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Rock and a Hard Place

Complete chapter 4 of episode 1.   

Upon arriving at the farm enjoy the little leaving/greeting cutscene and then have quick dialog with Hershel. These answers do not affect anything so answer however you please. Although, Shawn's introduction of you will vary based off of how you answered his questions before. Hershel will begin to look at your beaten up leg and will have more 'quick dialog', again none of it ultimately important or plot changing. But now we will have timed questions:

"What'd you say your name was?"

  1. It's Lee. - Now Hershel knows your name.
  2. I didn't. - Remembers how you answered.
  3. Doesn't matter. - Remembers how you answered.
  4. . . .  - Remembers this answer.

-No matter how you answer Lee will eventually tell Hershel his name. If you answer any way but the first Hershel will consider this dishonesty. Onto another timed question:

"How'd this happen?"

  1. Car accident. - Hershel takes note of the response.
  2. I don't remember. - Hershel realizes you did not answer his question.
  3. I fell. - Hershel provides you will an non-plot-altering response.
  4. Jumping a fence. - Hershel does not believe you.

-If you answer with CAR ACCIDENT he will ask where you were headed which you can answer however you please without altering the game and the following timed question:

"Who were you with, the girl?"

  1. Nobody. - Hershel absolutely remembers this and refers to it often.
  2. A police officer. - Hershel believes you. 

-Your relationship with Hershel ultimately hinges off of your responses to his questions. Tread lightly.-

Shawn returns and suggests building better fortifications. Now if you went out during the night it will mean that Chet it dead and Hershel will agree with the idea to building up the fortifications. If you went out during the day Chet will still be alive and Shawn will make you respond to two questions providing answers which do not alter the game.

You will be in and out of cutscenes and dialog with Clementine which require responses that do not change the play of the game. In the morning you will be introduced to Kenny and his son Duck with questions and dialog that do not matter much in the game. Clementine will stay with Kat and Duck+Kenny will go out to do things around the farm. Upon regaining control of Lee talk to Katjaa and have this timed question:

"Don't you want to go back to the moment before you knew all of this?"

  1. Was bad before.  - Katjaa will remember the response.
  2. Things happen for a reason. - Katjaa will remember this response as well.
  3. Who wouldn't? - Katjaa provides a non-altering response.
  4. . . .  - Katjaa provides a non-altering response.

Ask her what she does and you find out that she is a Veterinarian and another timed dialog session:

"We need to hope that we can go back to our jobs, Lee. Back to normal. It can't stay like this."

  1. No, I USED to. - Katjaa learned you were fired.
  2. My mistake. - Katjaa provides a non-altering response.

Say to her that they look relaxed and you then find out that Clementine is a first grader. Then move onto Kenny and go through these steps:

  • Ask him about his plan and find out that he has a boat.
  • Ask him about his son and he likes that you showed interest in his family.
  • Ask him if he needs any help and you get the following timed question:

"You know what you're doing?"

  1. I'm ok. - Kenny learns about Lee.
  2. No kids. - Kenny learns about Lee.
  3. I have no idea. - Kenny learns about Lee.
  4. . . .  - Kenny takes notice of your silence.

Head to the other side of the house to help out Shawn and he will have you cut up some boards and you will get the following timed dialog:

"I saw a guy in Atlanta kill a kid. A boy. Just shot him right in the face."

  1. Damn. - Non-altering response.
  2. Was the boy one of the walkers? - Non-altering response.
  3. You gotta do what you gotta do. - Shawn disagrees with your evaluation.
  4. . . .  - Non-altering response.

And then another timed question:

"Have you had to off one yet?"

  1. I bashed a poor girl's brains in. - Shawn doesn't forget your response.
  2. I had to shoot one. - Shawn doesn't forget your response.
  3. Sometimes it's kill or be killed. - Shawn doesn't forget your response.
  4. . . .  - Shawn notices your silence.

You and Shawn will discuss your family--none of the responses are ultimately important. Finish your conversation with Shawn and then proceed to the barn. Depending on how you answered Hershel's questions before it will alter how he treats you in the barn. Your chat will be cut short by the sound of heavy machinery. You run over to the tractor and find that Duck has run over Shawn. Overall the better decision is saving Duck, but depending on who you save will influence how either Hershel or Kenny see you. If you choose to save Duck then you run through the sequence to save him and then finish that. If you choose to save Shawn you will go through a sequence and then eventually be presented with a timed dialog with Hershel:

"You tried to help him. But this piece of shit let him die."

  1. It's nobody's fault. - Kenny remembers this choice.
  2. It's my fault. - Kenny remembers this choice.
  3. It's Kenny's fault. - Kenny remembers this choice.
  4. . . .  - Non-altering response.

Note: Shawn ALWAYS dies, Hershel ALWAYS kick ya'll out of the farm, Kenny offers you a ride to Macon and you walk away leaving Hershel to morn his loss. Also it is possible to do nothing when you must choose to save one of them. This requires letting the blood timer to run out both times. But I do not recommend this as you lose the opportunity to gain prestige with Kenny. Onto Chapter 5 we go!

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User Comments
Comment #1 by MattOTMC4LIFE
Monday, April 30, 2012 @ 08:46:00 AM

You and 100% of players said "oh crap, that sucks"

Comment #2 by asylumspadez
Monday, May 21, 2012 @ 11:31:08 AM

The longest chapter so far because it's filled with dialogue between the characters. Takes about 20 mins to complete.

Comment #3 by plague of men
Sunday, June 17, 2012 @ 11:51:26 AM


Comment #4 by DeLTa Celtic
Thursday, July 19, 2012 @ 05:58:55 AM

easy but think wisely because it affects you're relationship with Kenny afterwards

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