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Georgia's First City

Complete chapter 1 of episode 4.

Welcome back and let's jump right into it!

Chapter 1 puts us right into the driver's seat of where we left off. We've just arrived in Savannah Georgia, and find the group's journey beginning here. We start off pretty early with a little question from Clem that sets the stage for the rest of the episode.

"Can't I just hold it?" - Clem
1. I need you to focus - A reassuring response.
2. No. Don't ask me again - Will result in Christa commenting in Clem's defense.
3. Not now, Clementine. Maybe later ok? - The diplomatic caring Lee comment.
4. ... - Clem is slightly upset with the lack of acknowledgement.

Directly after your answer to Clem's first question comes up the topic of Omid and especially his bum leg. The conversation shifts to what should be done for him. Christa spurs the next important response from Lee.

"You're not fine [to Omid]. He's not fine. He needs to rest." - Christa
1. We need to keep moving. - The "evil" response. Christa is annoyed with Lee for not suggesting to stop.
2. You're right, let's stop. - You ask Kenny to stop for Omid. Response is in favor of keeping the group in good spirits and together.
3. Kenny, how much farther? - Non-altering response. The conversation just goes to boats.
4. ... - Non-altering response.

No matter your response and the subsequent dialog, the conversation gets interrupted by the tolling of bells. While the group tries to figure out why exactly the bells are going off, Lee spots someone running on the roof. There is a quick possibility for a choice dialog, although no matter your response, it is all non-altering. Clem's radio then goes off leaving the group stunned and leaving Lee with another quick chance at some non-altering dialog. The entire scene is capsulated in Chuck's bell tolls reference followed by the onslaught of an army of walkers.

You're presented with another quick choice in the case of Lee telling the group what should be done as far as running and are thrown head first into a quick panic event that is just as much about the cinematic as it is the gameplay.

Panic Event

The first major trip up (no pun intended) comes in the form of a walker grabbing the leg of Kenny. You must quickly take control of Lee and quickly shoot the walker before Kenny is bit. Remember when your crosshairs are over the walker. Upon saving him Kenny will remark about the lack of brevity Lee had in rescuing him and will get up without a "thank you."

To add insult to injury upon saving Kenny you hear Clem in trouble and turn to find she and Ben becoming surrounded by a group of walkers to have Ben run off instead of trying to help Clem get to safety. It's time to take over Lee and shoot your way to Clem in order to save her. Sadly you won't be able to kill the walkers fast enough and Clem appears to be a goner until Chuck comes to the rescue giving Lee and Clem the necessary time to get away. Christa realizes that Chuck was left behind, brings it up to the group at which point everyone begins to take off down River Street hoping to get away.

Panic Event Over

Chapter 1 ends with Kenny getting the gate to the home we will begin chapter 2 in. Get ready to bunker down. We'll see you then.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by VertigoX
Monday, December 31, 2012 @ 01:07:27 AM

This is a combination of Episode 1 and 2
It doesn't matter which options you choose in the dialog before the bell tolls, they do not affect the storyline.

However, Kenny gets tripped by a walker and you have precious seconds to shoot him. Hover over the head of the walker and press A

Immediately after that, Ben and Clem are trapped by walkers. You are in first person mode and shoot the two or three that are immediately in front and just to the left of you. Then fire away hopefully with a better shot than I was.

Chuck will be all badass and fight away saving Clem with his shovel.

You can side with Kenny or Christa, or say: "Let me see if I can find a way in?" being neutral.

You have the option of talking with the rest of the group now before you search for items to get into

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