The Path of Go

The Path of Go Achievement Guide

Guide By: KillerBEA and Manumanu
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty
: 7/10 alone, 2/10 with guide and Fuego
Offline: 9 for 140
Online: 3 for 60
Approximate time: 5-15 Hours*
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
Missable achievements: No
Does difficulty affect Achievements: Yes
Unobtainable/Glitched Achievements: No
Extra equipment needed?: No
Is there DLC? No

Welcome to The Path of Go, Go is an ancient Chinese 2 player board game that is rich in strategy despite its seemingly simple nature. Let me start by saying with no previous experience in playing Go this game is hard, this is not new player friendly.

There is a guide on the basics of Go here

*You could probably complete the game in under 5 hours with full use of the puzzle guide and Fuego.

Step 1: Story Mode
You will spend the majority of the time you are playing this game trying to complete the story mode. The actual story for this is cheesy nonsense so just skip the cut-scenes and just do the puzzles and matches. This will be fairly difficult for new players such as myself, but it shouldn't pose much threat to veterans of the game.

Step 2: Local Match
Once you have beaten the story mode and have a decent grasp of how the game plays, what the rules are, etcetera, head into a local match. Set the difficulty to the highest possible and play on a 9 x 9 board and win. This will prove to be quite a challenge and you can't afford to screw up or the AI will make you pay.

If you are still struggling to beat the AI or you want to minimize the failing, you can download and use this app on your computer to mimic your opponents moves and have the computer show you your best move.

Step 3: Online Multiplayer
The online achievements for this game are really quick and shouldn't take more than 30 minutes as long as the multiplayer menus are co-operative. It has been noted that some people have issues logging into the multiplayer portion of the game. Fortunately I did not have this problem, but my boosting partner did. He restarted his Xbox a few times and recovered his profile once and after fighting with the game for a bit, he finally got it to work.

First, have both people search for a 19 x 19 size board match and have both players pass their first turn giving the white stone player the win. This will give both players The real deal achievement. Because of how the boosting is done in this game the white stone player will also unlock Time for Homework and if they don't already have it, Territory Counts.

Keep pairing up and the game will randomly choose 1 of the players to be the white stone player, which will be the winner each match because of the komi rule. If one of you manage to get their 5 wins and not the other and are having a hard time getting the other player to be the white stone player then simply have the winner take enough turns so he can get enough points to beat the komi rule. (5.5 points)

This game can be annoying and will test your patience. With a lot of perseverance and the help of the previously mentioned app, this game should become manageable to complete.


[x360a would like to thank KillerBEA for this roadmap]

The puzzler20
You completed all puzzles   

Go here for the solutions to all the puzzles.

No friends to play with30
You won againt the AI at a difficulty of 3 or higher on a 9x9 board    

Refer to Better than silicon.

Better than silicon5
You won againt the AI at the highest difficulty on a 9x9 board    

No real hints here - the game will punish any mistakes that you make. To make this a lot simpler download this app to your computer and mimic the moves your AI opponent from The Path of Go makes into the app and then have the app on the computer make the best next move for you.

The apprentice5
You completed the tutorial    

Go to story mode and in the first chapter (The Journey Begins) the second option is the tutorial. Just complete it and you will get the achievement.

Your first challenge20
You completed level 2    

This is a story related achievement and can't be missed.

Ultimate wisdom20
You completed the story    

This is a story related achievement and can't be missed.

High five20
You won 5 ranked matches on Xbox LIVE   (3) 

Have you and your boosting partner each pass your first turn. This will give the white stone player the win thanks to the komi rule. If you're having trouble getting the right player to be the white stone player, just have the person winning take enough turns to get enough points to beat out the komi rule with the loser passing each turn.

As a side note, the multiplayer makes it harder to match up when your trueskill rankings are further apart. So if you feel like making the extra effort in game instead of while matchmaking just take turns winning instead of just giving the win to the white stone player. Your choice. Both methods work and it still honestly doesn't take that long either way.

The real deal20
You finished a 19x19 ranked match on Xbox LIVE   

19 x 19 is the biggest board offered in the game. Simply have both players search for a 19 x 19 match. Once you are both matched up with each other just pass your first turns. You will both get the achievement when the match concludes.

Time for homework20
You won a game before reaching the sudden pass zone   (2) 

This will unlock while you and your boosting partner are boosting the wins. All rank matches are timed matches. Since when you're boosting wins you each pass your first turns giving the white stone player the win it never reaches the sudden pass zone.

Territory counts20
You won a match without capturing a single stone   

This can be difficult to do against the AI. Luckily, you can boost it by yourself or online with a boosting partner while working on the three online-specific achievements. See High Five for more information.

No escape10
You captured more than 10 stones at once   

You should be able to get this in the process of getting the other achievements with some good planning and strategy. If not then you can boost this with a second controller or with your boosting partner for the online achievements.

Have your buddy/second controller create a tight block of 10 stones in the center of the board. While he is doing that place your stones in a fashion that will end touching his stones and wrapping around it so that once you place your last stone it will capture 10 stones at once.

You created a chain that had 20 or more stones   

You need to create a chain 20 stones or more. Basically they just need to touch another stone in the line in order to add to it. Here is a picture example of a chain exceeding 20 stones:

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US December 15, 2010

HDD Space Required : 187.39 MB
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