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Stray Sod Collector

Record all Stray Sod.


There are 8 stray sods to collect, and can be easily found by the dark bush that they are guarding. These sprites look like tiny walking trees, and can be caught by running circles around them. Aside from the Sprout Sprites, they are the only ones on the ground. Look for 3 of them in the Forest Road meadow, and 4 more in the Deep Woods guarding the cypress portal tree. The final sod is in the same area of the Deep Woods, guarding the sole Beetle Mimic Sprite.

1. On the Forest road coming from the mansion, head right after the log arch and keep going until you reach a field. Go along the right side of the field until you come to some dark rocks, after the third rock he will be right there in between.
2. Following along side of field from last, going forward and you will come to another nook on the left with one there.
3. In the middle of the field on the forest road there is a section of dark tall grass, he is right there in front of it.
4,5,6,7 & 8. The last five of these guys are in the section next to the oak tree folk (teleporter) you will not be able to go far from the teleporter without;  A. either going back to the forest road or B. passing by a rock throwing goblin high on a hill. So stand next to the oak tree folk (teleporter), by the arch shaped root sticking out of the ground and have a look around. Where ever you see a brown patch of grass is where one will be; they are all very close to one another so these last five should be obtained easily.


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