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Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 1/20 (5/200)
-Online: 19/20 (195/200)
-Estimated time for 20020+ hours (and at least 10 actual days).
-Minimum playthroughs: 300 (Individual crosswords)
-Missable Achievements: None
-Unobtainable Achievements: None
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option.
-Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed: Windows 8 Tablet or PC as well as an additional device useful for looking up answers.

Team Crossword is a free crossword puzzle game. The game boasts single player, daily puzzles, and online multiplayer for up to 8 players. There are various game modes, that range from just filling out the crossword as you would on paper, to another mode which spices things up with bonuses, hints, and power-ups. Currently the game is FREE in the Windows 8 Store.

Step 0: Team-up with a couple other players:
You will need at least THREE other players to join your team in order to obtain the "A Huge Help From My Friends" achievement, and several other achievements will require on one teammate. 

Step 1: Team-specific achievements:
Get the "A Huge Help From My Friends" achievement out of the way. Look in THIS thread for other players looking to team-up. There are also three other achievements that require you to play a puzzle or two with one other teammate. Fortunately, because the game is free, you can actually just use another Windows 8 device (with a different account on it) or switch back and forth on your computer between your main account and local account (or another actual account).

Step 2: Other miscellaneous achievements:
Finish up any other miscellaneous achievements that that don't require you to be actively be playing with a teammate. Several of them require 4 players total, so you may need to play with your teammate anyway. For the most part, these are very easy and can be completed in a couple games. The "Crossword Insanity" achievement must be earned offline by disconnecting from the internet before loading the game. Otherwise, real money would need to be spent to unlock this achievement. 

Step 3: Complete 10 daily puzzles:
You will be required to play 10 separate daily puzzles. Like the name suggests, only one daily puzzle can be played per day. As of now, there is no known clock exploit, so this achievement alone will take 10 actual days to complete. 

Step 4: Grind to Platinum Rank:
This will be the longest and most time consuming process of the game. You will need to grind up to Platinum Rank by completing 300 unique puzzles, which will take many more hours to achieve. Luckily, there is a trick you can use to make this process quite painless and simple, albeit still somewhat tedious. See "The W-Team" achievement for more information.

Team Crossword is a fun little free crossword game that you can play with friend or by yourself. By finding a few teammates and/or making a secondary account, you can earn a cool 195 in a few hours (also playing daily puzzle for 10 actual days). However, to earn the last 5 will require a bit of patience and dedication.

[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

Daily Fun!15
Complete a daily crossword.  

See "Crossword Addiction."

Crossword Addiction5
Complete ten daily crosswords.  

These achievements require that you finish a total of 10 daily crossword puzzles. Daily crosswords are in their own category and only one can be completed per day. So at a minimum, this game will take ten days to complete because of this achievement alone. As of now, exploiting the clock on your PC is not an option because daily crosswords are not available offline. Each day, join or create the new daily puzzle (make it Public) and complete it or exit immediately. As long as you come back and click on it once it was completed, it will count. There is no visible counter for this achievement. Just continue completing daily puzzle until it unlocks, or keep track yourself.

The Casual Crew10
Complete a casual crossword with four players.  

See "Pro Party."

The Standard Squad10
Complete a standard crossword with four players.  

See "Pro Party."

The Pro Party10
Complete a pro crossword with four players.  

These achievements require that you finish a single puzzle of each type (casual, standard, and pro) with 3 other players. Initially, only the casual game mode will be available for your created games. You must purchase standard and pro mode with tokens earned in-game in order to create those game modes. However, this is not necessarily needed. You can join another player's game regardless if you purchased those game modes yourself.

When you look to join Public games, you can see the mode of the puzzle right below the title (though almost all games are usually casual). You just need to get into a game with at least three other players of the specific mode you need. Look for the number of players when you are browsing puzzles (the images of green or grey players), but remember more players can still join after you do. Either finish the puzzle or quit immediately. As long as you come back and click on the game (in the My Puzzles tab), the achievements will pop. On the same note, the 3 other players do not need to be there for the completion, or even complete a single word. They just need to have joined the game for a split second. 

NOTE: Casual games will be very easy to come by, but standard and pro could prove more challenging as very few players will create those game modes. If you cant find a game of those types, remember you can always create your own after purchasing them from the in-game store for a meager amount of tokens (a few hundred total).

A Huge Help From My Friends10
Complete a crossword with at least three other members of your team.  

This achievement requires that you complete a crossword puzzle with at least three other members of your team. Create a private game and invite your team members. They do not all need to join at the same time, be there for the entire puzzle, or even when the puzzle is completed. As long as they are shown below the puzzle in the players list you will unlock the achievement when it is completed. 

NOTE: In order for all four players to unlock the achievement by playing a single puzzle, EVERY player must add the other three players to THEIR team.

The W-Team5
Earn a Platinum medal with your own team.  

This achievement requires that you earn a Platinum medal and will be the most time consuming and "grindy" achievement in the game. Before we get into it, just note that this does not require playing with your team in any way, and is actually easier if done by yourself. Each player has a rank that starts at Bronze medal 1. You then progress all the way to Bronze medal 99. Your next rank up will take you to Silver medal 1. Continue leveling through all of the Silver medals to reach Gold, and all of the Gold medals to reach Platinum medal 1, at which point this achievement will unlock. 

The only way to level up is by playing and completing a "New Crossword" (one that you have never completed before and is labeled as such). In the default game, there is only around 20 unique puzzles to complete. To reach Platinum, you will need to complete 300 unique puzzles. The easiest and least time consuming way to go about doing this is to abuse Public games by joining New Crosswords that other players are hosting. From the Public puzzle selection screen, constantly be selecting New Crosswords (you are allowed to have up to 5 running at a time). Simply joining the game and then backing out will be enough to get credit. Once the puzzle is completed (it will say 100%), click on it in the Continue Puzzle screen to be awarded credit for the puzzle. You can also use your tokens you earn in the games to purchase puzzle packs (there is no other real use for the tokens, so might as well use them to buy puzzles). This will allow you to host your own New Crosswords for others to join and complete for you. Sometimes there will not be any New Crosswords in the Public menu, so create your own (making sure to make them Public when asked). It will probably take a couple weeks at this pace to reach 300 unique puzzles to get a Platinum medal, but this definitely requires very little actual effort. Just check back to the game as frequently as you can to earn your level ups and queue up New Crosswords for completion. 

This method relies on the fact that there are a significant amount of others playing the game, which has been the case even months after the game's release. I would expect this trend to continue. However, if there some day reaches a point where there is no online community, it would be quite tedious to complete 300 puzzles by yourself. Keep that in mind before going for this completion.

NOTE: Occasionally the game will appear to reset your rank (especially when you are close to transitioning to the next medal). Do not worry, this is just a glitch. Continue leveling up as normal and your level will be correctly displayed in no time.

Word Domination10
Score a hundred and fifty points for a single completed word.  

This achievement requires that you score 150 points from a single word placement. This is generally one of the longest words in the puzzle. Before you answer the longest word, place a x2 power-up on it to guarantee it is over 150 points. As soon as you place the word and the score is tallied, the achievement will pop. 

Speed Wording10
Solve a crossword under five minutes.  (1) 

This achievement requires that you finish an entire crossword in under 5 minutes. This will probably come naturally while going for "The W-Team" achievement. There are two ways to attempt to go for this. The first one involves just completing a puzzle naturally which has a lot of players in it. If there are 4+ players completing a puzzle from the start, there should be no trouble finishing it in less than 5 minutes. The other method involves going solo. First complete a puzzle to just before completion and then take a picture of the board. Then start up the same puzzle again and fill it out as fast as you can using the picture you just took. Be quick and this achievement can be yours.

Power User15
Use each power-up at least once.  

This achievement requires that you use each of the TEN power-ups in the game at least once. Power-ups are only available to be used in Casual and Standard games modes. When you start the game you are given 5 free of each power-up (and earn random ones each day you sign into the game thereafter). You can play the power-ups in different games if you like, but why not get them all out of the way at once? Just click/tap and drag the power-ups from their location in the bottom right of the screen into the playing area. After the final one is played, the achievement will unlock.

Word Champ20
Complete a multiplayer crossword in first place.  

This achievement requires that you finish a multiplayer crossword (in any game mode) in first place. First place is earned by having the maximum score. Your score is shown beneath your gamerpic under the puzzle. There must be at least one other player in the game to be considered a multiplayer game. They do not need to be present at the end of the puzzle. In fact, neither do you, but you must have the highest score. Either join another player's Public puzzle, or create your own and make it Public, rapidly filling out the puzzle and racking up the points. This unlocks at the puzzle completed screen.

Big Winner10
Earn five token awards or more in a single game.  

This achievement requires that you earn a total of five tokens or more in a single puzzle. Tokens within the puzzle are unlocked when a word is completed that has a token symbol on it and are randomly distributed at the end of the game. There is around 8-15 of these tokens per game. The more player in the game, the less of these tokens you will be awarded. You can also earn tokens for yourself by completing special tasks including:

  • Solving the word awarding the highest score in a puzzle
  • Cross the most words with other players
  • Solving the longest word in the puzzle
  • Playing the most letters in a puzzle
  • Crossing words with another player
  • Solve an across and up-down word simultaneously
  • Using power-ups in the game

If you knock out a significant chunk of a puzzle and there are not that many players, you will most likely get more than 5 tokens. This is especially the case if you complete a puzzle by yourself.

Lord of the Words5
Earn at least six thousand points in crossword score.  

This achievement requires that you score 6000 points or more in a single puzzle for yourself. You will need to complete a majority of the puzzle to reach this many points. You may also want to use the 2x power-up on the longer words in the puzzle before completing them to ensure you can reach 6000 points. I would recommend playing in single player so other players dont join and take points away from you. This will unlock at the puzzle completion screen.

Know ALL the Words!10
Fill a hundred words across multiple crosswords.  

This achievement requires that you complete 100 words and can be done across multiple puzzles. Just keep filling in those clues and this one will unlock immediately when you reach 100.

Community Leader10
In a multiplayer game, be the first to complete a word affected by a Community Hint bonus.  

This achievement requires that you be in a Casual or Pro puzzle with at least one other player and be the first to complete a word affected by a Community Hint Bonus. Find a clue that you already know the answer to. Then drag a Community Hint bonus up (it looks like two people) and into the word that you know. This bonus will automatically reveal a few letters in the word. Quickly fill in the word before any other player to unlock this achievement.

Et tu, Amicus?10
Lock a word's hint and get it completed by a member of your team.  (1) 

This achievement requires first that you are playing a Casual puzzle with one other member of your team. You need to lock a word's hit by dragging the padlock power-up from the bottom right corner of the screen up to the puzzle and dropping it on a word. Once in place, the other player on your team must solve the clue for the word you locked. As soon as they do, the achievement will unlock.

Stay Calm and Play On10
Fill a word that was affected by someone else's Bomb power-up.  

This achievement requires that you be in a Casual or Pro puzzle with at least one other player and may require a bit of communication with them. The other player first needs to place a Bomb power-up (it looks like a bomb) on the board. This will reveal a cluster of up to 9 letters across numerous words on the board. To unlock the achievement, you simply have to finish a word that contains any of the revealed letters. This achievement is probably best attempted with a teammate, as not many people typically use power-ups in normal play. 

I Love Every Cat10
Duplicate at least a hundred points from a single word completed by a member of your team.  (2) 

This achievement requires first that you are playing a Casual puzzle with one other member of your team. Your teammate first needs to complete a single word to earn 100 points. This is generally one of the longest words in the puzzle. Before they answer it, place a x2 power-up on the word to guarantee it is over 100 points (you or your teammate can place this). Once they complete the word, drag the Copy Cat power-up (it looks like a cat) and place it on the already-completed word to copy the score and unlock this achievement.

Crossing words10
Score fifty bonus points from word-crossing with a member of your team.  

This achievement requires first that you are playing a Casual puzzle with one other member of your team. You then must score a cumulative total of 50 bonus points by word-crossing with your teammate. To word-cross, complete a word that has a letter in it from a word that has already been filled in by your teammate. You will need to word-cross around 10 words, but the number seems vary and is hard to pin-point. This should easily be obtainable in a single game if you play a puzzle with a teammate, with your focus being on Up-Down words and your teammate's focus being on Across words. This achievement is a bit glitchy, so if it doesn't unlock just keep at it.

Secret Achievements
Crossword Insanity5
You had twenty puzzles running at the same time.  (6) 

This achievement requires that you have 20 puzzles active at the same time. In order to obtain this achievement for FREE, you must do it offline. The standard game only allows you to have 5 online puzzles active at a time for free. Upgrading costs money. Follow the steps below to unlock this achievement in just a few minutes:

  1. First make sure you finish or resign all of your active online puzzles.
  2. Close the game.
  3. Disconnect from your network connection (unplug etherner or disable wifi).
  4. Relaunch the game. This time you will be offline (it will ask, confirm to play offline).
  5. Now create a total of 19 puzzles. You do not need to complete any clues in them.
  6. Close the game again.
  7. Reconnect to your network.
  8. Launch the game again.
  9. Join or create a public puzzle. Once in the puzzle, hit the back button. Flip through the various puzzle menus until the achievement pops.

You need to have EXACTLY 20 puzzles active for the achievement to pop, 19 offline ones and 1 online one. If you made too many offline puzzles, resign them until you get the right amount.

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US May 14, 2013

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