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Complete chapter 3 of episode 2.   

Upon arriving at the St. John dairy farm you will be introduced to their mother Brenda. You and Brenda will have some small dialog, none of which effects the game. Even if you say something completely different than what you told the St. John brothers before, their challenge of your statements will fall on deaf ears and nothing will happen because of it.

Once you are finished with your Brenda/Brothers conversation, Carley/Doug and Ben will leave the farm en route back to the motor inn to grab the others leaving Mark and Lee to volunteer and help around the farm until the group arrives. You are now able to explore and roam the farm area with a small "side-quest" which is optional; Fixing the Swing. If you want to skip right through it skip over the next part and begin again talking to Andy.

Fixing The Swing

  • In order to pick up the necessary items to complete the swing you will need to move to the right side of the screen and examine the broken fence. 
  • After your quick examine head up to the house and on the front porch is a shoe bucket on the floor. 
  • If you open the bucket you will find rope which will be used for the swing. 
  • After you snag the rope head back down the steps and move toward the left side of the screen until you get to a workbench. Take a look at the saw and pick up the planks--Lee automatically cuts the planks to the correct swing size. 
  • Head back to the swing and you will fix it. 

Now go find Andy and speak with him. While talking to him you will come to find two key pieces of information:

  • When asking about how armed they are at the dairy, ask how many guns they own. You will find out they have several weapons.
  • Also ask if you are the first survivors to come through the farm, and you will find out that others have stayed at the farm. 

After you are satisfied--or strangely concerned offer to fix the perimeter and a cutscene will occur pushing the game forward. 

You now end up walking the fence with Mark to remove walkers from the electric fence. You will have casual small talk with Mark so answer however you please. When you get to the first dead walker make sure to take the arrow out of its head as you will be unable to remove it until you de-arrow the body. A timed question from Mark:

"Can you imagine not having to worry about the Walkers anymore?" - Mark

  1. It's useless without gas. - Mark notices your ambivalence(hesitation/restraint).
  2. It's dangerous. - Mark notices your ambivalence(hesitation/restraint).
  3. A fortress needs people to defend it. - Mark notices your ambivalence(hesitation/restraint).
  4. . . .  - Non-altering response.

And another timed from Mark

"So what's your take on the brothers? They seem to have this place tied down pretty well." - Mark

  1. They're delaying the inevitable. - Mark picks up on your doubt.
  2. We can take this place if we have to. - Non-altering response.
  3. What do you mean? - Non-altering response.
  4. . . .  - Mark notices you are silent.

You will eventually reach another dead walker and attempt to push it off. You will notice that its hands are clenched tightly around the wire, thus requiring you to chop off each of its wrists for it to fall. *Note* If you didn't feed Mark earlier he will complain about his hunger, not making any difference on the play of the game.

When you get to the next dead walker press  on the post to go to the other side of the fence. You will then have to spam  until the fence is upright. The following cutscene will bring you into a Panic Event in which you must make it back to the farm without being killed by the bandits shooting arrows at you. 

~ Panic Event ~

  • Start off by examining your surroundings notice your position behind the tractor and get a good feel for the scenario. 
  • Look to the lower left hand side of the tractor (This is a peak-out so if you stay out too long you will be introduced to an arrow). Remove the chock stopping the tractor from moving. 
  • You will now need to stay behind the tractor while moving toward the gate. Just note that you are in trouble of being killed if your screen begins to go red (the darker the red the closer to death). 
  • You will run into a dead walker and will need to do another peak-out to remove the dead walker on the left hand side. Be quick on removing the walker, and know that the tractor will start moving right away so be ready to go back into cover.
  • Sadly you will get stuck on yet another walker but when you peak to the left to pull it out IT IS STILL ALIVEor dead however you classify walkers! Move your cursor over the walker's head and press  to kick it. You will need to do it a second time and now it will get stuck, thus forcing you to button smash the sequence to remove the zombie from underneath the wheels. The walker will tear in half and the tractor will continue to move.
  • BUT! While staying in cover behind the tractor you will also need to stay far enough ahead of the half walker that is following you. Stay with Mark and this shouldn't be a problem.

~ Panic Event Over ~

The dialog upon returning to the farm is non-altering. Clem, Duck, Katjaa, Kenny, Larry and Lilly will be at the farm now leaving Carley/Doug and Ben to watch the motor inn since they already got to eat. Katjaa and Brenda will take the now injured Mark to the house to work on his injury while Clem, Duck, and Kenny head over to the fixed swing. Head this way to finish off some interactions.

Upon arriving Kenny will reference yet again about what you've done for his family and especially for Duck--either treating you with open arms or unkindly. None of your answers impact the game until you get to some dialog with Clem. The dialog is non-altering until this timed question:

"Do you think things will ever get back to how they were?" - Clementine

  1. Yes. - Clem notices your hope.
  2. I don't think so. - Clem notices the truth in your response.
  3. I'm not sure. - Non-altering response.
  4.  . . .  - She notices your silence.

There is no dialog with Duck so scrap it and head all the way to the left, head through the gate and you will find out that you are unable to head into it. Head to your right toward the gazebo to find Lilly. When you are finished with Lilly head back to the steps and talk to Andy and Danny. Agree to go help find the bandit camp and you will head out.

Danny and Lee find a camp which you sneak up to. When you reach the camp you will find out that its empty and too small to be a main encampment. You will then be tasked with searching the camp. On the left hand side you will find a table next to a shopping cart. Look through all of the boxes on the table eventually turning up boxes from the dairy farm and a camera. Pick up the camera and Danny will come over visibly upset by the camera find and will tell you to stop looking at it. Lee notices the batteries are dead anyway. Danny will spark up some small convo with you until you move to the tent. Examine the photo inside, the sleeping bag, the bloody bunny and underneath the orange sleeping bag is Clementine's Hat. 

As soon as you find her hat you will be attacked by Jolene, a bandit with a crossbow. She makes a couple key claims that should raise eyebrows and says she "knows" something about those dairy farmers but doesn't say what it is. You now have to make a big choice: Shoot or Spare Jolene.

Shoot Jolene
If you decide to shoot her Danny will treat you suspiciously saying you should have shot her in the leg to keep her alive. His rationale will become clear later.

Spare Jolene
If you try to reason with her she will be on the verge of telling you that key info about the St. John brothers until Danny shoots her in the head. Since you did not shoot her you will get a small timed dialog with Danny that really doesn't play much of a role but does change slight dialog:

"Goddammit!" - Danny

  1. I was going to shoot her myself. - Danny remembers your response.
  2. You murdered that woman! - Unimportant response.
  3. Thanks, I guess. - Danny notices your suspicion.
  4. . . .  - Danny notices your silence.

Danny and Lee head back to the farm and after some short dialog with Brenda, you will find out that Andy, Clem, Duck, Katjaa and Kenny are in the barn with the cow. If you enjoy very odd conversations go over to talk to Danny by the swing. Any dialog you choose will result in Danny noticing your suspicion. Head to your left and talk to Lilly to find out how Mark is and find out that Kenny doesn't trust the St. John's (OH WOW THAT'S NEW KENNY NOT TRUSTING SOMEONE!)

Head into the barn and talk to Duck and Andy to find out a little bit of information, nothing important. Give Clem her hat back which makes her overflow with happiness. Go to the back of the barn and try to open the door and find out you cannot which will spark dialog with Kenny. The key question which can really piss off Kenny is the following timed question:

"How about you? What about Clem?" - Kenny

  1. She's not actually family... - Non-altering response.
  2. You're being stupid. - Kenny doesn't like this.
  3. I'll protect her no matter what. - (My favorite) but Non-altering response.
  4. . . .  - Non-altering response.

In all of Kenny's wise wisdom he believes that the St. Johns are hiding something or somethings behind the door. He claims he heard noises before Andy came and shut it on him. Examine the screws on the door and you will notice you can unscrew the lock. Check out the lock and just as you begin to formulate a plan of attack Andy will ask what you are doing with a timed question:

"Can I help you folks with something?" - Andy

  1. Kenny heard a noise. - You make an excuse.
  2. Just checking out the barn. - You make an excuse.
  3. What's behind the door? - You question Andy directly. 
  4. . . .  - Kenny covers for you.

After our little interaction with Andy we have two objectives we need to complete in order to get into the back section of the barn; distract Andy and find a tool to take off the screws on the door.

You can go around and talk to Lilly and Brenda about what just happened, and surprisingly you won't be able to go see Mark when you confront Brenda. Once you are finished with your dialog rounds head over to the workbench near the generator to find both your distraction and your tool to take out the screws. Examine the generator and use your multitool to open the yellow compartment which will reveal the belt running the generator. This belt marks the perfect distraction if you could stop it, but it is running too fast to stop with your bare hands. 

Press the green button on the generator to turn it off and then proceed to quickly take out the belt. Make sure to take it out before returning to the barn. Once you turn off the generator and remove the belt Andy comes out and rages while talking about how long it will take. Run back into the barn and proceed to the door.

Talk to Kenny and find out that he is too chicken to do it. Examine the door and then...BAM... dinner bell rings and everyone leaves to go eat. Kenny will make an excuse for you being late and you are left with two choices:

  1. Walk away from the door and try to leave. Andy comes back and tells you it is dinner time. You two will leave for the house. This choice leaves you with less suspicion and less information going into dinner time.
  2. Unscrew all of the screws and open the door. You will see why none of the other people have ever left their stays at the St. John's dairy farm. Andy enters right behind you and forces you to close the door and go back to the house for dinner. You can question him or make excuses, either way the results seem to be the same--dinner and a big ol' suspicion. 

Enjoy the cutscene and wash up for dinner in Chapter 4.

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