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Complete chapter 3 of episode 3.   

We pick up Chapter 3 coming out of Lilly's room to find Duck listening in on the conversation. Duck will then see himself as a detective and interject himself into your investigation. 

In response to Duck wanting to help - Duck 

  1. Fine, you're Robin. - Duck will eagerly help. 
  2. You can help. Don't tell anyone. - Duck will help. 
  3. No. If you tell anybody, there will be trouble. - Duck will be helping anyway. Nice try. 
  4. . . . - Duck helps anyway. 

In order to investigate the thefts you will need to talk to people and find out what they know. Remember that side quest from Chapter 2? We will just go into some detail with that and how people will react. We will return to the investigation after this side-quest. If you don't want to do the side-quest please skip this detailed part.


[Carley's Side Quest - Confessions]

Ben: Ben will be thankful but scared? He is thankful that you trust him enough in the group to tell him something like that but will be scared of Lee's actions. He certainty won't forget what you told him.
Clementine: Clementine will take your confession to heart and rather silently. Her reactions will be rudimentary and will be slightly worrying if you care for her. She will understand what you did then, and why you are telling her now though.
Duck: You will be unable to tell Duck that you murdered a man. What a shame huh? 
Katjaa: Katjaa will react strangely and very emotionally to your confession. For the most part it is a sense of not knowing how to react to such a confession. Although this progression brings up something on Katjaa's mind regarding the meat locker at the St. John's farm. If you choose to fill in Katjaa on the details she will be an emotional wreck. Katjaa will remember the entire conversation.
Kenny: Surprisingly Kenny takes the news rather well, and states so long as you are not a threat to his family the past is in the past. Kenny appreciates your honesty. 
Lilly: Lilly will drop a bigger statement than you confessing--she already knows. Lilly seems out of it although she will remember that you told her yourself. 

Note that you do not have to tell everyone and can pick and choose who you want to tell. Once you are satisfied you can return to Carley and wrap up this side quest. If you tell everyone you will even get a kiss. 

[/Carley's Side Quest - Confessions]

-Going back to our investigation we will start with Carley/Doug. Head up and talk to them about the broken flashlight. They will claim to know nothing about it.
-Head down to Clem next who is below the stairs. Ask her about the flashlight and she will tell you that neither she nor Duck broke it. You may continue with other conversation regarding her leaf-rubbing if you wish, this will only further your relationship with her. 
-We will head over to Kenny and Katjaa on the sofa. Upon talking to them you find out that neither broke the flashlight, but Katjaa knows where it was broken. Success! You can continue talking to either or both of them, the conversation after the flashlight is irrelevant. 
-Ben is found still sitting guard of the motor home. Ben will quickly shut down knowing anything about the flashlight. You can poke him for other information if you would like. 

After talking to everyone head over to the left side of the motor home to find the broken glass. You will follow the trail of broken glass to a pink chalked X on the wall. Now go through the process of asking everyone "who knows about the chalk" saving Clementine for last. She will claim that she lost her chalk a while ago and hasn't seen it since. DUCK time!

Duck calls you over and has found pink chalk by the gate to the motor inn. When you get to Duck you have the super cool awesome totally sweet ability to high-five him. You can and then he will think you are the best thing out there. If you don't no worries, he will just be sad and you will be notified you left him hanging. Examine the chalk scuff and open the gate heading outside the motor inn. Head all the way to the right over by a grate. Open the grate and find the bag of missing supplies sitting there waiting. 

Lee will bring the supplies and the information he has collected to Lilly. Lilly talks about lining everyone up, about interrogating, about being crazy and then there is some noise and the eventual invasion by bandits outside. Lilly will go out the back window and will tell you to keep the bandits busy. Any dialog you have with them is irrelevant, just remember to keep them talking. 

Lilly will shoot the leader in the head. If you have Doug he will kill one bandit, if you have Carley she will kill two bandits. Everyone starts to scatter and panic event kicks in.

  1. If you have Doug this step applies for you otherwise skip this. Move your cursor over the bandit and press  to kill him.
  2. The other bandit begins to make a run for it. Shoot him if you can, otherwise he gets away and over the wall. No worries either way, more will come. 
  3. Kenny will give you the rifle and instruct you to keep everyone safe. This following sequence may take some time to get used to. We begin by peeking out the left hand side. You must pick off bandits before they make their way around the left hand side thus getting behind you and kill you. When the edges of the screen get too red duck back behind the truck and pop out again to kill them. 
  4. During this process attempt to take the guy who is the farthest left out first. Take your time but know when the screen is about to go all red that is the only time when the bandits will shoot you. Your best bet is to simply wait until they are standing still. Once they are both down Carley/Doug and Ben are now safe to make it to the RV. We now pop over to the right side and clear that out.
  5. The right side is a little more difficult and will contain 3 bandits instead of 2. Again watch the redness of your screen and keep track of the farthest to the right bandit. Once you kill them Clem gets to run free. 
  6. Katjaa and Duck are too slow and a walker tackles Duck. Take careful aim and free them. Note that if you are unable to Kenny will save them himself. 
  7. Now things get a little hairy. If you have Carley with you follow this step. If you have Doug follow step 8. With Carley simply cover the right hand side of the RV as she will take care of the left side for you. With Carley you do not have to bounce from side to side. Just make sure you aim for the head as body shots will take time and reloading--taking up to four shots for one walker!
  8. With Doug you will need to cover both sides. I suggest again getting pretty good at aiming for the head and taking them down at one or two walker intervals. What does this mean? Kill one or two walkers on one side then pop to the other and take care of the closest one or two. 

Panic event ends with Lee and Lilly getting in the RV and Kenny showing that he could have driven NASCAR. 

Things get hot and heavy in the RV quickly as Lilly goes on a hunting spree to find out who screwed the group over. She either starts with Ben or Carley depending on who you have.

Dialog is about Ben and Lee is asked to give his opinion. - Group Dialog.

  1. Ben's a good guy. - Ben won't forget that.
  2. Why Ben? - Non-altering response.
  3. No one's at fault. - Non-altering response.
  4. . . . - Non-altering response.


Dialog is about Carley and Lee is asked to give his opinion. - Group Dialog. 

  1. Maybe it was her. - Non-altering response.
  2. Carley's trustworthy. - Carley won't forget that.
  3. Why her? - Non-altering response. 
  4. . . . - Non-altering response. 

The following will only happen if Doug is with you. Doug will come to the aid of Ben when Lilly begins to blame him again. 

Dialog is about Ben being the thief in the group. Lee is forced to give his opinion. - Group Dialog.

  1. Doug's right. - Everyone notices your answer.
  2. We need to act NOW. - You and Lilly agree on this topic. 
  3. Let's just let it go. - You try to let it go. 
  4. . . . - You choose to remain silent. 

If Carley is around Ben will suggest taking a vote on what to do presenting you with some dialog--all non-altering. Ben then offers to simply leave the group if Lilly keeps this up and as soon as he says that Kenny runs over a walker. The argument is then taken outside. Anyone ready for an open aired conflict? See you in Chap 4.

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Comment #1 by FinchyLcFc
Thursday, August 30, 2012 @ 11:40:04 AM

I'm stuck after I talk to everyone in the yard what should I do to trigger the next part???

Comment #2 by BasqueNYC
Saturday, September 01, 2012 @ 06:43:29 AM

This is a very buggy chapter,everyone seems to be havin trouble..........fuckin bugs

Comment #3 by River4disturbed
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 @ 10:29:33 PM

This was an amazing part!

Comment #4 by HaloMonkey
Thursday, July 04, 2013 @ 08:21:00 AM

In the investigation i talked to found the glass and chalk then talked to everyone but I cant get out the gate like it says to in the guide. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Comment #5 by HaloMonkey
Thursday, July 04, 2013 @ 08:22:00 AM

In the investigation I found the glass and chalk then talked to everyone but I cant get out the gate like it says to in the guide. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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