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The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Achievement Guide

Guide By: The Reaper0
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 12 (200 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 10-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (3 with Arcade playthrough)
- Number of missable achievements: 5 (Bleep bloop!, Game Reviewers Shall Be Pleased, Limb Storm 20XX, I Did Not Use A FAQ For This, Bigger Better More Badasserer, and See, I Have Made Them Better)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? None
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (Lead Dishwasher)
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? None

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is a fantastic arcade game; you can really tell this game has had a heap of love poured into it. You'll find this little gem is also full of lots of gaming culture references. This coupled with great gameplay, unique storyline which carries on from the first game and multitude of game modes, and difficulty makes for one of the best arcade releases in years. This is a must buy if you consider yourself a gamer.

Playthrough 1
Play on the lowest difficulty setting to begin with as Samurai is locked until you beat the game at least once. Take note that although Co-op is possible at this point, some beads and most notably Bleep bloop! are not possible to attain in Co-op. You will have the choice two characters after you beat the prologue. It is advised you pick The Dishwasher as it will allow you unlock Bleep bloop! and will save you a boss fight on the Samurai Difficulty.

Pay attention to the I Did Not Use A FAQ achievement, it requires you to find collectibles. I have included a text guide to the location of all 30 Ghost Beads. It will help to get the collectibles on the first playthrough as they carry over to Samurai and effect various attributes of your character.

You'll need to pay attention to Bleep bloop! as well. A very unique set of tasks are involved. The majority of the other achievements will come through natural progression

Playthrough 2
You should have unlocked the Samurai difficulty by now and should have all of the Ghost Beads. This playthrough is all about the Samurai difficulty. Enemies will have more health and do more damage but if you have a handle on the mechanics of the game you shouldn't find this too hard. This cannot be done in Co-op.

Playthrough 3
This will be the playthrough for the arcade mode. Arcade isn’t that challenging but will take some time. There are 50 levels in Arcade. Remember to keep trying new strategies. You can do this in Co-op.

This step will also be clean up time if there any achievements you may have missed.

Although at first this game can be quite challenging, once you get to know the characters move set and the mechanics involved, coupled with this guide it is very possible unlock the full 200 in under 10 hours gameplay.

x360a would like to thank The Reaper0 for this Road Map

Lead Dishwasher40
Beat the game on Samurai difficulty as The Dishwasher or Yuki.    (28) 

To unlock Samurai Difficulty, you need to beat the game on any other difficulty at least once. You will then need to beat the game as either The Dishwasher or Yuki on Samurai difficulty. There are 13 levels to go through and there are a lot of bosses in the last five. This is not as difficult as the first game, but do not underestimate it.

It is currently NOT possible to play the game on Samurai or Pretty Princess on Co-op, local or online.

Here are some tips for playing on Samurai.

  • Choosing who you play as is important. On one hand Yuki's combos are more built for taking out bosses quickly and on another The Dishwasher is built for dealing with the masses. That doesn't mean that can't do both.
  • Remember that upgrades purchased on a lower difficulty do stay when you start Samurai, so it is advisable to upgrade your character's weapon/skull/health.
  • Warping is a THE best way of dodging, the only time you should stop warping is to walk through doorways.
  • It is recommended you have all the beads before starting, this will make a huge difference. Having the beads set up to maximize your health regeneration is the preferred set up. There are three beads that boost this: The Flower Bead (Slow health regeneration whilst in combat), The Heart Bead (Enemies drop more hearts), and The Bat Bead (With every hit you steal health from enemies). The fourth slot is up to you but The Eye Bead (Less chance the enemy will block against your attack) goes nicely with this set up.
  • If you've stunned or weakened an enemy to near death and the finishing move pops up, take advantage of it.
Twitch Game Master Extreme Ultra30
Beat all Arcade levels.   (6) 

The Arcade levels are an assortment of challenge levels. You are given a preset load out of weapons and magic. There are 50 levels comprised of

  • Bosses
  • Time limits
  • Air-combo only
  • Vampire levels (Slow health drain, kill for health.)
  • Slo-mo (More combo = More Slow-mo)
  • Instakill (Enemies take large amounts of damage, but so do you. Guns work best.)
  • Hot Potato (Hold the same weapon for too long and you are forced to swap.)
  • And a few levels with special requirements.

You play as either Yuki or The Dishwasher, it varies level to level. There isn't one singular method to beating all 50 levels, so it is recommended that you experiment with each level. The last four levels are probably going to give you the most trouble, keep at it there is a lot of luck involved some times. Co-op IS possible.

Bleep bloop!10
Get all achievables. Open presents, jump jump, squirtgun fight, kill squid, watch credits.   (12) 

To unlock this achievement you first of all need to obtain the Achievable Bead. The bead is found on the level ‘Aqua Marina’. In the first room you run into enemies in, grab an enemy by pressing the button and then knock him higher by pressing and Down. A cat will suddenly pop onto the screen, as fast as possible hit the button and you’ll be transported to a room with three bosses. Defeat the bosses and a present with the bead inside will appear. Equip the bead to start earning achievables. To guarantee the achievement unlocks, make sure you unlock all achievables in one playthrough and you will need to be only playing as The Dishwasher too.

The achievables are as follows;

  • Open any one present.
  • Double Jump by pressing ,.
  • Spray any enemy with The Dishwasher's Dekkentozter by pressing the button.
  • Defeat the squid boss on the level ‘Aqua Marina’.
  • Watch the credits at the end of game, these will roll after you beat the final boss for good.

Below is a video detailing exactly what to do.

They Totally Chopped My Arm Off10
Escape from Iffenhaus Space Prison.    (3) 

This is a story progression achievement, you’ll unlock this after you beat the first level ‘Iffenhaus Space Prison’.

In The End I Am Free25
Beat the game on any difficulty as Yuki.    (1) 

This is unlocked once you beat the game as Yuki. After the prologue ‘Iffenhaus Space Prison’ you’ll be asked who you’d like to continue the game as. To unlock the achievement choose The Prisoner (Yuki).

We'll Purge and Purge25
Beat the game on any difficulty as The Dishwasher.    (2) 

This is identical to ‘In The End I Am Free’ except you need to beat the game as the other playable character - The Dishwasher. After the prologue ‘Iffenhaus Space Prison’ you’ll be asked who you’d like to continue the game as. To unlock the achievement choose The Dishwasher.

The Disease is Dead10
Kill Yuki's Demon.    (7) 

This is a story progression achievement. You need to beat the level 'Grim Tower' to unlock this achievement. You can only unlock as Yuki.

Game Reviewers Shall Be Pleased5
Unlock Pretty Princess Difficulty.   (5) 

This difficulty is unlocked when you die on the same spot four times in a row. Simply put the game on Samurai difficulty and stand still in an area full of enemies, wait until you are dead. Rinse and repeat. Pretty Princess is incredibly easy, enemies die in a few hits and you’ll take barely any damage.

Limb Storm 20XX!15
Violently separate 100 enemies.   (1) 

A violent separation is when you perform a finishing move on an enemy. Depending what weapon you have equipped the , or button will pop up on the screen when an enemy is near death or stunned. Kill an enemy this way 100 times to unlock the achievement.

See, I Have Made Them Better15
Spray three expensive paintings with their owners' blood.    (4) 

This is unlocked when you spray blood on the painting's in each of the three targets offices. To guarantee that the blood is sprayed on the painting perform a finishing move on the target in front of the painting. If you're playing as The Dishwasher you only need to do this on the last target. The levels the targets are on are;

  • Ömödö Execution
  • Grim Tower
  • Justice Summit
I Did Not Use A FAQ For This10
Collect all Ghost Beads.    (9) 

Throughout the story there are hidden beads which you can find. There are a total of 30 beads to find. They are found in presents hidden in rooms or in presents found after beating a guitar solo. The beads offer perks to a multitude of things and are quite useful. To equip one hit the button and sort through your inventory by using the . You’ll find a menu of all the beads you’ve found, press on a bead to equip it. Once you pick up a bead you’ll have it through all difficulties.

You'll find a complete list of the Ghost Beads in this thread.

Bigger, Better, More Badasserer5
Win 3 chainsaw duels.   (6) 

This very easy but can still be missed. To unlock this you need to be playing as Yuki. The enemy that has a pumpkin on its head and a chainsaw for an arm is the only enemy you can do this on. Stun him or beat him to near death and the finisher moves will pop up. Press the button and you’ll go into a button mash sequence, win the duel and repeat twice more.

Game Info
Ska Studios


US April 06, 2011

HDD Space Required : 151.7 MB
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