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Taking Charlotte

Complete chapter 6 of episode 2.   

This chapter picks up with you leaving the meat locker and Lilly to mourn. You will find yourself in the back room of the barn--the human slaughterhouse. Upon entering the slaughter portion of the barn you will be able to pick one of three times: a sickle on the counter to your left, the hay hook on the right side, and the mini cattle prod by the tub in the back of the room. Picking items only changes how the following sequences play out, there is no altering game play because of your choice. After you pick your weapon, or don't, talk to Kenny and head out into the barn.

You will see Danny at the far end sitting down talking to himself. You need to slowly approach him hearing about his situation and his sad life. Right before you get to him you Andy comes to the entrance forcing both Lee and Kenny into the stall on the right. Upon peeking out you can see Danny place a bear trap in the path leading to the meat locker to stop you from trying to escape. Now close the stall door and talk to Kenny. I advise pausing the game and reading ahead. This part could get tricky and is VERY FAST PACED.

~ Panic Event ~

As soon as you open the stall door a second time you will be right in the face of Danny's gun and we need to get out of this. Here's how:

  • Move your cursor and press  to grab the gun--thus avoiding your own death.
  • Next step is to move your cursor on Danny now still pressing  causing Lee to attack Danny with the weapon you chose or weapon you did not choose. 
  • Either Kenny or Lilly will come to your rescue now causing Danny to back himself into the bear trap he set earlier. 

~Panic Event Over~

Everyone will hear Katjaa's screams from outside the barn and Kenny takes off to find her. Dialog here does not matter and is non-altering but you will be forced to make a decision on Danny's life: Kill or Spare

Lee thrusts the pitchfork into Danny's chest thus killing him. This event visiblly traumatizes Clementine as she witnesses what you did. 

Danny will taunt Lee to have the balls to do something but Lee refesues. Clementine and Lilly nod their heads in approval it seems of Lee's decision and Clementine remembers you spared his life.

Lee will exit the barn and meet up with Carley/Doug and Ben who came back because of how long the group had been gone for. Lee instructs them to find a way around the back. You will now witness Andy taking Duck out back and Brenda holding Katjaa hostage. Move toward the house and Brenda will drop the following timed question:

"Andy? Danny, is that you? What's going on out there?" - Brenda

  1. I left Danny in the barn... - You frighten Brenda.
  2. Where are Katjaa and the kid?! - You alert Brenda to your presence. 
  3. Yeah, it's me! - Brenda sees through the lie.
  4. . . .  - Brenda is frightened by the lack of a response. 

She then disappears into the house. Time for a little rescue and showdown in Chapter 7!

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US April 27, 2012

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