unlock this one.

Come forth, King of Fire!20
Used Tyris's strongest magic in Golden Axe II.   (2) 

Pick Tyris (the female) as your character. From the start, collect all magic you can, but don't use any. About half way through level 3 you should have maxed your magic bar at the top. Use your magic (defaulted to ) and this will pop straight away.

Utter Obliteration20
Hit an enemy with magic after knocking him into the air in Golden Axe.   (1) 

This can be done on the very first enemy, or any enemy after. After your final blow/throw you will hear the enemy scream press your magic button (defaulted to ) and this will unlock.

Temporary Partners20
Cleared a stage while riding a creature in Golden Axe.    

This can be completed in any level apart from level 4. Make a save when you get near the end if you wish. Simply make sure you are riding a creature at the end of the level. Most bosses can be killed whilst on a creature, especially if you are playing on easy. You can still remount your creature if you fall off, if it runs away just reload your save and try again.

Tamer of the Wilds30
Rode every type of creature in Golden Axe.    

There are three creatures in Golden Axe, the chicken wing (beaked creature with the tail whip), the blue dragon and the pink dragon. All can be found on level 5, the chicken wing and blue dragon featuring earlier.

I summon thee, Dragonhead!20
Used Tyris's strongest magic in Golden Axe.   

Tyris is the female character. From the start, collect all magic you can, but don't use any. About half way through level 3 you should have maxed your magic bar at the top. Use your magic (defaulted to ) and this will pop straight away.

Law of Gravitation20
Knocked an enemy into a hole in every game.   (3) 

As the description reads, you need to knock an enemy into a hole in each of the three games. Do this by getting on the opposite side of the enemy, and hitting them until your character knocks or throws them off. In Golden Axe, the best place is at the beginning of level 2, there is a red guy who is on his own. In Golden Axe II, in the fourth (red underground) level there is a great point to knock somebody off, as you will fight a bunch of skeletons near a cliff edge. The earliest point to get this is the beginning of stage 2 if you go UP at the end of stage 1. You will come to some skeletons, there is a drop to their left.
There are of course other places, but these seem to be the easiest.

Wielder of the Axe100
Cleared every game.     (8) 

In every game you can take advantage of the save-state system. You can save anywhere in the game; mid fight, when you have max health, whenever, so take use this wisely. Save regularly and if you have a bad fight and lose a lot of health you can simply reload your save and try again.

Golden Axe 1: Set the game to easy and play through. If you lose all of your lives, add credits withe the bumpers and continue.

Golden Axe II: Set the game to easy and play through. You cannot get the proper ending on easy difficulty, but can play through to a false ending. After you get here, do the following:

Reset the game.
At the main menu, highlight options then press and HOLD ++ (A+B+C). Once in the options menu, RELEASE + (B+C): while keeping (A) held.
Use only (B) to confirm your selections, choosing medium difficulty until the player select. I'd suggest picking Gillius now, he has the strongest physical attack.
The screen will turn black with a 1 in the middle, you can release (A) now.
Press (A) until the 1 is a 7, then press to go straight to the final boss battle and beat him.
*Thanks to Exu for this solution.

Golden Axe III
Select normal difficulty (easy is not available), picking Chronos Lait (the panther guy to the left of the character select. Use his special move + (Toward, Away, Toward, B+C, you can map the controls so B+C are just one button). This move in unblockable and rips through bosses and regular enemies with ease. You just need to complete it in any way for the achievement to unlock, however it is advisable to go for "Golden Axe Forever" in this run. See the achievement description to find out how!

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US May 30, 2012

Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
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