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Guide By: MeonOner
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10  
- Offline: 20/20 (200/200)
- Online: 0/20 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 2005+ hours  (Highly depending on skill).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 (One for each of the different game modes).
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None
- Avatar Awards: 3


Step 1: Become a Talent campaign
:This will be the first campaign that will be unlocked by default. The levels here are basic and will also teach you a basics and how the game works. You will also learn a few stunts to help you make it past these and other campaign levels. If you get stuck at an point of a level you can press  to view a tutorial on how to complete the round. And also you will pick up some simple achievements during this campaign:

  • "Clean Run"
  • "Got Stunts?"
  • "Born To Fly"
  • "A Promising Talent"
  • "Definitely a Talent"

Early in Become a Talent campaign you will learn the Air-Strike stunts, which is also tied into a few achievements, "Born To Fly" & "Death From Above." Once learned, make sure you do an Air-Strike with every Splatter you use to unlock the related achievements.

Step 2: Combo Nation campaign

Combo Nation will unlock after you have finished Become a Talent campaign. You will be able to unlock the following achievements here:

  • "Got Combo?"
  • "Sweet Combo"
  • "Combolicious"
  • "Genius Spark"
  • "Master of Versatility"
  • "Chain's Addiction"
  • "The Combonator!"

"The Combonator" is the hardest achievement in this game. This will take a lot of practice and mastering your stunts and your combo chains, and a lot of patience to reach the highscore to unlock 3 stars for each level. Refer to the achievement descripion below for more details.

Step 3: Master Shots campaign:
Master Shots will unlock after you have finished Become a Talent campaign. Only one achievement tied into this campaign: 

  • "Master of Masters"

Mop Up:
If you are still missing the following achievements:

  • "500 Stunts"
  • "5,000 Bombs"
  • "10,000 Bombs"

Then go ahead and replay a level that has a lot of bombs, mostly found in the Combo Nation campaign.

Also this is a good time to go back and replay levels from Become a Talent Combo Nation to get 3 stars on all levels for "Definitely a Talent" & "The Combonator!"

Video credit: VGMMDI & TheVarietyGamer


[x360a would like to thank MeonOner for this Roadmap]


Clean Run10
Complete a level without failing (1) 

To be able to do this you must destroy all bombs within the level without using up all your Splatters and without failing a round. Recommend doing this on level 1 of Become a Talent. If you fail a round, you will have to restart the entire level. You will have to do this in one go. Also if you fail a round, you can press  to show you a tutorial how to beat that round.

Born To Fly10
Perform 50 Air-Strike Stunts overall 

See "Death From Above" for more details.

Got Stunts?10
Perform 10 stunts in a single level (1) 

This is possible in the early levels of Become a Talent, but if your having problems with the early levels you will be able to do this in the later levels. This can be any 10 stunts. They do not have to be 10 different stunts or done by using one Splatter. 

  • Air-Strike
  • Ballistic
  • Birdy
  • Flip
  • Helpful Hand
  • Rainy Day
  • Slide
  • Slam
  • Smack
  • Sniper
  • Split
  • U-Turn

You can view all stunts and how to preform them from the main menu > Stun Collection.

Death from Above15
Perform 500 Air-Strikes overall (1) 

You unlock the Air-Strike stunt early in the Become a Talent campaign. To preform an Air-Strike, tap  to jump > then tap  again to strike. You will know if it was done right if you see an icon of an airplane. This will come with natural progression, as most of the levels will require you to preform an Air-Strike stunt. 

To unlock this quicker, make sure you preform an Air-Strike stunt with every Splatter you use.

500 Stunts5
Reach a total of 500 Stunts overall 

See "5, 000" Stunts for more details.

5,000 Stunts10
Reach a total of 5,000 Stunts overall 

This will come with natural progression. You will easily get 500 / 5, 000 stunts preformed while attempting to 3 star every level. Just preform as many stunts with every Splatter you use.

See "Got Stunts?" for a list of different stunts.

1000 Bombs5
Blow up 1000 bombs overall 

See "10,000 Bombs" for more details.

5,000 Bombs5
Blow up 5,000 bombs overall 

See "10,000 Bombs" for more details.

10,000 Bombs10
Blow up 10,000 bombs overall 

This can be time consuming, but isn't hard and will come with natural progression, and while attempting to three star all levels.

Best way to grind this out is to play a level that has massive amounts of bombs, like the ones in Combo Nation. It does not matter if you fail or restart the level all bombs you destroyed will still count towards your stats.

A Promising Talent5
Complete all levels in "Become a Talent" 

Become a Talent is the first campaign you will have unlocked. You must complete all 12 levels, with any number of stars. These levels will teach you the basics and how to preform stunts.

Captain Combo10
Complete all levels in "Combo Nation" (1) 

Combo Nation is unlocked after you complete Become a Talent. You must complete all 63 levels, with any number of stars. In Combo Nation you will have to chain and keep massive combos going to reach the high scores. These level will test your skill and coordination.

Master of Masters10
Complete all levels in "Master Shots" 

Master Shots is unlocked after you complete Become a Talent. You will have to complete all 96 levels, with any number of stars. In Master Shots, you'll be given a picture of a stunts to preform in a cloud form. You will have to preform all stunts and destroy all bombs in order to complete each level.

Got Combo?10
Chain a 10-Stunt combo in a single level 

See "Combolicious" for more details.

Sweet Combo15
Chain a 30-Stunt combo in a single level 

See "Combolicious" for more details.

Chain a 60-Stunt combo in a single level (1) 

To be able to reach a 60-Stunt combo you will have to have Combo Nation unlocked. Level 5 is the earliest and easiest level to reach a 60-Stunt combo (and a 10-Stunt combo & 30-Stunt combo if not already done).

Genius Spark15
Generate six Stunts with a single splatter (1) 

This will be easier to do once you have learned the Ballistic stunt or have completed Become a Talent campaign and have unlocked Combo Nation. Simply do 6 stunts with one Splatter, which isn't hard. You can also unlock the "Master of Versatility" while going for this achievement.

Refer to "Got Stunts?" to view a list of all possible stunts.

Master of Versatility10
Do eight different Stunts in a single level 

This can be done in the later levels of Become a Talent campaign. This will come naturally while attempting to three all levels in Become a Talent & Combo Nation. There are a lot of different ways to get this achievement. Get familiar with all the possible stunts and levels.

Refer to "Got Stunts?" to view of all possible stunts.

Chain's Addiction10
Chain a single combo through an entire "Combo-Nation" level (1) 

You will have to unlock the Combo-Nation campaign. This is best done on either level 1 or level 2 of Combo-Nation as the later levels in this campaign are longer and they do get a lo more difficult. Familiarize yourself with the levels. You will have to be quick in launching your Splatter into the air so you don't lose your combo multiplier.
Use the Air-Stike + Ballistics stunts to chain combos together, and also use  &  to use the Flip stunt to create massive points and to keep your combo going.

Definitely a Talent!10
Earn three stars in each "Become a Talent" level 

Getting three stars in each Become a Talent level will be easier once you have learn Air-Strike, Flip and Ballistic. After you have completed all Become a Talent levels for "A Promising Talent", go back and start to replay all levels again. While doing so, try and get a combo going. This will make earning three stars on every level easy.

The Combonator!10
Earn three stars in each "Combo-Nation" level (2) 

This by far is the hardest achievement in this game. Your best friend in Combo Nation will be Air-Strike, Ballistic and Flip, practice these stunts, get familiar with the levels, have patience and you should little to no problem reaching the highscore to get three stars on all levels. 

If you get stuck at an point of a level/round you can press  to view a tutorial on how to complete the level/round. You can also look at the leaderboards and view the top players replays on how they completed the level with a highscore.

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