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Tetris Splash Achievement Guide

Guide By: Shinobi273
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Clear 5 Lines10
Clear five or more lines during one Single Player or Online Multiplayer game.    

You should be able to get this easily by playing the game. All achievements unlock at the end of the game, in the game review screen.

Reach Level 510
Reach or exceed level five in a Single Player game of Marathon.   

Similar to 'Clear 5 Lines' You should be able to get this easily by playing the game. You must start from Level 1.

Clear four lines at once.    

Using the blue 1x4 piece, clear four lines at once. Just build up a solid stack with no holes and one column open and drop the blue piece down.

Rotate the T-Tetrimino into a T-Slot to perform a one or two line clear.    (7) 

This site (link) has several ways of getting a t-spin. Not all of them are recognized by the game. Infected Z posted this pic which does work and can be set up easily at the beginning of the game.

Use at least one Mino from each of the seven Tetriminos to clear a single line.     

You should be able to get this easily by playing the game. Just keep playing, all seven do not need to be in the same line, just complete a line with each of the seven pieces.

Clear one or more lines with successive pieces to increase your Combo count above eight.     

Infected Z posted this strategy which works pretty well: Fill the screen with lines, leaving one side with 2 columns open. That way, all of the pieces except the 1x4 blue can make a single line or more (as long as the blue piece isn't first, there should be a tetrimino down there to make a line with). I estimated that it would need to be at least 14 rows high (the game space should be 20 rows by 10 columns). Also, holding pieces doesn't break your combo.

Online Rookie20
Win a "Free for All" match in Online Multiplayer. (4) 

Play online and win, that simple. If you really can't beat anyone, ask nicely at the beginning of the match to let you win. You could also try setting up a boosting match here on XBA.

Online Back-to-Back20
Score a Back-to-Back Tetris in Online Multiplayer.   

Set this up similar to the 'Tetris!' achievement except you will want to be holding a blue piece and wait until another blue piece comes up and use both of them, one after another. Your stack needs to be at least 8 rows high with no holes. This may take some skill to do, but not much.

Online Expert20
Accumulate at least ten hours of Online Multiplayer game play.   (15) 

No real strategy for this one, just keep playing online and it will unlock.

Perform a Single, Double, Triple, Tetris, T-Spin Single, T-Spin Double, and 8 Combo in one game!    

This may seem hard but it isn't that bad. Start off trying to get your t-spins first. Once you get them both, clear out any holes in your stack and start setting up for the 8 combo. Once you get your combo, you should go for your triple and tetris as they are the only ones that you have not 'for sure' gotten yet.

Complete a Single Player game of Marathon in 20 minutes or less.   (2) 

This one will take skill to unlock. You must start at level 1 and complete level 15 in less than 20 minutes. You increase level with the number of lines you complete, not the amount of points earned. Try to avoid 'spin stalling' as much as possible since it wastes time. Don't forget to use the hold to switch pieces you don't like.

Old School25
Complete a Single Player game of Marathon without using the Hold Queue.   (4) 

This one also requires skill. You must start at level 1 and complete level 15 without holding any pieces. If you really cannot fight the reflex to hold a piece, there is an option to turn holding off.

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