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Guide By: litepink
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 10
- Online: 2
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Season, 1+ Ranked Matches
- Number of missable achievements: 1, "Tecmo Bowl Champ"
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Cannot play as All-Star Teams
- Glitchy achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable achievements: N/A
- Extra equipment needed?: A secondary storage device, like a USB flash drive or memory card is recommended, but not needed.

Tecmo Bowl Throwback is a nearly identical to the SNES classic Tecmo Super Bowl. The players and teams have changed but their numbers and stats remain. Winning a ranked match by 18 should be your only troubles. The top players make getting the rest of the achievements gravy.

Step #1: Season
Pick a strong offensive team, since most of the achievements are based around offense. I suggest San Francisco as they have an awesome WR/QB tandem. You have 16 games in the regular season, as well as 3-4 playoff games. During one game, only pick running plays, and win. You will likely get 100+ yards rushing. Another, concentrate on passing to one single WR. This will net you 300 yards passing and 150 yards receiving. After getting these tasks down, try for your 60 yard field goal. Obviously, you will complete a pass, net a 20 yard rush, and get a sack within a 20 game season. Once you have everything done that you want to accomplish, run the clock out as much as possible while still ensuring you win.

Make it to the playoffs, then win all your playoff games to be the Tecmo Champ. Quitting, going to the dashboard, even powering off WILL NOT WORK if you are losing. You must win your games to proceed. Your only other option would be to backup your save on a memory card, and play off the memory card if you happen to lose.

Step #2: Tie up loose ends
If there is something you missed in the Season mode, than get them done afterwards in a Preseason game. San Francisco has the best QB and WR, Detroit has the best RB, Kansas City has the best kicker, and Atlanta has the best return man. Use these teams to help clean up, and play against New England.

Step #3: Ranked matches
All you need to do is win one ranked game, and win one by 18+ points. So, you could get this done in one game. Pick a strong team that appeals to your strengths and tastes and score often. If you have troubles, try to find a match with a friend to boost these.

Super easy 200. You could get 175 in an hour or two. Season mode will take you around 10 hours to complete 20 games.

[x360a would like to thank litepink for this Road Map]

On the spot15
Complete a pass (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)   (1) 

Choose a passing play, and after the ball is hiked, press to cycle between receivers, then press to pass to the open receiver to complete a pass.

Can't catch me!15
Gain 20 yards with a running play (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)   

Choose a running play and avoid and break tackles to gain 20 yards. #20 of Detroit is one of the best and fastest players to get big yardage. Play against New England, one of the weakest defenses.

Blind Sided15
Sack the opponent's Quarterback (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)   

Choosing defensive coverage in Tecmo Bowl is simply trying to guess what play the opponent will pick. If the CPU picks a pass play, and you pick that exact pass play, your defense will gain a huge advantage and be able to break the line easily to sack the QB before he even throws it.

Tecmo Bowl Champ25
Win a single player competition Season    

Season mode consists of 16 regular season games, as well as 3-4 playoff games. win your division or a wild card spot to make the playoffs. Win all the playoff games to become the Tecmo Bowl Champ. Make sure to choose a "Competition" season as opposed to a "Casual" season. If you lose in the playoffs or don't make it there, YOU WILL HAVE TO START OVER. This is very important. Quitting to the dashboard or powering off will not work. If you have a memory card, you can back up your save file and reloading from the start of the playoffs should you lose. Otherwise, any form of quitting will be recognized as a forfeit.

When pigs fly15
QB passes for more than 300 yards during a match (manual, computer opponent, no All Stars)   

San Francisco has a great QB and WR combination (#8 and #80), which leads to great passing games. Choose strictly passing plays until you net 300 yards. To make this real easy, play a preseason game and set your game time to 15 minutes, quarters. Play against New England, and you will reach 300 yards well before halftime even.

Razzle dazzle15
Same RB runs for more than 100 yards during a match (manual, computer opponent, no All Stars)   

Detroit has the highest rated RB (#20). Choose strictly running plays until you net 100 yards. Again, play to make it this easy choose a preseason game with 15 minutes, quarters and play against New England.

Better to receive...15
Same WR catches for more than 150 yards during a match (manual, computer opponent, no All Stars)   

While going for "When pigs fly" you can achieve this if you concentrate on a single WR.

Who's next?15
Win a ranked online match   

Pick the strongest team, or the team the appeals to your strengths (running, passing, etc.). Also you can attempt to boost with a friend if you can find them in a ranked match. Find boosting partners in the Achievement Trading Thread.

Complete domination20
Win a ranked online match by 18 points or more   (11) 

Pick the strongest team, or the team the appeals to your strengths (running, passing, etc.), and don't let up on your opponent. You can set the quarters to longer if you like, but your opponent may get bored and quit on you so be careful. Also you can attempt to boost with a friend if you can find them in a ranked match. Find boosting partners in the Achievement Trading Thread.

Return to Sender20
Score a Touchdown on a kickoff return (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)   

Play as Atlanta. The return man #21 is super fast and can evade tackles with his speed. Set up a preseason game against New England. Either let the other team score so they then kickoff to you, or win the coin toss in the beginning and try to return in on the first kickoff. The opposing players sort of "lock-on" to you, so try to lead them into your team's blockers. If you can make it past the initial line of players, they will be playing check up to you, and they will catch up. Run in a zig-zag pattern to evade their tackles.

Follow the method in this video:

If you lose the coin toss in the beginning you could always quit and start again to guarantee you start as the return team or if you fail in your return attempt.
QBs are overrated15
Win a match without using passing plays (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)   

Pick a strong running team and play against New England in a preseason game. You can change the quarter length if you like.

It's good!15
Make a 60 yard field goal (computer opponent, no All-Star teams)   

The Kansas City kicker #8 has the highest rated kicking power and accuracy. Choose a run play and get tackled in the center of the field on or before the opponents 43 yard line. A kick from the 43 yard line will actually be a 60 yard attempt. The ball gets hiked 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage and the end zone is 10 yards long, thus adding 17 yards to any attempt. Being as close as you can to center of the field makes it easier. Once you hike the ball an arrow will scroll up and down. Press to stop it as close to center as possible to kick it straight. The power on field goals is automatic, only need to aim the kick.

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