The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Achievement Guide

Guide By: THE DEADLY DOG & X360A Community
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 
- Offline: 50/50 (1000/1000)
- Online: 0/50 (0/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000~16 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (With partial playthroughs). 
- Number of missable achievements: None, although you will need to re-do playthroughs if you miss certain achievements. See the roadmap.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: Some have appeared to unlock BEFORE they should. None are harmful.
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to the X360A Community Achievement Guide & Road Map for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Let us get right into it! 

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is a 2013 FPS published by Activision and developed by Terminal Reality. As the hit TV show has taken off and created a massive culture of "Dead Heads" (no offense Gratetful Dead fans), this game appears to capitalize off of both the TWD culture as well as the nature of FPS games. It follows the pre-TV show storyline of two of the most loved/hated characters in Daryl and Merle Dixon, two brothers from the backwoods of the deep-South who kill walkers and take names later. 

The game itself is not overly difficult and has an extremely short storyline spanning no more than 4 hours when done at a decent pace. Where the game really takes a stab at your devotion is with all of the partial playthroughs and random encounters with survivors, weapons, and collectibles. Because of the nature of the game and how there are separate markers which you cannot visit in the same playthrough, you are forced into playing several times to grab all of the achievements. Overall the game isn't too bad and has some quirky and fun moments. Without any more blabbering let's dissect 100%.

Tips of the Trade:

  • For the collectibles please refer to THIS GUIDE as it goes into great detail while having an easy-to-follow setup.
  • Most of the number achievements such as kills, limbs, or MREs can be easily farmed before, after, or during checkpoints. What does this mean? If you want to fire 300 bullets but don't want to wait until later in the game for it to naturally unlock, you can go through a checkpoint, fire off all of your bullets and then simply reload the last checkpoint. Although the game does say you will lose all unsaved progress, it records kills, bullets, ect. Understand though that in order to "restart from a checkpoint" you need to die. It may seem inconsequential, but just realize how far you've gotten from your last checkpoint in order to eliminate any unwanted restarts.
  • Checkpoints are only a result of completing an objective or talking to a survivor as a general rule of thumb.
  • Kills stack between playthroughs, restarted levels, and completely scrapped games. This means that throughout all of your playthroughs you must achieve the different number of kills, styles, ect.
  • It may be advisable to simply farm some of the achievements at certain areas of the game to get them out of the way. Be sure to consult the Achievement Guide prior to beginning even one playthrough of the game (we are going for maximum efficiency here).
  • Consider using a relic (as you can only use one) for all of your new game+ playthroughs as it will ease the difficulty when trying to run through to get to a certain point.

Relics for Multiple Playthroughs:

  • Crossbow/Assault Rifle: Complete the game once to unlock this relic.
  • Melee Boost: Complete the game once with Jane in your party to unlock this relic.
  • Marksman Boost: Complete the game once with Harrison in your party to unlock this relic.
  • Faster Stronger: Complete the game once with Sheila in your party to unlock this relic.
  • Surivior Success: Complete the game once with Noah in your party to unlock this relic.
  • Item Boost: Complete the game once with Swenson in your party to unlock this relic.
  • Bigger Clips: Complete the game once with Mia in your party to unlock this relic.
  • Stealth Movement: Complete the game once with Warren in your party to unlock this relic.
  • Silenced Weapons: Complete the game once with Blake in your party to unlock this relic.
  • Unlimited Ammo: Unlock all other relics to unlock this relic.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
We'll do 2 major playthroughs coupled with a mop up session for completing this game at a good pace. 

Playthrough 1: I Stand Alone. . . But I Bring Bros in the End
For this first playthrough we are going to take things a bit slower and try to take care of the "harder" missions we will encounter. We will be doing quite a few things this first playthrough so be prepared.

It's also imperative that you get at least one kill with the mele weapons and guns that you find on the levels. It's not enough to simply pick it up, get out there and kill some walkers with them too to check them off the weapon achievements.

  • We will be getting "Extreme Conditioning."
  • We will be getting "They're People, Too!"
  • We will be getting "You're Just Not My Type."
  • We will be getting 12 of the 16 squirrels.
  • We will be getting 5 of the 8 posters.
  • We will be grabbing a number of weapons.
  • We will be getting almost all of the vehicles.
  • We will be getting "This Is How Hot Dogs Are Made."
  • We will be getting "You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine."
  • We will be getting "Guys Night Out."
  • We will be getting "I Can Handle This Myself."
  • We will be getting "Say Hello to My Little Friend."
  • We will be getting "Down to My Last."

Let's get started.

Cabot Ridge:
In Cabot Ridge from the get-go we will begin to sprint back and forth 10 times in order to grab "Extreme Conditioning." You need to spring until your character stops on his own. After you've unlocked that achievement that head through the beginning of the mission like usual. When you need to go back to check on Buck DO NOT kill any walkers. Allow them to swarm and kill you. 

Once you emerge as Daryl go through the door and grab the hammer on the table in front of Jesse and go to the fireplace to grab the squirrel. In order to get "They're People, Too!" we need to avoid killing any and all walkers. This means you need to sprint and shove () any walkers in your way. At the first fuel container grab the rifle standing next to the desk. From this point on run through the rest of the mission and remember to press  quickly when you get to the truck. If you don't allow any walkers to grab you we can also snag "You're Just Not My Type."

In Sedalia we are grabbing the second squirrel as well as the lead pipe and revolver. In order to get "You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine" you'll need to do the optional missions for both Blake and Warren and then dismiss one of them at the end of the mission as you cannot take them both. Blake requires you to go into the police station and find the radio battery and Warren requires you talk to him before finding the key for the gas generator as well as before starting it up.

Next stop is going to be Pemberton instead of Garwater.

In Pemberton we are grabbing the 3rd squirrel as well as our 1st poster. Pemberton also has the first appearance of a grenade as well as a pump shotgun. 

In Fontana we will get the 4th squirrel and 2nd poster. Fontana also has the Hi-Powered Pistol and double barreled shotgun for grabs here too. We are also grabbing our first optional vehicle here in Fontana so be prepared for quite a bit of time spent here. There is no need to go get Mia this time around as we will be getting rid of all group members before Sherwood.

We'll be heading down the right hand side of the map heading to Oakview next.

In Oakview we are grabbing the 5th squirrel and the Semi-Auto Rifle here as well. Don't forget to snag "This Is How Hot Dogs Are Made" while you are here as well. See the guide for this one. I suggest allowing Svenson to join your group following Oakview. This will allow you to get him checked off for traveling with your group even though you will drop him before Sherwood and will get rid of the necessity of another playthrough (unless you want the unlimited ammo relic which means you will need another playthrough at least).

In Taggart we will grab our 6th squirrel and the third poster. We can also find the hatchet here in Taggart as well.

Lemon Hill:
Lemon Hill is our next big stop as we'll do quite a bit of work here too. We will be grabbing squirrel #7, and our 2nd optional vehicle. Also keep an eye out for the baseball bat, sledge hammer, and the semi-auto shotgun.

We find out 8th squirrel here in Barksdale along with the crossbow. 

Following Barksdale we are heading to Archer Creek.

Archer Creek:
In Archer Creek we hit the 9th squirrel as well as the 4th poster. We also can get the machete and the 3rd optional vehicle here in Archer Creek.

In Danvers we grab the #10 squirrel and the fire axe. Note that Shelia will automatically join your group following Danvers meaning we can check her off the list of travel-able characters. 

Remember to dismiss any and all survivors before arriving at Sherwood. This will net you "I Can Handle This Myself."

Sherwood is the second to last stop along this playthrough. During this run we are going to grab Harrison (one of the two optional survivors), squirrel number 11 and poster number 5. 

Going into Firesign make sure you have at least one gun in your inventory as we need to go for the achievement that requires to have only one gun and one bullet in your inventory (Well get to that in a bit). 

Firesign Stadium:
Well you've made it to the last stop on this playthrough. We've got a few things to do here as well so let's get prepared. We grab #12 squirrel, the assault rifle weapon, and a few quick achievements.

Throughout this mission be sure to kill walkers with GUNS only. If you are able to do this then you will unlock the "Say Hello to My Little Friend" achievement. Continue onward to the end and when you are in the turret be sure to drop everything except the gun which should only have one bullet and will net you the "Down to My Last" as well as "Guys Night Out" if you only brought Harrison with you to the stadium. 

Phew! With that juggernaut down we can move into playthrough 2 and really push through that a bit faster.

Playthrough 2: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
For this second major playthrough we will be flying through many of the missions we already did and will grab the remainder of a lot of these bigger achievements. Also note that we want to roll with the girls this time around so make sure to take Mia with you Sherwood minus any guys. If you wanted to you could get men in your group and then send them on suicide scavenger missions to get "Stay Together, Stay Safe" as it would be easier than trying to farm it later.

  • We will be getting the remaining 4 squirrels thus unlocking "No Stone Left Unturned."
  • We will be getting the remaining 3 posters thus unlocking "The Missing 8."
  • We will be getting the rest of the weapons thus unlocking "That's a Nice Swing You've Got" and "They Know Me at the Range."
  • We will be getting the last optional vehicles thus unlocking "No Down Payments."
  • We will be getting "Rosie the Rampager."

Make sure to activate the crossbow/assault rifle relic during this playthrough as it will make things much easier. 

Cabot Ridge: Fly through this level only killing what you need to and grabbing only what you think you may need later. 

Sedalia: Again fly through this mission as we have everything we need.

This time we are heading to Garwater instead of Pemberton.

Garwater: Garwater is our first big stop on this second playthrough. Garwater holds squirrel #13 if we are following the collectibles guide as well as poster number 6. If you missed it before, Garwater has grenades and a double-barrel shotgun. 

Fontana: We are back at Fontana and can breeze through this mission. 

Following Fontana we will be heading down the opposite side of the map this time heading to Cleburne.

Cleburne: Here in Cleburne we will be grabbing squirrel #14 and poster #7. If you missed it before you can grab the fire axe and the fast-action pistol incase you didn't grab them in the first playthrough. 

Lemon Hill: Fly through Lemon Hill as this is the second time we've stopped here.

Barksdale: Back at Barksdale. Run through this so we can move on!

After Barksdale head down toward Lafferty.

Lafferty: Lafferty will net us squirrel number 15 and OUR FINAL poster! Congratulations on "The Missing 8." Before you get overly excited don't forget to grab your LAST optional car here too so congratulations on "No Down Payments" as well. 

Almost there folks! Next stop is Polksville. 

Polksville: Can you smell your last squirrel? It smells like victory and nuts (acorns.. c'mon people). You've just snagged "No Stone Left Unturned" congratulations. Don't forget that if you missed it you can snag the hi-action pistol as well as the semi-auto shotgun and rifle in Polksville as well. 

Before leaving Polksville remember to get rid of those pesky men in your group. We want to grab the "Rosie the Rampager" achievement which involves going into the final destination with only girls. You will only have a quick chance at the end of Sherwood to get rid of them so you mine as well do it now. 

Sherwood: Sherwood should be nothing but a rehashed version of your first visit. This time we are taking Jane with us (girls gotta have fun right?). If you missed it before you can grab the sledge hammer, hatchet, bolt action rifle, double barrel shotgun, and semi-auto shotgun.

Firesign Stadium: Firesign is our final stop and we can essentially run through this without stopping for anything. Hopefully by this point you've gotten a kill with all the different weapons netting you "That's a Nice Swing You've Got" and "They Know Me at the Range." If not you can only get the machete, grenade, semi-auto shotgun, and assault rifle in Firesign. 

Playthrough 3+: Clean Up on Isle 3. Looks like someone lost their guts.
This step will be reserved for any of those non-story related achievements you may still be missing. Nothing should be too far out of your reach (even the survivors) as the range you can get them in a random event is quite large. Some things you may not have gotten naturally through your gameplay are:

  • "Crash Course in Brain Surgery"
  • "Need More Spots Up Front"
  • "Now Don't You Get Bit!"
  • "Every Man, Woman and Child"
  • "Sneak Attack"
  • "It's Gotta Be the Brain"
  • "Have a Nice Trip!"
  • "Mind if I Borrow This?"
  • "Ooh, Shiny!"
  • "That Looks Like It Hurt"
  • "It's Not Venison, but It'll Do"
  • "Next Step: Bullet Belt"
  • "Porcupine"
  • "I Used to Be a Human Like You"
  • "BOOM! Who Needs a Headshot?"
  • "Need a Hand?"
  • "Stay Together, Stay Safe"

What I do advise is reading this list and seeing what you can do during your first two playthroughs. This will alleviate your workload coming into this mop up session. 

Ultimately this game was rushed and it shows. There are moments of pure video game magic and then other's where we are left scratching our heads in pure shock. Even the most hardened TWD fan may have trouble looking past the flaws to see the light. The 1000 isn't "long," but it will definitely test your will to beat the random odds. 

Remember to utilize PowerPyx's collectible guide found here.

I would like to thank you on behalf of the X360A community for using our guide and would like to thank the guys and gals who spend the hours helping to compile, refine, and establish the G&RM you see before you. Please see this post for the list of contributors.

[x360a would like to thank THE DEADLY DOG for this Roadmap]

Oedipal Complex5
Complete the First Location    (4) 

Story-related cannot be missed. Simply complete the first location (Cabot Ridge) you open the game up with and the achievement will unlock.

Sorry, Brother10
Complete the First Act    (3) 

Story-related cannot be missed. The first act of the story deals with finding Merle. Complete it to unlock this achievement.

Nobody Can Kill Merle but Merle15
Complete the Second Act    (2) 

Story-related cannot be missed. The second act deals with both trying to find evacuation as well as going to Barksdale where Merle says he needs to be. You will unlock this achievement after you finish Barksdale.

Moving to the 'Burbs20
Complete the Third Act    (1) 

Story-related cannot be missed. The third act involves making your way to an evacuation point. This start after you've lost Merle in Barksdale.

Get Out of Dodge30
Complete the Final Marked Destination on the Map    

Story-related cannot be missed. The final location is Firesign Stadium. Complete this and you will unlock the achievement.

Been Everywhere50
Complete All Marked Destinations on the Map    (7) 

These are your main storyline missions and will require two full playthroughs to accomplish. This isn't much of a problem and will unlock naturally as you progress through either the Roadmap or simply getting achievements.

On the Road Again5
Explore an Unmarked Travel Location   

See "Zig-Zagging All Over the Road."

Zig-Zagging All Over the Road50
Explore 25 Unmarked Travel Locations   (8) 

25 unmarked locations cannot be done in one playthrough although you should hit about 14 or so after your first full playthrough. The unmarked events include:

  • Breakdowns
  • Survivor meetings
  • Supply runs
  • Fuel runs
That's a Nice Swing You've Got15
Kill Walkers Using Every Melee Weapon   (25) 

Hunting Knife: Found in Cabot Ridge right after you gain control of Daryl. 

Hammer: Found in Cabot Ridge right beside Jesse before you go out the back door to begin to find fuel cans.
Found in Sedalina in the super market under Jimmy Blake. Once you enter the super market make a left and then head down the little isle--the hammer is sitting on a shelf. 
Found in Pemberton inside the gas station next to the walker feasting by the windows in the front. 

Lead Pipe: Found in Sedalina right next to the squirrel. In order to get to this location you must go up ontop of the supermarket and then head over to the roof right next to the one Jimmy Blake is standing on. Head down the ladder and right behind you is the lead pipe on the desk. Beware of the walker who is slumped against the wall opposite the pipe as he will wake up if you make too much noise or go close to him.
Found in Danvers on the bottom floor after opening the security gate. Daryl will make the comment about finding the rest of the team. The pipe is on the ground next to a dead male walker.

Fire Axe: Found in Danvers, inside the ClaraChem building. When you go up the stairs inside the building it's stuck in the wall at the very top flight of stairs.
Found in Cleburne holding closed a door marked with "Don't Open! Dead." You will pass this doorway on your way to the morgue. 
Found in Lafferty right next to Noah if you've saved him or on the middle level shelf adjacent to the ATM machine.

Hatchet: Found in Taggart behind Charlene's home in the shed. It's on the bench right next to the squirrel. 
Found in Sherwood inside of Jane's garage behind the desk.

Baseball Bat: Found in Lemon Hill during the searching for fireworks objective. After you proceed down the long alley way searching for fireworks head up the ladder. Once you arrive at the top hand a left and go up to the next rooftop. You will see a gap and a hanging body to your left. You must jump the gap in order to make it into the next building. Once inside you will see the baseball bat on the desk that is in front of the open doors.
Found in Taggart inside Charlene's house beside her bed on the floor next to the window.

Machete: Found in Fontana inside the freezer behind where Scout and Noah are. You need to do the optional questline for Scout in order to retrieve it. 
Found in Oakview Follow the main objective until you sneak through the hole in the fence, just after the area with the searchlights and people gunning down walkers. Once on the other side of the fence, where all the tents are, keep to your left. There is a chain linked fence erected against a redbrick building, there is a door into the building, which had a chain linked fence door in front of it, neither are accessible. The Machete is on the ground in the grass, almost, in front of that door.
Found in Archer's Creek after pushing the first car it's along the right hand side behind one of the tents.
Found in Firesign Stadium at the end of the tents designated for waiting in line. The machete is sitting on a row of desks with computers on them which look like one big check-in station.
Found in Firesign Stadium to the left of the checkpoint area where the first machete is found. Go through the fence all the way to the two trucks parked on your left hand side. It will be lying on the ground next to a shotgun.

Sledge Hammer: Found in Lemon Hill when you are passing through the church graveyard you will come upon a shed right before you go to the church itself. The sledgehammer is in the shed. 
Found in Sherwood in the home of Harrison. Go to the back of the house in the garage, the hammer is standing next to a table with a squirrel on it.

They Know Me at the Range15
Kill Walkers Using Every Ranged Weapon   (6) 

List of ranged weapons and their locations:

Bolt Action Rifle: Found in Cabot Ridge next to the first fuel can and the pack of ammunition. 
Found in Sedalina inside the police station by the exit going toward the trailer park. It's resting on the ground next to a walker. Beware the other walker in the room slumped over is not dead. 
Found in Fontana inside the theater by the back entrance. Coming out of the diner you can see the back entrance door but it is locked. Go through the long hallways wrapping around the theater to get to the rifle resting on a bench.
Found in Sherwood right next to Aiden ontop of the roof. 

Revolver: Found in Sedalina on the desk right in front of the open counter in the police station. There is a walker feeding right next to it. 
Found in Pemberton inside the same building the sheriff is in. If you go down the hall from where he is it will be your first door, open, on your left directly at the intersection of the hallways. 

Grenade: Found in Pemberton inside the police station in the same room as the revolver. This is down the hall from the sheriff himself. 
Found in Garwater inside the ranger's house in the room he is trapped in. They are sitting on his desk.
Found in Danvers passed the security gate bottom floor just pass the elevator on the right hand side.
Found in Firesign Stadium next to the dead soldiers on the final helipad. 

Pump Shotgun: Found in Pemberton at the primary objective of finding the sheriff's deputy. The shotgun is on the floor right next to his dead body. 

Hi-Powered Pistol: Found in Fontana right next to the squirrel. In order to get to the pistol you need to go down the alley you start in all the way until you hit the chain link fence with a pile of boxes next to it. Jump up the boxes and over the fence. Kill the two walkers in this area then climb the car to get on the metal roof. The pistol is in the dead man's hand. 
Found in Polksville after the helicopter spots you and the horde swarms you. It will be the first open box car down on your left hand side. There is a dead walker right next to it.

Double Barrel Shotgun: Found in Garwater at the beginning of the mission. It's given to you by the police officer.
Found in Fontana at the main entrance to the police station. If you work your way from the back the shotgun is down the hallway, to the left, on the desk by the double doors. 
Found in Barksdale inside the donut shop where you also find a squirrel. The shotgun is on the ground in the room that you click through the hole in the wall to get to. 
Found in Sherwood inside the home with the black car parked out front. Go all the way to the back in the bedroom with the light on. The shotgun is laying at the foot of the bed on the ground. 

Fast-Action Pistol: Found in Cleburne on the top floor of the hospital, on the floor, opposite side of a barricade under a blue-lit "Parking" sign. This is JUST before you enter the room with the scientist working on a serum.
Found in Archer's Creek on the ground right before pushing the second car.

Crossbow: Found in Barksdale after Merle has it out with his old gang. After you pick up your knife off a dead body and then kill the walker with your bow you will have it.

Semi-Auto Shotgun: Found in Lemon Hill inside the gas station where Merle is playing with fireworks. It's on the ground right in front of the counter. 
Found in Archer's Creek right beside the very first car you need to push or at the very back of a pickup you stop pushing the car next to.
Found in Polksville right across from the boxcar you need to jump up into to continue on with the mission. From where you start after the horde notices you, quickly turn around and it will be the first boxcar on your right. 
Found in Sherwood inside the mechanic shop where you need to find Aiden. It's on the ground next to the duffle bag.
Found in Firesign Stadium to the left of the checkpoint area where the first machete is found. Go through the fence all the way to the two trucks parked on your left hand side. It will be lying on the ground next to a machete.

Semi-Auto Rifle: Found in Lemon Hill in the church right at the foot of the altar. 
Found in Oakview after you climb up the ladder in order to get through the lumber mill, when you jump off the balcony below you will be a walker laying down on a large log. Land on top of the walker and look to find the rifle laying right under the walker's arm. 
Found in Polksville in the boxcar you need to climb through in order to progress through the train yard. Right after the horde notices you do a 180 and it will be the first boxcar on your left with 2 open doors. Beware there are 3 walkers in this boxcar so kill them first then grab the rifle.

Assault Rifle: Found in Firesign Stadium directly in front where you start the mission. There is a walker feasting on a dead soldier. The rifle is behind the ammunition box. 
Found in Firesign Stadium not too far from where the machete is at the check-in station area. When you emerge from the tents used for holding people in lines make a quick right at the desks and then look to your left before going around the side of the tents. The assault rifle is inside a large tented area. DO NOT go any farther than the rifle itself. There are well over 20 walkers inside the tented area and you will be flanked and killed.

Crash Course in Brain Surgery25
Kill 100 Walkers while Grappling   (1) 

This will most likely come with natural progression of the game. When there are a large group of walkers near you they will typically take one swing and then all attempt to grapple you. During these sequences you must force your  to the head of the grappling walker and then quickly press  in order to kill it. 

Remember that these stack through deaths, restarted levels, and playthroughs.

Need More Spots Up Front35
Dismember 250 Limbs   (7) 

Dismember limbs is something that comes natural in zombie games. Your best weapon of choice for this would be getting the fire axe. The fire axe will sever an arm in one shot, a head it one shot, and legs in two. Heads do count toward this achievement as a limb.

Remember that these stack through deaths, restarted levels, and playthroughs.

Now Don't You Get Bit!30
Prevent 50 Walkers from Grabbing You   (5) 

This one is probably best done boosting although it could be, in theory, done with natural progression of multiple playthroughs. Essentially what you are looking for here is when a walker goes to grab you, there will be a quick QTE segment in which pressing  will knock the grabbing walker off of you. 

A good place to boost this would be on the Fontana mission right in front of the theater as there are throngs of walkers outside. Rallying them together, hit the first one, and then watch as they chain try to grab you. If you get good at this sequence you may be able to deflect upwards of 15 grabs per death.

Remember that these stack through deaths, restarted levels, and playthroughs.

We Survive by Pulling Together5
Recruit 1 Optional Survivor   

In the first mission following the prologue you will actually be tasked with recruiting an optional survivor. Throughout the game most of the survivors are actually optional so this achievement will come with the natural progression.

Every Man, Woman and Child30
Choose to Travel at Least Once with Every Optional Survivor   (83) 

*Awesome tip to prevent too many playthroughs.*
If you are searching in an area between two towns for survivors and you are about to reach the end of the line (you knows this when the main characters or some main dialog is promoted) then dashboard out. You will restart at your last town and have a completely new set of random events.

Our list of all the optional survivors is under editing. As more details come in the guide itself will get flushed out. 

-Jimmy Blake is found on top of the supermarket you have to go through in order to progress through the level.
-Warren is found at the gas station which is the main objective of the mission.

-Mia is found at the theater which is an optional objective in the mission. The theater is across from the diner.

-Svenson is found in the portable. This is your main objective to find Merle meds, he can be found right next to the meds as you walk in the back door.

-Todd is in a hospital room after you've fallen through the floor. Go right out the door--he is the last room on the left over the barricade. 

Random Travels:
-Sarah Bell is found randomly when told to search the first town for supplies. She is found ontop of a gas station between Sedalia and Fontana. 
-Holly Gaines is found randomly while traveling and encountering a supply event at a diner between Fontana and Barksdale. You know you've got the right scenario when there are no walkers in the entire map. Go to the farm building and enter through the front door. Upon entering go to the closed door on the wall directly facing you as you enter. Holly will be in the corner. 
-Ahmad Farran is found randomly while traveling and encountering a survivor stuck on the road between Fontana and Barksdale. He is on top of a turned over trailer in the middle of the road.
-Gloria Garcia is found randomly while traveling and encountering a woman on a train car between Barksdale and Sherwood. She is standing on top of a train car directly in front of your starting location. 
-Shelly Berger is found randomly when searching an abandoned neighborhood between Barksdale and Sherwood. You will need to destroy the fences blocking some of the houses to discover which one you can enter and which one she is in.

-Noah is found in the first room of the Outlet mall. In order to be able to recruit Noah though you do in fact need to save him at the hospital otherwise he will be killed by the time you get to the mall. If you don't go to Cleburne then you do not have to save him at the hospital obviously, and he will still appear at Lafferty.

-Shelia automatically joins you when you leave Danvers. This is mission related and therefore impossible to miss.

-Harrison is found in the second house to the left upon entering.
-Jane is found in the second house to the right upon entering.

No Down Payments30
Find Every Useable Vehicle   (6) 

You will need multiple playthroughs to grab this achievement. There are vehicles that appear in the decision towns meaning you cannot get to both in one playthrough. 

The following vehicles are optional:

Small Sedan found in Fontana. You should pass the car on your way to the diner. In order to get the keys you need to do the optional objective involving Mia and Scout. Return back to where Scout would be in order to get a set of keys. 

Crossover found in Lemon Hill. The SUV itself is found down the back alley behind the gas station where Merle is. The keys for this vehicle are found in the room overlooking the bus that has the ladder extending from the building to the top of the bus. They are on the nightstand next to the dead person.

SUV found in Lafferty. The keys are found in the same room as the poster. When proceeding through the grocery store, a wooden door will appear to be locked until a walker comes out of it. On the desk in that room are the keys. The SUV itself is in the final stretch of the mission right before jumping ontop of the police car to finish the mission.

Double Cab Truck found in Archer's Creek. The keys are in the same building as the squirrel and poster (the second building on the left when you push the last car. The keys are on the shelves in the first back room on the right.

Thanks going out to PowerPyx for the video guide.

No Stone Left Unturned50
Collect Every Stuffed Squirrel    (9) 

There are 16 squirrels spread across 16 different levels. Collect each one to unlock this achievement. The levels listed below go in order from first to last. Lastly you will need multiple playthroughs to grab all the squirrels as there are often squirrels in both decision towns when you get to them on your map.

Here's how the squirrel guide works: 
Level: Description of how to get to it.

Cabot Ridge: In the same room as Jess Collins in the cabin. The squirrel is sitting to the left of the fireplace, once your cursor goes near the area the squirrel will glow white. 

Sedalia: After exiting the store, go up the ladder in the alley. Go to the right side of the roof to cross to the other building. Inside the door and down the ladder.

Pemberton: Heading towards the motel, go into the gas station on the right, the squirrel is on top of a shelf in the middle of the store. Enter through the back.

Garwater: Inside the fire station. Enter through the door on the far left. On a desk inside the first room.

Fontana: Right near the start there will be a fenced off area in front. Jump on top of boxes on the right to get over the fence. After you are over this fence there will be 2 walkers and then a pickup which you must jump ontop of. Once you're up there you will see the squirrel next to a dead man in a chair near the edge. 

Cleburne: In the morgue, which has about 10 zombies feeding on dead bodies when you walk in, it's in the back left corner on top of a hospital bed.

Oakview: After you push the car to block the fence, follow the path to the right of the tents all the way down. Inside the tent at the end of the path, the squirrel is in the back right corner.

Taggart: Behind Charlene's house, in the shed.

Lemon Hill: Go down the alley where Merle tells you to look for fireworks. Up the ladder at the end, walk forward and fall down in the gap between buildings. The squirrel is on the left end.

Barksdale: Enter the donut shop from the street. Go through the hole in the wall in the back. Jump over the counter, it's behind the counter.

Lafferty: In the grocery store, past the locked room with the poster there is a square area with cash registers around it in the center of the room. The squirrel is on a cart in the center of it.

Archer Creek: After you are told to get into the building to the left of the blue car in order to get cover from the snipers go to the second building on your left. If you are following the poster guide as well, from the poster turn right and go between the cubicles. The last cubicle on the left has the squirrel. 

Danvers: Once you enter the large room full of cubicles, go down the left path. The squirrel is at the end of this path next to the left corner cubicle.

Polksville: After you get inside the green train car, it's inside on the right.

Sherwood: The second house on the left from the start. The one with Harrison and his wife in the bedroom. It's in a corner in the garage.

Firesign Stadium: After turning the corner past the burning tank, you will be in a open area with a large tent to the right and a fence with cars in front of it to the left. Go all the way down following the left side and you will see a lone tent. Go through the fenced off area to enter the tent. The squirrel is on a table.

Thanks going out to PowerPyx for the video guide.

Good Samaritan30
Complete 25 Optional Objectives   (6) 

Optional objectives are secondary objectives that will progress the narrative of the story or give you access to new aspects of the game, but are not required for the progression of the game itself. Each mission has at least one optional objective and most missions have a few. 

These objectives stack with deaths, restarted levels, and new playthroughs.

Not a Scratch30
Complete a Marked Destination on the Map without Taking Any Damage   (16) 

Tip: If you fail sometime during the mission if you go either back to the dashboard OR to the main menu you will be able to simply reload and retry the mission instead of having to find another mission completely. This also means that you CANNOT simply restart the level--beware.

This may prove to be easy or hard depending on how well you can do running and dodging. Note that it cannot be done on the prologue mission as some have stated. There are many stated ways to do this although it's up to you to be able to find which one works best. 

Sedalia may be a viable option as you can complete the entire mission in about 4 minutes. Here's a quick walkthrough to do it with Sedalia:

  1. Run through the grocery store and kill the walker feasting out in the alley.
  2. Run through the other half of the grocery store remembering TO SPRINT through the doorway otherwise the grabbing walker will slightly damage you even if you are able to knife him first try.
  3. Go around the backside of the map to the trailer park killing walkers with either the crossbow if you are using the relic or executions. (Note that if you run up and shove a walker you have enough time to sneak behind it and execute it every time.
  4. Once you get into the trailer park go around back and push the car to gain access to Uncle Les.
  5. After you kill Les you book it back to Warren and let him know you've got the keys killing no walkers. (Note that the walkers following you from the trailer park and back alley will not go all the way to the gas station).
  6. Turn on the pump and run back to what may be a walker coming from your right hand side. Dispatch it and then pump your fuel.
  7. As soon as you are full make a beeline for the truck with a gas trailer in the middle of the street. Climb up the ladder on the truck.
  8. Take a few deep breathes at this point and see if you can pull the majority of the zombies to the backside of the truck. (Unless you jump the fall will not hurt you).
  9. Now begin to run toward the front of the truck and plot out how you are going to avoid any remaining walker. There may be a few walkers not grouped up by the truck so this is the time to know which route to take in order to get to Jesse.
  10. Mash the  button to finish the level.

They're People, Too!30
Complete a Marked Destination on the Map without Killing a Walker   (4) 

The easiest level to complete this achievement would have to be the prologue. See "You're Just Not My Type" for a little guide to completing both of these on the first mission.

You're Just Not My Type10
Complete a Marked Destination on the Map without Being Grabbed by a Walker   (2) 

Run through the mission like you normally would up until the part when Buck goes down and the walkers are over him. DO NOT shoot your weapon or even go over and mele them. Simply allow the walkers to down you and then watch the cut scene. As Daryl simply follow the on screen cues to progress in the mission. When Jesse tells you to go out the back there will be a walker blocking your path. In order to get by without killing it press the  to shove the walker out of the way. This is a great technique for the entirity of the mission in case walkers get in the way of your fuel targets. Simply collect the 3 fuel cans and make a beeline for the truck.

I Can Handle This Myself30
Enter Sherwood Without Any Survivors   (3) 

Between when you first see that you can travel to Sherwood and the last stop before Sherwood you need to dismiss any and all survivors. The achievement is as simply as that. Go into Sherwood without anyone but Scout who automatically comes along as she is a main plot-line character.

Say Hello to My Little Friend10
Complete a Marked Map Destination Using Only Firearms   (4) 

Just like completing a marked destination only using the crossbow, just using firearms is just as it sounds--you cannot use anything but bullets to kill walkers. This means if you get grabbed you must let the walker kill you as the stabbing with the hunting knife counts as a knife kill. Some levels are of course easier than others, although getting one kill with a gun and then running through the rest of a missions is always a viable option.

True Dixon25
Complete a Marked Destination on the Map Using Only the Crossbow   (4) 

You get the Crossbow after Barksdale in which Merle goes to meet up with his old gang. The missions following Barksdale are quite tough and laden with walkers so it may be best to do a marked destination on new game+. What you need to do in order to unlock this achievement is use only the crossbow to kill walkers in an entire level. It's believe that executions still count toward only the crossbow being used.

Sneak Attack35
Perform Execution Kills on 50 Walkers   (3) 

This will most likely be your bread and butter means of killing walkers unless you wish to attract attention to yourself. In order to perform an execute you must come up behind a walker and press and hold  in order to initiate an execution. These stack with deaths, playthroughs, and restarted levels.

It's Gotta Be the Brain45
Dismember All Limbs of 5 Walkers   (6) 

This one can be a bit tricky but here's some advise:

  • Use either the Fire Axe or the Machete in order to make this process much easier (and quieter). 
  • Take out the legs first. If you take out the arms first then the walker will die upon losing its legs. 
  • Aim a little bit to the right of the body part you are trying to dismember to ensure you don't accidently hit the head.
Two Heads Are Better Than One5
Kill Multiple Walkers with One Bullet   (4) 

I found this easiest by simply "training" the walkers behind me then turning around and quickly scoping a headshot on the lead walker. I used a high powered rifle and it went through actually killing three of the walkers following me. 

You could also gather the walkers in a large group and shoot for the head with a shotgun as it will also have a similar effect on killing them.

Have a Nice Trip!20
Kill a Walker That Is Falling Due to Dismemberment   (6) 

This isn't as hard as it may seem. The achievement is fairly lenient with the grace period between dismemberment and death giving you a few key seconds to get the kill.

Essentially what you need to do is blow a leg off a walker and while the walker is falling kill it. If you don't get this naturally in your play with the shotguns then definitely try to single out a walker and shoot the leg off first then go for the head. 

Here's a video to give the visual assistance:

Thanks to warrenpaul for the video.

Mind if I Borrow This?15
Pull a Bolt From a Walker Then Kill Them With It   (4) 

Once you’ve acquired your crossbow, simply shoot an arrow into a walker’s leg. Now walk up to him and retrieve the arrow and fire it back into his head. Walker must be killed with the same arrow you retrieved.

Ooh, Shiny!15
Distract 50 Walkers with Items   (6) 

Distracting walkers with items is like throwing bait and having them flock to it. Items that can be used for distractions are as follows:

  • Glass Bottle
  • Flare
  • Car Alarm
That Looks Like It Hurt30
Restore Survivors 25 Times   (2) 

You will need MREs to heal the fellow survivors. 

This can easily be "boosted" by simply having survivors in your party, healing them, going into the level, restarting and repeating until the achievement pops.

Extreme Conditioning10
Sprint Until You're Exhausted 10 Times in One Level   (2) 

Sprinting is done by pressing in the  and pushing it forward. You know you've become exhausted when your character stops running.

Quick way to grab the achievement early in the game:
In the very first section of the game, run up and down the river 10 times to unlock it. This of course can be unlocked at any time during the course of your playthroughs, but why not get it done with no chance of walker interference and right away? 

It's Not Venison, but It'll Do10
Consume 50 MREs   

MREs are the equilavelent of health packs in TWD. You will most likely won't go through 50 in the natural progression of the game, but this achievement enables MREs consumed to transfer from deaths, restarts, and new games. To grab this easily load up on MREs, hit a checkpoint or a new level, eat them all then go quickly die to restart.

Still Not Buying a Hybrid10
Consume 250 Fuel   

This will easily be achieved during your playthroughs although it will take into your second to unlock. You consume the most fuel by driving with the backroads instead of the streets or the highway.

Duct Tape Can Fix Anything10
Survive 5 Breakdowns   (2) 

Breakdowns occur most often when you are traveling by highway between the main missions. This will most likely take at least 2 playthroughs.

In the breakdown missions you will need to search the area for a part that your vehicle is in need of. Grab the part and run back to your vehicle to complete a breakdown.

Remember that these stack through deaths, restarted levels, and playthroughs.

Next Step: Bullet Belt15
Fire 300 Bullets   (1) 

Ammunition is fairly common throughout the locations of the story line. This achievement simply requires you to shoot 300 bullets. This may seem like a daunting task, but unless you are going completely stealth mode you will most likely shoot this by the end of one playthrough.

Remember that these stack through deaths, restarted levels, and playthroughs.

Down to My Last15
Complete the Game with Only 1 Firearm and 1 Bullet Left in Your Inventory   (8) 

The best/easiest way to grab this achievement would be to go into the final mission with at least another gun aside from the assault rile. During the map waste all of the ammo except one bullet in that gun (i.e. a shotgun) and then switch to the assault rifle as your primary weapon. Once Merle brings you the Humvee to shoot on top of drop everything except for the weapon that only has one bullet in it. At the end of the mission you will be awarded with the achievement.

Shoot a Walker with 10 Bolts without Killing It   (8) 

Once you've acquired ten or more bolts for you crossbow, you’ll want to find one walker that you can single out from the rest. Make sure he’s the only walker in the vicinity to ensure you don’t get bitten by other walkers. Once that's done, simply let off ten or more bolts in any part of his body other than his head/neck. Try not to shoot bolts in the same part that you've already hit, as most of the time the bolt will fall off of the walker. After your 10th bolt the achievement will unlock so long as it did not kill the walker.

Guys Night Out20
Arrive at Final Destination with Only Male Survivors   (5) 

See "Rosie the Rampager."

Rosie the Rampager20
Arrive at Final Destination with Only Female Survivors   (3) 

For both of these achievements your last chance to make sure your group is gender specific is directly after you complete Sherwood. It's best that you dismiss them either after leaving Danvers or Polksville, but you still have a chance before Sherwood. Sherwood even provides you a place to grab either the male or a female survivor with either Harrison or Jane (not able to grab both). This of course will make you have to do 2 playthroughs.

The Missing 850
Find Every Poster   (3) 

Pemberton: Down the hallway in the same building as the sheriff. 

Garwater: Inside the firestation when you enter through the door on the far left it's in the second room (next to the room with the squirrel in it). 

Fontana: In the diner. Go around the outside of the counter, and its on the wall to the right. Directly opposite of the left door.

Cleburne: Once you get to the lighted nurses station that's in a corner, go down the long hallway to the right. The last door on the right has the poster laying flat on a desk beside the patient's bed.

Taggart: In the projector building. If your facing the counter, look left. It's the bearcats 31 poster.

Lafferty: After talking to Noah, go through the grocery store to the back right. At the locked door a zombie will break through. Inside that room is the poster.

Archer Creek: When (guy) says to "get in, snipers on the roof" enter the door to the left of the blue car. It's the second building from the left. The poster is straight ahead.

Sherwood: Inside the house with a black car parked in the driveway. It's in a bedroom in the back with the lights on.

Thanks going out to PowerPyx for the video guide.

I Used to Be a Human Like You5
Shoot a Walker in the Knee with a Bolt   (22) 

Daryl gets his crossbow back in the town of Barksdale.  is used to zoom in and  is used to pull the trigger. Simply aim for the knee and watch the achievement pop.

This Is How Hot Dogs Are Made10
10 Walkers Killed with Saw Blades in the Logging Camp   (1) 

The achievement is toward the end of Oakview. After you've met with Svenson and he gives you the pass code you will make your way through the lumber yard. The blades will be running and the conveyer belt will be pulling toward the blades. Simply bait the walkers close or actually shove them into the blades. Anytime any walker goes into a blade it will count toward your total even if you didn't push them in yourself.

BOOM! Who Needs a Headshot?15
Kill 5 Walkers with One Explosion   (4) 

There are many situations throughout the game where there are large numbers of walkers together making this achievement fairly easy. The very last level may be the easiest as there are propane tanks all over the ground, and with you being in a turret machine gun the walkers get plenty close enough to kill at least 5 with one explosion.

A little video to demonstrate this technique:

Thanks going out to PowerPyx for the video guide.

Group Hug5
Kill 4 Walkers in a Single Grapple Sequence   (3) 

Simply get grabbed by a large group of walkers and then you will be passed around from one walker to the next. All you need to do is kill 4 of them in one sequence and you will unlock this achievement. Remember that you need to aim for the head and press  to kill them.

Here's a quick video to provide some assistance:

Thanks to warrenpaul for the video.

Need a Hand?5
Prevent a Walker from Damaging You by Severing Its Attacking Limb   (4) 

This can easily be done with a gun or any axe type weapon. To make this easier shoot off of cut off one of their arms so they only have one viable way to swing at you. Once you've done this go in to bait and attack and when they swing pull back and shoot/chop off the arm. 

You may actually grab this achievement naturally in your journey through the game.

You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine5
Dismiss a Survivor   

You can get this as early as Sedalia if you do the optional quests for both Jimmy Blake and Warren. At the end of the level you will need to let one of them go no matter what because there isn't enough room in the truck.

Secret Achievements
Stay Together, Stay Safe10
5 Survivors Were Killed While Scavenging   (4) 

Before you enter a marked location you will have the opportunity to send out any/all of your survivors to scavenge. Over the course of your playthroughs you must have 5 survivors get killed during this scavenging time. Ultimately this isn't too hard to achieve as survivors take considerable damage every scavenging run especially if you don't heal/equip them well.

The Hunted Becomes the Hunter10
Killed 5 Walkers in the Cabot Ridge Creek Bed   (7) 

You'll encounter this achievement within the first level of the game. Your objective is to simply kill 5 walkers as Daryl's dad. It doesn't matter how, with what sort of weapon as you the user kill 5. An important note though: The achievement unlocks AFTER the level is completed.

You're Doing It Wrong10
Perished 13 Times   (1) 

This may come either with natural progression or farming of certain achievements throughout the course of the game. Even the most skilled should see the end at least 13 times.

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