Syndicate Achievement Guide

Guide By: Auburok & IDiivil
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Offline: 35 [675]
Online: 15 [325]
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20 - 30 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 SP - Multiple MP
Missable achievements: 0 - Act Select
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
Glitchy/ed achievements: Reports of collectables achievements as "high risk" for glitching out.
Unobtainable achievements: None

Syndicate is a reboot of the 1990's game series Syndicate. It takes many of the story and lore elements from Syndicate and Syndicate Wars, and combines them. The year is 2069. The world is controlled by Syndicates: global corporations that compete with one enough for technological and territorial dominance. These Syndicates wage war on one another using Agents and guerrilla tactics. One of these corporations, EuroCorp, the company responsible for pioneering CHIP technology in the past is about to change the game with their new DART6 military chip. As Miles Kilo, alongside your friend and mentor, Agent Merit, you will battle rival Syndicates and breach the minds of your foes in single player. In cooperative mode, you and up to three others assume the role of Wulf Western agents, a fairly new Syndicate out to prove out just how ruthless they are while stealing technology that will allow Wulf Western to stand toe-to-toe with the larger syndicates. An awesome, if short, game.

Single Player:
To be honest, this game is very manageable on hard mode, and will reduce the amount of time spent in single player. There will be some parts, mostly boss fights, that might cause a snag or two. When upgrading your chip, be sure to take increased health or reduced damage upgrades as they can become invaluable during your hard mode playthrough. Other than that, use your breach ability as often as needed, as they will fill back up as you cap enemies, and use your DART overlay to get yourself out of jams. During the game, there will be some collectables and chapter specific achievements you will want to keep in mind. The achievements your are aiming for in this run are:

Campaign completion:

  • Welcome to EuroCorp
  • All Aboard
  • Campaign: EuroCorp
  • Campaign: La Ballena
  • Campaign: Downzone
  • Syndicated

CEO Ranks/Hard Difficulty:

  • Business is War
  • Golden Handshake
  • Greed is Good


  • Little Black Book
  • Deny Everything

Boss/Specific Encounters/Everything Else

  • Linked In
  • Top Marks
  • Shield Breaker
  • Every Bullet Counts
  • With Friends Like These
  • Wetware Integrity Policy
  • Gaggle of Guidance
  • Missile Command
  • Augmented Reality
  • Cover Lover
  • See No Evil
  • Ambassador of Peace
  • Make Them Watch
  • Shocking
  • Mastermind
  • Revival Meeting

You will definitely need at least one other person to regularly play with, but four is optimal. You will also need to join a syndicate with at least four total members to not only get syndicate challenges done, but get the "Initial Public Offering" achievement. While playing coop, you will probably finish up work you started on other achievements, including "Hacker"," The Professional" and "Half Millionaire", as those are difficult to do without 5-8 playthroughs of single player.

Level Completion:

  • Initiation Complete
  • High Value Asset

Challenge Completion:

  • Middle Management
  • CEO

General/Everything Else:

  • High Flyer
  • Super Soldier
  • Highly Adaptable
  • Field Surgeon
  • Mace Ace
  • Oh no you don't!
  • Employee of the month
  • In the name of Science
  • The Professional
  • Nowhere to Hide
  • Rampageous
  • Initial Public Offering
  • Make It Snappy
  • Application Manager

Mopping up:
There might be a few things that need to be mopped up, most likely "Hurt Locker", as the only feasible way to get this without playing for a month straight is to grind a grenade lobbing boss. A lot of the things are best mopped up in the coop mode, if allowed. Otherwise, select the chapter for any achievement you missed, and play on normal mode. For any missing achievements at this point, refer to the information for the achievement for specific farming spots and other useful information.

x360a would like to thank Auburok & IDiivil for this Roadmap

Complete the game on any difficulty    (10) 

Simple. Complete the game. It's not difficult on normal mode. Never forget to abuse your DART overlay and breach applications. They will make the game a snap.

Business Is War50
Complete all chapters which track difficulty, on hard difficulty     (6) 

Some people will have problems with this. Be sure to take upgrades that will help your survivability (health, damage mitigation). Make use of your apps when appropriate, like using persuade when overwhelmed by enemies, or suicide when enemies are clustered.

All Aboard20
Complete chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 on normal or hard difficulty     

See Syndicated.

Campaign: EuroCorp20
Complete chapters 7 and 8 on normal or hard difficulty     

See Syndicated.

Campaign: La Ballena20
Complete chapters 10 and 11 on normal or hard difficulty     

See Syndicated.

Campaign: Downzone20
Complete chapters 12, 13, 14 and 15 on normal or hard difficulty     

See Syndicated.

Welcome to EuroCorp5
Complete Wakeup Call    

Unmissable. Complete the first level.

See No Evil30
Defeat Kris without making him visible using EMP or DART Overlay, on normal or hard difficulty    (3) 

In chapter 15, Kris will cloak at the beginning of the fight, and stay cloaked. You will have to look for the light bending around him to figure out where he is to avoid using EMP and DART. He's not too difficult on normal, and Razorback ammo is plentiful around the room on the shelves. Just slog it out until he's dead. If you have trouble seeing him, stand still, and look in the direction you hear footsteps.

Revival Meeting30
Defeat the final boss without allowing any agent to be revived, on normal or hard difficulty    (8) 

This occurs at chapter 20. The trick here is bringing both of the twins down to critical health. Attack the main boss above until staggers, so he can't interrupt your attempt. Take down the twins side by side, and then execute them quickly. It shouldn't be too difficult. Just be sure to lower their health as much as you can before you start the execution process.


Missile Command30
Breach an entire barrage of five missiles in the Ramon boss fight, on normal or hard difficulty    (3) 

In chapter 11, Ramon will drop an EMP grenade before he launches a barrage. His SWARM laser will turn blue to warn you. Quickly stomp the EMP grenade (it'll be at his feet) and run in the opposite direction from Ramon. As soon as he fires his barrage, mash the DART overlay on, and breach all five missiles.


Top Marks15
Achieve a perfect result in all the Tutorial challenges   (2) 

There are three tutorials, one for each breach application. Follow the directions, and they should be straight forward. The hardest one will probably be persuade. Use persuade on enemies on the higher ground to maximize how useful they are. Line up a headshot with your pistol for enemies on the ground, as there aren't a whole lot. Any tutorial you fail you can immediately retry, and can be loaded from the chapter select menu.

Golden Handshake5
Achieve CEO ranking on any level   (6) 

This isn't too hard. Go for breach spikes, accuracy, completion time, head shots and rampages. Obviously, the better you play, the easier this will be, but the simplest thing to go for to shoot your score up is breach spikes and head shots. You can get away with taking extra time this way.

For more tips and video walkthroughs, please go HERE.

Little Black Book30
Find all business cards (unlock all the business card infobank entries)    (6) 

See this video by X DIAM0NDZ:

Wetware Integrity Policy20
Don't kill any EuroCorp civilians with the minigun in chapter 8   (8) 

On chapter 8, a ton of EuroCorp civilians will be running shortly after you kill a reactive armor and jack his minigun. A bunch will run out in the beginning, which are easy to avoid, but as you make your way up, some more will pour out from a door on the right. Take it slow, and if all else fails: melee everyone. You don't have to use the minigun, and enemies can kill civilians without negating your attempt.

Gaggle of Guidance5
Use the Swarm's multi-target lock-on firing mode to kill 3 UAV drones with one volley    (2) 

Obtainable shortly after picking up the SWARM for the first time. Drones will be pouring out of the contraptions soon after picking it up for the first time. Breach the shields of three of them, and then lock on to each one. Fire, and destroy them all in on volley to get the achievement. If you mess up, it's okay; the drones endlessly spawn until you shut off the machines.

Augmented Reality15
Kill 3 specters in chapter 14 without using EMP effects on them, on normal or hard difficulty    (2) 

Spectres are the cloaked guys. There will be a few of them in the level near a bunch of EMP mines. Watch for their movements and fire at them without breaching any of the mines, or using EMP grenades. There's plenty of chances to get this, as there's 10 or so spectres.

Cover Lover10
Make it past the conveyor belt without taking any damage from the turret   (2) 

The conveyer belt level is on Chapter 15 of the single player campaign. As soon as the level starts and you exit the vent, do not move. To your right is the turret that you have to avoid. Kill the enemy directly in front of you and peek out just enough to see the conveyer belt controls that you have to override. Overriding the conveyer belt moves along a box that you must keep between yourself and the turret as cover.

You have to go up the room once, then back down (killing the enemies along the way) with the box as cover, utilizing the conveyer belt controls to keep it moving along the way. When you reach the second room, you can shut off the turrent, and when you finally exit that area, the achievement should pop.

Make Them Watch30
Kill Agent Crane before you kill his two sidekicks, on normal or hard difficulty    (6) 

This is on Chapter 18 of the single player campaign. You'll be notified with a cutscene after you drop down from a vent when you hit the boss fight, so you'll know for sure when you're on it. To stay alive, simply use the pillars (raising them with a breach when necessary) and dodge around the lackeys - don't use persuade or anything on them, as they may kill each other, or time may run out and the persuaded lackey may commit suicide. The achievement will pop when you down Agent Crane and extract his chip.

Ambassador of Peace15
Kill enemy soldiers of two different syndicates fast enough to receive a rampage energy bonus   (3) 

This is pretty simple. Just load up Chapter 19 and find any area where there are black soldiers and white soldiers fighting one another. All you have to do is kill them one after another quickly enough for your rampage bonus to go off. You can do this right after you hit your first outside area after opening the door-like thing... just shoot one guy on the platform, then one guy down below under cover.

Unlock the Datacore in the minimum number of breaches   (5) 

At the end of Chapter 19, you'll encounter a big round door with lights surrounding it. Simply overlay (and you have to use overlay) and breach one side, then the other. If you miss it somehow and fail, just reload your last checkpoint to try again.

Linked In5
Obtain a health bonus from network connection links from your upgrade choices (single player only)   (4) 

This is achieved by linking two upgrades that are side by side on the agent chip upgrade menu (accessed by hitting the back button on your controller). It doesn't matter what two upgrades you pick so long as they connect to one another.

With Friends Like These15
Kill an enemy from the explosion of a reactive armor unit   (2) 

The first time you can get this achievement is on Chapter 8 and best played on easy (just so you don't have to worry about the lackeys). You'll know you're at this point when you encounter a cutscene with a big, white armored guy holding a minigun. Breach the big guy's armor and shoot his health down, then do the same thing again. When you have breached him twice and shot down his health, lure him over to a lackey and breach him one final time. His explosion should take out his friend, and you will get the achievement immediately. If for some reason you fail, you can also reload your checkpoint and start right at the beginning of the fight.

Deny Everything30
Find all propaganda tags (unlock all propaganda tag infobank entries)    (5) 

Refer to the guide that IDiivil and I wrote for a full description on each propaganda tag and location.


Every Bullet Counts30
Defeat Tatsuo without restocking your ammunition from the UAVs, on normal or hard difficulty    (6) 

This fight is at the end of Chapter 4. The easiest way to go about this fight is utilizing your overlay to shoot at Tatsuo and avoiding him otherwise whenever you need to let your overlay recharge. As the achievement says, do not restock your ammunition (aka do not breach) the floating UAVs during the fight. If you run out of ammo, just pick up any of the guns dropped by enemies before and during the boss fight. If you are careful and use timed shots and shoot only during overlay, though, you shouldn't have to even change guns.

Kill 3 or more enemies from the electricity discharge of a dying electro armor unit    (4) 

Best unlocked on Chapter 19 in the outside area (the one you enter by forcing that door-like thing open with X towards the beginning). When you see the flashy lights appear towards the garage-like doors, stand before it and ready your gun. These garage doors should open after you've killed the guys originally in the area and after you've killed the guys who come in by the dropships. When the garage door opens (should be the middle one), use your overlay and breach the blue-like man in the middle. Kill him ASAP, and his electric armor should discharge and kill the other guys that had spawned with him.

Greed is Good35
Achieve CEO ranking on all chapters which track difficulty, on hard difficulty    (5) 

CEO ranking is marked at the end of every chapter to the right during the chapter summary screen (seen at the end of every chapter). It is also marked as a checkmark on your chapter select menu if you have achieved CEO ranking on those chapters in the past.

CEO ranking is graded off of several things, but really, all you need to get high scores in are in accuracy (headshots help especially) and in breach spikes. Rampages can also boost up your score. While the CEO ranking does grade you based off of completion time, damage taken, and more, they really don't seem to have as much of a bearing on your final score as opposed to what I have mentioned above.

To get the achievement, you need CEO ranking in the following chapters:

Chapter 1 - Wakeup Call
Chapter 2 - Assault on Aspari
Chapter 3 - Aspari Extraction
Chapter 4 - A Train to Catch
Chapter 5 - Escape from Los Angeles
Chapter 7 - Voyeur Central
Chapter 8 - Cayman Global
Chapter 10 - Behind the Scenes
Chapter 11 - Ramon
Chapter 13 - Betrayed
Chapter 14 - The Wall
Chapter 15 - Kris
Chapter 17 - Corporate War
Chapter 18 - Spire Access
Chapter 19 - Burning Tower

For more tips and video walkthroughs, please go HERE.

Shield Breaker10
Successfully sprint tackle 25 riot shield units    (9) 

Many reports have shown that while the achievement claims you must tackle them, using a riot lance or electron mace on shield users in coop also works (coop riot shields can't be tackled).

Initiation Complete10
Complete all Co-Op maps on any difficulty   (2) 

Complete all 9 co-op maps. They are fairly easy on normal, even with randoms. You will start with Western Europe, and with each map completed, you unlock the next map.

High Value Asset25
Complete all Co-Op maps on expert difficulty    (9) 

This one will be a little rough. On Expert, all of the spawns are overhauled, all of the enemies are tougher and dish out more damage, and usually bring weapons that hit harder. The main issues for most players will be guarding UGVs and agent battles. Gackt made a helpful guide for dealing with agent battles: LINK

Initial Public Offering10
Be a member of a Syndicate consisting of at least 4 people   (38) 

A "Syndicate" is a themed term for "clan". Join any Syndicate with four members (even if you are the fourth) for this to pop for everyone in the Syndicate.

Hostile Takeover10
Defeat an enemy agent squad   (1) 

An "agent squad" is a group of four agents. They appear at the ends of Atlantic Accelerator, Scandinavia, and New England. Atlantic is the first level in the line of progression, so you will get it on that level if you're playing in order. It'll pop at the end of the level once they are all dead.

Mace Ace5
Save a team member that is stunned by an electron mace   (1) 

You will need a partner to do this. When in Colorado or Scandinavia, have your partner get trapped by someone using an electron mace. Kill the sergeant with the electron mace while your ally is stunned. Easy!

Super Soldier10
Complete a mission without going down    (5) 

This is easier as you level up solo, but is way easier if you have team mates healing you. Western Europe on normal should be a snap for this. Go slowly if you're a low rank, and work with a partner that you can trust will heal you. It will pop at the end of the level.

Highly Adaptable10
Kill 4 enemies in 4 different ways within 1 minute    (7) 

This must be done in coop mode (you can be in a game by yourself, however). There are several methods to killing people, despite a loadout of only two weapons by default:

Takedown (RS near basic enemy type)

Also, it's possible to pick up another weapon, kill someone with it, rinse, repeat. Four in a minute should be possible at many parts of the game in single player and coop. Load up Western Europe. Kill an enemy with your main weapon, pistol sidearm, and melee. Then grenade the last. It'll pop after the 4th kill.

Field Surgeon10
Heal 3 team members for at least 50% of their health within 1 minute   (2) 

This is easy to arrange with a team of 4 in coop, especially on harder difficulties. Your squad heal app makes this really easy. Just wait until everyone's damaged below 50%, and pop it.

Oh no you don't!10
Complete 10 Contracts against members of your syndicate   (2) 

For this, you will obviously need to be in a Syndicate. A contract is when a player is further along in a challenge than you. You can complete this contract by exceeding them in that challenge (like getting more liquid kills, healing more syndicate members, etc). On the stats and challenges screen, your contracts will be on the right side. You will want to join a Syndicate that has players with the same amount of progress as you do, otherwise, if you join one with members that have been playing for a while, your contracts will be for ridiculous values.

High Flyer15
Score a 2,000 points combo    (1) 

Combos occur from bonuses when killing enemies. Each type of bonus (sergeant, head shot, etc) will add an extra multiplier to the combo. An easy way to get this is to take damage link and C2C pulse when in a group. Damage link will give you points everytime an ally damages something else, and C2C will heal any damaged allies in range, also giving you points. Difficulty levels effect point values for enemies, so this might be easier for some on hard mode or above. Another easy way to get this is to be the last man standing, and begin raising your team mate as you continue to kill enemies.

Employee of the month10
Complete a mission after earning a team savior score   (2) 

"Team Savior" is awarded for reviving your team as the last man standing. Simply let your team fall, reboot them, and complete the level. 

In the name of Science5
Finish your first research   

Research is completed by using blueprint or application tokens on upgrades for weapons and apps. After tokens are used, that upgrade must be selected for active research. A little cog will appear next to the tech you are researching. This tech will have a progress bar and number listed; this is the amount of experience needed to finish the research. As you play, that bar will fill up behind the scenes and alert you when it's completed while on a mission.

Application Manager20
Do 10,000 points of damage and heal or block 10,000 points of damage using applications   (1) 

This should come naturally with time. Shield, group heal, C2C heal, and e-drain can all count to healing (and damage, in the case of e-drain). Backfire, virus, and tentatively damage link can count to damaging. You need to do both 10,000 points of damage and heal/block 10,000 points of damage for this to unlock.

Middle Management50
50% completion (level, research and challenges)   

See CEO.

100% completion (level, research and challenges)   (24) 

This is the long haul achievement for coop. You will definitely hit rank 30 and probably have the majority of your upgrades (52 for apps, 86 for weapons) before you're even close to finishing all of these. Any enemy that must be breached to be killed (Liquids, etc) can be shared between two people so long as you breach the final armor layer together, so you can easily cut down those grind times. Here's the list of what you'll need to accomplish for the challenges:

Total Kills: 5000
Includes all kills (even liquids, etc)

Spectre Kills: 50
Found in Cayman Global maps (1-3)

Electron Mace Kills: 100
This only counts people you kill that are holding the weapon. Sergeants in Colorado, China or Scandinavia. 

Riot Lance Kills: 100
This only counts people you kill that are holding the weapon. Police in China or Scandinavia.

Riot Shield Kills: 100
This only counts killing police that are holding one. They show up in China and Scandinavia.

EMC Kills: 50
They are the guys that jam your DART chip and breaching abilities with the pulsing animation. EuroCorp levels (7-9).

Aspari Kills: 1000
All Aspari kills count to this on any Aspari themed level (4-6).

EuroCorp Kills: 1000
All EuroCorp kills count to this one on any EuroCorp themed level (7-9).

Cayman Global Kills: 1000
All Cayman Global kills count to this one on any Cayman Global themed level (1-3).

Police Kills: 100
These guys only show up in China and Scandinavia. They wear black attire, so you can tell them apart from the gred/red Aspari guys.

Mercenary Kills: 20
They will randomly spawn on Expert mode on a few levels. Western Europe, Colorado and Scandinavia are all confirmed places where they will show up. In Western Europe, they will drop near the first giant door. In Colorado, they will drop on the landing pad above where you start toward the end of the level. In Scandinavia, they will drop after you leave the warehouse. There's no sure-fire way to get these guys to show up, but when they do, around 7 of them will show up. This will be the most difficult challenge to solo, so grab a friend or three.

Liquid Armor Kills: 50
They show up in Cayman Global levels, but will be replaced in higher difficulties. Hard is probably the best balance of them. You might have to farm these, due to how uncommon they tend to be compared to reactives.

Electric Armor Kills: 50
These are EuroCorp faction units, so they show up in levels 7-9. They are functionally like Liquids, but emit electricity when ready for a chip rip. 

Reactive Armor Kills: 50
They are in most levels, and are usually replacements for liquids/electrics on higher difficulty levels. They are more plentiful in the long run than either Liquids or Electrics, and you will encounter them on every level with Scandinavia probably having the least.

Agent Kills: 20
These are the enemies that usually show up at the end of the themed arcs. The following levels have agents:

  • Atlantic Accelerator:
    4 Agents at the end
  • China: 
    1 Agent in tunnels (hard difficulty or above)
  • Scandinavia:
    4 Agents at the end
  • Argentina:
    2 Agents at the end
  • New England:
    4 Agents at the end

Kills by Fire: 100
Thermite thrower, COIL, and CQC shotgun's alt-fire will accomplish this. Since CQC is a loadout gun, it's easier to do it with that since you can reload it at any ammo box, and it has a decent range.

Gibbed Enemies: 500
A gibbed enemy is an enemy that dies when they lose an arm, leg, are split in half, or lose their head. Shotguns at close range can accomplish this, as can the sniper rifle, Bullhammer revolver, minigun and explosive weapons. The sniper is a good choice for this, because you can shoot heads from behind cover and also go for penetration kills at the same time.

Executions: 500
Melee kills using the right stick. This also includes chip rips.

Heals: 500
Healing your ally for any amount of health counts. C2C heal is a great way to pump this up, otherwise, normal heals and squad heals count as well.

Reboots: 200
When your team mate is down, they will call out for a reboot. Breaching them will raise them again. Do this 200 times.
Savior: 50
This is awarded when you heal someone that's about to die, or kill someone that is using an electron mace on your ally. 

Team Savior: 50
Only awarded when you reboot someone as the last man standing. Doesn't matter how many other players are in the game. Team Savior only counts for the first reboot when one person is left, so raising your partner in a 2 player game counts the same amount as raising one partner in a 4 player game.

Syndicate Heals: 500
It's the same as the "heals" challenge, only for healing a member of your syndicate. This stacks with normal heals, so you can complete both challenges by healing people in your syndicate 500 times.

Syndicate Reboots: 200
Same as reboots, but when rebooting a member of your syndicate. This stacks with the "reboots" challenge, so you can finish both challenges by rebooting a syndicate member 200 times.

Syndicate Savior: 50
Same as savior, but when "saving" a member of your syndicate. This stacks with the "savior" challenge, so you can finish both challenges by "saving" a syndicate member 50 times.

The Professional20
Kill 50 enemies with all the weapons in the game   (6) 

It's possible to do just about everything in single player (aside from Electron Mace and Riot Lance it seems), but if you have the option to play online, coop is a way, way better choice to efficiently get kills for these weapons. You will probably take care of most of the kills for these weapons during single player, the rest of which you can mop up during coop.

  • TAR-39 Assault Rifle
    Found throughout the campaign. Loadout weapon in coop.
  • G290 Minigun
    Found a few points during the campaign with unlimited ammo. Reactive armors carry them in coop.
  • CQC11 Shotgun
    Cayman Global troops carry this in campaign. Loadout weapon in coop.
  • RXL-240 Electron Mace
    Aspari sergeants tend to use this in coop mode. Colorado will have a few, so will China and Scandinavia.
  • COIL Laser Rifle
    In the last few levels of campaign. In coop, sergeants and above will have them in Colorado, China, Scandinavia.
  • LTB Thermite Flamethrower
    Found in Downzone during campaign. Reactive armors will have them in coop. Can be found in coop in wall weapon boxes (like the first ammo box room of Colorado on hard).
  • Razorback Revolver
    Can be found in Downzone in campaign. Loadout weapon for coop.
  • Fragmentation Gernade
    Loadout weapon. You switch to it by holding . You get them in the campaign mostly by disarming enemies, but in coop you always start with a full load of them.
  • APP3 Pistol
    Found throughout campaign. Loadout weapon for coop.
  • SWARM Rocket Launcher
    Found during the first chapter for Cayman Global. However, grinding kills with it is inefficient there. In coop, the SWARM can be found on Argentina and New England in wall boxes, and dropped by sergeants. 50 kills is more than manageable with the SWARM in coop in just one run, if you find one.
    Found in Downzone for campaign. Loadout weapon for coop.
  • Kusanagi HSR-6 Sniper Rifle
    Can be found in campaign sparingly. Loadout weapon for coop.
  • LAWS-92 Rocket Launcher
    Rare in campaign. In coop, on hard or above, they are all over the place. Western Europe on hard alone has 4-6 easily obtainable ones being held by sergeants.
  • Kusanagi ACR-10 Assault Rifle
    In campaign, Cayman Global carry these. Loadout weapon in coop.
  • EMW-56 Gauss Gun
    Can be found a few times in campaign. In coop, Eurocorp and Aspari sergeants will have these.
  • Bullhammer Mark II Revolver
    Downzone in campaign. Loadout weapon in coop.
  • Riotlance
    China and Scandinavia are the best levels to get this on coop. The cops will drop these throughout the level. If you haven't upgraded the weapon, you might want to wait until you do; it's rather weak, and it's alternate fire really helps in getting kills.
  • Mjolnir H.O.G. Assault Shotgun
    Cayman Global sergeants drop this in coop. Western Europe on hard is a great level to farm this one.


Hurt Locker30
Breach 873 grenades   (15) 

"Breaching" a grenade disarms it, so naturally you will have to wait for an enemy to hurl a grenade to you. Just aim at it and hold . Disarming a grenade is extremely fast, and sometimes you can finish breaching before it even hits the ground. After a grenade is tossed, you have around 5 seconds to disarm it and subsequently loot it for your own use. There are two bosses you can grind this on: Kris, and the final boss. 

Kris (Ch. 15), when in the second stage, will begin to toss EMP grenades. If you take him to a sliver of health, he will throw three at a time. He will run and throw a set, and if you managed to not get EMP'd, he will walk a few feet and repeat. On easy mode, it's impossible to die, even if you mess up.

The final boss on Chapter 20 is the other boss you can grind this on. After you kill the twins, down final boss' health by a bar or two so he's dropped his minigun and just run around the area disarming the grenades he shoots out every so often. This is also recommended doing on easy mode.

Get the rampage bonus up to 5 sequential kills   (1) 

It's pretty easy to get this without trying in single or multiplayer. You need a rampage with 5 kills. Aim for a kill a second. In single player, the first Aspari level towards the end has quite a few opportunities to get this, even on hard mode. In coop mode, there are a ton of opportunities to get this if you play on normal by yourself. If you're having trouble, level your character up, fully upgrade the sniper rifle, and let guys pile up. The sniper will rip clean through a group of people, and you have 8 rounds to play with.

Make It Snappy10
Kill 50 enemies with melee executions   (2) 

Melee executions require you to stand next to an enemy and clicking . Note: not all enemies can be melee'd. All of the lower class soldiers can be melee'd, however. Just click the stick if an enemy is close to you. This can be done in single player or coop, or any mix of the two. Coop chiprips count toward this.

Nowhere To Hide30
Use a penetration weapon to kill 500 enemies through cover, while in DART Overlay   (7) 

The weapons that count for this are the Kusanagi rifles in scope mode and the COIL's secondary fire. After the penetration is upgraded on the rifles, it will shoot through moderately dense walls at an equal level of the COIL's secondary. It won't plow through thick bunker buildings, but this achievement is a breeze with an upgraded rifle, since you can take it as a loadout option. Just pop your DART-6 overlay and shoot anyone that's behind cover. Of the two loadout weapons, the sniper will be easier, as it does more damage, and with damage link, one shot's everything.

Collect 500,000 energy  (2) 

Energy in this game is adrenaline, so don't let the description fool you. Adrenaline powers your applications and helps keep your DART vision filled. You can keep track of this statistic in the extras menu, under campaign and coop. It will come naturally as you complete the other achievements, especially while playing multiplayer.

Use breach abilities 300 times   (2) 

This only counts abilities, not any moment where you're just using the "breach" ability. For single player, this includes suicide, backfire and persuade. For multiplayer, this is any ability aside from the default "breach" ability. This should come with time getting the other achievements.

Do 250 rampage kills/kill streaks   

Rampages are a quick three kills or more in rapid succession, and it seems to count when the deaths are one after another, rather than at the same time. Damage link works wonders for this along with the sniper rifle using the assault scope, or an upgraded minigun. You will know when the kills you have just made count to a rampage in multiplayer when a "RAMPAGE 250" bonus shows up on the screen. In single player, you will have to just keep track of this in statistics menu since bonuses don't show up on the screen.

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US February 21, 2012

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