The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Achievement Guide

Guide By: AmbalaBamba
There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [More if you decide to do the puzzles on your own]
- Offline: 32 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate time: 10+ hours [Dependant on how fast you can progress]
- Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 1 [Following a walkthrough would be ideal as to not miss achievements]
- Missable achievements: 5 ["Blackmailer", "The Brain", "The Holmesian", "A Very Fine Loafer" and "Pea-Souper"]
- Does difficulty affect Achievements? No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes follows on from the previous events from the previous game, Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper. Whilst it’s not a direct sequel, it does continue their adventures together and their past adventures are mentioned. This is a simple and straightforward game (for the most part) with simple story related achievements, there are however some achievements which you can miss but if you pay close attention you can easily attain the 1000 in just one single playthrough.

All achievements can be earned in one playthrough. There are a few missable achievements, but if you follow this walkthrough, then you will unlock all achievements without any problems.

All I can really say here is follow the guide above, all achievements are earned in the single player. Take your time, don't rush and always make sure that you've searched everywhere in the locations. If something seems out of place try clicking on it, you never know what you might find.

 [x360a would like to thank AmbalaBamba for this road map]


Law of Nature30
One's ideas must be as broad as Nature if they are to interpret Nature. Well done!    (1) 

Story related. Attained when you complete an animal related puzzle at the funfair.

The Legacy150
I must compliment you exceedingly upon the zeal and the intelligence which you have shown.    (8) 

Story related. Attained when you’ve finished the game. Well done!

Stage Manager20
A simple trick, but exceedingly effective!    (1) 

Story related. Attained when you complete a magic trick at the theatre. Ta-da!

Bomb Defuser20
You never can resist a touch of the dramatic!    (2) 

Story related. Attained for disposing of the bomb later in the story in a rather unusual way.

A Fine Romance20
The most winning woman I ever knew was hanged for poisoning. But I digress. You found the letter!    (1) 

Story related. Attained when you find all of the love letters in the game but this will unlock when visiting the Prison.

You are a conductor of light! You discovered the hidden code.    

Story related. Attained when you find the secret message whilst at the Rat Hole.

Number Lover20
With all respect for your natural acumen, you handled that very well. You opened the safe box!    

Story related. Attained when you unlock the safe box.

Master of Deduction30
Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains. Bravo!    

This will unlock when you complete all of the deductions boards in the game, I believe that there is a total of three boards.

Deduction Apprentice20
To a great mind, nothing is little. You completed the first deduction board.    (1) 

Whilst searching various areas Watson will ask you to put your findings on a deduction board, simply finish your first deduction board to unlock this.

I can see that you are a force to be reckoned with.    (1) 

Story related. Attained when you lockpick the final lock out of three locks total in the game, the final is located near the end of the game.

An isolated phenomenon? A brain without a heart? I trust that you did not judge me so quickly!    

Story related. Attained after shocking events.

Desperately Seeking Sherlock20
I would have made an actor – and a rare one. You deduced my disguise.    

Story related. Attained whilst being in Baker Street figuring out a disguise.

Breaking the Law30
I have a great deal of respect for your judgement. You opened the safe room!    

Story related. Attained when you open a marvelous safe mechanism inside a grand house.

Prison Break20
A trusty comrade is always of use. Well done. And yet one got away...    (1) 

Story related. Attained whilst being located in the Prison.

First-Class Chemist20
It was the bisulphate of baryta!    (2) 

Story related. Attained when you complete your first analysis at the chemical lab/table in Baker Street.

Moonshine is a brighter thing than fog, but this is a pea-souper! You asked for Help a great deal.    (2) 


This can be attained by using Holmes’ detection skills, when full press :ltbut: and if you’re near an object or person that should be interacted with next in the story you will here a ping and see an icon flash at the top left of the screen. Let the icon fill again and then repeat until this achievement unlocks.

A Very Fine Loafer20
There are in you the makings of a very fine loafer.    (1) 


Whilst you are out on the streets of Whitechapel for the first time go and talk to some of the non essential characters roaming them, after talking to a handful this should unlock.

The Brain100
I never get your limits... there are unexplored possibilities about you.    (8) 


To unlock this you must attempt and complete every puzzle in the game by yourself without skipping any. The game does allow you to skip but don’t or else you will risk not unlocking this, follow the walkthrough using the link in the notes at the top of this guide.

Watson Alone20
The one fixed point in a changing age.    (1) 

Story Related. Attained when Watson is on his own for the first time (near to the end).

Anarchy in the UK20
There are always some lunatics about. It would be a dull world without them.    (2) 

Story related. Attained when you find three crazy folk.

Your nerves are fairly proof!    (1) 

Story related. Attained when you defuse the bomb!

Finders Key-pers30
You handled that with less than your usual – that is to say, you handled it well. You found the key!    

Story related. Attained when during one of the puzzles in the school house you find a key.

Attention to Detail30
You have a turn for both observation and deduction!    (2) 

Story related. Attained when you find all of the items on a particular piece of clothing (later in the story) (for some people). May unlock after finding all of the pieces needed in the Sawmill section.

Freedom of the Press20
The Press is a most valuable institution – if you only know how to use it!    

Story related. Attained when you gain access to a certain writers personal quarters.

The Holmesian30
I was sure that I might rely on you. You found all the items from my past adventures.    (5) 


On your second visit to Baker Street you should be able to click on certain objects in the room, you need to find the following and look at them;

  • papers on the mantle piece
  • harpoon above Watsons door (left door)
  • bust in Holmes’ room (right door)
  • finally a typewriter also in Watsons room
The Gambler20
You have never failed to play the game!    

Story related. Attained when you beat an odd fellow at a dice game in Whitechapel.

Hidden Message20
See the value of imagination!    

Story related. Attained when you carry out your first and only post-mortem and find a hidden message there.

Garden Gumshoe20
With your usual happy mixture of cunning and audacity, you recovered all that was stolen!    

Story related. Attained when you help a particular old lady find her garments.

The beautiful, faithful nature of dogs!    

Story related. Attained when you successfully complete a level playing as a dog.

Your morals don't improve!    (8) 


There are three conversations in the game where you are able to blackmail people, simply use the right words and after the third is used the achievement will pop. You first will be talking to a young boy in the cemetery and the second/third will be when talking to Danny at the Rat Hole.

Young boy choice: ‘Afraid’
Danny choices: ‘I work for the hygiene service’ and ‘I will tell the police’.

You would make a highly efficient criminal.    (1) 

Story related. Attained when you unlock the first safe in the game which is in the Bishop’s quarters near the beginning of the game.

It seems you share my love of all that is bizarre. You recovered the Samoan necklace, well done!    

Story related. Attained when you solve the first case of the game.

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Europe September 07, 2012

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