The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Spiderwick Chronicles Achievement Guide

Guide By: Semp Pi
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 50 (1000 )
- Online: 0 (0 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

Like most children's and movie themed games, this game will not be a challenge for most experienced gamers. The achievements are relatively easy, but require a lot of collecting and tracking what you have collected and what still remains.

Welcome to The Spiderwick Chronicles. This game has a total of 50 achievements and requires only one playthrough to get 1000 . Of the achievements, 8 are unlocked simply by playing through the story and 3 are gained by playing a mini-games that are seperate from story mode. The 39 achievements remaining will require you to collect certain items in the game or complete bonus quests.

Last, Regine Faller has created a full walkthrough for this game. Refer to it whenever you get lost and don't know what to do. It is posted HERE.

Step 1: Playthrough the game
To get started begin a new game and select the easy difficulty. Difficulty setting does not affect achievements. Then you will begin the game as Jared and you'll be off on your way. If you get lost refer to the walkthrough mentioned above.
As I mentioned above, most of the achievements in this game are collection based and require a small amount of tracking to remember what you've caught/collected and what still remains. NumberUno has done the work for you and found the location of everything collectible. It is posted HERE. I highly suggest that you save the lists to your computer and mark them off as you find them. This will limit frustration later on.
Moving on, as you playthrough the game, I suggest you do your best to catch the minimal amount of sprites and instead try to progress through the story. I say this because upon completion of chapter 7 you will have the opportunity to complete everything still remaining. The following are what you should focus on getting prior to ending chapter seven:

- Roach Killer, Roach Conqueror, Roach Master You will play as Thimbletack twice during the course of the game. In the first playthrough you should collect 29 roaches and 21 on the second. Once again, NumberUno has a great guide posted HERE. Simply follow this guide anytime you're Thimbletack and you'll get all 50 roaches and the achievement. Also not that NumberUno's cockroach guide tells you how to get the upgraded sword for Mallory off of the wall.
- River Troll Master You can only do this as Simon. The first opportunity you have to get this is when you are playing as Simon after Mallory has just defeated the 20 Goblins in the quarry. When you get to the troll, just spray it over and over until it hits the sunlight and turns to stone.

Step 2: Mop Up
As I said, after completing Chapter 7 you will have to complete the field guide to complete Chapter 8. This gives you the opportunity to mop up all the remaining achievements that you can get in the story. In order to complete chapter 8 you are required to get not only all sprites, but all the relics and other items as well. Once again, use NumberUno's guide linked above with the lists of the locations of everything collectible. Use it and mark it off once you collect it. I highly suggest you run around as Simon while doing everything after Chapter 8 as he is required for the most things (Fire Salamander collecting, Knocker Cave, Killing the Bull Goblins, etc.) You will know that you have done everything necessary to complete the field guide when you are told there is a visitor at the front door. Here are a few tips as you go about completing this step:
- For the ball bearing, Gobstone and Fruit collector achievements just know that they are located everywhere, often times in bushes and the sides of pathways. Hitting the washing machine in the cellar with the bat will give you 15 Ball bearings and the second knocker will give you 50 gobstones. I actually got the 40 fruit collection achievement after completing chapter 8. There were 5 fruit in the yard that I swear weren't there before.
- The game uses an autosave feature to keep your progress. Understand that if you die, everything you collected between your last save and the time you died will have to be collected again. This is where a lot of people lose track of what they have collected and then think they're glitched, so be warned. The game always saves when you enter a new area.
- For the sprite race right outside the front door. If you have an extra slot open for a sprite, after she challenges you to a race you can catch her in your net. If you do, the race will still happen and be easy to win, but you won't get a reward from her for winning.
- Although 500 goblin teeth may sound like a lot you will get a lot just playing the game normally. Don't waste time hunting goblins.

Step 3: Play the ISL Mini-games
It is now time to do these three achievements. Use a second controller for the "ISL Master" achievement. Simply use the strategies noted in the achievement guide and you should get these very easily.

We're Done! If you're at this point and have not gotten any of the achievements the game allows you to continue playing even after completing Chapter 8.

x360a would like to thank Method for this Road Map

Chapter One Complete10
Find the Field Guide. 


Simply go through the mansion exploring, make sure to find the broom stick up in the attic then head to the kitchen where there is a breakable wall to smash beside the fridge, that opens up the path to secret study of Arthur Spiderwick, where you will find a key on his desk. Use this to open up the chest beside the telescope up in the attic, to find the field guide.


Chapter Two Complete10
Obtain the Monocle. 


To obtain the monocle you first must take control of Simon for the first time. You get to control him after you rescue his cat, Tibbs, from the roof of the garage. After you have Simon, head up to the attic where the telescope is and grab that (where you got the field guide), then head into Arthur Spiderwick's secret study and grab the glasses on a desk. Go over to the workbench to make the monocle. After your done making them head back down the stairs until you run into Jared and take back control of him, after you do that head back upstairs and grab the monocle off the workbench.


Chapter Three Complete10
Burn the Field Guide. 


To "burn the field guide" you must first make it all the way back to the mansion with Jared and Simon. You will have to fight off the Goblins and Captain Redcap using Mallory. Once your done with that you will have to go around searching for the pieces to make the gun for Simon. Most are inside the house and in plain view, with just a couple being on the outside of the mansion. After making the gun you must find a fire salamander, (right at the back corner of the garage) and take him to the fire pit around the back of the house to get the cut-scene and the achievement.


Chapter Four Complete10
Find Aunt Lucinda. 


To get this all you have to do is make your way through the cellar and the tunnels. There is just one tricky part and that is to open the path to the tunnels. In order to open it you must read the note to get the clue and use the following sprites in order. 1. Royal Orchid Sprite (toadstool)2. Will O' The Wisp Sprite (diversion)3. Flower-Head Sprite (whirlwind).

After making your way through the tunnels you will know you are about at the end the chapter, once you’re on your second chase scene.


Chapter Five Complete10
Tame the Griffin. 


The main quest for this is to find the griffin feather and to feed the griffin 5 fire salamanders. You should have Simon (who you need to douse the salamanders to be able to pick them up) before getting to the griffin, so just make sure to have 5 salamanders collected before you go up to him. To get to him you must go through the cypress tree folk (teleporter) which is in the deep woods.


Chapter Six Complete10
Return to the Mansion. 


After dealing with the griffin quest you have to head back to the house, through the tunnels and get back to the cellar to make it back to the mansion, since the other way is blocked.


Chapter Seven Complete10
Defeat Mulgarath! 


As soon as you come out of the cellar a cut-scene will take place. First you must defend the house from the invading goblins until your mother gets the tomato sauce ready. Once she is done another cut-scene will take place and Mulgarath will begin to chase you. You must make it into the kitchen and smash through the rubble blocking the dumbwaiter. Then you must make it up the dumbwaiter by following the command prompts on screen you will make it into the secret study. Once you are up there you have to make it over to Thimbletack by hopping over a bookcase, after that you will be on the roof. With Mulgarath still chasing, jump over to the next ledge and start up the roof by following the command prompts. Zigzag around some obstacles and get to the ladder. Climb up to the top to get the cut-scene and unlock the achievement.


Chapter Eight Complete80
Complete the Field Guide. 


Completing the story, collecting and recording every sprite, and doing all side quests will unlock the final quest called "A Visitor". You have to go to the front door of the mansion, everything collectable is mapped out in this guide and any random items needed are listed at the bottom.


Roach Killer10
Collect 10 Cockroaches. 


See Roach Master.


Roach Conqueror10
Collect 25 Cockroaches. 


See Roach Master.


Roach Master30
Collect 50 Cockroaches. 


Click here to see the Cockroach guide.


Gobstone Enthusiast10
Collect 25 Gobstones. 


See Gobstone Fanatic.


Gobstone Collector10
Collect 50 Gobstones. 


See Gobstone Fanatic.


Gobstone Fanatic30
Collect 100 Gobstones. 


Collect these stones as you are running around mansion, yard and the surrounding forest. They can be on or off the path. When searching for them, hug the invisible wall of the road to search the bushes as you run by. Completing the Knocker Quest will give approximately 50 additional Gobstones, so use those towards the 100.

Gobstones are used as ammunition for Jared's slingshot or an exploding variety can be thrown by Simon.


Ball Bearings Enthusiast10
Collect 25 Ball Bearings. 


See Ball Bearings Fanatic.


Ball Bearings Collector10
Collect 50 Ball Bearings. 


See Ball Bearings Fanatic.


Ball Bearings Fanatic30
Collect 100 Ball Bearings. 


Using the same tactic as the Gobstones, search the edges of paths after traveling through areas, sometimes they may be additional BBs hiding in the bushes. Upon completion of the game (Chapter 7 for our purposes) I only had around 85. Shoot or hit the washing machine in the cellar for an additional 15 or so.

Ball Bearings are used as Jared's ammunition for his slingshot.


Faerie Fruit Enthusiast10
Collect 10 Faerie Fruit. 


See Faerie Fruit Fanatic.


Faerie Fruit Collector20
Collect 20 Faerie Fruit. 


See Faerie Fruit Fanatic.


Faerie Fruit Fanatic50
Collect 40 Faerie Fruit. (1) 


Mostly found on the ground, these can also be obtained by catching sprites. When the sprites return to the garden, talk to each of them and they will give up an extra fruit or two as a reward.

Faerie Fruits are used as lures to attract sprites that may be flying too high or out of reach. They may be picked back up after use.


Goblin Killer10
Collect 100 Goblin Teeth. 


See Goblin Master.


Goblin Conqueror20
Collect 250 Goblin Teeth. 


See Goblin Master.


Goblin Master50
Collect 500 Goblin Teeth. 


This is actually easier than it sounds. Each goblin killed yields teeth, provided you don't knock them off an edge. Green goblins drop 1 tooth on death, the red ones drop 2 and the large purple bull goblins drop 3. Obtain 500 and the achievement will unlock. You can check your progress in the start menu.


Fire Salamander Collector30
Collect 10 Fire Salamanders. 


Simon's gun is needed to douse the salamanders in order to collect them. The easiest place to find these are behind the garage (1), and in front of both entrances to the Deep Woods (2-3). There are also (3) by the first knocker in the lower camp/quarry area. Leaving the area and returning causes them to respawn. Collect 10 total, you don't need to have them all at once.

One is needed to start the fire in Chapter three, and to complete the entry in the field guide.


Leatherwing Collector10
Record all Leatherwing Sprites. 


There are 10 of these total to collect, and are found around all regions of the game. Exploration and simple questing will help you find them all. The most difficult one to find is obtained by shattering all lamps hanging from the large tree in the quarry with a slingshot. The sprite will fly down to the area where the Griffon's feather landed so you can collect it. Every two found will add another leaf to your health bar. They are a primary green color.

1. By gate at end of driveway near the mansion. You're directed to this one to progress the story.
2. On the forest road after coming in from the mansion, go under the log arch and take your first right, then immediately right again and go on top of the log arch. One is there.
3. After coming out of the field, in the Forest Road, down the path and by the Quarry sign there is one.
4. After entering the Quarry from the Forest Road there is one flying by the little shack (on the hill down to the Goblin camp).
5. Going along and jumping along the rock face (coming from the last one), you will come across one flying in a sort of U shaped area of the rock wall, close to where you picked up the aluminum bat.
6. See location of Will O' The Wisps Sprite 6. From that spot head to the left and go along the path to find this one in the wide open.
7. After the Chase scene with the large lizard looking creature you will come out, on the other side face to face with one.
8. In the Deep Woods, in the oak tree folk (teleporter) section there is a rock throwing goblin up high on a ledge, it is flying around just before the goblin.
9. In the Quarry shoot the lanterns in the tree, where the hobgoblin was in the cage. One will come out and fall down below where the water is and where the griffin feather was.
10. Outside of the mansion between the garage and bushes to the left of garage. You might need to throw a faerie fruit to get him to come out.

Royal Orchid Collector10
Record all Royal Orchid Sprites. 


Royal Orchid Sprites glow red. You will know which ones you haven't found before by the larger aura surrounding them. Net them and paint them to collect them. You may check your progress on every sprite in the Field Guide. The last Royal Orchid Sprite to find (and the one needed for the garden) is located on a path in the swamp area of Deep Woods, just before the cave that shortcuts back to Forest Road. Use a faerie fruit if the sprite is flying too high and it will come down for an easy capture. Use an ability granted by the Royal Orchid Sprite to summon a Toadstool ring around a goblin, which is another achievement.

1. Flying around in the front of the mansion on the lawn.
2. In the forest road when you first come to the field, there is one as soon as you enter.
3. After getting the key to the cellar go down inside and find one in behind the water heater looking thing.
4. After entering the Deep Woods through the hole in the rock you will come across one right away. You have to get it fast or it will fly up high; use a faeire fruit to lure it down again.
5. After going up into the Quarry where the griffin is, there is one flying around right in front of the him.


Flower-Winged Sprite Collector10
Collect all Flower-Winged Sprites. 


Flower-winged sprites emit a light blue glow, and reward you with a dash charge upon capture. Only 5 of these to find, and the last one can be found in the Caves beneath the cellar.

1. Outside of mansion, flying around the front by a tree with a birdhouses hanging from it (close to tree on mound).
2. Once you enter the forest road there is one on the path as soon as you go in.
3. There is one flying around in the middle of the field in the Forest Road.
4. After crossing the log you dropped onto earlier, you will come to a swamp. There is one as soon as you cross the log.
5. After you go across the draw bridge as Simon, just after the part you had to use the fuse to power up the console as Jared, one will be right there after crossing the bridge.
6. In the Deep Woods to the left of the oak tree folk (teleporter), just before the entrance to the Forest Road.
7. On your way back to the Mansion after the griffin quest, head to where the Metal Cricket was (see Interior Decorator Achievement) to find it flying right where the cricket was.


Flower-Head Collector10
Record all Flower-Head Sprites. 


There are 7 of these to find, and they glow a light orange. The most difficult sprites to find are the final ones needed for the garden. This one is located in the same location as the final Royal Orchid Sprite. I simply walked through the cave back to Forest Road, and returned, and it had appeared in the same spot as the Royal Orchid.

1. Outside of mansion by tree, on little mound, on the lawn near driveway.
2. Once you enter the forest road there is one on the path as soon as you go in.
3. When coming to the field in the forest road go to the far back of it, there is one flying around at the end of the field by a mossy rock.
4. In the tree in the Quarry that has the hobgoblin in a cage. Smash all the lanterns in it to release one, it will fall down below the shack. You need to power up a console, it will be just below that shack.
5. After taking back control of Simon in the quarry it will be flying around the immediate area, by the Cauldron type thing that has something cooking over it.
6. See "interior decorator" achievement for location of the Metal Cricket. Standing on the stalactite you dropped to get the cricket, head directly straight ahead to see a corner of this rock path brightly lit up. There is one flying around the rock on the corner but you can't see it at all times, only when it makes it loop around the rock will you see it. Stand here until it come out from the darkness.
7. See location of Royal Orchid Sprite 5. To make this Sprite appear you need to collect the Royal Orchid Sprite first. Once you do this, one will be flying in the exact same spot.


Will O' The Wisp Collector10
Record all Will O' The Wisps. 


There are 10 Will O' The Wisps, they are fairly easy to spot. They are larger, spherical  shaped and they move very slowly. Upon capture, they give a 'distraction' bluff, which allows you to distract goblins (used for two other achievements).

1. Flying around near the garage on the outside of the mansion.
2. Once you enter the forest road there is one on the path as soon as you go in.
3. There is one flying around the area of pillars you jump across, to get the log to drop down in the forest road.
4. After crossing the log you dropped earlier to, you will come to a swamp. There is one as soon as you cross the log.
5. After entering the quarry from Forest Road you will see a little shack and a blocked path. Head up the other path on the right and in the grass one will be flying around.
6. In the tree in the quarry that has the hobgoblin in a cage, smash all the lanterns to release one. It will fall down below to where the water is with a little pillar in the middle.
7. In the cellar after opening up the tunnel with your sprites, go through the cave and come out onto a high rock walkway with this sprite right in front of you.
8. See location of Will O' The Wisps Sprite 6. From there go all the way left and go to the end of the path to find it.
9. See Interior Decorator achievement for location of Metal Cricket. After the part with cricket head to the right by jumping across two big drops. It will be right there flying around.
10. See Interior Decorator achievement for location of Old Coin 3. It will be flying around just under the tree where the old coin is.


Bellflower Collector10
Record all Bellflower Sprites. 


There are 5 Bellflower sprites to collect across the world. They are yellow in appearance and glow a deep purple color.

1. Flying around the gazebo on the outside of the mansion.
2. After entering the field on the Forest Road, stick to the right hand side to come upon it flying by the big dark rocks and some trees.
3. After you take control of Simon in the quarry, there is a dirt hill that you have to run up, it is the only way to go. The Sprite will be at the top of this hill.
4. See location of Will O' The Wisps Sprite 6. After getting that one go to your right down the path to get this one which is in the wide open.
5. See Interior Decorator achievement for location of Old Coin 3. It will be flying around on top of the same tree, you might have to use a faerie fruit to lure it closer.


Stray Sod Collector10
Record all Stray Sod. 


There are 8 stray sods to collect, and can be easily found by the dark bush that they are guarding. These sprites look like tiny walking trees, and can be caught by running circles around them. Aside from the Sprout Sprites, they are the only ones on the ground. Look for 3 of them in the Forest Road meadow, and 4 more in the Deep Woods guarding the cypress portal tree. The final sod is in the same area of the Deep Woods, guarding the sole Beetle Mimic Sprite.

1. On the Forest road coming from the mansion, head right after the log arch and keep going until you reach a field. Go along the right side of the field until you come to some dark rocks, after the third rock he will be right there in between.
2. Following along side of field from last, going forward and you will come to another nook on the left with one there.
3. In the middle of the field on the forest road there is a section of dark tall grass, he is right there in front of it.
4,5,6,7 & 8. The last five of these guys are in the section next to the oak tree folk (teleporter) you will not be able to go far from the teleporter without;  A. either going back to the forest road or B. passing by a rock throwing goblin high on a hill. So stand next to the oak tree folk (teleporter), by the arch shaped root sticking out of the ground and have a look around. Where ever you see a brown patch of grass is where one will be; they are all very close to one another so these last five should be obtained easily.


Sprout Collector10
Record all Sprout Sprites. 


Sprout Sprites are a light green in color and jump around on the ground. Explore grassy areas and you will find them.

1. Beside the gazebo on the outside of the mansion.
2. Behind the garage on the outside of the mansion.
3. After first entering the forest road, go under the log arch until you come to the first road on the right. Take it and go up and take the next road going right to find one.
4. On the forest road after coming in from the mansion, go under the log arch and take your first right and then immediately right again. Go on top of the log arch and one is there just after the log.
5. As soon as you enter the field in the forest road stick to the left, it is right there as you enter.
6. As soon as you enter the field in the forest road stick to the right, it is right there as you enter.
7. Enter the field. Going to the very back will bring you to a path where you see a sign, go to the left at the sign and head down the path. Go right once you hit the swamp blocked by rocks, it will be right there as soon as you go right from the swamp.
8. As you enter the quarry from the Forest Road you will come to a fork in the road, it is right there at the fork.
9. In the tree in the quarry that has the hobgoblin in a cage, smash all the lanterns in it to release one. It will fall down below to where the water is with a little pillar in the middle.
10. After the Chase scene with the large lizard looking creature, you will come out on the other side face to face with one.

Beetle Mimic Collector10
Record all Beetle Mimic Sprites. (1) 


There is only one to find, it is in the Deep Woods maze area. On the far back wall, there is a Stray Sod guarding a little patch of grass. Daze the Stray Sod by running around it and the area should open. The Beetle Mimic Sprite will summon a clone of your character to fight you. Kill your clone (It's more powerful than the goblins you are used to) to capture this purple sprite.

Pond Skater Collector10
Record all Pond Skater Sprites. 


There are 3 Pond Skater Sprites, and they are always found over a body of water. These sprites are blue and move very fast. I suggest using a faerie fruit to draw them to land for a quick capture. Their locations are in order: 1. Over pond in Forest Road.2. The 2nd area of Deep Woods with the tree portal.3. The puddle of water in the quarry where the Griffon's feather lands.


Fire Salamander Master10
Complete the Fire Salamander page in the Field Guide. 


After collecting your first salamander, a quest will appear for Simon to collect another for the terrarium. Only Simon can collect Fire Salamanders by spraying them first with his gun. Place the salamanders in the tank at the foot of the bed to unlock this achievement.


Cockatrice Research20
Complete the Cockatrice page of the Field Guide. 


Find all pieces of the evidence of a Cockatrice. There are 5 in total. You can check your progress in the Field guide.

1. Cockatrice Feather. ( Please see location of Stray Sod Sprite 2.) Capturing him will open up the path behind him so go down this dead end dirt path. It is at the end.
2. Stone Mouse. At the part where you push the log down to create a path in the forest path, go to the right of the log and at the end of this path it will be there.
3. Stone Lizard. See location of Sprout Sprite 9. There are two caves here, one rocky and one grassy with a tree with a face on it at the back. Go into the cave with the tree and on the right on the ground in front of the tree is the stone lizard.
4. Stone Bird. In the Deep Woods near the oak tree folk (teleporter) there is one of his roots sticking out of the ground in an arch. The stone bird is underneath.
5. Stone Frog. See Interior Decorator achievement for location of Old Coin 3. Just underneath the tree where the old coin is, is the stone frog.


Griffin Tamer10
Complete the Griffin page in the Field Guide. 


After the cut-scene where the Griffin lands, collect the feather. Then feed it five salamanders to unlock this achievement.


Redcap Recording10
Complete the Redcap page in the Field Guide. 


Redcap is a goblin leader beneath Mulgarath. You will fight him twice throughout the game, both with Mallory. After the second encounter, you fulfill the obligations for this page.


River Troll Master10
Complete River Troll page in the Field Guide. 


The first time you fight the River Troll you will have to feed him 10 Goblins to make him full. Get close to the River Troll until he picks you up, then shake the . If a goblin is near when you escape, the troll will eat him. Goblins will repeatedly run into this area, so just repeat 10 times until you defeat him. After this, obtain Simon's plastic baggie tomato bombs. Throw one at the troll to stun him, then use your squirt gun to push him to the back of the pond towards the light patch. The River Troll will turn to stone and the achievement will unlock.




Knocker Unlocker10
Talk to both Knockers. 


There are two knockers in the game, and you must talk to them both with Simon. The first one is in the lower quarry at the far end of the goblin camp. Enter the cave and douse the fire Salamanders. Knocker #1 will slide down the pipe and tell you to seek out #2. Knocker #2 is located at the end of the caves. You can either run here from the cellar, or use the Oak tree portal in the Deep woods. Near the portal in the caves, look for a purple crystal hanging from the ceiling. Hit it with one of Simon's exploding gobstones to draw out the Knocker. As a reward, the knocker will give you a large amount of gobstones (50+) towards your gobstone achievement.


Green Thumb40
Complete Garden Sprites quest. 


There are four sprites that are lost in the world and you must find them and invite them back to the garden at the mansion. These sprites count towards your tally for the other varieties, so this achievement usually comes last. The sprites only appear after your mansion has been secured by the end of Chapter 7. The four sprites are: Leatherwing, Flower-winged, Flower-head, and Royal Orchid. The locations for these four are contained within their respective categories above. Make sure after collecting them to use their powers, otherwise they will not appear in the garden. Once collected, talk to each to earn the achievement. It seems capturing one will cause another of the four to spawn, which is the cause for some confusion.


Goblin Trapper20
Trap a Goblin inside a Toadstool Ring. 


Using the power granted by the Royal Orchid Sprite, cast a toadstool ring using the  button near a Goblin. The Goblin I 'trapped' was simply touching it, not necessarily trapped inside. There is no way to aim the ring, just cast it and make sure a goblin is very close to you.


Goblin Distracter20
Send a Goblin over a cliff with a Distract Sprite. 


Capture a Will O' the Wisp, and hold onto the power granted to you, which is distraction. The caves is by far the easiest place to attempt the achievement. Cycle through your powers (you have 3 at a time) using the  button. Cast distraction near a goblin, and he should walk right off the ledge.


Goblin Roaster20
Send a Goblin into a Fire Salamander with a Distract Sprite. 


Once again, use the ability granted by the Will O' The Wisp. The easiest place to do this is in Forest Road near the Deep Woods entrance, or on the backside of the garage at the mansion. Get near a Salamander, but not close to pop it. Cast distract and the goblin will wander into it. Don't worry if you get hit, they don't deal much damage.


Tour of Arenas20
Complete a multiplayer match in every ISL Arena. 


Progress through the story to unlock different levels of the ISL arena. I did these achievements last. You only need one controller to do this. Set it to a low score mark, and load up and finish each of the four levels. The four levels are: Front yard (day), Front yard (night), Meadow, and Caves.


ISL Master50
Finish an ISL match in which each player scores 50+ points. 


Can be done with a friend, or two controllers. Load up any level, Sprites only. Set the game limit to 5 minutes, and get 50 points with each player.
Sprites yield 1-2 points per capture, and each player can get 50 points in around 2 minutes. Let the game finish out and the achievement will unlock.


ISL Champion100
Score 100 points in a "Sprites and Goblins" ISL Arena match without taking damage. (2) 


The Front yard is by far the easiest level to do this on, as you can hide behind the toadstool ring. Use Simon and power up his attack using . Wait till the goblins get close, and fire. Green ones take 1-2 hits to kill, and red ones 2-3. Green Goblins give 1 point, Red ones 2, and Bull Goblins 5. You can get to around 80 points without any problem. At around 80, Bull Goblins will arrive, they have a charge and a missile attack. You can no longer hide behind the ring so charge out and kill them as fast as possible without getting hit. Capturing a Bellflower sprite at the onset of the match for the extra damage boost can really help at this stage. Get to 100 without getting hit and the achievement is yours (may take a few tries).


Interior Decorator50
Fully decorate Thimbletack's house. 


There are 13 items to obtain for his house; they are:

1) Christmas Lights - in the Garage
2) Doily - Mallory's room on her desk
3) Toy Soldier - on the ground by a tree behind the garden
4) Old Coin #1 - large meadow on the raised hill in Forest Road.
5) Playing Cards - Using crank from goblin camp, take into quarry and use. Break wall open for cards.
6) Pocket watch - back of goblin camp in a blocked off area past knocker #1. Use bat to break.
7) Crayons - cellar
8) Postage Stamp - playing as Thimbletack, opposite direction from the safe.
9) Medal - Playing as Mallory, grab the medal from her bedpost in her room.
10) Old Coin #2 - On the tree bridge leading to cypress portal in Deep Woods.
11) Old Coin #3 - In the area where beetle mimic is, in the Deep Woods.
12) Metal Cricket - In the caves, use Simon to shoot a gobstone at a purple crystal on the ceiling (Not the knocker crystal). This will cause a rock bridge to fall. Cross it for the cricket
13) Birdhouse - Given by the quest.


Slime Boy10
Obtain Hobgoblin spit for Simon. 


The Hobgoblin wants Simon to kill some Bull Goblins in the Deep Woods near the Cypress Tree Portal. Kill them all, and check your field guide to make sure you got them all. Return to the Hobgoblin and he will spit in your eye so you can see Goblins without wearing the Monocle. The Hobgoblin is sitting in the tree with the orange leaves in front of the mansion.


Phlegm Face10
Obtain Hobgoblin spit for Mallory. 


This is more simple than Simon's Task. The Hobgoblin wants some birdseed. You can find a bag of it in the cellar on the back shelves.

Writer's Note:

I never realized I was that long winded, but I tried to be as descriptive as I could. Many of the achievements for collecting or using characters are easiest done after Chapter 7 is complete, so you can switch easily between characters. I left out the locations for the sprites for two reasons: #1 - Would dramatically increase the length of the guide. #2 Many of the sprites, except for the ones needed for garden quest, are easily found. Please leave comments or questions. Thanks for reading!


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