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The Sims 3 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Dynamite Andy
There are 18 achievements with a total of 200 points.

The Wright Stuff5
Create a Sim   

Start a new game and create a new character. Give them a persona and attributes and this will pop.

When You Believe...5
Fulfill a Wish   

After creating your character and a few minutes into playing, wishes will start appearing. Completing one will unlock this achievement.

Likes Work5
Get a job and show up early once   

The available jobs are as followed: Town Hall, Laboratory, Quickmart and Corsican Bistro. The Pawn Shop will be unlocked far later.

After you have a job, when the message to start work gets displayed, press back (on your windows phone) then scroll to the goals menu and click on the arrow pointing a sim. This arrow will take you to work hence unlocking your achievement.

Sim-ply Generous5
Give something to another Sim   

This achievement requires you to give something to another sim, the easiest sim for this achievement is Marcell. Talk to him and he will usually ask you to give him a item. Go to the Quickmart buy it and then give it to him and this achievement will unlock. If Marcell does not want anything when you talk to him, try talking to other sims untill one of them asks for something.

Buy something and sell something   

This achievement requires you to buy something and sell something from/to the Quickmart. You can do this as soon as you start the game. Just head straight into town, buy anything, then sell it back it.

Life of the Party5
Befriend 3 Sims   

There is a total of 13 sims, making friends with at least 3 of them will unlock this. Bernie is rather annoying as he hates general chat, so make sure you entertain him by goofing off or doing something else. After making 3 friends this will unlock.

Couch Potato10
Get a better couch and TV   

This achievement requires you to purchase a better TV and a couch. A tv is not available until you have completed a few goals, after completing a few goals, and after unlocking a few items available to buy. When they are available, buy a TV and a couch. They should total up to cost you at least §1,000 - §1,300. After buying and placing them in your house this achievement will unlock.

Do any two of: Insult a Sim, Slap a Sim, Annoy a Sim   

Refer to Bad to the Bone.

Catch 5 fish in one day   

This acievement requires you to catch 5 fish in one day. Before you can go fishing you have to go to the hobby shop and buy a fishing kit. You will most likely get this achievement very quickly because fishing happens to be the fastest way to gain money.

Gain 1 skill point in Cooking, Repairing and Fishing   

Refer to Well Rounded.

Green Thumb10
Max out the gardening skill   

This achievement requires you to max the garden skill to its max level (5). This is somewhat easy to do, but first you will have to wait until your house has been upgraded to its first available upgrade (a week or so in game time). Afterwards, head to the hobby shop and buy as much fertilizer as you can, a watering kit, and loads of seeds. Then just plant them all, tend them, and harvest them. Rinse and repeat until this pops. If you need to sell them, sell them at the Quickmart. If you need to buy more, buy them at the hobby shop. After reaching level five this will unlock.

Creep out every Sim in town   (3) 

This achievement requires you to creep out every sim that is in the town. The easiest way to do this is barge into their houses when they are inside. This creeps both of them out even though the message will only show for one. It is best that at the same time as barging into their houses, you make a note of who got creeped out just in case the achievement does not pop. If it doesn't, barge into the leftovers' houses. If someone talks to you before you barge into their house, they will not get creeped out and you will have to barge into their house again.

Commitment Issues15
WooHoo with 3 different Sims in 1 day   (1) 

This achievement requires you to WooHoo with 3 different sims in a day. There is some confusion when it comes to WooHooing with sims. To WooHoo with a sim, get them to the friend stage. After they are at the friend stage constantly use the romantic options with them until they reach the budding romance stage, then continue to use the romantic options untill they reach the next stage again. When they are halfway through that stage you can WooHoo with them.

If a sim does not reach the budding romance stage but does reach the good friend stage, use some jerkish options on them until they are your friend again and then try again with the romantic options. At no point can you use general chat with them, otherwise they will immediatly go back to the friend stage for some reason.

After WooHooing with 3 different sims this should unlock. If it doesn't, WooHoo with some more sims until it does.

Accumulate $10000 and own best house   

This achievement requires you to gain $10,000 cash in hand and own the best house in the game. Fishing will be your best friend when it comes to earning cash as it is by far the fastest method to get money. If you have the pawn shop available, make sure that you get the highest promotion and work there. This way you will be capable of earning roughly $1,500 per day. If you don't have the pawn shop but are still fishing, don't worry. You will still be roughly earning between $700 and $900 per day depending on what you catch.

For the best house, you don't need to have the house fully upgraded to its second available upgrade - it can be the first household upgrade (which is available after a week of in-game time).

Bad to the Bone15
Complete all Jerk goals   

This achievement requires you to complete all the personal Jerk goals:

  • Be disliked by all the Sims in town: Make a list of all the sims, meet them, and then slap and insult them until it says "Your sim is now disliked by (character name)."
  • Slap four people: By completing the goal above you should complete this goal.
  • Insult five people: By completeing the goal above you should complete this goal.
  • Kick over all the trash cans in town: Make a list of all the sims, then kick over all of their trash cans including your own and this will complete this goal. One sim has their trash can in their house, so it's best to wait until they're in their house, barge in, and then kick over their trash can.

After all four goals have been completed this will unlock.

Presidential Material15
Complete all nice guy goals while working at city hall   

This achievement requires you to be working at the city hall when going to complete the nice guy goals, The goals for the nice guy persona are:

  • Get married: To marry a sim become a friend with them and then use the romantic options with them from then untill their relationship bar changes from good friend to budding romance. From then, continue to use the romantic options untill the bar eventually reaches the max amount and is in the partner stage. Then ask them to marry you and they will say yes.
  • Be liked by all the sims in town: Just talk to people and entertain them until their status changes to friend. Bernie will be difficult, so make sure you use the entertain options rather then the general chat options.

After competing all the goals while working at the city hall, this achievement will unlock.

Well Rounded15
Complete all Jack of All Trades goals   

This achievement requires you to complete all the Jack of All Trades persona goals, they are:

  • Achieve the highest fishing skill level: Buy a fishing rod from the hobby store and then head into the park for some non-stop fishing. You should reach the max level within about 15 minutes.
  • Achieve the highest repairing skill level: Buy a repair kit from the hobby store and then head home, turn your tv on and off until it breaks and then repair it. Rinse and repeat until you reach the max level.
  • Achieve the highest cooking skill level: Buy as many ingredients as you can and as many recipes as you can. Go home and buy a stove and then start cooking untill you reach the max level.

After all goals have been completed this will unlock.

Complete All 73 goals and complete a set of ANY Persona Goals   

This achievement requires you to complete all of the persona goals and all of the original goals, the original goals are as followed - the persona goals should already be completed if you have unlocked the persona related achievements.

  • Try fishing
  • Try cooking
  • Buy fishing kit
  • Buy watering can
  • Buy repair kit
  • Buy a stove
  • Buy a bath
  • Gain a skill point at cooking
  • Gain a skill point at fishing
  • Gain a skill point at repairing
  • Meet a new Sim
  • Befriend a Sim
  • Begin a romantic relationship
  • Make an enemy
  • Make a Sim laugh
  • Annoy a Sim
  • Insult a Sim
  • Creep-out another Sim
  • Slap a Sim
  • Get a job
  • Buy something
  • Catch a fish
  • Catch a trout
  • Catch a salmon
  • Catch a catfish
  • Repair something
  • Discover a new recipe
  • Cook something
  • Cook grilled cheese
  • Cook steak & veggies
  • Cook minestrone
  • Grow something
  • Grow carrots
  • Grow corn
  • Grow tomato
  • Watch TV
  • Kick over a Trash Can
  • Sleep in another Sim’s bed
  • Use another Sim’s shower
  • Use another Sim’s toilet
  • Get a better couch
  • Get a better TV
  • Accumulate $1000
  • Catch 15 fish
  • Harvest 30 crops
  • Stay entertained for three days
  • Stay fed for three days
  • Stay rested for three days
  • Stay clean for three days
  • Meet all the Sims in town
  • Make a Sim jealous of you
  • Sleep in three other Sim’s beds
  • WooHoo with someone
  • Get a promotion
  • Reach the top of the career ladder
  • Use everyone’s toilet at least once
  • Use everyone’s shower at least once
  • Creep out five people
  • Watch three people sleeping
  • Be romantically involved with three Sims
  • WooHoo eight times in one day#* Accumulate $5000
  • Own the best house
  • Own the best TV, stereo and stove
  • Accumulate $5000

This glitch is helpful for the general goals:

Create a character, complete a few goals, and save your game back out to the games hub and restart The Sims and load your save. Do a few more goals and then save and go back to the games hub. Load The Sims back up and if you look at your goals, they should have nearly all unlocked leaving you with only the persona goals to be completed. Once all goals have been completed, this achievement will unlock. Please note this glitch sometimes results in the game removing all your saves and your progress resulting you having to start again (excluding achievements).

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US October 15, 2010

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