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The First Templar Achievement Guide

Guide By: chichan123
There are 54 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 Offline 4/10 Online
- Offline: 44/48 (915/1000)
- Online: 4/48 (85/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 100010-15 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 Recommended)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None


The First Templar is one of the easy 1000 games around. You play as Caelian a Templar who goes on quest in search for the Holy Grail. The story unfolds in 22 chapters with areas ranging from ancient temples to Swamps to cities like Acre. Those who love to get more information on Templars and their power are going to like this much more than others. The Game itself is not bad and can be played single or Co-operatively with a partner online.

Most of the achievements can be earned on the first playthough of the game and if you miss anything there is always a chapter select. 

The game has three difficulty levels. Causal, Normal and Hard. I recommend playing it on Hard straight away as this game is very easy for the most part even on Hard. While playing get as many collectibles as possible and complete as many bonus objectives as possible so that your level replays can be minimized.

Speaking of collectibles there are only two types. One is the Templar Chronicles and the other one is Chests which contains outfits and weapons. I am not going to write a collectible guide as they are very easy to find. They are even indicated as white markers in the mini map so no guide is required for it. If anyone else is writing one then you are welcome.

A neat walkthrough for the whole game is here , refer this if you have problems with collectibles

Step 1:
Playthrough the game on Hard difficulty and gain all but 4 achievements which are meant for online. There are 22 levels in total and it should roughly take 10-12 hours to complete.

Step 2:
Start a new game with Xbox live connected and select the online game option as everyone. Then playthough the game again to get all the 4 online achievements. As you have already completed the game once this should be a very fast run of the game. With a partner around it the game should not take more than 5-6 hours to complete. But keep in mind thought that you have to level up and distribute skills for your partner as the game doesn’t allow guests to level up.

But if you are lazy to playthough twice, you can couple step1 and step 2 and start an online game on Hard straight away and still get all the achievements.


[x360a would like to thank chichan123 for this Roadmap]

Chronicles of the Temple50
Found all Templar Chronicles    

These are stone tablets that are found throughout the game. There are 42 in total to be found. Find them all to unlock this achievement. Most of them are straight forward and can be found with little or no effort. The collectibles in the game are indicated in mini map by a white 'x' icon.

Refer this channel if you are having trouble.

Found all collectible outfits in the game    

There are chests scattered throughout game. The outfits can be found in these chests. Most of them are pretty easy to find except a few for which a treasure clue has to be discovered which is indicated by a white glow. The chests are indicated on the mini map with a white 'x' icon.

Found all collectible weapons in the game    

There are chests scattered throughout game. The weapons can be found in these chests. Most of them are pretty easy to find except a few for which a treasure clue has to be discovered which is indicated by a white glow. The chests are indicated on the mini map with a white 'x' icon.

Discovered all chests in a single level    (3) 

Can be done on anywhere but easiest on first level. Just follow the white markers on mini map and it can’t be missed.

Completed all Bonus Objectives in a single level    (2) 

Can be done on any level but easiest on first level. Just follow the blue marker on mini map and it can’t be missed. Each level has a maximum of 3 bonus objectives.

Completed all Bonus Objectives on all levels    (1) 

Every level has a bonus objective ranging from 1 to 3 per level. Most of them are easy expect a few tricky ones. If you find any of these to be difficult just tone down the difficulty to casual. One of the bonus objectives at level La Rochelle can be overlooked easily.
Refer this thread for more info.

Watch Your Step10
Disarmed a bear trap   (1) 

You will encounter your first bear trap on second level "The Misty Forest". It’s more likely that you will step foot and trigger one this level and the game gives you direction on how to disarm one. To see a trap press  to look around and the trap will be indicated as a glow on floor. Press to disarm the trap.

Down, boy!15
Saved your partner from a dog attack   (2) 

You will fight lot of dogs in second level. You AI partner will be lunged by a dog and he should be struggling on ground fighting the dog. Just kill the dog by pressing  when the dog is attacking you partner and this will unlock.

No Stone Unturned10
Destroyed a breakable wall   

The first breakable wall can be found at 3rd level. There is a track which you have to trace to light a brazier. Just a few steps ahead of this brazier is a breakable wall. Press  to highlight the wall and then  to destroy the wall.

Advanced a character to 5 Health Orbs   

You gain XP when you kill enemies. When you have enough XP press back button and then  to choose the skills menu. Invest points on Toughness skill. Best done with the character Ronald as he will have toughness skill on all four sides of the skill tree. Also less XP points are required with Ronald compared to other characters. You will need 4000XP points for Ronald to get this.

Advance a character to 5 Zeal Orbs   

Same as Health orbs. This time do it with the lead character Caelian as he has more skills related to Zeal and can be quickly done with him. You will need around 9000XP points in total to get this.

Miracle Worker20
Used the "Revive" action to help your teammate   

You will most likely get this on Second level when you fight the boss. There is an 80 percent chance that your partner will lose all his health during the battle. Press to revive your partner. But you will need the revive skill first to do this. It costs 1000XP. There are many more battles where your partner will die so this is unmissalbe.

Templar Master30
Completed all levels on Normal or higher difficulty      

Refer "Templar Grand Master."

Templar Grand Master50
Completed all levels on Hard difficulty      (1) 

Start out the game on HARD as it is not difficult at all. The only tricky part is the Duel sections where the opponent can get tough. But they follow the same pattern of attacks which makes it easy to understand and react.

Discovered with a clue    (1) 

Unmissable as the game notifies you of a clue during the second level. Just follow the marker where the clue leads and this should unlock.

Templar Knight20
Completed all levels on Casual or higher difficulty     

Refer "Templar Grand Master."

Healing hands20
Healed your partner   

You have to acquire mass prayer skill for Caelian to unlock this. This skill is located at the very bottom on the bottom side of the skill tree. Once you have it press  when the partner is near you.

Acquired all Charge skills for Celian   

This is located on the right side of Caelian’s skill tree. There are 3 skills to be acquired. Charge, Powerful Charge and Improved Charge.

Acquired all Dagger throw skills for Marie   

This is located on the right side of Marie's skill tree. There are 3 skills to be acquired. Throw, Powerful throw and Improved throw.

Team Tactics20
Killed an enemy grabbed by the other character   

You need grab skill for either Ronald or Caelian to unlock this. After acquiring the skill just switch to Marie and play the game. It’s most likely that AI controlled Caelian will have an enemy grabbed from behind. Just attack the grabbed enemy and he should die unlocking the achievement. If you have trouble this can be done easily in online co-op with a friend.

Siege Operator30
Killed all opposing squads with a siege weapon   (2) 

There are two places to do this. First in the city of Acre where you get hold of a Trebuchet and again in the fifth level Siege of Acre. All you have to this kill every enemy and siege towers with a trebuchet. Press  to fire and  speed up reload and  to aim. It’s a part of bonus objective so if you are going for "Dedicated" achievement then this should come in naturally.

No escape25
A fleeing enemy was killed with a siege weapon by you or your partner   (1) 

Same as above. When you are using trebuchet, some enemies will flee for their life. Just aim for them and kill them.

Strenght of Two20
Finished a level in an online multiplayer game   (5) 

Self-explanatory. Just complete a level in online CO-OP.

A Friend Indeed30
Finished all levels in the campaign in multiplayer online mode   (17) 

Just finish every level online. But not sure how the game saves the progress, so it’s better to start and host a game online rather than joining others game.

Well Traveled20
Completed 5 levels in online multiplayer with different partners   (22) 

To get this you have to the host and others should join your game. Only then the game counts the level. If you join others game, the counter will never go beyond 1/5.

Bull Rush20
Hit 4 enemies at the same time with your Charge Attack   (1) 

Get improved charge or powerful charge skill for Caelian and press and hold  onto a group of enemies and this should unlock. There are many places where you will face more than 4 enemies. I got mine in siege of acre.

Whirlwind Strike20
Hit 4 enemies at the same time with your All-around Attack.   

Same as above. But you need cyclone Hit skill for Caelian to unlock this. Once you have the skill, get 4 enemies surround you and then press  to get this.

A Friend in Need15
Played in an online multiplayer game with one of your Xbox LIVE friends   (2) 

Has to be done with a friend. Join a game and send a friend request hoping he would accept. Or post in Achievement trading thread.

Just a Flesh wound25
Finished a whole level without both characters dropping below 1 Health Orb   (4) 

Easiest done in first level on casual difficulty. Your health orb should not drop at all for this. Say if you have 5 health orbs at the beginning of a level, it should remain 5 till the end. Even if one orb falls the achievement won’t unlock. Also can be done at Templar tunnels level as there are no enemies to face on the entire level. Just avoid traps and stick to main objective and this can be a cakewalk.

Smashed 5 enemy shields   

There are lots of enemies who will hold a shield. Just press and hold  for a charged attack and it should shatter the shield. Repeat 5 times to get this.

Finished 30 fallen enemies   (1) 

When you fight enemies, they can be knocked out and they will be on ground with their heads lifted up. Press  immediately to finish them off. Repeat 30 times to get this. Use Zealot strike   with Caelian or Sweep skill  with Marie on weaker enemies to get a guaranteed knockdown.

What Was That?20
Stealth killed a noise distracted enemy   (1) 

Story related and can’t be missed as the game directs you to do it on Siege of Acre level.

Look out below!20
Killed an enemy by knocking him from a ledge   (2) 

There are many places where you can get. Siege of Acre is the first place where you can get this. Do a charged attack on an enemy standing close to a ledge or a do Zealot Strike    and he will fall off the ledge.

The Duelist30
Won a duel    

Story related and can’t be missed.

Set 50 objects on fire   

You get your first opportunity to burn things on Templar tunnels level. Just light every Brazier on this level and you should have 30/50 on this level alone. There are also bonus objectives which require you to burn things. You should have this unlocked at the very last level where you have light up braziers again.

Silent and deadly20
Performed 50 stealth kills   

Approaching an enemy from behind pressing  and when you get close enough press  to do a stealth kill. Repeat 50 times. There are many places to perform stealth kills. So it should unlock towards the end of the game.

Not a Scratch20
Killed 5 enemies in less than a minute without taking damage   (1) 

This should be the first achievement you unlock in the game right at the beginning. It should come in without even trying.

Fight back25
Succesfully performed 10 countermoves   

You should unlock counter skill for your character which is in the left side of the skill tree. Once you have the skill, press at the moment the enemy strikes you can you should do a counter attack. Repeat 10 times. You just have to perform a counter and need not have to kill with a counter to get this.

Expert Tracker15
Successfully tracked 20 trails to their end   

Trails are indicated by white footsteps on the mini map. When you see one press  to look around and a series of footsteps will lead you to a treasure or clue. Repeat 20 times to get this. Should come in towards the end of the game as there are more than 20 trails to be found in the game.

Long Ranged20
Killed 20 enemies with a ranged attack   

Can be done only with Marie. Once you have throw skill unlocked for Marie, switch characters by pressing  to select Maire. Then beat up enemies as you normally would. Weaker enemies should take 2 hits while the stronger enemies should take atleast 4 hits. Then back off and press  to do a long range attack and kill them. If you throw a dagger before 2 or 4 hits they only get knocked down and will not be killed. Each throw costs a zeal orb so make sure to fill up the zeal orb before performing a ranged attack.

Secret Achievements
Saviour of Acre10
Survived the siege of Acre    

Story related and can’t be missed.

An Honourable Enemy15
Defeated Muzafar    (1) 

Story related and can’t be missed.

The Lost Temple15
Explored the Temple of the Nine    

Story related and can’t be missed.

The Hero of Cyprus10
Rescued the messenger of King Philip    (2) 

Story related and can’t be missed.

Defeated the Beast    (1) 

Story related and can’t be missed.

A Lady with an Attitude10
Rescued Marie d'Ibelin    

Story related and can’t be missed.

Friday the 13th15
Survived the events of Friday the 13th    (1) 

Story related and can’t be missed.

The Cup of Christ15
Found the Grail    

Story related and can’t be missed.

DLC: The Arena
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 6 Points: 250
Byzantine Ways20
Completed the Arena    
Crowd Favourite40
Completed all Bonus Objectives in the Arena    
Dance of Blades10
Killed 15 opponents in the Arena using Cyclone Strike.   
Completed the first round in the Arena without taking damage   
Elite Gladiator50
Completed the second round in the Arena without taking damage   (2) 
Master Gladiator100
Completed the third round in the Arena without taking damage   (1) 

Game Info
Haemimont Games
Kalypso Media


US May 17, 2011
Europe May 06, 2011

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