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The Harvest Achievement Guide

Guide By: Lucki88
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 
- Offline: 20/20 (200/200)
- Online: 0/20 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 2009-10 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Number of missable achievements: 2 "Juggernaut", "Speed Run."
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None


The Harvest is probably the best Windows Phone 7 game which can be purchased on the marketplace for $6.99. There are 20 achievements totaling 200 . Note: After you beat the game you can go back to previous levels to do some of the achievements you missed.

Step #1: SCARAB-Playthrough:
First you have to play the campaign with the Scarab. This should take about 5 hours. I recommended not changing the character for this playtrough because he has the highest endurance so you can get for the Juggernaut achievement without problems. You should earn most of the achievements during this playthrough easily. You will unlock the first 16 achievements in the following order: "Survivor," "Juiced Up," "Multitool," "Kitted Out," "Anti-Venom," "Great Explorer," "Level-Up," "Specialist," "Arachnocide," "Scarab Express," "Trashman," "War Journal," "Destructive Force," "Loyalty," "Shutdown," and "Juggernaut."

Step #2: Speedrun (Falcon):
The second thing you have to do is the speedrun. Just beat the game in less than 4 hours. It is quite easy. I suggest taking Falcon for the speedrun, but you can also take Viper for this. (I finished the game with both characters in about 2 hours). If you choose Falcon you will get the following achievements: "Falcon EMP," "Speed Run."

Step #3: Completionist (Viper):
To complete the game and earn the full 200  just beat it with your last character. For Viper you will earn these 2 achievements: "Asp Wind," "Completionist."


[x360a would like to thank Lucki88 for this Roadmap]

You have destroyed the first Boss – Amelatu. 

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. The first boss in the game is Amelatu. He is very easy to defeat. When he drops his shield use your first ability (strength) to knock him down. While he is down shoot at him. Now he will stand up again and his shield will return. Repeat until he dies.

You have destroyed the second Boss - Enki. 

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. Arachnocide is the second boss in the game. Also a very easy boss fight. At the beginning a shield protects him so keep moving until he is going to stop and starts shooting a disk at you. Avoid it otherwise you get stunned. After this some little creatures will appear, kill them. Enki will jump into the air to ground pound you, just keep moving to avoid this. When he lands on the ground he gets stunned for some seconds. Now it’s your turn to attack him. Just repeat the previous steps to defeat him.

Asp Wind5
Your stealth skills are unsurpassed. 

When you unlocked the Viper just start a new game. For this achievement you have to kill 3 enemies while wind walk is enabled (the endurance ability). You don’t have to do this in a row. Just activate it, kill an enemy and repeat. After the third one this achievement should unlock.

If you want something done right, get the GDF to do it. (1) 

For this achievement you have to beat the game with all 3 characters (Scarab, Falcon, and Viper). After killing the final boss with each of them this achievement is yours.

Destructive Force15
You are a destructive force of nature. (1) 

I recommend doing this in the fourth level because there are no “special sections” where only one character has access to. In this level you can find 3 things which can be destroyed. Right at the start of the level and towards the end are many boxes (in the mine-areas).Just destroy them with your strength ability. In the middle of the level are forklifts and some platforms on the ground which can be destroyed (To destroy a platform you must use your strength ability twice). There are also missions for destroying cameras etc. But if you want the "Loyalty" achievement you have to do it anyway. The achievement will pop up before entering the final battle.

Falcon EMP5
You left them speechless, and dead. 

After unlocking the Falcon you can start a new game. For this achievement you have to kill 5 enemies with your EMP-attack. The EMP is the first ability the Falcon will learn, so this achievement shouldn’t take that long. When you get ambushed (that will happen very early in the first level) use your ability to kill the enemies. That’s it.

Great Explorer15
The Harvesters can run, but they can not hide from you. 

You will get this achievement by exploring 95% of a level. When you have a look at the bottom right of your map you can see the progress. I did this in the very first level (But during your first playtrough you should get 100% in every level).

You are untouchable. 

You will earn this achievement after beating the game without dying. Sounds hard but it is not. I beat the game with all three characters and didn’t die once. Just use your healing kits (You will get a big amount of them during your playtrough) and use your special abilities then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Juiced Up5
It's all or nothing for you! 

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. You will get this one right after the first achievement.

Kitted Out10
You have got style! 

Your Character has 6 slots for “chips” which can be equipped. These chips are random drops from enemies or can be found in chests. Just equip 6 of them and the achievement is yours. You should get this in the first Level.

Level UP10
You are our GDF's most decorated hero. 

You need to get one Character to Level 10. You should get this at the end of the first level.

You have earned our army's complete trust. (1) 

You have to complete every side mission in the game. You can check your level progress in the menu. Be careful in the third level. There is a section with some mines on the ground. Don’t walk in any of them because it is a side mission which will be cleared after finishing this section.

You know how to use your special abilities under pressure! 

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. Your Character can learn three special abilities (strength, endurance, agility). When you got all three this will unlock. This happens during the first level.

Scarab Express5
They better get out of the way of “The Scarab Express”! (1) 

You have to destroy 3 enemies with scarab’s green special skill (agility). Just run through 3 enemies (take the little ones, they will die with one attack if you are strong enough) and kill them with one attack.

You destroyed the final Boss – Marduk. 

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. The final boss Marduk is easy as the others. At the beginning he is sitting on top of a tower. Destroy the turrets in front of him and defeat the “backup” he calls. There are three clamps on each level of his tower you must destroy, each time you destroy all three clamps, the tower descends a level. When the tower is on the ground you can fight Marduk. Just shoot at him until he is dead. But beware of the falling debris and of his attacks.

You know your talents. 

Increase one of your base stats (ie. Strength, Endurance, or Agility) to have a value of 50 or more. Thanks to LostPatriot.

Speed Run15
You are like greased lightning. 

You have to beat the game in less than 4 hours. Pretty easy achievement. I finished the game in about 2 hours with the Falcon and Viper. Just run through the levels, but don’t forget killing some enemies to level up your character, otherwise it would be hard later in the game.

No prison can hold you. 

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. You get this right at the beginning of the game.

You have destroyed the third Boss - Kingu. 

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. Kingu is a little bit harder than the bosses before. When the fight begins he is invincible, just ignore him. Next to him are 4 turrets, which are shooting at you. Destroy them first. When one of the turrets starts targeting you keep moving until it fires. While it is shooting start to attack it. Repeat until all 4 of them are destroyed. But beware of the Trashman himself. Over the whole fight he tries to suck you in the middle of his “mouth”. Just walk in the opposite direction to avoid damage. Now you can defeat the boss by firing at him.

War Journal10
This one is for all our fallen soldiers. 

You have to collect 10 black boxes, which are hidden in the four levels. It should be no problem to get all of them in your first playtrough. Just explore the whole map of each level. By pressing back and changing to the mission overview you can see how many black boxes are in every level and how much you are missing.

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Luma Arcade


US October 16, 2010

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