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There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 45 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 35h+
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 4
- Glitched achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No
- Glitched achievements: No
- Unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

Welcome to The Saboteur, a sandbox game set in France during WWII. This game is not really difficult as you can play on Casual and earn all achievements if you have trouble with fighting. You will need some endurance to finish the freeplay events.

Step#1: Complete the Game
Since some Weapons, Abilities, etc. are unlocked after completing certain Story Missions, you should try to complete a great deal of the game before mopping up the Ambient Events. Generally it is a good idea to use stealth as often and long as possible. If you are disguised, have the remote Charges (RDX) unlocked and a silenced pistol at your disposal, you can literally prep a whole base to blow up at the same time while still disguised. Just remember to check if you are seen before you shoot Sentry Guards or plant charges. To make the game a bit easier, especially during alarm escapes try to blow up Sniper Nests and Occupation Towers as you encounter them and try to get some Perk requirements done. They make the game easier and you have to do less later on.

You should do the following achievements as soon as possible as they are missable:
- No Wittnesses
- Master of Disguise
- Trick or Treat
- Solid Gold (requires you to stealth kill 5 Generals for one Perk)

See the guide how to unlock them.

Step#2: Mop up
Since there are a ton of so called Ambient Freeplay Events, these will consume most of your time. Buy the Maps of all regions from your local Weapon Dealer so you can see all markers on your map. The most annoying part about this is that you only have eight charges in the beginning. You will have more later in the game and you can complete the remaining Side Missions and Freeplay Events after you've beaten the story. I recommend that you save your game regularly at this point, as you might lose some cleared events if you just shutdown your console without saving.

This game does a fair job and is considerably an easy yet time consuming 1000 .

x360a would like to thank cra for this Road Map

Collect all monument postcards.    (4) 
You have to collect 31 Postcards, which can be found nearby Landmarks and historical buildings. They are usually located on ground level and just appear as the typical Freeplay marker on the map. If you can't see any Nazi related objects and you are certain that it isn't a jump or viewpoint, search the ground for something flashing and press to collect when prompted.
Hell on Wheels10
Complete and win all freeplay races.   (6) 
The first two races will be available midway the story, the last one near the end of Act 2. This unlocks after winning Country Race 2.
Weapon Master35
Purchase all weapons available in the shops.   

Once you progress in the story you will unlock more weapons you can buy.

- Kruger Pistol
- Silenced Pistol
- Raum Pistol
- .44 Pistol (Perk reward)
- Executioner Pistol (after the Story is completed)

Machine Guns:
- MP40 SMG
- MP44 MG
- Tommy Gun
- Viper SMG
- Terror MP60

- Double Shotgun
- Trenchgun
- Terror Shotgun
- Hunting Rifle
- Carbine Rifle
- Steiner Rifle
- Scoped Carbine
- Scoped Steiner
- Terror Scoped Rifle(Perk reward)

Special Weapons:
- Siegfaust Mk2
- Terror Flamethrower
- Panzershrek (Perk reward)

Solid Gold50
Complete all gold level perks.    (7) 
You can earn your perks by fulfilling certain requirements or by buying "upgrades" from your weapon dealer to instantly unlock a silver and/or gold perk which cost 2000 and 3000 of contraband. Lima suggested buying the silver and gold perk of the mechanics tree, since finding all standard Nazi Vehicles and civilian cars is too random, takes an eternity, and is no fun at all. Since you can buy only one silver/gold perk this is the best way to use the upgrades.

- Knockout 2 Nazis: You should get this during the bar fight by punching Nazis until they don't get up again
- Kill 10 Nazi with Stealth Kills: Refer to Silent Death
- Stealth kill 5 Nazi Generals: Take out his 2 Bodyguards with the silenced Pistol (or any other way you see fit) and then approach the General from behind while sneaking with no one else around.

- Destroy 2 Nazi Installations: This should come easily. Look for the Event Markers and set up a Charge and enjoy.
- Destroy 10 Nazi Occupation Towers: Occupation Towers are the ones with Nazi Flags hanging from it. Search for them and blow them to kingdom come.
- Destroy 4 Train Bridges: You can do this after a story mission in which you receive bridge killer charges. Just check the map and the railroads to find the bridges marked as trespassing areas.

- Kill 5 Nazis using Bullets
- Kill 5 Terror Squad Nazis: First you need alarm level 4+ and they will accompany the regular SS Soldiers. You will recognize them as they wear a gas mask and look like helghast. They are equipped with either MG, Flame Thrower, or Panzershrek
- Destroy a Zeppelin and a Wulf Tank during the same alarm: Well this can be a piece of work. Wulf Tanks won't appear until alarm level 5 and Zeppelins can only be found in Paris or if you wait they come to the countryside. My suggestion is that you search a Wulf Tank (Twin Barrels), look if there is a building nearby where you are can defend yourself and regenerate health, plant 2 RDX charges on it, raise the alarm and blow it up. Now climb up the building and kill Nazis until alarm level 4 kicks in. Once this happens just wait there without killing anyone and wait for the zeppelin to arrive, equip your siegfaust/panzershrek and blow it up.

- Throw 5 Nazis to their Death: Easier than it sounds. Climb a Occupation Tower, Sniper Nest or AA-Gunplacement that are several meters up. Hold , press , and press the in the direction you want to throw the Nazi.
- Overrun 20 Nazis with Cars: If you don't know how to drive a Car in the game, please read the manual.
- Destroy 20 Nazi Vehicles with 1 Vehicle: A great tip is using an AA Gun to blow up Nazi vehicles as it counts as vehicle for some reason.

- Kill 5 Nazis with scoped weapons: Kill the Sniper in a Sniper Nest, take his rifle and kill 5 Nazis
- Score 15 Headshots with a scoped weapon: Same as before, accept you have to aim for the head
- Score 10 "double Kills" using a sniper scope: Line up 2 Nazis and put a bullet through both their heads and repeat A good spot is:
From the Club Belle, where you start the game from, turn left and run down the street. After a bit there are always two Nazi's guarding a gate one on the right side, you will notice some bollards on the right hand side of the street walk past four (any more and they will spot you, any less and it is quite tricky to get the shot) of these then stop and line up your shot. After they are down just run back to the Belle and enter and exit. Do this 9 more times and you will have it.

- Win the Time Trial: Pretty self explanatory isn't it? Will available near the end of Act 2
- Win Country Race 1: You can do this right after finishing the time trial. The Altair is fast enough to win
- Win Country Race 2: Will be available during Act 3, I used the silver claw

- Kill 10 Nazis with Grenades: Throw a Grenade with and just kill 10 Nazis
- Kill 5 Nazis with one Explosion: Raise alarm to level 2 or 3 and hide atop a building and wait for the Nazis to clutter down the street, lob a grenade, and hope it kills them. I recommend buying the blast upgrade from the weapon dealer
- Kill 10 Nazis within 10 seconds with Dynamite or RDX: Either set up an ambush with RDX and lure enough Nazis into range or play to Act 2 and during a mission from Santos in which you have to blow up 3 Trucks to eliminate competition and get your new travel papers do the following: Get yourself the car, set up the trap with holding , drive to the trucks, bail out with at a safe distance, and enjoy the show.

- Collect 5 different civilian cars: Jack a car, drive it to the garage and exit it. Once the message "Car has been collected" appears on top of the screen, you know you did it right.
- Collect every Nazi Vehicle: Some of them appear only late in game and it is no fun. Just invest the instant silver perk upgrade here.
- Collect all civilian, race and military vehicles: You get the idea and you should just buy the instant gold perk upgrade.

- Blow up 3 Nazi Vehicles with Dynamite: Either wait for a Sturmwagen to appear or blow up the Fuel Stations as a Bauer Truck is always there.
- Destroy 5 Nazi Vehicles within 300 Seconds with Dynamite: Just kill some Nazis and they will get a steady stream of reinforcements via Sturmwagen, which you should blow up.
- Destroy 3 Wulf Tanks with Dynamite or RDX: Wulf Tanks have a Twin Cannon and a explosive fueltank at the rear. Just set up 1-2 Charges and detonate them.

- Evade alarm level 2 five times: Kill some Nazis and use a nearby hiding spot or outrun them
- Evade alarm level 3: Be careful where you attempt this, as there will be regular patrols on the streets and hiding spots on ground level will be closed. Just be patient and use a hiding spot on high ground.
- Evade alarm level 5: To do this the easy way get to the Eifel Tower, fight until you are in alarm level 5 and take the elevators up to the restaurant.
Saint Honoré15
Spend 75,000 contraband.   (4) 
Simply buy everything you can, purchase all upgrades and restock your charges and ammo on a regular basis. This should unlock in Act 2 or Act 3, depending how much mayhem you cause. If you still have not spent enough by the end of the story, set the difficulty to feckin' hard to lose all ammunition as you die and kill yourself with 2 grenades or Dynamite/RDX, then respawn at the HQ, and buy all ammunition. Repeat this as often as you need to.
Demolition Derby15
Destroy 50 vehicles.   (1) 
This should unlock during the course of the story. If you want to force it a bit, just set up charges on every car you see or raise your alarm level to 3 and wait for Gestapo Cruisers - the long black cars - to show up. Hijack one of these nice cars and you have access to its mounted dual MGs that can be fired with . Drive through the city and have some fun.
Top o' the World15
Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower.   (3) 
After you finish the last mission of the story climb up the rest of the tower by using the ladder and achievement unlocked.
Liberator of France110
Inspire the people of France.   
You have to liberate ALL areas by doing story (golden initials) and side missions (gray initials). If you've done all side missions before finally killing Dierker, it unlocks after the final story mission.
Silent Death10
Stealth kill 50 or more Nazis.   (1) 
A stealth kill is initiated by sneaking up behind a Nazi with and pressing either or . Beware that no one sees you as killing Nazis in plain sight of others as it will cause an alarm.
Northern Command10
Inspire the people of Paris Area 1.   

See Liberator of France for more information.

Western Command10
Inspire the people of Paris Area 2.   

See Liberator of France for more information.

Southern Command10
Inspire the people of Paris Area 3.   

See Liberator of France for more information.

Chain Smoker5
Spend a lot of time idling around doing nothing.   (17) 
You have to smoke 100 Cigarettes and the count is cumulative throughout the game. You can press while standing still to have Sean smoke one.
Kiss 50 women.   (10) 
You can evade an alarm by kissing women, which are highlighted with green markers on your map. Check the video for a good location. You can check your progress in the Stats menu. Note that you can only use the girls during Alarm Level 1 or with the escape gold perk during Alarm Level 2.
Silver Streak10
Obtain your first silver perk.   

See Solid Gold for more information

Gold Medalist20
Obtain your first gold perk.   

See Solid Gold for more information

First Blood5
Complete your first ambient freeplay event.   

See Commando for more information

Commando 10
Complete each type of ambient freeplay.   (2) 
- Find Postcards
- Successfully execute Jumps
- Find Scenic Points (like in Assassin's Creed, these are located up high are marked by a looking glass atop a tripod)
- Find "hidden" Supply boxes of the Resistance
- Blow up Occupation Towers
- Blow up Sniper Nests
- Blow up Searchlights
- Blow up Radars
- Blow up AA-Guns
- Blow up Tanks
- Blow up Propaganda Towers
- Blow up V2-Rockets
- Blow up Grand Cannons
- Blow up Radio Controls
- Blow up Radio Tower
- Blow up Dierker Statues
- Kill Generals

It unlocked right away after I blew up the Dierker Statue, so if you destroyed a lot of different targets already, try this one to check. Near the plaza where you rescued the POWs is a huge building. If you stand in front of its entrance, go to the right side and find a small ladder and some opportunities to climb up. Once you made it to the top look around and you should see some flames. This is where your is target located. Or play the story until you have to rescue Maria Kessler as you will end up there in the end. Another option is looking for the two other statues in Zone 2 and 3 as they are easy to find and to destroy.
Wrecking Crew15
Complete 333 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 1.   (4) 

See Guerilla Warfare for more information

Unnatural Disaster15
Complete 212 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 2.   

See Guerilla Warfare for more information

Walking WMD15
Complete 239 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 3.   

See Guerilla Warfare for more information

Fatherland Fighter15
Complete 53 ambient freeplay in Saarbrucken.   (2) 

See Guerilla Warfare for more information

Coast Guard15
Complete 76 ambient freeplay in Le Havre.   (1) 

See Guerilla Warfare for more information

Guerilla Warfare15
Complete 425 ambient freeplay in the countryside.   (3) 
You have to go to almost every Event Marker and do the appropriate action to fulfill the Event. To make it easier, go to your Weapon Dealer and buy the Target Maps for each part of the game. This will be a tedious task at some point, so i recommend doing some Events, play 1-2 missions and clearing Events again. Doing 1000+ Events as the last task is no fun at all. By the way, you don't have to do all Events in one area to unlock the achievement. There are always 3-5 you don't have to do in case you can't reach a scenic spot.
Pigeon Parfait5
Find and play 'Bird Blast.'   

No Witnesses10
Complete a mission without raising alarm.    

See Master of Disguise for more information

Master of Disguise15
Complete a story mission with disguise intact.    (13) 
An easy mission is the one where you to tail a Nazi General and kill a Spy on the plaza which has the elephant statue. Just stealth kill both of them or use your silenced pistol to kill the Spy and you are done. If you are lazy or missed your chance, disguise yourself before doing a race and finish it as they count as missions.
Trick or Treat5
Stealth kill a Nazi General while disguised.    (4) 
You can either do this in the mission mentioned above if you are disguised before tailing the General or on one of the Generals standing in the city. If you are going for the latter, beware that they always have two bodyguards, who must be eliminated before attempting a stealth kill. Get the silenced pistol and snipe the Guards from as far away as possible and wait until the suspicion area vanishes and repeat. After both are dead, sneak up and score the stealth kill.
High Diver15
Jump from the Eiffel Tower and survive.   (5) 

Not On My Watch15
Stop the Nazis from executing 40 civilians.   (11) 
Note that these "Events" don't happen randomly, but in fixed locations. Once you found 3-4 Corners where Nazis want to execute someone, drive around these Spots and do them again and again. You recognize if they yell something: "Du wirst jetzt sterben" or "Wo ist die Resistance?" and you see 1-3 civilians kneeling with hands behind their heads while some Nazi point their guns at them. Just kill them quickly and search for another spot. You can check your progress in the Stats menu.
Secret Achievements
Vive La Resistance25
You inspired your first area of Paris.    (1) 

See The Legend Begins for more information

Road Trip10
You've arrived in Germany with Jules.    (1) 

See The Legend Begins for more information

You bested your opponents in the bar fight.    (1) 

See The Legend Begins for more information

Pint and a Shag10
You got lucky with Skylar.    (1) 

See The Legend Begins for more information

You crashed Dierker's car.    (1) 

See The Legend Begins for more information

Out of the Frying Pan30
You escaped from Germany.    

See The Legend Begins for more information

Into the Fire40
You reached Paris.    

See The Legend Begins for more information

Buried Secrets25
The Resistance was born.    

See The Legend Begins for more information

You sent the Nazi zeppelin up in flames.    

See The Legend Begins for more information

Bridge Buster30
You destroyed the train.    

See The Legend Begins for more information

Repo Man30
You recovered the Aurora.    

See The Legend Begins for more information

You rescued Veronique.    

See The Legend Begins for more information

Pole Position40
You beat Dierker in the Parisian race.    

See The Legend Begins for more information

You blew up "Doppelsieg."    

See The Legend Begins for more information

The Legend Begins100
You completed The Saboteur.    

These achievements are all story related. You unlock all achievements by playing through the story missions, marked by the golden initials.

Game Info
Pandemic Studios
Electronic Arts


US December 08, 2009
Europe December 04, 2009

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