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Complete chapter 2 of episode 2.   

It doesn't take long for Lee's actions to weigh heavily back at the motor inn. The typical Larry+Lilly team think you should have left them while Kenny tries to defend Lee's actions. The next big dialog segment will weigh on the remainder of Ep. 2 heavily.

  • If you side with Kenny - Lilly will hold a strong grudge against you for the remainder of the episode.
  • If you side with Lilly - Kenny will no longer consider you a family friend.
  • If you choose the neutral position - Kenny won't mind it much but Lilly will be angry.

"Hey, I didn't ask to lead this group." - Lilly

  1. Kenny is right. - Everyone notices you side with Kenny. 
  2. It doesn't matter who's in charge! - Everyone notices you tried to stay neutral.
  3. Lilly is right. - Everyone notices you side with Lilly. 
  4. . . .  - Non-Altering Response (Could be the best in this if you wish to keep everyone even.)

Depending on what you choose the conversations change and the actions slightly change. No matter what Kenny storms off like an angry child, Larry brings up that Lilly is an angel and saint for taking the initiative to lead and then gets told to go work on the wall. Lilly no matter what forces you to ration food for the day, telling you to see how easy it is. Four pieces of food for ten people. 

Start with Katjaa at the truck who is tending to the injured guy. Give her food if you see it fit. Katjaa will become frustrated with you and will say she needs space. Move right and follow the barricade. Doug, if kept alive will be found making tripwire incase of enemies. You can give him a piece of food. If you keep following the barricade you will find Mark and Larry working on the wall. Mark is weak because of lack of food and is getting a dose of Larry torture for not being strong enough to help. After talking to Mark (and or giving him the food) Mark will ask for your axe and Larry will agree with him. Both turn around and both want the axe, decision time.

If you give it to Mark
Mark takes the axe, Larry has a hissy-fit and in a future panic attack Mark will try to save you.

If you give it to Larry
Larry will snatch it out of your hands and a conversation will spark between Mark and Larry. Remember what you told Mark earlier? Mark will now reference this to Larry. In the future panic attack Larry will be the one who tries to save you if given the axe. 

You can talk to Larry and give him a piece of food--if you please. Time to move back to the rest of the group (Clementine, Duck, Ben and Carley (if kept alive)). Clem will inform you that she lost her hat, the dialog options don't influence the game but it would be nice to get the hat her dad gave her back. Make sure to talk to everyone and give food where you think it should go. 

Move to Kenny. Lee will bring up the big subject of leaving the inn in the RV and will ask if he and Clem can come along. Depending on whether or not you stuck up for Duck when Larry wanted to throw him out of the farm Kenny will act differently. If he thinks you weren't looking out for Duck you will get the following message "Kenny doesn't think you were looking out for Duck in the last episode" and will refuse to take you with him. If you have been good to Kenny and his family he will suggest that you do in fact join him when the time comes. No matter the previous sequence we do get the untimed question:

"Well the RV ain't even working yet, so this isn't worth talking about." - Kenny

  1. You should stay here. - You tried to convince Kenny to stay.
  2. The coast does sound like a smart idea. - You told Kenny leaving for the coast was a good idea.

Onto Lilly. Feed her if you choose so. 
Once you are down to one last piece of food you can either feed yourself or give it out to someone else. Here is a basic breakdown of People | Food/Consequences.

Carley/Doug - Carley or Doug will only take and eat the apple. If you try anything else they will thank you, remember you tried to feed them, but tell you to give it to someone else. 

Mark - Mark is very thankful that you gave him a piece of food, and in traditional Larry manner, he will complain.

Larry - Larry will of course take the food but remind you that this doesn't make you two friends. If you want to get in with Lilly this is a good idea, but if you haven't fed Mark he will comment that he is hungry too. This is considered a tough decision.

Clementine - Clem will be happy you took care of her, and if you don't will be very sad. You will be notified that you took care of Clem.

Ben - Ben will be happy that you took care of him, but Kenny will come over and kick up some dirt if you haven't taken care of his family. This will be looked upon as possibly an unpopular choice.

Duck - In order to feed Kenny you must feed Duck. If you don't feed Duck Kenny will go nuclear on you. Feeding Duck results in looking out for Kenny's family.

Lilly - Giving food to Lilly makes no siginifant impact. If you sided with Kenny she will make a sarcastic remark, if you sided with her earlier she will smile and say thanks. 

Kenny - Kenny won't take food unless you feed Duck. He is thankful and the others do notice you fed Kenny.

After the food is gone Katjaa will call you over and a cutscene will ensue. Say whatever you please as the cutscene will end in a:

~ Panic Event ~

Either David or Travis has resurrected into a walker, we must stay alive!

  • Button smash the buttons that appear on the screen. They do change so be ready to smash a different button.
  • Lee will ask for the axe back, but the walker grabs him. Move the control stick in the direction on screen to slam the walker's head. Do the same again in a different direction until either Larry or Mark (whoever has the axe) comes to the rescue! or we hope.
  • Press  on the walker's head to slam him away from you. Larry/Mark will take a swing and miss horrendously. 
  • Kick the walker's head three times with the  button while the cursor is over the walker's head.
  • Move the left stick backwards to crawl very slowly away from it.
  • When Lee falls press the indicated buttons as fast as possible to get away.

Either Carley, Mark, or Larry will come over and finish the walker.

~ Panic Event Over ~

After it's all said and done you will meet some new characters, specifically a pair of brothers. Say hello to the St. John brothers who own a dairy farm not too far from the motor inn. They want to make a trade for their abundant source of food for some gasoline. You will have the choice whether or not you want to tell the group to go, although either way Lee, Carley/Doug, Mark and Ben go to check it out.

You will have a small conversation with Carley/Doug with dialog that is non-altering so say whatever you please. You then move onto timed questions from the St. John Brothers. 

"Where are you from?" - Danny

  1. Macon. - Andy takes note of your response.
  2. The motor inn's my home. -Andy takes note of your response.
  3. I move around a lot. -Andy takes note of your response.
  4. . . .  - Non-altering response.

And another timed from Andy:

"Y'all seem pretty settled in at that motor inn. Who's running things over there?" - Andy

  1. Lilly. - The brothers take notice.
  2. Kenny. - The brothers take notice.
  3. I am. - The brothers take notice.
  4. It's a democracy. - The brothers will notice the situation.

And one last question from Danny:

"How many people you got over there, anyway?" - Danny

  1. [Change the subject]. - You avoid answering the question completely.
  2. Nine. Including kids. - You answered honestly.
  3. Enough to defend ourselves. - You let them know you are prepared to defend yourselves.
  4. . . .  - Non-altering response

Alas your chat will be cut short because of some bandits who are making a ruckus.

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