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Kill 50 enemies with all the weapons in the game  

It's possible to do just about everything in single player (aside from Electron Mace and Riot Lance it seems), but if you have the option to play online, coop is a way, way better choice to efficiently get kills for these weapons. You will probably take care of most of the kills for these weapons during single player, the rest of which you can mop up during coop.

  • TAR-39 Assault Rifle
    Found throughout the campaign. Loadout weapon in coop.
  • G290 Minigun
    Found a few points during the campaign with unlimited ammo. Reactive armors carry them in coop.
  • CQC11 Shotgun
    Cayman Global troops carry this in campaign. Loadout weapon in coop.
  • RXL-240 Electron Mace
    Aspari sergeants tend to use this in coop mode. Colorado will have a few, so will China and Scandinavia.
  • COIL Laser Rifle
    In the last few levels of campaign. In coop, sergeants and above will have them in Colorado, China, Scandinavia.
  • LTB Thermite Flamethrower
    Found in Downzone during campaign. Reactive armors will have them in coop. Can be found in coop in wall weapon boxes (like the first ammo box room of Colorado on hard).
  • Razorback Revolver
    Can be found in Downzone in campaign. Loadout weapon for coop.
  • Fragmentation Gernade
    Loadout weapon. You switch to it by holding . You get them in the campaign mostly by disarming enemies, but in coop you always start with a full load of them.
  • APP3 Pistol
    Found throughout campaign. Loadout weapon for coop.
  • SWARM Rocket Launcher
    Found during the first chapter for Cayman Global. However, grinding kills with it is inefficient there. In coop, the SWARM can be found on Argentina and New England in wall boxes, and dropped by sergeants. 50 kills is more than manageable with the SWARM in coop in just one run, if you find one.
    Found in Downzone for campaign. Loadout weapon for coop.
  • Kusanagi HSR-6 Sniper Rifle
    Can be found in campaign sparingly. Loadout weapon for coop.
  • LAWS-92 Rocket Launcher
    Rare in campaign. In coop, on hard or above, they are all over the place. Western Europe on hard alone has 4-6 easily obtainable ones being held by sergeants.
  • Kusanagi ACR-10 Assault Rifle
    In campaign, Cayman Global carry these. Loadout weapon in coop.
  • EMW-56 Gauss Gun
    Can be found a few times in campaign. In coop, Eurocorp and Aspari sergeants will have these.
  • Bullhammer Mark II Revolver
    Downzone in campaign. Loadout weapon in coop.
  • Riotlance
    China and Scandinavia are the best levels to get this on coop. The cops will drop these throughout the level. If you haven't upgraded the weapon, you might want to wait until you do; it's rather weak, and it's alternate fire really helps in getting kills.
  • Mjolnir H.O.G. Assault Shotgun
    Cayman Global sergeants drop this in coop. Western Europe on hard is a great level to farm this one.


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User Comments
Comment #1 by sloeJAKE
Saturday, July 28, 2012 @ 03:59:00 PM

•SWARM Rocket Launcher - this was the last one I needed. I found it best to boost in the campaign. I was not having luck with it spawning consistently on multi-player.

Comment #2 by mikal90
Sunday, September 23, 2012 @ 12:24:22 PM

is this with 50 enemies per weapon?

Comment #3 by Best Sellers22
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 @ 12:06:32 PM

I found a neat trick for anyone who is having trouble getting kills with any particular weapons (Laws-92 for me), executing an enemy with whatever gun of choice in hand counts as a kill for that gun.

Comment #4 by Cayusez
Friday, January 11, 2013 @ 12:39:19 PM

Swam is bulls*t. Can't find it anywhere. Looked on cayman global and voyeur central. Also does it need to be on hard coop ?

Comment #5 by Cayusez
Saturday, January 12, 2013 @ 01:08:51 PM

Melee kills I confirm work. Swam is easy to get on Argentina - Load a game on normal - Kill everyone in first room and then the next with the boss guy in. Hold back and dent proceed and he won't spawn. Once the bot has opened the door. Leg it and reach checkpoint. If swam doesn't appear in the case on left. Die and restart. Took me 6 goes

Comment #6 by DarkWarPaladin
Friday, March 11, 2016 @ 09:48:54 PM

does non combatant kills count? u know like civilians and scientist.

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